Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PC/Story Status

Welp, Ladies and Gents, as you can see the status of my order is on pause. The computer parts are stuck on some dock in Long Beach (because of port authority problems) and have delayed the construction of my computer. Because of this, the "Expected ship date: 2/19/2015" has been pushed. From what I'm hearing now, they may not have the parts in stock until next week which means I won't have a ship date until March.

Some birthday present right? (Yep, "Sales post date: 2/6/2015" is my bday!)

Anyway, (glass half full) what this means is I have more time to write (or stare and "pretend" to write) chapters of After MidnightCodename: Danger, and Cold Blooded.

Story updates:

Codename: Danger - I have written Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 (which has been broken up into 2 parts, so far, pt. 1 is complete and I am working on pt. 2). It looks like by the time the computer arrives, I'll have this story completely written and will only need to do shots, YAY!

After Midnight - So far, there is a whopping total of 4 written chapters for this story. Which means, updates should get back on track soon.

Cold Blooded - As mentioned before, this story is relatively easy to write and since most of my time has been devoted to finishing CND, I haven't completed many chapters for this one. I believe I am sitting on a total of 3 written. But once CND is done, I'll have way more time to focus on my other projects!

I feel lately all I am doing is sitting and waiting and idle hands...let's just say my brain does not allow me to take many breaks and because of this there could possibly be way more stories running around up there than I can handle. Yikes! Well, that's all the news I have to report. I swear I'm having the shakes now though from lack of Sims.


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