Tuesday, June 21, 2011

S1: Chapter 01: Déjà Vu

Author's Note:
At times there may be use of Spy Jargon, please refer to the Glossary for definition of the words used in this story.
“Harder!” she yelled as he pushed the headboard into the wall. Her hands gripped his back tighter and she dug her nails into the soft flesh covering his tight muscles.
“You mean like this?” he groaned against her neck as he rammed himself further between her supple thighs. Their screams of elation filled the room as he finished and rolled over to his side.
“You really are something else,” he smiled as he tried to calm his breathing.
“Tell me something I don’t know,” she replied tucking the pillow behind her back as she peeled the sheet from her sweat dampened body.
“Can I get you anything?” he asked with a sigh. She glanced at him and smirked raising her eyebrow in a seductive gaze causing him to laugh. “You’re insatiable! Let me replenish my fluids and I’ll see what I can do for you.” He stood from the bed and walked towards the mini fridge on the other side of the room.
She watched him walk towards the kitchenette and placed her arms behind her head. She scanned the room, taking in her surroundings, something she did ever since childhood. One of the only useful things her Father ever taught her, memorization and she was good at it. Her eyes stopped as they spied a gun poking from just under his pile of clothes thrown on the floor against the wall. She silently stood preparing for anything.
“You sure you don’t want a drink?” he asked as he turned to face her. The barrel of her .357 Gold plated Desert Eagle stared him back in the face. “Mya? What the hell are you doing?”
“WHO ARE YOU!?” she demanded thumbing the hammer and cocking the weapon to prove she meant business.
He swallowed hard and twisted the container around his hand. “What is this?”
“Come on Babe, I told you! My name is Brett and I…”
“Sent me? Sent me for what?”
There was laughter out in the hall and she momentarily dropped her guard, a rookie mistake she would kick herself for later. He knocked the weapon from her hand and it hit the floor releasing the bullet waiting in the chamber. With a sound mimicking that of an exploding tire, the round left a hole the size of her fist in the wall.
She reacted quickly, sweeping his leg and rushing for her weapon. He gripped her ankle and twisted her back towards him. The heel of her hand pushed up at his face, breaking his nose and making his eyes water as she sent a spinning heel kick into his midsection.
He collapsed to the ground just as she reached her gun. Slowly she approached him again, her eyes locked on his. “STAND UP!” she ordered.
He did as instructed and she threw him into the chair behind him and quickly cuffed his hands. “Now you’re going to answer my questions. Who are you and why are you after me?” She began tossing on her clothing as quickly as possible.
“I’m not after you! I have no idea who you are!”
She watched him through hooded eyes, trying to detect the lies she knew he was spewing. “Then what’s with the weapon?” she asked pointing towards his pants.
“I’m a cop! It comes standard with the badge!”
She moved towards his things and picked up the items until she came across his Federal ID. “Cop? You’re a Fed!” she exclaimed.
There was another sound outside the door followed by panicked knocks and concerned questions. “Brett? Are you ok in there? Open this door!”
She moved back towards him her eyes locked on the door. “Who is that?”
“That would be my back up. You might as well drop the weapon and give yourself up. There is no way out now.”
She smirked as she picked up her phone. The sounds outside became even more frantic as moments passed without an answer from their friend. “Bring around the pad, I’m coming out the hard way!” she ordered as she quickly collected her belongings.
The ones in the hall started pushing themselves into the door. Harder and harder they jammed their obstruction pushing it from its frame. “Brett stand back!” one of them shouted as rounds were fired into the wooden paneling around the knob.
She too sent a few shots off towards the large plate glass window sending the shards soaring everywhere. Cautiously approaching the glass, she knocked out extra pieces of the jagged material with the barrel of her gun and inched closer to the edge.
“FREEZE!” the men shouted as they took positions into the room. “Brett are you alright?” She gave him one last look as she jumped from the window. The men rushed forward uncuffing Brett and he ran towards the window, catching just as she landed inside the open door of a helicopter that quickly disappeared into the night.
“Who was that?” one of them asked.
“Just the girl of my dreams,” Brett smiled backing up and noticing he was still nude from his encounter with the mystery woman.

“Look alive men!” Scott Phillips’ voice boomed as he entered into the workout room located near the back of the federal building. They stopped what they were doing and turned in his direction. “As you all know, the Unit was placed on hiatus as we said goodbye to Special Agent McNeer. His service and leadership is missed and it was hard seeing him retire.”
“Retire? More like laid to pasture! You know he got a bad rub from the Bureau Scotty.”
Scott waved his hand at Ryan Sharpe, silencing his tongue as he nodded towards the hall. “We have a few visitors and later I’ll introduce you to your new squad leader. And that’s basically what I came to tell you. I expect that you’ll treat the new team lead with just as much respect as you did McNeer. Anything less and you’ll really answer to me. That’s all.” He backed out of the room returning to his office with the visitors.
“Who do you think it’ll be?” Ryan questioned as he pulled his gloves tighter on his hands.
“No clue Ry but I’m betting it’ll be some spineless company yes-man that’ll say and do EXACTLY what the Bureau wants. We probably won’t be able to piss without the proper paperwork,” Brett groaned.
“Fuck that! I’m not listening to some new blood too green to know which side is the dangerous end of a shotgun.” They continued working out when they heard Scott again in the hall outside. Turning in his direction, something caught Brett’s eye.

“No fucking way…,” Brett mumbled rubbing his face as he neared the door.
“What? You know her?” Ryan asked following the shape of her curves with an approving nod. “Nice.”
“Just a little.” He walked towards Phillips and pulled her arm. “Hey!” Immediately she sent him into the wall, pressing her arm against his throat. The two men beside her unholstered their sidearms and raised them in his direction.
“DON’T EVER…you?” she stepped back releasing the grip on him and ran a hand through her hair. She waved the men off and they placed their weapons back to their sides and backed away.
“Yve, you know him?” Scott asked watching them both intently as they gazed at one another.
She ignored the question as her eyes asked what they both wanted to know. What are you doing here? But neither spoke to give the answer. “Nice to see your nose healed,” she smiled breaking the silence.
“Yeah, I’m a quick mender.” His eyes met Scott’s and before he could speak he got his answer.
“Well it doesn’t look as though introductions are needed but just to make it official, men, I’d like you to meet your new unit leader, Yvette Evans.”
“YOU!?” Brett asked with obvious disdain in his voice. “You mean I was passed up for uh…uh…,”
“Better agent?” Yvette finished. “Yeah, that’s exactly what happened.”
“Better? By whose standards?”
“I’m sorry, correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to remember an encounter that ended with your nose bleeding onto your chest. I walked away without a scratch.”
“Did you really expect that I’d hit a woman?”
“When there’s a gun pointed in your face, gender means nothing!”
“That was her?” Ryan asked stepping closer. “That high flying act was risky as shit.” He grinned and extended his hand, “Ryan Sharpe, nice to meet you. At least now I know we might get our money’s worth.”
“Ryan,” Brett growled coolly causing him to back up.
“Yes, well…I’ll leave you to it, Yve. Don’t forget to drop by my office before you leave, there is still much to take care of,” Scott reminded exiting down the hall.
“So it’s not Mya?” Brett looked up and caught the stares of the men behind her.
“No, it’s not,” she confirmed, following his gaze. “Oh, where are my manners. This is Dustin Kimura, my techie he can hack any computer system in the world and Victor Murphy, my weapons expert, most deadly with his hands.”
Brett nodded before mumbling something under his breath and walking off towards the shower room. “You’ll have to excuse him,” Ryan smiled smoothly. “He wasn’t hugged enough as a child.”
She smiled. “Thank you. Do you think you could show us to the unit room? I’d like to get comfy.”
“Certainly, right this way.”
They entered into a room offset from the gym that was furnished with minimal items, a few tables, chairs and a ratty sofa against a back wall.
“This place could use some work,” Yvette turned towards Ryan as he exited to the shower room as well. “Well boys, get yourselves setup and welcome to your new home.”
An hour later, Brett and Ryan had returned and the room they’d grown used to had expanded with a weapons section against the back right wall and a large computer area where Dustin could stretch his legs. Ryan walked over to the weapons and began examining the display. “Impressive.”

“Ok, I know that our arrival here may have rubbed you guys the wrong way,” she sighed looking at Brett. “But I don’t want there to be any ill will between any of us. We’re going to have to work as a team and that means trusting the person walking into the fire fight to watch your back.”
He scoffed and hopped onto the table beside her. “You think we can’t be trusted?”
“I think right now you’re a little sore about being passed over and might not act to the best of your abilities. This unit is about to expand further than what you did with McNeer. We’ll begin taking on new kinds of cases, stuff that will bring you on the edge of death each time and there’s never a guarantee you’ll walk away from it. I need to know you’re on board.”
“100%,” Ryan cooed admiring the Barrett M82. “Sounds right up my alley.”
“And you?” she asked stepping towards him. “Are we going to be friends?” He looked up and caught her smile before slowly nodding his head in agreement.
“Good!” she handed each a file folder as Dustin prepared the same information on the screen for them to view.
“Meet our first case. Ronald Harper, financier and CEO of Hastings Global.”
“Harper was last seen in the company of this man, Douglas White. They have holdings in an international company known as Tayco. It’s believed they are funding the manufacturing of highly sophisticated and very illegal weaponry that are being bought and sold in Mexico and are making their way to the U.S. We’re going in to put a stop to their operation.”
“Wait, so what are we now? Industrial spies?” Brett asked reviewing the information in the packet.
“We are whatever the Bureau needs. Consider it Special Forces. Gentleman, let me let you in on a little secret. You are no longer Federal agents. You’ll act, walk, talk and sound like a FED, but rest assured that’s only your cover now. You work for me and I technically have no boss. Now for your peace of mind and to keep up appearances, we’ll take on the average domestic cases this unit was created for, but there will always be something bigger.”
“So if you have no boss, where do we get these assignments?” Ryan asked taking a seat on the edge of Dustin’s workstation as he eyed the screen. She smiled and nodded at Dustin who brought up a list of the Most Wanted and Persons of Interest.
“I said technically; I have a hierarchy, Scott being one. We have liaisons within the CIA as well that feed us Intel on various operations and missions. They’ll keep us hopping, but if that doesn’t work, we make our own.” She looked up at the clock. “It’s lunch time.”
Brett followed her gaze. “It’s 9 in the morning.”
Victor laughed. “We don’t work on a normal schedule. Never have. It gets worse at least a week every month.”
“I heard that Murph,” she sighed with a scowl in his direction.
“And it might just be that week,” he whispered to him.
“Alright, you’re treating, Vic. I’ll have my usual and don’t forget to get everyone else’s order. I have to see Scott, try and be back with the food by then.”
Dustin laughed at him. “I’ll have a mixed berry almond salad, light raspberry vinaigrette. Oh and don’t forget the sweet tea, light on the sugar and heavy on the lemon.” Ryan gave him a curious stare. “What? You don’t believe in eating healthy…ish?” he asked standing and dunking a piece of paper into the trash can.
After “lunch” they went back to reviewing case notes and formulating a plan. “How are we going in? Guns blazing?” Murph asked dropping his weapon on the table.
“When have we ever gone in guns blazing? No, this will require a bit more finesse. We need to get inside and get Dusty some eyes on their systems so we know what we’re dealing with. We still have no idea where they are hiding the weapons or how they are moving them.”
“So what’s the plan?” Brett asked.
“Dust is creating our covers, but right now it’s recon.”
“I have everyone worked out so far,” Dustin smiled. “It should work to getting the areas we need opened up.”
“It’s not going to be a janitor position again right?”
“Oh come on, Boss! I worked really hard on that cover!”
“Yeah, but I wasn’t expecting to actually have to clean the ladies room, unless you planned that!”
“Would I do such a thing? This time I promise you won’t get your hands too dirty. How good are your typing skills?”
The next morning, Victor, Ryan and Brett took positions near the front of the building as Yvette entered inside.
“Good Morning, Danielle Mitchell to see Ronald Harper please.”
“Yes, of course Miss Mitchell, he’s been expecting you.”
The secretary led her inside and she took a seat in front of his desk as he finished his phone call. “Just make sure you have everything ready by the time you receive word from them. I’ll look further into the details but you had better come through!”
“Mr. Harper, sir, this is Miss Mitchell, she’s here for the Personal Assistant position.”
“Thank you Maureen, you can go now,” he waved and motioned for her to take a seat as he sat in front of her on the edge of his desk.
“Would you like anything?” he asked with a smile.
“A glass of water if it’s not too much trouble.” He walked over to the bar and began preparing a drink. She took the opportunity to place a small listening device on the bottom of his phone.
“You came highly recommended from an acquaintance of mine. Apparently your organizational skills are well above par.”
He handed her the drink and eyed her closely. “Thank you,” she took a small sip before placing the glass on the table.
“Your resume is very impressive, but I’m curious if you can actually manage the tasks I’ll have for you.”
“I’m sure you’ll find me more than capable of handling anything you throw at me, Mr. Harper.”
“Call me Ron.” He paused and rubbed his chin. “Trial run, I’ll see how you deal with this list of errands before making my decision,” he nodded placing a pad in her hands. “Get to work.”
“Window washing? Is he serious?” Ryan groaned in her ear as she turned to exit the office.
“I could have put you in charge of toilet paper, but I thought you wanted a challenge,” Dustin replied. “You seemed impressed with Yve’s high flying act out of the window. Wait until you get to the top level of that building.”
“At least you have a clean uniform. I swear this thing smells like puke. Where the hell did you get it from?” Brett asked of his bum suit.
“Well let’s just say if you see a well dressed, poorly groomed man pushing a shopping cart in that area, we made a fair trade.”
“I’m going to kill you!”
“Hey I had to make it as authentic as possible! You’re the one that refused to let anyone touch your hair! What kind of bum has perfect hair, Brett?”
“Guys focus. Dustin I need your eyes, direct me to the control room.”
With Dustin in her ear, she reached the control room and with the camera button on her lapel recorded the security located around the area.
“Excuse me Miss, you shouldn’t be up here,” one of the guards spoke approaching her.
“I’m very sorry, I got a little lost,” she smiled sweetly, turning on her charm.  She twirled a strand of her hair between her thumb and index finger and licked her tongue across her lips. “Do you think you could show a lady to the exit?”
“Of course,” he smiled back. “Right this way, Ma’am.” He led her to the door and he offered her his phone number as he watched her walk towards the parking lot.
“Did you really have to flirt with that guy?” Brett asked as she hopped into the truck.
“A little jealous are we?” she smirked. He hit the gas hard and she fell back into her seat before she had the chance to buckle her belt. “Thanks!” she groaned.
“Don’t mention it!”
They arrived back to the Federal building and joined Dustin upstairs in the unit room. “Ok, we go back tonight and get everything set up,” she stated taking a seat behind her desk.
Four hours passed as they waited on the cover of dark. She exited the ventilation duct and slid down into Ron’s office. “Ok I’m in.”
Great! Place the locator on the bottom of the laptop, close to the CPU but far enough away from the battery so there is no interference.” She did as instructed and placed the computer back in its position on the tiny table.
Now, I need you to use the thumb drive and upload the software I’ve prepared onto his personal computer. We’ll have eyes on everything he does once it’s in place.”
As the files uploaded, something caught her eye on the wall near the door. She moved towards the area and pulled out a small map from one of the files hanging loose on top of the cabinet. “He’s marked several areas on this thing all around the Guatemalan border.”
A known area for gunrunners,” Dustin noted. “The upload is almost done, Yve. Get ready to get out of there.” She moved back near the desk and watched as the file reached 95%.
“Maureen, call my wife and let her know I’ll be late for dinner,” she heard Ron’s voice just outside the door.
“Shit! Dustin I thought you said his car pulled off ten minutes ago!”
It did Boss lady, but apparently he wasn’t inside.”
“Oh great job, Dustin. Now what am I going to do? He’s heading this way!”
She froze as she heard his key in the lock. She turned off the monitor as the upload continued and quickly scanning the room she located a small coat closet and pressed herself inside the tiny compartment.
Ron entered into the office and turned on the lights. He switched on the monitor at his desk without looking and dropped a newspaper beside it before removing his jacket and approaching his closet.
Yvette swallowed hard as his hand reached for the knob. Slowly it turned and she held her breath waiting for the inevitable.


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