Monday, August 20, 2012

S5: Chapter 01: Homecoming

“Hello Princess,” Ethan grinned and stepped closer. “Welcome home.”

“You son of a bitch!” She jumped towards him only to feel the tight knots of the ropes wrench the flesh of her wrists and jerk her back into the chair hard. Toppling over she fell against the cement ground. A pained groan puffed from her lips and she shook her head to settle the stars that now circled around her eyes. Moving quickly, Ethan leaned forward and pulled her upright once more.

Squinting towards the man she once knew, the light peeking through the doorway seemed extremely blinding in contrast with the dark walls around her. And now because of either the sudden pounding headache or the recent blow to her skull her senses seemed duller and she had a slight ringing in her ears that only elevated the screech and annoyance in the resonance of the man’s voice. “Come now Yvie, aren’t we gonna be friends? Play nice or I won’t share what I came to tell you.” 

She scoffed. “The only sound I want to hear from you is the death roll pass over your lips when you take your last breath. And don’t call me Yvie; the man I USED to know called me that.” 

She took notice of her surroundings now bathed in fresh light and Ethan watched her smiling curiously as she examined the room. “What are you doing? Are you counting? Yvette! Are you planning something? I can’t believe you still do that!”

“Well it was the one useful thing that came out of being around you. I’ve honed it; I’m really good at getting out of sticky situations because of it.”

“Yes I remember. You always thought you were better than me at that game.”

“I am better than you!”

“And yet you’re the one in restraints.”

She laughed and a wicked grin spread across her face. “Did it ever occur to you that I allowed your agents to ‘capture’ me? That I wanted them to escort me here into the heart of your operation so that I can rip apart everyone and everything from within the belly of the beast?”

He met her with an equally as evil grin and moved closer until the stench of his dinner’s onion bagel wafted from his breath and stung the tiny hairs in her nose. She inhaled sharply and turned her head slightly to alleviate the burning within her nostrils. “You did that once before with Alexander; it was worth it then just to watch you kick the shit out of that slimeball. He actually thought he could do my job better than me! But that was then, Yvie, this is now. And if you really expect me to believe that you would attempt that trick a second time, you haven’t learned a thing from me. That makes me even more disappointed in that man that ‘raised’ you. Did he not teach you better about bluffing? You gotta be holding a better hand or at least keep a straight face about your lows. Perhaps he and I should have a nice little chat and…”

“Leave my father out of this!”


A sorrowful glare appeared and vanished in her eyes as she let that word sink into her head. My father; she wanted to yell at him how wrong he was, how indescribably grave an error he’d made but no matter what she thought or felt there was still truth in the matter. He was her father, her sperm donor at least. Her real family was in constant danger because of his treacherous ways. Her real father would have never done anything near as despicable or spiteful as the man standing before her now. “Yeah…if that’s what you have to tell yourself to feel better about what you’ve done then go ahead but we both know the truth.”

Ethan stared at his little girl with her hands bound behind her back. Reaching into his pocket he drew a switchblade and moved towards her. Yvette never flinched; although she had no idea what his intentions were she never showed him an ounce of fear. “I’ll cut these knots if you promise me you won’t try to fight.” Yvette glanced at the armed men standing at the door and thought about her unborn child. She nodded her head slightly and moved her arms around the rope. Ethan reached behind her and cut the twine from her wrists.

Giving them a rub to ease the tenderness from their restraints she readjusted in her seat as Ethan pulled a chair closer towards her. “Why are you so determined to ruin my life?” 

Ethan picked up the sadness in her tone as she spoke and felt a tickle in the back of his throat as he listened to her. “Yvie that is not my intention at all. If anything it’s just the opposite! I’ve never placed you in any danger!”

“How can say that? Numerous times you’ve tried killing me! You had Luciano poison me and just recently at the warehouse you gave your man the go ahead signal to shoot me!”

“Baby, we were standing no more than 10 feet away from you! I employ HIGHLY trained men. Don’t you think had I given him the go ahead to kill you that you’d have been six feet under? How sloppy do you think I am? I was being watched and I needed to put on a show! If at any point I truly wanted you gone we would not be having this conversation. And the thing with Luciano…that wasn’t me. I never gave him anything to inject you with; in fact I had a few of my men pay him a visit after I’d learned what he’d done to you! He wanted out of our deal and threatened that I either relinquish the contract or watch you die.”

“I don’t understand,” her voice finally broke and she sniffled and wiped away a few tears. “What do you want from me?”

“Nothing; I’m just happy watching you grow into the woman you have become. I know I wasn’t there when you needed me but there are reasons behind that that I want to explain to you but I can’t right now. But trust me Baby everything I’ve done has been to protect you.”

“You killed my mother! How was that protecting me?!”

“NO! NO! YVETTE!” he jumped from his seat and threw his chair against the wall in anger smashing it into a few pieces that scattered about the area. “I didn’t kill Katrina! I loved Katrina! I would have never done anything to hurt her! EVER!”

“What do you think leaving us did? Make us happy and give us quiet comfort on nights we cried ourselves to sleep? You broke her heart just like you broke mine!”

“I HAD TO LEAVE YVIE! If I hadn’t you and she would have been killed a long time ago! There were people after me; dangerous people that would have used you and your mother to get to me and I couldn’t bear the thought! I told her my job needed me and that was true to a degree but I had to get away from the two of you before my past caught up to me.”

He paced the room slowly and dropped against the wall as he began to explain. “When I met your mother I was working undercover for what you and your friends have labeled the Company. In reality it was a super secret government black ops program that handled threats to national security at home and abroad. Your mother was a federal agent and we crossed paths on a case I was working. I was stationed in the south of France awaiting my next assignment. I didn’t know it at the time but Katrina was my next assignment. Apparently she’d stumbled on to some mission she wasn’t supposed to have knowledge of that if heavily investigated would have unraveled the entire program.”

“It was my mission to kill her and make it look like her assignment had gone wrong and it was an ‘in the line of duty’ death; ironic. I couldn’t do it. We’d met two weeks before my assignment came up and in that time I’d become completely entranced by her; there was no way I could harm her. Instead I went rogue. I removed my Company tracker and went on the run with Katrina. I told her it was work related and that I needed to stay on the move. Naturally she believed me because we were in the same line of work, sort of, and because she was as in love with me as I her, she went wherever I needed. I kept us hopping because I didn’t want anyone to find us. I got a job at the bureau, some low maintenance work, grunt work; but it kept us fed. The day Katrina gave up her promotion and it was given to me was our downfall. It was too high profile a position and it was handed to me without my approval; that’s when I knew I had to get out again. They were right on my ass and it was only a matter of time before they found us. It was harder travelling with a wife and child than it was with just me and your mother.”

“And me?” She moved towards the edge of her seat and chewed on her bottom lip before speaking again. “You said I was a mistake.”

“No Baby, I never meant that. I didn’t mean for you to hear that either. It was only something I said to keep Katrina from coming after me. She and I never intended to have you and I hated myself for being that sloppy and bringing another life into my hell but I loved you from the minute I saw you and there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you!”

“And yet you still left!”

“Yes. I left but I was never far from you! I watched you every day for the next nine years but I could never get too close. I thought I could do it, live a double life. Have this job, the ability to see you when I wanted and stay hidden from those that wanted me dead but I found that was a foolish thought on my behalf and it wound up costing your mother her life.

“Your signature was on her case notes; the mission that killed her!”

“That’s standard for any operation run by the Feds. My job required I sign off on high profile cases and give approval! That doesn’t mean I planned for her to be murdered overseas Yvie. I found out who had contracted the Black Veil mission and I wrenched the life from his body with my bare hands! It’s how I took charge of the Company! I murdered the man in charge. After that I knew it was best to sever all ties before they got to you too. I went to your mother’s funeral and that day I said my goodbye to you.”

“The pictures…”

He nodded and moved closer towards her. “I looked at them every day I couldn’t be with you. I didn’t want anyone to find them on me and find you in the process. I mourned you and my wife that day and just prayed Scott took care of you. Imagine my surprise to learn my little girl grew up to be like her parents and joined the federal government; became a ‘super cop’ like she said she would,” he smiled at her and poked out his chest in a proud gesture. “You were creating quite the name for yourself and in record time! When you graduated I immediately took charge overseeing what cases you received and which ones you didn’t. I didn’t want you to get into anything too risky. Though I said I mourned you I wasn’t prepared to actually watch you die. You have no idea how proud you’ve made me over the years Yvie. I couldn’t have asked for a better child.” 

“I’m not…” she dropped her head before telling him once again she had a father and his Johnny Come Lately parenting was not needed. But if what he was saying was true, he was parenting her for her entire life. She pulled up from her chair and paced the room. He watched her; waiting for her to say something or ask a question concerning the things he’d told her but she never spoke a word about it.

“Yvie the reason I had my men bring you here…”

“They hurt my Dad do you know that?”

“I gave them strict orders no harm was to come to anyone. I’m sorry; I’ll take care of it,” he sighed and stepped closer towards her maintaining eye contact as he moved. “The reason you’re here is because I got word that one of the members from your old team has recently broken out of his prison in Kyrgyzstan and is heading back here seeking revenge. I wanted to warn you to be on the lookout for him and protect yourself.”

“So you dragged me here for that? You could have called! Today is my wedding day and I was on my way to dance with my husband!”

Ethan looked surprised and apologetic at the same time. “I’m…”

“Sorry? Do you have any idea what Brett must be going through right now? Or Scott? Your men seriously hurt him! I have to see if he is ok!”

“Yes, I’ll get you back there as soon as possible.” He motioned for one of the men at the door to enter the room. After speaking with him, he got a car pulled around for Yvette and walked her out to the lot. “Yvie, I know you still have your doubts and I don’t blame you; you wouldn’t be my daughter if you didn’t suspect everything. But I want you to know that I’m here for you if you ever need anything. I want to work on a relationship with you if I can. I know it’s a lot to ask and I…”

“It’s too much to ask. You chose the job over your family! That is something I would NEVER do! You could have stayed! You could have protected us and even better you would have had Mom to help and she would not have died blindly to something that could have been prevented. You can’t expect that after twenty years absent I would want to have anything to do with you, that I trust a word coming out of your mouth or that I would want my baby to even know you exist!” she sighed rubbing her hand over her belly. Ethan followed her gesture and a huge smile crossed his lips that quickly faded as Yvette continued speaking.

“You have no idea what you put me through; the kind of emotional damage I’m dealing with and the fact that I’ve lived for so long believing you hated me and that you were trying to kill me. I can’t deal with this right now and I really don’t want to. I have enough stress in my life and refuse to add more that may endanger my child’s life. I’ve already lost one because of your bullshit, I won’t go through it again. You’re lucky I’m unarmed Ethan. You were gone for two decades and I suggest you keep it that way. Stay the hell away from me or the next time I won’t hesitate to pull the trigger.” She ducked her head into the car and closed the door behind her. Slowly the sedan pulled out of the lot heading back towards the church she was taken from.

Brett continued pacing around the empty reception hall as Terrance and Scott made calls trying to get people on tracking Yvette’s whereabouts. No one had seen her; no one knew where she could have gone. “Brett honey please, you’re burning holes in the soles of your shoes.”

“Mom! What do you expect me to do? My wife is…”

“Standing right behind you,” Ryan pointed as Yvette entered the banquet area.

He turned and immediately charged for her, “Yve! Baby!” He gripped her in his arms, burying her face within his shoulder as his grasp tightened around her. “What happened? Are you alright? Where did you go? How’s the baby? Did they hurt either of you?”

“Brett, relax, I’m fine,” she sighed as she pushed away from his chest. “I was taken to some place near the water, I honestly couldn’t say where because I was blindfolded before led out through a series of tunnels to a car.”

“Was it Ethan?” Scott asked approaching her and taking stock of her appearance. He didn’t see any overt injuries and for that he was grateful. “Did he hurt you?”

“Yes it was Ethan and no he didn’t hurt me. In fact I think he was trying to help me. Are you ok Dad?” she rubbed a hand over the knot forming on his forehead and he released a pained hiss as her fingers gently slipped over the swollen skin.

“I’m alive Yve, I’m fine. But that’s more than I can say for this bastard when I find him! Of all the days to pop up again! What did he say to you?”

“Honestly there is a lot to explain and I will soon but, it’s still three hours left in my day and I want my dances with you and Brett. I want today to go back to how it was just before the reception disaster. We were making great memories and the way my life is, I could use a few more of those.”

Regina slipped Yvette from her son’s arms and wrapped herself around her. “So you’re pregnant huh?” she pulled back and kissed her cheek with a huge smile on her face.

“You told them?” Yvette sighed dejectedly learning she’d missed the announcement.

But Regina was glowing; she appeared more radiant having received the news concerning the conception of her first grandchild. “I am hoping for a namesake you know that but I’ll be happy just having my first out of the way. We have time for the rest.”

“Rest?” Brett eyed his mom and reclaimed his wife again. “How many you expect we’re giving you?”

“Oh at least a half dozen though I’d be willing to negotiate down to four.”

“This isn’t a bakery Mom you can’t place an order for fresh buns with my wife, it doesn’t work like that. Plus that’s work on me!”

“You don’t have to carry them! You don’t even have to be there for conception! Hell Yve can knock you out, jerk you off and take your sperm!”

“Gaaahh! Come on Mom please! Dad get your wife before I kick her out of here!”

Yvette laughed listening to the two argue back and forth and nodded at Victor near the stage. He pressed play on the sound deck and Dustin turned on the spotlight. “Well I hate to break up your little tiff but I’d like my dance and then you can have him back I promise.”

“Getting rid of me already? I expected that after we were married for at least five years. Now what is there to look forward to?” She giggled and placed her arms over his shoulder taking her position as Brett’s hand gripped her waist and leaned her closer towards his chest. Immediately she felt the result of their intimacy and looked down. “Soon,” he smiled acknowledging her curiosity.

Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me” started over the speakers and Yvette’s smile grew wider. “I was looking for something worthy of the king of rock but…”

“It’s your day Yve I’d rather you have a romantic dance than a head banger’s ball for our first dance.”

“It’s OUR day Brett but this song I think spoke the words that I couldn’t find for my vows and seemed the perfect choice. I hope you like the one I chose for you and Mom to dance to also.”

“I’ll love it because I love you and everything you do for me.” He drew her closer and kissed her tenderly as they continued their slow dance around the floor under the stars and under the spotlight for their first dance as man and wife.

Applause soon filled their ears and Yvette lifted her head from his chest realizing the song had ended and saw her dad moving towards her. She immediately threw her arms over him for a hug as Regina took off with Brett. Christina Perri began crooning for them with “A Thousand Years” as he swept his mother across the floor. “Wow BooBear and you didn’t think those lessons would ever come in handy! And I bet Yvette is mighty impressed too. They say great dancers make great lovers so you’re welcome for that.”

“Mom,” Brett smiled and leaned forward placing a kiss on her cheek. “Thank you. I love you.”

“That girl really loves you so I know you’re doing something right. I trust she’ll keep you safe. My Little Guy has grown up to be so amazing and I am so proud of you BooBear,” she began tearing up and Brett wiped them away and drew her closer to his shoulder.

“And I have you and Dad to thank for that Mom.”

“Well mostly me but let’s not tell your father.”

“It’ll be our secret.”

Victor switched the song to All 4 One’s “As Beautiful As You” once Brett and Regina were replaced by Scott and Yvette. “You look absolutely glowing tonight Yvie. You have no idea how proud I am right now. And the added bonus of knowing I’ll be a granddad soon; indescribable how happy I am. Now I understand the conversation we had earlier. Were you gonna tell me then?”

“No but I was gauging your reaction. Brett wanted to be the one to make the announcement. We found out a week ago and he was holding it until the perfect moment.”

“And how do you feel about this?”

“I’m excited! I’m a wife and soon I’ll be a mother and I don’t know I feel so…fulfilled.”

“You’re gonna be great! Your mother would be very happy to see you now.”

“Oh Pop,” she leaned forward and placed her head on his chest as they slipped across the floor to the music.

Time was drawing long and DJ Victor played the final song for everyone and all of the couples took to the floor to dance to Bryan Adams “Everything I Do”. The night felt enchanted and though Yvette knew Brett was anxious to end it he let her draw out their moments at the reception for as long as she needed. When finally the song ended, he saw the gleam in her eyes and knew. After saying their goodbyes to family and friends, Brett whisked her off towards their car and drove quickly towards the Onyx Garden hotel.

Brett and Yvette pulled up to the hotel and he rushed towards the counter tossing his ID at the clerk standing at the register. “Mr. and Mrs. Brett Knight,” he smiled at Yvette and drew her into his chest.

“Ah yes, the Honeymoon Suite. I hope you find our amenities to your liking and if you need…”

“Yeah, yeah can I just have the key please?”

“Certainly sir.” Yvette smiled apologetically at the clerk as he scanned two key cards for their rooms and placed them in a small white envelope. “Can I get you any…?”

Before he was able to finish the sentence, Brett had Yvette tossed over his shoulder and was rushing towards the elevators. “Brett! Our luggage! You can’t just leave it there,” she giggled as she bounced in his arms.

“Later!” The elevator doors opened and a man with a maroon jacket stepped out smiling at the couple as they entered the lift. “Hey! You work here?” The man nodded to Brett’s question. “Major tip in it for you if you grab the suitcases at the counter and bring them up to the Honeymoon Suite.” Slapping his hand across Yve’s ass as it dangled in his face he smirked towards the man’s knowing look.

“I’ll be sure not to disturb you sir.”

The elevator doors closed and Brett readjusted Yvette on his shoulders as they finally came to a stop on the penthouse floor. With equal speed, he moved towards the last door on the end, dropped Yvette into his arms properly, unlocked the door and carried her over the threshold. Brett dropped a one-hundred dollar bill on the table beside the door and snatched Yvette back into his arms before she was able to slip away. “Well I guess foreplay is out of the question?” she asked between kisses as he pinned her against the wall.

Brett growled as Yvette got to her feet and chased her towards the bedroom, stripping out of his clothing as he pursued her. Slamming the door behind him he yanked Yvette into his arms and crushed his mouth onto hers. Moaning and desperate he unzipped the dress she was wearing and tried to control the urge to rip it from her shoulders. Her fingers tugged at the ends of his hair and she broke the kiss to look at him. “I didn’t get a chance to tell you how much I love your new look. It really suits you. It surprised me though; you actually cut your hair!”

“For you; I wanted to look my best for you Baby.” He groaned when he noticed the lace bra and panties she was wearing and pulled the strap to pop her shoulder showing his frustrations.

“Ow! Brett!”

“I’m horny Yve! Get naked already!”

“Right that’s exactly how I want to remember this night! ‘Ooh me man, you woman, sex me now, ooh’. Damn dirty ape!” Brett shook his head and with one solid motion ripped the bra from her body at the clasp and snatched the panties from her hips. “HEY!” 

Before she had a chance to protest his lips were on hers again and he was pushing her into the bed. Spreading her legs with his knee he gazed lovingly into her eyes and smiled. “I love you Mrs. Knight.” His tongue danced with hers rolling over her lips and grazing over the roof of her mouth. She never tasted as good as she did tonight. Tonight he was going to have her like it was their first time. His body was hungry for hers and had been starved. Tonight he was going to show her just how much he missed the feel of her body against his.

She smiled back as he lowered his head to her chest and kissed his way down towards her breast. Slowly circling his tongue across her nipple, his left hand trailed the shape of the other and squeezed firmly. Brett massaged his thumb across the delicate skin of her breast as he listened to her moan in delight. He had plans to maul her the moment they were alone. But seeing her lying beneath him, wearing his ring, carrying his last name; he wanted to give her more.

Then again hearing her moaning his name was mounting the already palpable pressure within his loins to the point of no return. He gazed up at her until their eyes met; she smiled as he gently covered her entire body with his own. “I love you Mr. Knight.” Yeah, she was done for. Brett slid his arousal between her damp thighs covering himself in her wetness as he pushed hard and deep into his wife.

“Fuck, you’re so…mmm,” his words trailed off as he pushed forward. His body blazed the heat soaking within her sex and he lost himself as he continued drilling forward.

“Mmhmm yes!” She wailed as he thrust his thick cock into her harder. Her head fell into the pillows as his body assaulted her penetrating her over and over with abandon. He’d given up the guise of beautiful sex in order to pleasure their bodies. She was his now and forever and tonight would be a memory they’d share for the rest of their lives. Her hands clamped down hard over his back and she clutched him possessively between her legs. 

Yvette’s hip grinded against Brett’s mimicking his motions, they moved as one hungry, lust driven machine both working towards the same goal. Wave after wave crashed through them as little cries of exquisite pleasure hissed from between Yvette’s lips. Brett panted above her like a dog in heat. He buried himself deep inside her, molding his frame into hers. His body was a bundle of nerves all electrified shooting off with intense pleasure. 

She slid her hands from his shoulders and down his side to grip his hips and pull him down tighter against herself. His upper body collapsed against her as he pressed her into the bed to take her mouth in a deep kiss as the pace of his stroking increased.

“Harder baby! Yes! Harder Brett fuck me!” They swallowed each other’s moans as he bottomed out inside her. His hand curled around her hip gliding her into his pubic bone with force and each time her grunts of satisfaction increased in volume.

She was lost the moment their bodies joined. Vaguely through the haze of intense sexual gratification she allowed a part of her brain to think back to their first time. The first time his body touched hers like this was unlike anything she’d felt before. High on an adrenaline kick she assumed it could never get any better but tonight he was proving her wrong.

This was far beyond anything she’d ever imagined. He’d taken her body beyond the point of normal orgasm. Every touch, every moan, every scent that wafted over his skin felt like an extension of her most powerful climax ever. Yvette let herself go; Brett was the only man she’d ever let so close. He tore down the walls she’d spent years building and in the ruins erected a monument of their love. It was this reason alone she could give him everything. Turning herself over to him and yielding complete control, her body moved in wordless accord with his and they both instinctively sought pleasure for themselves and one another.

They were both caught up in the urgency of the moment and driving blindly towards the explosive finality. A single thrusting action forward and he was drowning within her body taking everything his had craved over the course of the week and melting into her arms as they consummated their marriage and their love. 

A knock on the door stirred the sleeping couple from their slumber. Brett groaned and pulled up to the side of the bed still a little groggy from his continuous countless sessions with Yvette. Peeling one eye open he glanced at the clock and frowned. 3:00pm; they’d slept the entire morning…well part of it and well into the afternoon. He peeked over his shoulder and noticed his wife still snug against her pillow and smiled. She looked so peaceful he hated the idea of waking her.

Tiny dust particles floated in the thick beam of light that broke through the window above their bed. It was casting a warm glow over her bare back and he watched as her skin glistened beneath the rays. He reached for the blanket that had been thrown to the floor during their night of passion and contemplated drawing it over her as she slept but hesitated. His cool, blue eyes scanned over her smooth, nude body. The sunlight licked at her back, rolled along the curves of her firm ass and down her slender legs; she was glowing. He smiled to himself thinking about wrapping his body against hers again and tickled his fingers over the perfect flesh of her back causing her to stir.

The person at the door knocked once more and he got to his feet to go and answer. Tossing a robe over his shoulders he peered through the peephole and sighed; it was hotel staff. He took a step back and opened the door. “I’m sorry to disturb you sir but there was an urgent message left at the front desk for your wife.” The man handed Brett the note and nodded. “Can I get you anything?” Brett wordlessly shook his head and closed the door as he headed back towards the bedroom.

He removed his robe and tucked himself beside Yvette again and watched her eyes flutter a few times before a smile formed on her lips. “Good morning,” he smiled and lowered his lips to her belly.

“Morning Brett.”

“Hmm? Oh yeah you too.” He gave her a playful smirk as she peeked through narrow lids at him and frowned. “I was only kidding…kind of. Besides it’s afternoon now anyway. How do you feel?”

“Mmm sore but it’s the good kind of sore. How are you doing? Get out all of that pent-up frustration?”

“Eh, I’m fine for now; though I’m sure that’ll all change here shortly. Are you hungry? Better question, is my baby hungry?”

“We’re fine Brett. Besides your baby doesn’t even really have a head yet you can’t expect her to…”

“Him,” he corrected with a smile. “Knight men are the dominant force in this family.”

“Whatever.” She rolled closer and leaned against his body watching her ring glisten in the sunlight that streamed through the curtains and sighed dreamily. “Who was that at the door?”

“So you were awake! You made me get up and you could have easily gone yourself?”

“Hey! I’m the one with the broken back here! You don’t need to be complaining right now. I could sue your ass for workers’ compensation if I wanted to; I was injured on the job!”

He laughed and gave her a long, passionate kiss good morning. Her fingers rolled over the sharp edges of the note in his hand and she gently tugged it from his grasp as he backed out of the kiss. “I’m gonna order room service. I’ll let you know what they have then maybe we can take a nice, hot bath together and I’ll massage your sore spots.”

“Sounds like a plan.” She smiled as he got up from the bed and headed for the bathroom to start the water. She pulled the flap open of the letter he’d received from the desk and slowly scanned the words on the page.

You didn’t run quite far enough!
Enjoy your moments of peace and happiness.
Soon it’ll all come crashing down and
you’ll pay for what you did to me


  1. DIE ETHAN DIE!!!!!!! ok now that, that is out of my system. Seriously that was a lot of extreme to deliver a message to her. He could have handled that in a much better fashion than kidnapping her on her wedding day. For him to act surprised like he didn't know is bull since he's been watching her he should have know. She should have hit him once just for the annoyance.

    OK glad he let her go unharmed but I don't trust what he said. Well maybe that part at the end since you left it with another freaking cliffhanger UGH REALLY DJ ANOTHER ONE?????

    Brett was too funny. Poor Yve making that man wait. They are so mushy gushy in love it's cute.

    1. LOL! Feel better? Though I suppose you won't until he's six feet under huh? :) That was a pretty "extreme" method but he wanted to see her and didn't want to expose himself out in the middle of nowhere. As he said people are after him and if he can hide out and see his kid, that's what he'll do. True he did say he watched her but he said he stopped after her Mom died so he sort of lost touch. He kept an eye on what she did professionally though because he could. Lol! She was thinking about her baby and didn't want to do anything that would jeopardize her pregnancy.

      Yes, Ethan had no intentions of harming her, at least that's what he said. Like he told her he has had several opportunities to kill her and never have! That wasn't what he wanted. Cliffhanger? I don't see no cliffs around here!

      Brett made sure he got what he needed and then some! Yeah he was very much hurting over the course of a week! I can only imagine what a normal week would be like for them...then again she had been teasing him that whole time. His testes probably looked like a rainbow by their wedding! Aww they are :) it's sweet that even with everything they go through they can still be that way with one another!

  2. I knew it! Ethan loved them way too much to just flip! I knew there was a reason behind him leaving and that he couldn't possibly want them dead. With that being said I'm proud of Yve for remembering her pain and not just allowing him to come back into her life like nothing happened. I understand that he thought he could protect them better by leaving but if he would have stayed the two of them could have maybe protected each other.

    Brett had me laughing. I really saw caveman too! "Dad get your wife..." LOL

    That note! WHO IN THE HELL?

    Tell me why after reading that note all I thought was, "Ohhh wait until Nicky boy finds out with his hot ass!" You just could not tell him that she wasn't still his woman and that ring on her finger says otherwise!

    1. Yes there had to be more to the man that went from molding his young daughter and buying her anything she wanted to seemingly hunting her down in violent shootouts. He never intended for it to happen and has hated himself for the life she was forced to live because of him. He loved Katrina and he loves Yvette and surely wants nothing more than to guarantee her safety. Yvette though is not so quick to forgive and forget. She is hurting and still has nightmares over what she's done and it all leads by to Dear Old Daddy's front door! And you're right! Two super agents working together against one enemy target is better than one!

      LOL! Brett was running off of one basic need: sex! He wanted nothing else than to get what she had been holding out on!


      Ha! Because more than likely Nick had no idea his father really was behind it all. Luciano was getting more and more out of control so Ethan had to neutralize him. This is why he came to Yve needing her help again. He needs to get himself back on top. But I doubt she'd ever help him again! I mean he came to her wedding!! And you're right lol Nick will always see Yvette as the one that got away. He truly does love her.

  3. It makes sense, what he says makes sense. I mean you need a REALLY good reason to hunt down and try to kill your own daughter, no matter how bad of a father he may be or how much someone else wants her dead. I'm willing to believe his story here, maybe I'm just a foo. Any ways I like the contrast there, I mean that he was in the same business and as a result wasn't quite able to be the parent he could be. The company forced him to make a tough decision...then you have Yvette being pregnant and getting married and I'm wondering if one day she will have to make the same decision. To abandon her family in hopes that will keep them safe or to go on the run with them. I mean it's easy to say before hand you'd run and fight, but when you have a son or daughter are you going to put their life at risk?

    But yeah....he has made her life a lot more difficult! No matter the circumstances...and that letter!

    Loved it and looking forward to more of course!

    1. Very few believe in its authenticity, Brett and Yve don't for that matter. But Ethan is trying to reconnect and his popping up right now does seem highly suspicious. But as you said you have to harbor some deep seated hatred for someone to want them dead and we saw how great they were together. It would be a major shift in personalities for him to become a new man overnight.

      Exactly! It has always been Yve's fear of turning into her father or not making a great mother and so she's avoided relationships as best as possible...then Brett happened. He not only got her to open up, he made her happy about the prospect of marriage and a family. She'll have some real demons to fight though if she lets her fears take over and may be faced with that same decision!

      Thank you :D

  4. Wow, that was a surprise! But I should just start expecting to be surprised, you do that to me all the time!

    Like Aeon just said, with Yve being pregnant now, I wonder if she'll ever be in the position Ethan was and to have to make a difficult choice.
    Looking forward to the new season!

    1. Aww :D thank you!

      She will have her doubts soon enough but with Brett by her side he won't let her get far. He really tries to keep her self-esteem high considering he watches the nightmares she has at nights. Hopefully it'll be enough if they ever get to that point!

  5. Ethan, Ethan, Ethan.
    I'm at a lost for words...I want to believe him sooo bad, but too many things and conflicts are arising because of him and after all he was gone for two whole decades!
    At least Yvette was returned safely to her wedding and had a kickass honeymoon, ;)

    And I also give Ethan the benefit of the doubt for letting Yvette know who was after her now..but he def could have write a note or something! Lol

    1. Ethan did make a pretty convincing argument but the idea that he was away for all that time and to pop up now wanting to reconnect is a little off putting for Yvette for her to jump on boat and say "Sure! Let's forget the past!" He has a long way to go before she is ever good again with that!

      He did get her back safely and she was very happy to get back to the normal part of her day :)

      LOL! His delivery of that news was a bit ostentatious...kidnapping her on her wedding day. A note probably wouldn't have been so bad but she more than likely would have tossed it without reading seeing who it was from. He didn't want to take that risk.