Friday, May 16, 2014

New date and time!

Codename: Danger is moving to Thursdays! New date for the foreseeable future. Join Yvette, Brett, Ryan, Victor, Dustin and the rest of the gang for brand new episodes airing every other Thursday.

New episode this Thursday:

Season 07 - Chapter 03: Paper Planes



And the event of a lifetime!

See you there!


  1. THAT is finally happening! Yay!!
    Ooohhh, I see man-candy from behind and I'm impressed. I should make funeral arrangements in advance for when they do turn around.

    *bigger evil-er grin*

    WARNING: Possible mauling! We shall not be held responsible!

    1. Reply to your ---OMG, she read the tags--- reaction!

      YES!!!! I read EVERYTHING, Missy!! Even fine-prints! LOL

    2. Here's my OMG!!!!!!!

      I totally skipped a few of them. I reread the tags! DERRICK CONSTANTINE, CALEB SAVAGE AND REMINGTON CANTRELL!!!

      Tell me I'm at that party! TELL ME!
      I'd even settle for waitress! DAMN IT!!!

    3. ...sorry for cluttering this page...(not really)
      ...I misbehaved again and I apologize... (sincerely of course) wonder I was attracted to the man-candy's back... drifting off again...

    4. hahahaha...OMG I read your comment on RWN and had no clue why I was in trouble, but now I see. :P yeah so see what happened was...yeah. :D I's gettin' married and going out with a bang for my last night of freedom!!!!!

    5. Yes. I advise that you get yourself ready for a really, REALLY long chapter. Call out from work for a week, make arrangements for someone to feed your dog and have your post office hold your mail. You might also want to stock up for a week's supply of food and water and hire a maid to take out the trash, it can get ugly.

    6. LOL! That was exactly my reaction to you reading the tags Jem! I didn't think ANYONE read those things :P

      Hahaha waitress? Aww. Yeah Mica's gonna have a great night! Be prepared to tell Dustin on her because I suspect she's gonna be very, very naughty!

    7. You're on time out Mica :P

      "Going out with a bang" -- I couldn't have said it better myself >:)

    8. Tell him? I'll freaking SHOW him. Prepare for the wedding that -ALMOST happened in the upcoming chapter.

    9. You have a choice to make Mica. You may LOOK at that dance and enjoy it


      You can go all out and touch ALL THREE OF THEM (and lose your fingers... uhum) and I'll record it and you can say goodbye to that perfect thing with Dusty.

      Choose wisely my 'friend'

  2. Hahahaha Ooh Mica, you're so gonna get it! And you thought Dustin would never know! Tsk, tsk. Sounds like you're about to get divorced before you even say "I do!"

  3. JEAN-MARIE!!!!!!! really? Seriously? You'd rat me out like that??? Ugh I thought we were friends. Now I know the score. Ok...well have it that way. You are off the guest list! And hanging around with Dusty and Yve, I've learned a thing or two about how to handle snitches....

  4. All is fair in love and sexy pixels... Especially these -THREE- Smexy pixels.
    We'll be friends again after this event is over. Right now I don't even care if I chip a tooth... (yes that was a threat)

  5. Besides you should focus on the root of the problem, not its leaves.
    Who put us in this particular position in the first place? Who is the one putting you in such temptation it can ruin your yet-to-happen wedding.

    The root, I tell you...

    1. Oh wait, hold up! This was ALL Mica's doing! ALL HER DOING!

      I said "I'm having trouble writing your wedding"

      And she goes "Oh you know what would be great? A bachelorette party with Remy, Caleb and Derrick!"

      And I said "But you know Jem will hunt you down and put two in the back of your head."

      And she said "Yeah but I'd at least go out with a bang!"

      True story!

    2. I said root not DJ.
      But now that we've unveiled the thinly veiled link between the two...
      I see, but since it's Mica's wedding, and not Mica's, why does Jazen have a say in this?

    3. let's just say I am the spokeswoman for both Mica's :D

    4. Root sounded like DJ...

      Yes...carry on!

  6. LIES!!!! LIES!!! ALL LIES!!!!

    JM, don't listen to that woman. She knows good and well I can't make her do nuthin'! She needed filler for that chapter, yep...that's what it was. She was struggling to write and and thought 'hey...I know naked sexy and no one will notice fluff...' yep that's how it went!

    I'm loyal to my Dusty, and would NEVER, EVER look at another man in such a way....nope never. Well maybe a little peek, but only because the creator made me. :P And a small taste too...but again out of my control. And the wild orgy sex....well I'll stop there, but you get the point. LOL None of it is my fault. She's the puppet master....

    1. What?

      First of all, I'd NEVER refer to nakedness as fluff! That's MUCH needed content so you know off the bat that's not true!

      Secondly, the chapter is almost 16 pages long! I'd have LOVED to exclude certain content but I was goaded by the devil on my shoulder *coughMICAcough*

      Loyal! HA! Although admittedly Mica was "good" during the party. But to say you'd never LOOK at a man like that? Oh my ears, my virgin ears!

      Lol...puppet master...

    2. 1st part Jazen: Believable!
      2nd part : DEFINITELY a LIE!

      1st part DJ: True!
      2nd part: Believable
      3rd part: Virgin ears: LIES, ALL LIES!

    3. But...but...

      Well, at least you believe me more than Mica :D

  7. Whatever'll make you sleep better tonight... Puppet Master

  8. DJ, you're right, nakedness is always needed content. In certain stories (ones containing Caleb, Derrick, and Dusty) clothes are always unneeded in my opinion yet you continue to make them wear them more often than not! But virgin ears? Really? Have you read your stories?????

    And how am I the devil on your shoulder? I told you what to cut. The stuff before the party, not needed. Then nakedness, a quickie wedding, then wedding night lovin' all that was needed. But noooo you had to go and add actual 'story' stuff. Not my fault.

    And come you believe DJ more than me :( I'm hurt. I would never ever ever lie, much...

    At least we can agree she's the puppet master.

    1. Clothes yeah...they are finicky creatures. I don't know. Sometimes they seem to have minds of their own! I try and keep them away but somehow they attach themselves to vital organs to protect their bearers from harsh weather and environmental debris.

      Lol I am not a puppet master! Haha