Sunday, September 11, 2011

S2: Chapter 01: Manhunt

Harrison stood and walked towards the screen near the back wall. “She has a known intimate relationship with this man,” he said bringing up an image on the screen. “Gabriel Tasker, a Field Operations Director for the Agency. Since removing her tracer, he too has come up missing. Now there isn’t any information proving that he is involved, but he is a person of interest in this matter.”

“This is complete and utter bullshit!” Brett said jumping up. “You seriously want us to believe that the person that has led this team to high profile arrests, prevented a threat to national security and saved countless lives went rogue and killed an official of the CIA? What is this?”

“I understand your doubt and your frustrations Agent, but the fact of the matter is there is concrete proof leading us to believe this to be the case.”
“Let’s have it! Show us this proof!” Brett challenged him. “I want to see what you have showing you that Yve…Agent Evans was behind any of this!”
“That information is only released on a need-to-know basis and you, I’m afraid, don’t meet that required pay grade,” Harrison said folding his arms into his chest. “Now please have a seat so that we can continue this debriefing.”
“No. I’m not going to sit here and listen to you crucify a good agent!”
“Knight!” Scott said standing. “Sit down!”
“How can you believe any of this Scott? You of all people should be protesting these accusations!”
“Just a guess here, Agent Knight, but your relationship with Evans wasn’t purely work related was it?” His question was met with a sharp look from Brett and silence. “Just as I thought. You’re excused. You’re too close to this and we don’t need you trying to warn Agent Evans. But just so you know, she wasn’t above using anyone or anything she needed in order to get what she wanted.”
“Fuck you!” Brett said before storming out of the room.
He returned to the unit room and paced for close to twenty minutes before Ryan, Dustin and Victor returned. “She didn’t do this,” he said.
“Yeah no shit,” Victor said nodding towards Dustin. “Whiz kid is already at work on it.”
“What do we know, Dustin?”
“Well first of all, how long have you and she been going at it?” he smirked.
“Sorry dude, inquiring minds want to know. But to answer your question, I don’t like the response time on this. Now Anderson said that he’s been tailing her and has recorded calls that implicate her in this murder I don’t buy it. Yve's well trained, she’d know if she had a tail and she’d also be able to shake them with ease. And for the longest time, I've rerouted all of our calls as an added security so there is NO way any of them were overheard. But just to be on the safe side I’m going to pull together any and everything I can on her outgoing calls and see what pops.”
“Also, I scanned Harrison’s phone, laptop and PDA with this,” he said brandishing a small electronic device. “It’s something I’ve been working on in my downtime. It’s a sort of tracking device. It sends an electronic signal to my computer when a call is placed or received and immediately starts recording and tracing. Not only that, when the scanned equipment is near other types of devices with the same frequency, I can hack into those and use them as well. This way, we’ll know when he orders his team to move on her.”
“So when he walks that thing into CIA headquarters in Langley…” Ryan started.
“We’ll have access to CIA’s systems, all of them.”
“Good job Dust,” Victor said.
“It’s a prototype, so it’s sketchy at best but now is as good a time as any to test it.”
Brett continued pacing as Dustin worked away at his computer. “I can’t believe Scott just sat there as though nothing happened! How could he let them say those things?”
“Maybe he saw the evidence,” Ryan started as he plopped back down on the couch. “Maybe…”
“Maybe nothing! I know her! She wouldn’t do this, Ry!”
He put his hands up in defense at Brett's reaction. “Whoa man, I'm just putting it out there. She did run off alone on this. There is no telling what she was doing or what she could have done.”
“Well let me give you something to think about Ryan,” Victor said. “I’ve known Yvette for quite some time though we’ve only worked together for nearly 6 years. She is one of the best agents I’ve ever met and comes from another. There is no way on God’s green Earth she would ever take out one of her own unless there was good reason for it. Homicide, cold blooded murder or whatever bullshit they are trying to pin on her is not her style.”
Brett’s phone rang. He was content with letting it go as he glanced down and noticed it was from an unknown number.
“Are you gonna get that?” Dustin asked peeking over his monitor.
“Number’s unknown.”
“Answer it! It might be her,” Dustin urged. “No wait.” He handed him a mic clip and waited for him to attach it to his phone before again instructing him to answer.
“Knight,” he said into the receiver. Hearing nothing but silence he announced himself again. “Hello?”
“Yve! Baby…”
…“Just listen, Newell is dead. It was a pro hit, double tap to the chest, one to the head. His home was in shambles, someone was looking for something. I know I’ll probably be named on this, one of my old service weapons was left at the scene and on top of which I made open threats to him...” she paused for a moment and he could hear the sound of cars passing by on the freeway.
“Let us help you. We can come out there. Where are you?”
...“That's not important right now and I don't want to risk you coming after me it might be too dangerous. I know they’ll come to you, I just hope you listen to what I say, don’t trust anyone follow the evidence, I didn’t do this. For your protection I won’t make contact again. But just remember what I said. Follow the evidence, Brett. I’m counting on you…”
She disconnected the line and he stared at the phone.
“Got it, a payphone near the waterworks downtown.” Dustin quickly scribbled an address and Brett, Vic and Ryan hurried out the door.
They drove quickly downtown, lights on but siren off until they reached the location on the paper. Brett jumped from the passenger seat before Victor came to a complete stop and rushed towards the phone.
“Damn it!” he screamed in frustration. He picked up the receiver and slammed it back on the base repeatedly before backing towards the truck again. “It was still warm,” he sighed. “We just missed her.”
“Maybe not, fan out, search the area,” Vic said. “She could be watching knowing we would have traced that call.”
They moved in separate directions looking for her.
She watched from the abandoned building across from them, waiting for the other agents to descend on their location, but help never arrived. She scribbled a message on a piece of paper and moved quickly towards their truck.
Carefully she dropped the note in the drivers’ seat before rushing off to her awaiting vehicle and taking off towards her hideout.
“That’s it,” Victor said close to thirty minutes later. “If she was still here she’d have made contact again.
The trio started back towards the truck eager to get back and see if Dustin had anything more. Victor picked up the note as he slid behind the wheel.
“What’s that?” Ryan asked from the backseat.
“It’s from Yve.  It says:
‘I know you don’t understand the decision I made to go after Newell alone, 
but in time maybe you will. There are a lot of elements at play; it’s hard
to figure out where the order originated but I'll follow the trail
and see where it leads. I will keep you safe, I promise that.
Gabe said the case involves Black Veil. Each of those agents are now on my
target list. It’s best if you all remained out of this, there is no telling how
this will play out and I don’t want them coming after you.
Stop looking for me; resume your jobs as normal. I’ll keep an eye on you,
but just remember: trust no one!
They made it back to the unit room with Scott following them inside.
“Where have you been?”
“Following a lead,” Murph said balling the note up in his pocket.
“We just received word from Langley that we are not to go after Yvette; they will handle it since it involves the murder of one of theirs. Any ‘leads’ you have concerning her are to come to me, understand?”
They nodded and he exited the room. Murph tossed the note to Ryan, “Torch it,” he sighed. “I’m not helping them frame her.”
“While you were out, Scott came and discussed the APB. There was a strike team put together to search for Yvette. She is listed as the assassin, not a person of interest as Harrison said.”
“If they are going after her thinking that she is the killer…” Brett started.
“They won’t hold back on firing,” Dustin finished.
“But Harrison wants her for questioning. He said ‘alive or dead’,” Ryan added. “So now what?”
“Well since we are not on any open cases as it were and have been removed from the manhunt, it’s ok to say we have the rest of the day off. What you do in your personal time is none of my business,” he added as he headed for the door.
The team packed up and went home for the night. Brett paced around his living room hoping his cell phone would ring again and it would be her.
He walked into the kitchen, grabbed a beer and dropped onto his sofa; his thoughts resting on her and what was going on with this search team. “Yve,” he said taking a swig from his bottle and sitting it on the table. He rested a leg across it and leaned back; closing his eyes to keep the light from straining them and agitating his headache more.
The vibration against his thigh from the electronic device was welcomed and he hurriedly pulled it from his pocket to check it.
“Dustin..." he sighed with a hint of disappointment as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "I thought you were...find anything?”
…“No, but Harrison has. Get to my place as soon as you can…” he ended.

Brett arrived and found Vic and Ryan already waiting. He took a seat and waited to be filled in.
“Like I told the others, Harrison’s team is out on the search. I was able to lock on to the conversation, it’s weak and it’s coming in with a lot of static but we can listen in since we aren’t able to join otherwise.”
They sat listening to Harrison’s strike team, led by an Agent James Stanley, as they followed what they believed to be their best lead in locating Agent Evans.
Fifteen minutes into the transmission, it went dead.
“Fix it, Dustin!” Brett barked as he began pacing again.
“I’m working on it!” he said reconnecting his equipment with the signal amplifier on Harrison’s gadgets.
“Wait a minute, I’m getting something,” Dustin said as he fine tuned the instruments in front of him.
…“Have you reached the location…?”
“It’s Harrison,” Murph confirmed.
“Location? What location?” Ryan asked listening intently to the speakers.
…“Yes sirThe team is in place awaiting your orders…”

“THEY FOUND HER!” Brett yelled as he pulled out his weapon to check the clip. “We have to get to them fast.”
“Dustin can you get us a location?” Murph asked leaning over him.
“Yeah, I’m tracking it now through Harrison’s phone.”
Ryan, Brett and Victor geared up and waited for Dustin’s equipment to pinpoint a location.
…“Target located…on site…”
...“Good, get in quick, be on your guard and Stanley? She won't come quietly so be careful and use only necessary force...!” Harrison ordered.
“They're going in weapons hot! There's a good chance she'll be hurt!” Brett yelled outraged and threw a chair against the wall, breaking it into pieces. “We have to find her, Dustin! Where are they?”
“It’s still tracing. I told you it was a prototype! I’m trying Brett just give me time.”
“You’re asking for something we don’t have! They are hot on her ass right…” his sentence was cut short as gunfire played over the speakers.
For five minutes the loud blasts continued to echo over the amplifier. Murph, Ryan and Brett paced furiously through the room as Dustin continued staring at the map on the computer zoning in on the blips.
“GOT IT! I GOT IT!” Dustin jumped up and Ryan snatched the page from him.
“Let’s move!” Murph ordered but stopped hearing the next transmission.
...“Sir...?” the agent came back on. “Agent Evans has been shot!..."
…“ShotIs she dead…?”
...Making confirmation now, standby…”
For nearly two minutes the line was completely silent.
…“Confirmed kill, clean shot through and through how do you want us to proceed…?”
Harrison was quiet thinking over the situation and how he'd let it get as serious as it had so quickly.
...“Sir, how would you like us to proceed...?"
…“You're sure she's down...?" he asked and received confirmation once more. "Burn it down…,” Harrison ordered. “We can't let this get back to HQ, Stanley. Leave no trace…!”

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