Saturday, July 21, 2012

Special Edition: The Honeymoon

**Warning: LOTS of gushy mushy!**

The newlyweds arrived to the Los Sueños Resort Hotel in beautiful Costa Rica, Mexico and wasted no time starting out into the country to absorb the culture. Deciding first on sinking into the crystal blue waters they saw on the plane ride over, they dropped off their luggage and grabbed what they needed. Hopping quickly into their swimsuits, Yvette raced Brett down to the bay near the hotel passing several other beach combers on their way to the water. “Oh my it just looks…”

“Amazing,” Brett finished her sentence and tucked her against his chest. She led him to the ground and wrapped herself in his arms as she listened to the waterfall pound against the rocks in front of them. “So do you have any intentions of going in or are we just going to stare at it all day?”

“What’s the rush Blondie? We have an entire month!”

“Well to be honest I thought it was best to break in our fun bones. It’s been so long I’m afraid neither of us would remember how. Plus we need to exercise it for the ‘you know what’. We can’t be complete stiffs with our son.”


“This again?” he pulled up to his feet and gently helped Yvette to hers. Taking her hand he guided her down the incline towards the rocks they had been gazing at and slowly climbed over.

“Careful Brett! Those things are bound to be jagged!” she warned. “What are you doing anyway?”

“Well you looked so happy watching the cascading water I thought it would be nice to take a dip in it first. Don’t worry I’ll get us in and out safely.” Once he slipped his body down into the small reservoir beneath the falls he held his hand out and waited for Yvette to find her balance. “Careful, that one is slippery,” he motioned towards a rock she was about to rest her foot upon.

“It feels just as amazing!” she enthused and wet her hair beneath the tide. “I wonder why no one comes back here. Seems nice and private,” she wiggled her brows at her husband and his devilish smirk grew in kind. “I was only teasing Brett!”

“Yeah you tried that the week of our wedding. I told you never again Yve and I meant that!” he swam closer and splashed her until she relented. Of course she would never again deny him; not like she had a choice in the matter anyway.

Ducking under the water, Yvette found a pocket that lead towards the pier they first crossed to get to the bay. Quickly she swam through it feeling Brett’s hand grip her foot to try and pull her back. She kicked at him and laughed to herself as she popped out on the other side safely away from him. “You want me you’re gonna have to work for it!”

She flipped up on her back and floated towards the shore. Brett took the same underwater passage and climbed up the ladder on the pier. Watching Yvette drifting caused his mind to wander. He kicked a bit of water at her and she shot him a warning scowl. Apologetically he raised his hands and continued watching her. Once she got close enough towards him, he pulled up above the water and before Yvette could warn him he dove in beside her sending a tidal wave of water on top of her body and pulling her beneath the stream. 

“Brett I’m gonna kick your ass!” she yelled and swam after him. Reaching the shore first Brett teasingly started running away. “Get back here and take your ass whooping like a man!” she taunted and gave chase.

“Now who has to work for it Yve?” he laughed over his shoulder and exited the area heading down towards the beach.

Stopping as he noticed she slowed in pace he moved back towards her waving a white flag. “You win I give, I’m sorry. Forgive me?”

“Um if you take me scuba diving maybe.” She pointed towards the sign that had caught her attention and he agreed. Heading up the ramp to the shop, Brett purchased two tours of the reef and a pair of flippers and wetsuits for the both of them.

“Well that was a ripoff,” Yvette grumbled realizing the tour was only a license to dive, there was no guide involved.

“Well at least we can maintain our privacy. I’ll guide you if you guide me.” He kissed her cheek watching her eyes light up with acceptance.

They hurriedly tossed on their gear and jumped into the water at the end of the boat ramp and swam down as deep as they could go. Lacking the proper breathing apparatus, Yvette and Brett never strayed too far from shore but far enough to take in the magic of the life beneath the ocean’s surface. With a thumbs up sign Yvette expressed her approval and excitement over what they were seeing.

Schools and schools of fish swam in concert around them without fear and colorful reefs decorated the ocean floor. Feeling completely relaxed, they went up again for a breath and started for a larger reef near the very bottom. Being careful not to strain their limits Brett bumped Yvette’s back flipper in warning. She turned to him with a smile and nodded to a starfish living near the coral. Nodding no, he reached his hand for her and grudgingly she took it and started back towards the surface with him. 

“Come on that would have been a great souvenir!” she groaned as they made it back to the shore.

“And a $500 fine,” he pointed towards the sign just over her left shoulder. “Besides that thing was alive you know? It’s not like the ones you see in shore shops all dried out and brittle Yve. It quite possibly would have stuck to you!”

“Ah I see what this is now! No one can give me love bites except you!”

“I’m hungry let’s get back to the room.” 

“You’re jealous of a starfish Brett?” she teased and giggled heading back to their hotel.


“Don’t worry I’m sure you could kick that starfish’s ass if you needed to! Though depending on the strength of his suction he might have been a tough competitor.”

“That’s it!”

“AH!” she yelled as he chased after her. They quickly made it back to their room to change. While Brett got ready Yvette packed a basket and sat it beside the door for their picnic. She glanced at the answering machine and saw no messages had been left for them from the front desk.

“Ready?” Brett asked taking the basket and starting out of the room.

The wind blew softly over the water and Yvette watched Brett’s blonde mane swing with the breeze. He looked up feeling her eyes on him and smiled. “I could really get used to this,” he sighed. “I don’t know if I’ll want to leave once our three weeks are over.”

“Yeah I know what you mean.” Brett continued caressing her leg and she moaned her approval as his hand went just a little higher. “I think you’re trying to seduce me Mr. Knight.”

“Trying? That means I’m not working hard enough.” He leaned her forward and took her lips into his. Yvette curled up around him to continue supporting his neck as his tongue darted in and out of her mouth. She moaned again and Brett sat up to get a better angle on his target.

“Just as I suspected,” she sighed between kisses. “You were bringing me out here to have your way with me.”

He laughed against her lips and wrapped his arm over her shoulder. “That should never be a question. If I’m not currently kissing, hugging or having sex with you I’m thinking about kissing, hugging or having sex with you.”

She laughed and drowned herself in his cologne. The understated woodsy scent filled her nostrils as she leaned into his neck and she sighed satisfactorily as his lips moved down her collarbone. “Mmm the sun is setting soon.”

“Yeah, it should be nice.”

Yvette lay back into Brett’s lap and watched as the sun descended painting the sky in a brilliant orange color. Brett stroked back a few strands of Yvette’s hair and watched her eyes dart dreamily around as she watched the multitudes of colors in front of her. “Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?”

“Never; that’s why I married you.”

She drew up and smiled and he changed positions to support her weight. “I love you Brett.”

“Yeah…I am a catch. Ow!” he groaned feeling her elbow ram into his stomach. “What I meant to say was I love you too.”

“That’s better!”

“You shouldn’t do that,” Yvette advised listening to Brett count the stars. “It’s bad luck.”

“I didn’t think you were the superstitious type Yve.”

“I’m not but I know that one is real and you shouldn’t do it. My mom told me that as a little girl but I did it anyway. Three days later Scott told me she wasn’t coming home again; bad luck.”

He pecked her cheek and rubbed a consoling hand over her arm. “There are so many and so bright. We can’t see this in the city. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so bright before.”

“I have,” Yvette smiled and took his hand in hers. Lifting it in conjunction she stared at the large diamond band he’d proposed with and looked back at him. “I think my star is much, much brighter!”

“And who would I be to disagree?”

“A wise man if you didn’t!”

She pushed him playfully to his back and mounted him. Her hips swayed against him and he wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her closer. She fell against his lips and quickly moved her tongue against his drowning herself in his taste.

Music started playing somewhere off in the distance towards the hotel and Yvette glanced in the direction. “Are you cheating on me again?” Brett frowned hearing the live Flamenco singers in the bay.

“I will if you don’t take me dancing!” she smiled and shimmied her hips seductively and in time with the music.

“Baby if you move like that on me I’m sticking another kid in your belly!” he quickly hopped to his feet and ran hand in hand with her towards the gazebo. To their dismay by the time they’d made it to the floor, the singers were taking a break.

“You still owe me a dance,” she sighed.

“And I don’t like being in debt.” He inserted a few coins in the juke and selected the number one song on the list. Reaching his hand for hers as “Could I Have This Kiss Forever” started up he smiled and pulled her into his chest.

“This isn’t exactly a slow song,” Yvette smiled as she rested her head against his shoulder.

“This song is exactly as slow as I make it.” They danced for three more songs before Yvette’s stomach started to growl and the couple quickly exited the dance floor.

They ordered a dinner of Lobster and another bottle of apple wine. “Oh yum more Sparkling Cider,” Yvette mocked as Brett poured her another glass.

“You don’t want to get into that Vette…unless of course you WANT me to spank you.”

“Hmm tempting…very tempting…yeah I’m tempted, I want that. It is my ass you like the most right? You said yourself you used to be a breast man.”

“It’s your intelligence and your sense of humor I love the most. I love your gorgeous green eyes especially when you’re excited about something and the way they sparkle. I love your sense of duty, your loyalty, your companionship and your smile. But if you were to take all of that away I’d stay with you because your ass is banging!”

“BRETT! That was a beautiful moment until the inevitable train crash.”

“Yeah well you asked. Did you want me to lie?”

“No but…”

“Alright then. Until you feel those delicate, soft cheeks bouncing in your lap until you’re crying for relief you can’t judge me!”

“Whatever,” she rolled her eyes and bit into another mouthful of lemon induced seafood.

Brett stood over Yvette watching her from the corner of the room. She’d been tossing for the better part of the last ten minutes until the blanket was completely on the floor and the sheet bunched at her feet. He assumed she was hot and turned the air on higher to try and cool her but that didn’t stop her from thrashing. It had been a while since she had one of her nightmares so he didn’t believe that was what was happening now.

The sun started peeking just over the horizon and bathed her honey toned body in amber rays of light. He licked his tongue over his lips as he watched her heaving chest slowly rising and falling in the dim glow in the room. “What are you doing?” Yvette asked groggily as she opened her eyes one at a time to find him standing over her.

“I’m watching you sleep. What else would I be doing? Look don’t make this weird Yvette.”

She laughed and pulled up onto her knees. He moved closer and leaned against the bedpost. “I’m not the one panting like a mad animal while staring at a scantily clad woman! You’re the one being weird.”

“Well then I guess telling you I humped your leg while you were sleeping would only compound that fact huh?”

“What?” she glanced down at her thigh causing him to laugh. Grabbing a pillow she tossed it at him hitting him square in the face.

“It’s on now!”

“NO! BRETT!” she yelled as he threw himself forward and tackled her into the sheets. His fingers danced frantically over her belly producing varied wheezes and gasps as she tried to catch her breath between laughs. Rolling him onto his back she gained the upper hand and poked her finger into his belly button, his laugh zone.

“Yve! No!” he grabbed her hand and tossed her to her back to continue his assault. “Give it up Baby or else your face is going to be real sore before long!”

“Ok! Ok! Please! I give!” she laughed hysterically and tried to pull away again.

“What? What’s that? I’m having a little trouble understanding you! Mind repeating that?”

“Please Brett! I give up!” He rolled off to the side and pulled her into his arms for a kiss. “Now take me to see the sunrise before it’s too late!”

Brett pulled her from the bed and led her towards their balcony doors. Taking in a breath of morning air, Yvette released it slowly as his arms came around to lock her against his chest. They watched as the sun gave off a warm peach glow awakening the country for another wonderful day in paradise. “Let’s stay in tonight,” Brett spoke against her neck kissing her gently with each word. “I have plans for you.”

“For me or for my leg?”

“Either or,” he chuckled.

The couple spent the entirety of the day inside their hotel room ordering room service, watching movies and live concerts. During the afternoon Brett drew a bath with scented oils and candles and gave Yvette a full body massage. Once night fell he continued seducing her with Sparkling White Grape cider laughing his amusement showing he could shake things up.

He lit a fire in the living room of their suite and waited for her to finish her bath before guiding her towards the culmination of the evening. Taking a seat in front of the fireplace he pulled her into his arms and together they sat in the quiet comfort of one another.

“I must say I don’t regret staying in,” Yvette sighed and looked up at her husband. “You’re very smooth when you want to be you know that?”

“When I want to be? Yve I invented the word smooth! I’m smoother than creamy peanut butter! I’m smoother than a hot knife through butter! I’m so smooth I know by the end of the night I’ll have our neighbors complaining to the front desk again!”

She turned and pulled herself above him. “You know you talk a big game!”

“That’s only because I know I can back it up!”

She pushed him to the floor and climbed up his body until her lips found his once more. Their mouths touched gently at first and she watched his eyes close as she breathed in the scent of his cologne again. Her heart came to a complete stop when he delicately laced his tongue with hers. He was taunting her slowly and knowingly; the kiss was very intimate and she knew he meant to arouse her.

He rolled her tenderly to her back without breaking contact with her lips. Thrusting his hips forward he pushed the result of their tongue tease against her thigh and groaned. Yvette’s head fell back and her fingers slid up his back gripping him closer as she melted against him. His tongue licked across her lips tracing them gently. She opened her mouth willingly to accept the feel of it against hers once more and moaned. “Yeah I’m pretty sure you’re trying to seduce me again!”

“Well then let me work on that.” She felt a spark of heat rush through her as her body responded to the sensations his quietly pressed into her. Pulling a rose from the floor beneath her arm, Brett traced the soft petals down her body watching her eyes as he worked on his slow seduction.


**Author's note: Today, 07/21/12 is Codename's one year anniversary! I'd like to thank all of my readers for sticking with me for so long! You made it possible to keep the story alive and running through the bank robberies, shootouts, car chases and kidnappings! Thank you for being so supportive of my work, without you I wouldn't have made it here!**

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  1. That was so cute and sweet and funny! He is so smooth he's smoother than peanut butter, smooth like a hot knife through butter, so smooth her humped her leg without her waking up! hahahaha I am too through with them!
    I love that they are friends first and it's clear how much they love each other.
    That place is BEAUTIFUL! Take me there! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas!

    It would be nice to see Brett and Yve have a girl. I think his mom would appreciate that too.


    1. HAHA yeah that was smooth! She had no idea her leg was being raped :P They are so fun together though when things are normal for them. It's rare that they are this happy and it's really nice to see it.

      They really complete one another like true soul mates. I don't think either one could have dreamed up a better spouse than what they find in each other. Yes! I'd love to be there too! I had to build a lot of different sets and it took all day but I am so pleased I still managed to release this on CND's anniversary! It does look like a wonderful place to visit though.

      Regina would be on Cloud 9 if that happened. Brett and Yvette are going to rub it in one another's face though whichever one wins :P they enjoy teasing like that!

      Thank you :D

  2. Hey! You're on blogger! Welcome to the darkside!

    No one was shot at or kidnapped in this chapter! You were right with that warning heh! The writing was great as always and as were the pictures! Of course these two are just madly in love!

    Congrats on the one year anniversary! Hopefully Yve and Brett will be able to have anniversaries as well with all the trouble they get into heh.

    1. LOL! Thank you :D

      It almost feels wrong without a bad guy popping up here or there doesn't it? But yep they finally got a nice little break from the craziness to enjoy being man and wife.

      Thank you so much! They may have an anniversary or two in their futures as well :)

  3. Very fun. I loved Brett's flipper sandal *LOL* a suit and thong sandals.
    The underwater pictures were really cool. Very nice. :)

    1. Haha I laughed as I dressed him. I thought hmm...would be weird to have shoes on at the beach so he got to show his toes for a bit! In honesty I'd just go barefoot though, hate sand in my sandals! Thank you! :)

  4. that was so cute. They were full of mushy gushy :) but that's ok it's how newlyweds should be. The shots were beautiful.

    Happy one year to CND.

    1. Haha yes they were! They are incredibly happy and in love and it's kind of nice to be able to see them like that. They will have alot of moments like these to come with any hope!

      Thank you :)

    Yve and Bret are so cute :)I just love the sense of humor between them! They had me rolling this whole chapter!

    Good to see you on Blogger! It will be easier to see your updates now! ;)

    1. Haha they keep each other laughing for sure and it's incredible watching these two together; they are a very fun couple.

      Yay :D I am so happy to make this move with this story. Feels like home. Now to get the pics to upload in the order taken INSTEAD of 1, 10, 100, 101, 2, 20, 200, 201...that is so annoying and I have no idea why Blogger started doing that! If I wanted the end pic next to the beginning I would have filmed it that way!

      HUFFNPUFF sorry for the mini rant :D

  6. Very sweet! I love the pictures, so beautiful!
    Happy anniversary!

    1. I imagine my honeymoon will go something like this...then again my fantasy very rarely imitates real life.

      Thank you :)

  7. Booyah, I can comment!

    That was a complete and utter mush! Whoo, cocky Brett... it's a good thing we know he come through! That ain't no bluff right there! It's sad in the real world of this story, this was UNFORTUNATELY (I won't cuss on this mushy page), postponed, due to worthless sperm-donors, but anyway...

    These two are like children doing grown-up stuff! The best kind of people if you ask me...

    Congrats CND, Congrats DJ and Congrats us!
    Happy Anniversary Y'all!

    1. Yay :D

      Haha he certainly can and Yvette cannot say otherwise because he'd know she was lying :P Yes they did have a slight issue with *certain people*. But hopefully they can get back on track and have their mush filled moments :)

      It's funny to hear that lol they don't believe they can be fun and relax because of their job but they actually surprised one another and really enjoyed their time away from the bureau and out in paradise!

      Thank you! :D