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S5: Chapter 02: Forged

Brett and Yvette enjoyed a nice three week getaway to Costa Rica for their honeymoon and a week’s long cruise to the Bahamas. When they returned home they began the arduous process of moving in to their new home. Though they wouldn’t have much time to get everything unpacked and put away before getting back to work, they had their things all boxed up and inside the new place before Scott put them on a new case.

It had been a month since they returned and the note had been nearly forgotten as the two enjoyed their time as newlyweds and the peace of not having to worry about work. The note had been nearly forgotten that is until Yvette returned to work. With her pregnancy and soon growing belly to worry about, Scott placed her on desk duty and a less strenuous routine while in the building that Brett reflected at home. Being caged wouldn’t have been so bad if she could at least continue practicing on the range with Victor but Brett deemed even that to be too dangerous; recoil.

Yvette had essentially taken over Dustin’s job for the time being while Brett led him out in the field with the other guys. She tracked suspects, wrote reports, monitored the team’s progress through video feeds and gave audio support while they were on missions; she was going crazy. Leaving early today, Yvette decided she’d drop off to Sake Tumi and pick up some Sushi for herself and the team for lunch, whether they craved it or not as she had.

Heading down to her car she stopped suddenly in her tracks. Someone had vandalized her Audi! She looked at the broken glass busted out from every window and frowned. “Vandals in front of the Federal building really?” She opened the door and small pieces clattered to the pavement and more shook off as she used the door as leverage to peek into the car and check for anything missing. 

Noticing her $1200 receiver was still intact she slammed the door closed and winced hearing the glass clinking inside of the frame. As she started back towards the building a thin slip of paper caught her eye. There on top of the windshield lodged beneath one of her wipers was a note. 

Using a tissue from her pocket, Yvette pulled the note from the car and unfolded it carefully:

You’re much easier to get to
than I remember! This might not
be as much fun if I can’t watch you
squirm. Still, there must be
something you cherish that would cause
you great pain to lose.

An image of a newborn was hastily sketched at the bottom of the page and Yvette gasped as she thought over the implication. Rushing inside, she headed straight to the lab and relinquished the note to the CSU for trace work and printing. “Anything you can find and contact me ASAP!”

“You got it.”

“Yve? I thought you went for lunch,” Brett smiled stopping her as she started for the elevators.

She turned and caught his hand as he reached for her cheek. Pushing him away slightly she moved against the wall to try and slow her nerves before he could detect the strain in her pulse. “Well I did but there was a problem with my car.”

“What happened? You have a flat tire or something?”

“No, I mean I don’t think I did. I actually didn’t look at those but it’s possible. Though they should still run because they are run flats. That is why we spent the extra $300 on them right?”

“Yve? You’re stalling,” he sighed reaching for her again and again she pulled away.

“I am not I was thinking out loud! Anyway someone busted out the glass on both sides of the car, all four of them and even the front and back windshields.”

“WHAT?!” his voice raised high enough to garner a few stares from the passing agents. She hooked her arm around his and pulled him towards the emergency stairs to speak in a more private setting. He finally was able to lay hands on her and began checking her for injuries. “You didn’t touch it did you? You’re not cut or anything right?”

“Brett come on, I’m not a China doll alright? I only checked to see if anything was missing inside and no I’m not cut. There was another of those notes though on the windshield. I was just coming up from the lab; I gave it to them to analyze.”

“A note like the one from the hotel?”

“Yeah, same handwriting and everything.”

“Fuck! What did it say?”

“Uh I don’t remember exactly. Something about finding me easily and hurting our baby and…”

“Fuck me! How do they even know you’re pregnant?”

“I don’t know. They must be following me; watching.”

“And you still have no idea who this could be? None at all?” 

“Brett there were 15 of us on that team and all of them would have reasons to hurt me…well other than Victor and Dustin who came here with me. I have no idea how the other 12 feel towards me or what happened after the team was disbanded. All I know for certain is when we were disavowed some went to prison, some were killed and the others…it’s anyone’s guess.”

“Well have you at least started compiling a list of the members so Dustin can maybe pinpoint a location for them?”

“Yeah he has it not sure how far he is with it though.” She dug her hands in his pocket and freed his keys from his jeans. “Grab a ride home with one of the guys? I’m hungry and taking off for the day. Play nice alright?” Tossing her keys at him she started for the exit pecking him quickly before disappearing out of the building.

Brett filled Scott in about the note and headed towards the unit room they’d just got a new case handed to them straight from the treasury. “Forgery,” he announced and turned the projector on. “And this is our guy, the elusive Eduard Somova. Apparently Eddie has been on the Treasury department’s most wanted list for several cases of counterfeiting. He has recently popped up again on the radar as several of his signature bills were found floating around Atlantic City; he went to wash them.”

“Well this sounds like fun but I don’t see much of an undercover mission coming out of it,” Ryan sighed.

“Well there is. But unfortunately it calls for a woman’s role that is being amended for one of us. Thanks to Yve though it’s been reworked and should hopefully get one of us close enough to our target to figure out how to stop him. He’s very paranoid but according to sources he is in town because one of his engraving plates needs to be redone. He was in Atlantic City because the treasury just announced that by this time next year the 10s, 20s and 50s are getting a brand new design. He has to get his bad money out of his hands and replaced with clean bills by then.”

“So what’s the assignment?”

“Somova only allows women in his company. His bodyguard is a guy but he is never in the same room as him and the group of ladies he’s taking in for the night. This presented a problem until we learned he’s ill. Somova has an electronic monitor on his heart and travels with a doctor, that’s our in.”

“So what? Are we going to drug his scripts or something?” Ryan asked looking over the case notes.

“No actually one of us is going to pose as his doctor and get close enough to him to catch him with these bills in his possession. He supposedly has about two million in bad bills to clean and we have to get to him before he gets rid of the evidence. Treasury wants to be able to build a big enough case to send this guy away for life.”

“Pose as the doctor?” Victor’s brow raised in curiosity. “And I suppose it’s just that easy?”

“Well it is with the new toys Dustin has to play with.”

With the beckoning, Dustin drew from his seat and moved towards a large array of computer equipment stationed on the far end of the room. “We get to play dress up!” he smiled giddily towards the team. “The latest in computer imaging software and prosthetics! I can replicate Dr. Yefim Koptev’s face and give it to one of you lucky contestants!”

Victor immediately pointed towards Ryan who became defensive at being voluntold. “Hey why me?”

“Because covering these good looks the Lord gave me is a sin. Plus you’re a white boy. It would be easier making you look like a Russian doctor than me. Have you seen White Chicks? Tell me you didn’t see the dark skin beneath the prosthetics!”

“Vic makes a good point,” Brett agreed with a shrug.

“Oh and I suppose I don’t get a say?”

“What’s the matter Ry? You jumped at the chance to dance around for a bunch of women but pretending to be a sophisticated, older, established and well paid doctor is a bit much? Just pretend as though you are dancing again and you’re golden. Besides, Somova takes up with a lot of pretty women. I’m sure there’s eye candy to be ogled!”

“Fine, fine. But any tips I get I’m keeping!”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less. Alright we’re taking off later this evening to America’s Playground so be ready to work. Ry, you and Dustin get to log extra hours. Try and perfect the mask within the next five hours please and Ryan, work on your Russian accent.”

Yvette busied herself in the bedroom unpacking boxes of clothes and hanging them in the closet. She had placed the majority of Brett’s things in the chest of drawers and dresser so that she could have more space in the walk-in. She smiled seeing him walk into the bedroom and pulled herself from the box beside her leg. “Hey Handsome,” she smiled and tossed her arms around his neck and drew him into a kiss.

“Mmm someone missed me huh?” he winked and pulled her as close to his chest as he could. “Do you feel better? I had the car delivered to the dealership to deal with the glass and everything. They are adding a new alarm system as well. What’s that smell?”

“I made dinner. I left it in the oven for you.” His face wrinkled hearing that and he laughed when she noticed his grimace. “What’s that face for?”

“Nothing uh, I just I’m not too terribly hungry right now and…”

“Are you trying to hurt my feelings? You think that I can’t cook? Is that what this is? I told you that chicken burned because I left it on when I felt the need to vomit again. Would you have preferred I refried my puke instead?”

“Mmm as appetizing as that sounds Babe, I’m just gonna go ahead and pass on it. What did you make?”

“I don’t think I want to tell you now,” she pouted crossing her arms defensively into her chest.

“Ah come on Yve, I was only kidding ok?” he smiled and pulled her into his arms. “I love your cooking. It’s um…interesting; usually.”

“I’ll have you know Scott made me into a world class chef! I’m just a tad out of practice because I’ve rarely cooked for myself and you did the majority since we’ve been together!”

“Uh huh, I know Baby.” He smiled at the pet name and instantly his hand reached out to touch her belly. “I can’t wait to see this thing pudge out. How’s my Little Guy? Is he treating Mommy alright today?”

She is fine and I’m sure she hates being called a ‘Little Guy’.”

“You’re so cute,” he playfully jabbed her chin, “Thinking that we’re having a girl. What have I told you about Knight genes? You wait and see. This is a handsome, flirtatious, mini me.”

“Whatever!” she rolled her eyes and started down towards the kitchen with him right behind. Pulling a pan from the oven she uncovered the baked turkey and potatoes and Brett’s eyes lit up. He licked his tongue across his lips and a huge smile formed on his face. “I guess I’ll drop this in the neighbor’s dog bowl since you’re not hungry and our ‘Little Girl’ has already eaten for the night.”

“Wait I said I wasn’t ‘too terribly’ hungry. I’m sure I can…uh…find a spot to put some of that.” He smiled patting his stomach. She fixed him a plate and sat down at the table across from him watching him eat.

“So what’s happening at work?”

“Mhmm, we have a forgery case,” he answered between bites. Taking a sip of his lemonade, he swallowed the mouthful down and continued. “We’re heading out in a few to AC.”

“What? I’m coming!”

“No, you’re staying here and…”

“Going crazy? Brett! I don’t have to be in the mix to be a part of the team. We’ve talked about this! I feel so utterly useless right now and this whole pregnancy JUST started!”

“Babe, you’re not useless! You’re the mother of my child! And yeah so it just started but we lost our first at five weeks and you’ve just hit that mark! I can’t even begin to think about you in the line of fire with my kid in your belly. I don’t want to see you get hurt especially after the last time. What we do is too damn vigorous for you to remain in the field!”

“How hurt can I get sitting in a van talking to you on a headset?  Dustin could do that in his sleep. And has! Come on, I just need to feel as though I’m still capable. Besides I don’t have a huge belly just yet. When I am nearing my third trimester I promise I will stay inside at my desk and log reports. But for now, I’m coming with!”

“Fine but you don’t leave the van Yvette; this is not up for negotiation. If you’re tagging along you follow MY commands agreed?”

“I promise!” She watched him take another bite and smiled. “You sure you want to finish that now?”

“Yeah, it’s really good. The meat is so tender what did you put in it?”

“Strychnine, I really was going to feed it to that annoying dog next door.” He choked on the bite causing her to laugh as the fork clanked to the plate hard.

“What? You poisoned me?”

“Relax I’m only kidding. That’ll teach you to make fun of my cooking,” she chuckled and pulled up from the table to get ready.

The lights of the city beamed brightly as the team pulled into the parking lot of the Trump Plaza. “Alright everyone knows their assignment. When we get in, Vic and I will create a distraction to get the doctor away from the group and that’s when you get in there Ryan and take the elevator up with Somova. Now remember, he is a very paranoid man so you have to maintain the appearance of Dr. Koptev at all times.”

“Got it,” Ryan responded in a nasally tone. 

“Wow…maybe you should talk as little as possible,” Yvette smiled at his soured face.

“Why is she here again?”

“Hey! I’m still your Superior, Sharpe. You better watch it!”

“Yeah like my best friend is gonna let you threaten me like that.”

“You mean the best friend I just happened to be married to?” she giggled as he rolled his eyes, grabbed the cosmetics and attached his earpiece.

The guys hopped out and Brett eyed Yvette ensuring she knew she was to remain inside the van. With a quick kiss to her cheek he followed after the others and she watched as Victor and Ryan moved in opposite directions in the lobby. “Alright Boss, now you get to see where the real work is on this team,” Dustin smiled and pulled her seat closer towards him.

“Are you gonna teach me to walk in your shoes Dusty?”

“As much as my jargon annoys you, I don’t think you really want to walk in my shoes Vette. BUT what I will do is get you hooked into the monitors so you and I can guide these guys around the case.” Turning on the computers in front of her, Dustin handed her a headset and control pad. “Now whatever you do, don’t push the red button.”

“What happens if…”


“Is it that serious?”

“No, I just always wanted to say that,” he smiled pushing the red button. A ding sounded beside his right arm and he reached into a small compartment, pulled out a burrito and took a huge bite out of it.

“You did NOT rig this van with a freaking microwave.”

“Uh…yeah? I mean I practically live in this thing! How else you think I entertain myself.”

“I’m really starting to wonder how we ever got any case done.”

“Because I’m a freaking genius! Hello?”

Brett stepped beside the elevators and signaled to Victor. Just as Somova’s posse started by he fell in front of the group and pulled the good doctor to the floor with him. “I’m so sorry, I’m such a klutz, excuse me.” Using the man’s arm as support, he continuously pulled on the doctor ensuring he could not get up. Brett seized the opportunity to distract Somova’s focus and once their target was occupied with him, Victor placed a rag over Koptev’s nose and mouth and pushed him into the elevator.

Ryan quickly moved around the corner to take the man’s place, helping Victor from the ground. “Thank you, I’ll find the roulette wheels soon enough,” Brett smiled casually and started towards the casino.

“Are we ready zhen?” Somova asked Ryan who simply nodded and started behind him towards the penthouse elevator.

Once in their room, Somova pointed the women in his company towards the balcony and escorted Dr. Koptev to his bedroom. “I don’t vant zhis to interrupt my evening Yefim so let’s make zhis quick please,” he sighed and began unbuttoning his shirt.

Taking a seat on the couch, Somova waited for Ryan to examine his monitor growing more and more impatient as he fumbled with the equipment in the room. “Vhat are you doing? Are ve going to get zhis done tonight or not?”

“Sorry,” Ryan muttered and grabbed the heart monitor.

“I know vhat zhis is,” Somova scowled and glanced towards Ryan. “You’re holding out for more money is zhat it? Vhat zhe six figures I gave you to travel vith me vasn’t enough? Greedy mudak! Fine! I get you some more but you’d better be vorth it. And believe me vhen I say, zhis is the last of it! You eizher vork for vhat I give you or I find someone else!” he drew his thumb across his neck indicating his meaning as he moved towards the bureau on the other side. (Bastard)

Any luck yet Cobra?” Yvette asked over the comm.

“Possibly, stand-by,” he whispered and followed Somova to the other side of the room.

“Now vhere did I put zhat key?” he patted his pockets searching for the key to the room safe. Ryan leaned against the wall watching and Somova walked back towards his coat hanging beside the door. “You know I vas beginning to vonder about you Yefim. Most men vould have asked for more money a long time ago but not you. You vaited until I needed you, vaited until you’ve been vorking for me for a good six years before demanding a higher vage. I’m not sure if zhat makes me proud or not but I am curious, vhy zhe vait?” He glanced over his shoulder at Ryan waiting for a reply.

Ryan bit his lip remembering how bad Yvette said his “Dr. Koptev” accent was and tried to think up the shortest reply he could. “Uh, I uh,” he shrugged. “I vanted to be sure zhis vould be my permanent occupation.”

“And is it?”


Eduard simply shook his head and retrieved the key from his pocket. Heading back towards the safe he stopped and took in Ryan’s appearance again. “Zhere is somezhing off vith you.”


“Da. Kak pazhivayete?”

Beads of sweat formed on Ryan’s brow and Dustin began furiously typing in the phrase to figure out what the man said. Somova leaned into Ryan waiting on his answer as he analyzed the man’s face. Yvette smiled inwardly unable to hide the smug feeling of “told you so” that she could throw in Brett’s face later. “Ryan he asked you how you were, as in feeling. Reply with ‘harasho spasiba’, it means ‘I’m fine, thanks’.”

Ryan gave the reply but Somova’s glower never faded. “PazhAlusta!” Eduard laughed and patted Ryan’s shoulder. “Ve shall have a drink on me!” He moved back towards the safe and prepared to open it. (You’re welcome!)

“How’s everything looking?” Brett asked watching the lobby. He had stationed himself on the far end of the hall waiting for signs of Somova’s bodyguards; none had yet to reveal themselves.

We’re great all clear on the floor around you and…” Dustin started as he monitored the team’s progress.

Wait I think we have a Comrade on Victor. It looks like the same one from the elevators earlier,” Yvette interrupted. Turning his camera to check out Victor’s position, Dustin confirmed her sighting. Brett moved in his direction as the two continued monitoring the man.

Bogey on your six Vic, watch for him he looks like he’s reaching,” Yvette responded to the overt man in casual attire following after him. “I think he may have caught your act in the lobby. It looks like he’s searching for the doctor. Make sure he doesn’t call up to Somova’s room!”

Victor quickly turned the corner near the slot machines and waited for his tail to catch up. Once the man started by him, he pulled him into a corner and wrestled him to the ground. The bodyguard reached for a walkie and pressed the talk button. Before Victor had a chance to knock it away he yelled into it. “Помощь! Помощь! Это врач! ” (Help! Help! It’s the doctor!) Victor’s fist rocketed into the man’s jaw knocking him out cold. He turned towards Brett with a scared and shocked look on his face both men instantly thinking about Ryan upstairs alone with an armed Russian and three of his bodyguards.

Somova turned towards Ryan and dropped the key to his foot. With a quick glance towards his bed he pondered the timing and distance it would take to reach his weapon before Ryan had a chance to draw his. The door busted open and Somova dove for the gun hidden inside the bedside table. Ryan moved quickly and kicked the drawer closed. Somova threw a fast right, caught him off guard and tackled him to the ground; the two wrestled for his gun just inches away. With Somova on his chest, Ryan struggled to free his arm and get to his weapon. Pulling back a good inch, he rounded his fist and pounded it hard into the Russian’s face.

The mask ripped from his face and Ryan pulled it off the rest of the way as he scrambled to his feet, grabbed the gun and moved back one step. “NET!” Ryan growled raising his gun towards the man. “Don’t move!” (No!)

“Что за хрень?  Полицейский?” (What the fuck? Police?)

“Da! Hands up!”

Ryan are you alright in there? What’s happening?” Yvette yelled over the comm. watching the ensuing struggle take place between the two men. 

He straightened the minicam on his lapel and turned towards Brett standing at the door. “We’re fine. Everything’s under control.” Breathless and angry he moved towards Somova and placed the cuffs on him. “I hope you enjoy the amenities as much at the Federal Pen!”

“Where’s the money?” Brett asked stopping Ryan at the door. He pointed towards the corner of the room and finally he noticed the opened safe with the stacks of cash pouring out. “Nice work.”

“Yeah thanks.” They drove two hours and forty-five minutes back to Bridgeport and dropped Somova off with their Treasury contacts after getting him ready for transport. He was found with $1.6 million in his possession all in unwashed, counterfeit bills. It was enough for a life sentence at the Federal Correctional Complex in Virginia. Case closed.

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  1. That takes guts to damage her car in front of the federal building. Doesn't that place have cameras?

    Poor Yve being treated like she's glass. She is an active person, no way she's gonna spend 9 months just sitting around. Brett should know better than that.

    Another case wrapped up without anyone on the team being hurt. :)

    1. This person is quite elusive...think another version of Yvette as they all pretty much were on her old team (those that medicated anyway). She will have her hands full that's for sure!

      LOL Brett isn't taking ANY chances with this pregnancy! As much as he knows Yve hates the way she's being treated he trusts she understands why. They had a hard time dealing with the loss of their first and neither wants a repeat.

      If I hurt someone I'm afraid you'd do the same to me :( I try and keep that in mind!

  2. Whoever is behind those notes is ruthless. In front of a federal building, really? Makes me wonder, Ethan said he has been watching her and in his own way protecting her. I wonder if he would know who it is but knowing Yve, she is not about to ask him nicely. I wouldn't. He owes her though and perhaps him being "fatherly" as he thinks, he'll go to her on his own and tell her what's going on.

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    Ryan with a Russian accent...oh meow! Lol good pick, Vic being a black Russian would have been too interesting. Dustin and the microwave, my friend!! Lol

    1. He was trying to help her but she refused to hear him and now she has to try and figure it out on her own. Like you said she doesn't care what he has to say and doesn't want to ask him. She doesn't want anything from that man. You may be on to something though :) he wants a relationship with her now and may try and use what he knows as a way in.

      She doesn't see it that way but you're right. She lost her baby really early because as Brett said they have a pretty vigorous job and she was kicked in the stomach. Neither are risking letting her out in the field but as we've seen Yve is sneaky...she'll keep worming her way out of that house!

      HAHAHA Dustin is a crackpot for sure. He has their van completely tricked out to suit his needs and it's hilarious. Ryan had to go because Vic wasn't covering his face :P he's so vain!

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    1. She is very curious to know who is after her and that determination will make her really hunt down any leads she can (even if against Brett's wishes) but she does truly want to figure this thing out before they make good on threats issued!

      LOL! Very true he does need his space but she doesn't want to be locked up in the house all instead she's locked up in a van but at least she's out! :P

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    1. LOL if he were military I don't think he'd mind that too much. At least mine didn't :P

      Nope! She'll do what she wants but she'll have a tough time trying with all those men on Brett's side. She might just have to grin and bear it as he makes her a virtual prisoner in their own home!

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      The team really knows how to let loose and the fact that they've been together for a while has helped them grow as not only friends and partners but as family and that helps them quite a bit.

      Stefanie pops up again in chapter four and eight. She's enjoying life again thus far and soon Ryan will give her another reason to smile!

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