Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Notice: Next Chapter Post Delay

Hey there everyone!

I just wanted to drop a note and let all of you know what was happening and the reason why the next chapter was delayed. I am currently in the middle of a move, and while I have my electricity on and my computer set up (come on, that was like the FIRST thing I did), I'm not in a position to really focus on the chapter's release.

So After Midnight might not post until Fri-Sat, same as Beauty and Codename: Danger (though Saturday is I guess CND's normal release schedule). I just wanted you to know I wasn't being held hostage in a closet somewhere and will work very hard to get a release for those three stories within the next three three's the basic grace period right? But I will try and also respond to your comments as well! Thank you for your undying support as always!

Yours truly,

~ Daijah


  1. Well, phew! Usually After Midnight is up by the time I get up on Wednesday ('cus of time differences), and I really thought you'd been kidnapped *wipes brow*

    No, actually, I thought I had my weeks mixed up :p
    Hope you settle into your new home quickly, and get everything set up how you want it! (The kitchen is the hardest, when the drawers and cupboards aren't in the same places, and for weeks you keep going to get a saucepan out of the plate cupboard)

    'See' you at the weekend :)

    1. Aww sorry about that! I had it partially written but no shots and what sucks most is I usually have a few of these in my stockpile so I can release them when I need (and on schedule) but I got so behind with four stories running and a fifth planned for the Halloween season. Ugh. So little time in the day I tell ya!

      LOL! My husband is having the hardest time with that. "I want a salad" *Looks in Cabinet 1* Sigh, "No bowls there." *Looks in Cabinet 2* "Nope, nothing here either." *Looks in Cabinet 3* "I give up. I'll just starve to death." and then me "Honey, bowls are in the cabinet beneath the sink, the glassware is in the cabinet above the sink." -- fun to watch him try though :D