Tuesday, September 20, 2011

S2: Chapter 03: Information

Dustin dropped his keys on the table near his door. He sighed heavy as he took his laptop to his desk and dragged himself back into the kitchen. Silently he grabbed a microwavable meal from the freezer and popped it in.

As dinner nuked, he checked his messages and laughed hearing his nephew demand him to upgrade his new PSP. He quickly scanned through the rest of the messages before finally stopping on one from Vic.
Dust, when you get a chance, I’m gonna need that list of safe houses. Ryan and I are going to checkout the ones that Brett missed. Also see if you can get his location now. I can’t seem to reach him on his cell.
He moved to his computer and went through the files again bringing up the specific list for Vic and quickly emailed it to him.
The microwave buzzed and he grabbed his dinner and sat it on a tray. Moments later his phone rang and he rushed to answer.
…“Uncle?…” Tao called as he picked up the line. “You promised me a game of one on one. I finished my homework and I’m ready to go!...”
“Yeah, just give me a second to get logged in and I’m game!”
…“You’re going down!…”
“Oh we’ll see about that!”
He pulled the tray closer, turned on his television, plugged in the XBOX and logged in to Live. Grabbing his headset, he settled in for a night of games with his nephew, prepared to own him in a few rounds of Need for Speed ProStreet and Halo.
Yve walked Brett through an intricate maze of tunnels and passages under the city. For close to twenty minutes they traversed the sewers and emergency shells as they made their way to the new location.
“Just sit that box over there please,” she said as she started scanning the area. “This isn’t a CIA hideout so we can relax a little more than the last place.”
“Incidentally, why were you at a known CIA location? I mean if you were so worried about them finding out you were alive.”
“I told you I was waiting to meet up with a friendly. He had information regarding the Company and I needed that in order to plan my next steps. Besides if you're looking for a fugitive, the last place you'd check is in prison right? Plus it would have been fun to find one of my old team members and play a little game of 'eat my bullet'.”
“What kind of information?" he asked ignoring the sarcastic way she embraced death and danger. "Wait, you’re the one that caused the security breach? This 'friendly'; he’s the reason Dustin was able to find you.”
“Probably; I asked him to get me any and all open and pending cases for both departments.”
“What for? Yve you can’t seriously be thinking…”
“I am. There are certain cases that draw the Black Ops out. I’m going to find those men and take them out one by one until I get the person that ordered my hit.”
“God, Yve! That’s fucking suicide!”
“And now you know why I told you to stay away!”
He ran a frustrated hand through his hair. “Baby listen to me, you can’t do this alone. We should talk to Vic or Dustin let them know what’s happening. They were with you on that team they could provide insight or Intel.”
“No, I’m not involving anyone else.” Her laptop chimed again and she sat it on the table and pulled up the email. “See, it’s just as simple as that,” she smiled as she read the email from Gabe. “He wants to meet me, can you hand me the GPS in that black bag?”
She read the numbers on the top of the screen, “30.28, -81.52”, and wrote them in code in an email response.
Received in safety; backstop eyes and ears. I have a friendly with me on site by the days in 6 dot 2 by your negative year of birth dot weeks in a year,
2100. I’ll await your next transmission.
She encrypted the message before hitting the “send” button.
“Wow, so do you want to translate that for me?” Brett asked standing over her shoulder.
She stood and laughed. “I told him that I got his last message in a safe location and for him to meet me at the location on the GPS 30 days in June, 28 days in February, he was born in 1981 and there are 52 weeks in a year and he’ll be here in two hours.”
Brett looked at the clock by the bed.
“You know it might be best if you went home. I do expect that you’ll go to work tomorrow, Brett.”
“And what about the rest of the team? You know everyone is mourning you Yvette; it might be nice to let them know that you’re ok at least.”
“The less people that know I’m still alive the better; though I hate the idea of Dustin, Victor and Ryan in that pain. And poor Scott, he must be going crazy.”
“Yeah well he's not. He doesn't seem to care at all.”
“Brett! I'm sure that's not true! I’m going to see where I can get with Gabriel before I want them to know. They all have family and it’s not going to be safe for anyone right now.” She wrapped his arms around her waist and rubbed his chest gently with her fingertips before slowly stroking them through his hair. “I’m going to try and keep you safe too,” she gently kissed him.
“And I don't want you to worry about me, I can handle this. For now, I’m going to shower.” She grabbed the bath gel from the box of hygiene products and walked towards the bathroom. “Stay alert!”
Brett dropped onto the bed and listened to the shower in the other room. He laughed to himself as he thought about the nights he'd begged her to stay with him; the closest she ever came was a shower before rushing home again.
He started thinking about the team and how he was ever going to keep the fact that she was alive a secret. He'd been moping around the last few weeks and he knew now his behavior and attitude would change completely.
“This is never gonna work,” he said aloud. Yvette’s laptop beeped once more and he turned his attention to the table.
He pulled himself up on his elbows and sighed before walking over and opening the email program. He frowned as he tried to decode the message from Sparrow “2100” and “on time” he decided meant Gabe would be over soon.
He entered the bathroom and leaned against the wall listening to Yvette moaning as she enjoyed the water. He smiled and closed his eyes as the sounds deepened and he envisioned her hands on his body. He loved the way she’d play with his hair while wiggling beneath him and just as she was about to climax the way her nails would dig into his back and held on to him for dear life.
“Yes Baby?”
“Those sounds you’re making are really starting to turn me on.”
“Sorry. I haven’t had a nice hot shower in weeks.”
“I know. Those places you huddled in didn’t appear to have clean water; I’d be surprised if it was warm.”
“Actually it did have clean water; it just never stayed warm for more than a minute or two. The generators are mostly for lights for maybe an hour at night so it did little to heat up the water. If I'm bothering you that much you could always join me in here you know?”
“Babe as much as I want to, one of us has to keep watch right? But trust me, my body is aching for you right now,” he sighed. “Changing the subject, you have a new message from ‘Sparrow’. All I could understand is he confirmed 2100.”
She laughed, “Thank you.”
“No problem, listen I’ve been thinking about how we can make contact with another friendly.”
“Oh yeah? How’s that?”
“Well you’re the daughter of the Director for the FBI, couldn’t Scott…?”
“No. Scott is compromised.”
“What do you mean?”
“Contingency, something I always plan for. I’d known my past would eventually catch up to me. I told Scott that if anything were to go down that he had to immediately cut ties with me, cooperate completely with the leading agent and go along with whatever plans they may have for me.”
“People know about his relationship with my Mother and ultimately his relationship with me. They’d know that they would be able to use him to get to me if they needed. I told him to act as though he wanted me captured, forget all knowledge of my past life but tell them what they wanted to know, become a friend to my enemy. His cooperation is what will keep him breathing.”
“So that’s why he said nothing to help in that meeting with Harrison?”
“Using your loved ones is the game they like to play, I just removed the pieces from the board. I’ve made several key stops at his place, setting explosives in various spots in his home, you know; make it look as though I want to silence him myself. He knows what I can handle and he trusts that I’ll do the right thing.”
“But he doesn't know you're alive?”
“Not likely. Though I'm sure he's holding out hope, like you did. You know you're gonna end up having to do the same,” she said looking out of the shower curtain.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, you have family, mother, father, a younger brother that you’ve mentioned, Nathan was it? If you insist on staying down here you're going to put them in danger and they'll need protection. You need to make contact with them, let them know that if they are approached they need to cooperate completely. Otherwise…”
“How do you propose I do that?”
“Tomorrow when you go to work, have Dustin patch a secured line for you to use. Talk to Nathan, tell him what he needs to do, it’ll keep him safe. Try and do that with your parents too but make sure the rest of the team isn't around to hear your calls. In all honesty, the best way in ensuring their safety is to just stay away from me.”
“Right, that's not gonna happen," he sighed. "I’m gonna grab something for us to eat. Don’t get too clean in there, I’m just going to dirty you up again when you get out,” he said exiting the bathroom.
“I’m looking forward to it,” she shouted after him.
Yve dried off and listened as Brett left out the back entrance. She walked into the bedroom and began moisturizing her arms and legs.
Regret hit her hard as she thought about what he was giving up to be with her. She shouldn't have let him know she was at that safe house and then he wouldn't be in the position to have to warn his family they would be in danger if he was caught with her.
She stretched out on the bed and got lost in her thoughts about where she would go from there. Something big was going to have to happen and soon. She wasn't about to stay holed up underground for the rest of her life. Twenty minutes passed as she lay in her towel considering Brett's suggestion of calling the team.
She glanced over at the laptop remembering Brett’s mentioning of a new email and pulled up the message and read the same as he had, Gabe will arrive on time. She noticed a newer message with an unread icon and clicked it.
Compromised, on the move. Change of plans:
will reach destination at 0800.
“Great,” she whispered under her breath. She heard footsteps in the passage and watched the door with her weapon ready.
“Hey,” Brett smiled stepping into the room carrying a pizza. “You’re still naked.” He looked at the pizza and back to her contemplating tossing the pie and ravaging her body.
“Yeah, Gabe won’t be here tonight, we’ll meet up in the morning,” she smiled.
He took those words as the green light and tossed the box on the table.
He quickly began removing his shirt and pants as he made his way towards her.
She giggled and tossed her towel to the side of the bed before crawling up to the sheets and motioning for him to join her.
“I love you Yvette,” he said before laying his body on hers and pushing himself between her thighs.
“I love you.”
“Don't ever make me mourn you again.”
“I won't, I promise.” She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer and bathing in his scent. He kissed her gently, working his body slowly into her prepared to show her just how much she was missed.
Brett awoke and felt the cold, empty side of the bed and pulled his head from his pillow. He watched her for a moment, smiling as he noticed she was still unclothed and loved the way the light hit her body, making her skin glisten from the lotion she'd used earlier. She was his, all his and he'd spend another four hours proving that. “Yve?”
“I’m here Mr. Cover Hog,” she said from her position in front of the computer. “I had to make sure everything was in place and after I woke up cold from the lack of comforter I thought now was as good a time as any. I'm just checking on a few things.”
“Sorry about that. I guess last night was the first time we spent completely together. Perhaps I should have warned you I sleep a little wild. Now finish up what you're doing and get over here,” he smiled. She turned and caught the expression on his face as he flexed his eyebrows at her.
She ran at him, a huge smile on her face and dove on top of his warm body as she joined him back in the bed. He pulled her into his lap, kissing her neck and chest. “Mmm, you’re ready for round two huh?” she giggled pushing him back into the pillows.
“Oh yeah. I've had the preview, time for the real show to begin,” he growled, sucking on her chest and creating a small hickey to form under his lips. He wrapped an arm around her waist and maneuvered her hips on top of his.
She released a deep moan as she felt him enter her again. His hands slid up her sides and he pulled her deeper into his lap. “Brett…” she whispered as she rolled her body into his.
“Ahem,” Tasker cleared his throat behind them as things were just starting to heat up.
Yvette turned and caught his gaze. “Gabe!” she exclaimed pulling a towel over herself as Brett stood and grabbed her clothes. “What are you doing here?”
“I told you I’d get here in the morning.”
“Yeah at 8:00am, it’s 6:30!”
“I shook my tail a little quicker than I anticipated and figured it would be best to get to you as soon as possible. Had I known you were otherwise engaged I would have waited,” he smirked.
She pulled her clothes on and approached him. “I’m glad you’re safe.”
“I can say the same to you,” his eyes fell on her company and examined him carefully.
“This is Brett…”
“I remember,” he said locking his eyes on hers. “We don't really have time to waste, can we begin?”
“Yes,” she nodded. “Brett's fine.”
Gabe pulled out a map and showed her the locations of several active Black Operatives. “From what I’ve been able to gather four of these men work directly under Harrison and two were on the strike team that was sent after you.”
“And the others?”
“Fodder; they don’t even have Level 1 security clearance, though this one,” he said pulling out a picture he’d taken of the man. “James Stanley; he is Level 3: Top Secret clearance. I’m betting he has Harrison’s ear so if you want to get to him, this is the one that’ll do it.”
“This is good, Gabe, great job!” she said running over the information again. “What missions are they on?”
“Security detail from what I could tell. They’ve been following someone for the last day or so. I’m not 100% sure what the case involves but you were supposed to get that, Beautiful.”
“Yeah, my contact never showed with the package. I’m hoping to get in touch with him later though. We need that information, it’ll help us remain one step ahead of these men.”
“There is another way.”
“You mean breaking into Langley and bugging them? Too risky; besides, right now they think I’m dead, I’ll still have that element of surprise.”
“Fine. We’ll have to figure something out though if this friendly doesn’t come through.”
“And what do we do until then?” Brett asked walking closer.
“Nothing for you; you have to go to work,” Yvette said dropping the file back on the desk and turning towards him.
“No arguments Brett. At least make an appearance so the others don’t think anything is up. Here,” she said handing him a piece of paper. “That’s the number to my throw away cell. Only use it for emergencies! I don’t always carry it though so if I don’t answer just leave a message, it gets checked every hour on the hour. It's good for another day.”
Brett sighed and Gabriel smirked. “Yve likes control; you’ll learn that soon enough.”
“I know her very well, thank you.” He pulled on his shirt and grabbed his gun. “I’ll see you soon,” he said gripping her into his arms and laying a deep kiss on her lips. “Be careful out there.” He glared at Gabe as he headed for his truck.
“Now for the fun stuff; you ready to kick some ass?”
“I was born ready,” she said grabbing her weapon and following him out the door.

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