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S3: Chapter 02: Target Practice

**Armenian translations in Italics after the sentence.**

“What does this mean?” Brett asked peeking over Yvette’s shoulder and sighing.

“It means the Company was playing games with Yvette from the start. Every mission they’d sent her on up to this point was a means to eliminate her. What they didn’t count on was her level of training and ability to see her way out of those sticky situations. Her will to survive and ensuring the safety of her men brought her out of each engagement nearly unharmed every time.”
--Thursday, July 21, 2011--

…“Operation Wild Turkey Protocol 445 Alpha Sierra Delta, Password…?”
…“Ops is a go. Report to the designated meeting point and proceed as advised. Mission report is expected at 2300 hours to 01638 629377. Comm silence until then…”
“Roger. On the move,” Yvette hung up the phone and moved towards the black Tahoe waiting outside.
“We’re a go?” Vic asked as she slid into the passenger seat.
“Yep. I hope you guys worked out the exit because if all goes as planned, I may not be able to make it out the front or back.”
“No worries Boss, the bird is ready and waiting,” Dustin confirmed.
The trio headed towards the Perron hotel and Yvette jumped out and headed towards the bar. Immediately finding her target she smiled and moved towards him.
“Բարև,” he pulled her in and kissed her cheek. “And here I was thinking you’d forgotten about me. You look ravishing my dear.” (Hello)
“Շնորհակալություն,” she smiled and wrapped herself around his arm. “How could I ever forget you Gurgen? I just wanted to look my best. Your taste in designer gowns is unrivaled.” Her gaze moved to the men in his company. (Thank you)
“And yet it only heightens the beauty within it. This is Saro, my right hand and bodyguard and Bogdan my trusted and long time business partner.”
He looked around and greeted a few more men that walked in and took seats at the bar. “It looks like everyone is arriving on time, Gurgen,” Bogdan observed. “This should be over sooner than anticipated.”
Yvette rubbed against him until she regained his attention. She wasn't prepared to take on the entire Armenian mafia so removing her target from sight as soon as possible became her only concern. “I hope they get here soon. I’ve been dying to get you upstairs and properly thank you for my gown.”
“And why wait? They are of no circumstance at this time because right now the only thing on my mind is peeling you out of that $2000.00 dress.” He leaned closer towards her and whispered, “The care you took getting ready has not been lost on me and shall be rewarded.”
“Hold down the fort Bogdan. I’ll return soon.”
He nodded towards his security before ushering Yvette towards the elevators. Before the doors closed completely she was on him like glue and in the moment her hand slid across his shoulders, he was hers.
“What is it that you desire my dear?” Gurgen pointed towards the champagne on the table and Yvette leaned forward.
“I don’t care much for champagne.”
“No. It’s red wine correct, Love?” He stood to make her a drink and she focused on his bodyguard standing next to her exit. She had to get him alone but Saro never left his side. He crossed his arms and smiled at her and she looked away contemplating another means. Poison perhaps?
He slid back next to her and she immediately climbed into his lap. “Baby you promised me something downstairs. What I want can’t be found at the bottom of a bottle.”
“And what exactly do you want?” he asked holding her and watching her chest slowly rise and fall beneath the thin fabric of her dress. “You’re getting hot.”
“No, you’re making me hot.” Her lips grazed his and he drew her closer and held her as she tried to pull away. His hand slid up her thigh and she quickly stopped him, pulled back and glanced over at his bodyguard once more. “Is it possible for a little more privacy? I mean I’d much rather enjoy your body behind the closed doors of your bedroom.” She leaned closer ensuring her breasts pressed against him and swayed slowly into his hips against his growing erection. “I promise it’ll be a time you’ll never forget.”
“How can I pass that up?” He nodded once more at Saro as he lifted Yve from the couch and carried her into his bedroom. He threw her onto the bed and she giggled as she watched him move towards the radio. “Music?”
“Yes please.” She checked the exits. Saro was right outside the bedroom door and they were on the top floor; penthouse suite. She had to be careful about her next moves; the target had to be taken out soon and she needed to be as far away from the scene as possible.
“Here we go,” Gurgen smiled and sat her drink on the table by the bed. He crawled up on top of her and let his hands immediately begin pulling at the hem of her dress working it up. “Since meeting you, getting you here was all I could think about. You are a very intriguing woman Mya; one that I am going to thoroughly enjoy.”
He kissed her and she pulled back and smiled. “Well there’s one thing you should know about me before we begin.” She flipped him over gaining the top position and he locked his arms around her waist. “I like to be in control.”
“That doesn’t surprise me about you,” he sighed as she kissed his cheeks and let her hands slide down towards his belt.
“Careful, I’m working with a loaded weapon right there,” he grinned as he again worked his hands down her side and frowned when he got to her hips.
Feeling the familiar bump of a weapon he pushed her back and tried calling for his guard. “So am I.”
Yvette immediately punched him in the throat cutting off his oxygen and preventing his screams from being heard. She jumped from the bed, removed her weapon and attached a silencer.
“I…have…children,” Gurgen choked out.
“And I have a job to do,” Yve responded and squeezed the trigger. Two shots to his chest, one to the head sent Gurgen flying back into the headboard. Blood splattered covering the wall behind him with bits of brain and bone and the bed was soaked.
Looking around Yvette considered her exit but it seemed the only way out was the door currently being guarded. Quickly concealing her weapon she called for Saro. He noticed Gurgen’s prone body and immediately rushed forward. “What happened here?”
“This.” Taking him out with the same ease and precision her only problem now rested in the other 20 or so members of the Armenian mob convening downstairs.
She slowly exited the room and hurried to the elevators. Pressing the button for the lobby she again made sure to conceal her weapon in her handbag before it opened on the floor.
“Falcon is down. Proceeding to checkpoint. Will call with update and extraction.”
…“Roger Boss lady. Moving into position. Contact when ready…” Victor replied.
Yvette was back in the lobby and heading towards the bar. She scanned the room for her contact but didn’t see him. She did however spot another old friend.
“What’s he doing here?” she spoke calmly into her comm.
…“Who…?” Dustin asked.
“Anthony Luciano.”
…“The Guns? Boss you have a visual on the Guns right this second…?”
“Yes and four of his guards are now blocking all exits. I’m going to have to think up a different route for extraction. I’ll contact you again when I have one.”
She kept her head low and hurried towards the bar sliding in smoothly next to a man enjoying the game and the 2nd beer in front of him. She motioned for the bartender.
“What’ll it be?”
“Blue Paradise, please.”
“On me,” her neighbor said sliding a twenty on the counter.
“Oh no, I couldn’t,” she smiled in his direction.
“And I insist. What kind of man would dare let a beautiful woman drink alone?” he slid closer and watched her eye the room and cleared his throat slightly to regain her attention.
“One that was afraid of getting his hands dirty.”
“Mmm well that’s definitely not me. I work well with my hands and I’m never afraid of getting dirty. I’m Brett,” he smiled. “And you are?”
Yvette searched the room once more and noticed the increased anticipation of the Armenians around Luciano. She assessed the situation realizing they must have discovered Gurgen’s body. She turned back to Brett and gave him an equally as flirty smile. “Mya, Mya Fletcher. And it’s very nice to meet you Brett.”
“Is it? I mean I’m a very jealous man and it looks as though you’re waiting for someone what with the way you keep watching the room. Tell me, does he know how lucky he is? Does he treat you right?”
“I’m sorry about that; I’m actually here alone though and single.”
Brett smiled at the way she played with her drink, licking the liquid from her finger before dipping it fresh in the mix again. “Ouch then does that mean I’m boring you? I guess I need to work on my technique a little.”
Yvette laughed. “No, it’s not you; it just seems really busy in here. I come to get away from my crazy life not find more of the chaos you know?”
“I do know. It seems that no matter how hard you try you always end up right where you started. I guess it’s just the luck of the draw.”
“Yeah? Well what do you say about changing that luck and having a bit of fun instead?”
“Oh? What did you have in mind?”
“Well why don’t we have our drinks in your room and you find out? What do you say? You game?”
“I’d say that’s the fastest I’ve ever been picked up and then lead you up the stairs.”
He motioned at the bartender once more, covered his tab and escorted Yvette to the elevators.
She cuddled close in his arms hiding herself from the Armenians as they made their way out of the room.
Entering inside, Brett pushed her against the wall and let his mouth roam the nude sections of her body. Yvette looked around noticing the room was again high level but in this case wasn’t bad since she knew she was being hunted; it had to do.
She closed her eyes and got lost in Brett’s touch before joining him in his lust filled exploration of her body. She lowered her mouth to his neck and kissed him passionately as his hands slid slowly up her thigh and wrapped around the cloth of her garment.
He seemed nice enough; maybe she’d let him live. Besides a nice little distraction wasn’t all bad and if anything that’s exactly what Brett was providing. She adjusted the liquid in her ring and considering pricking him then and there but the feeling of his arms around her drew her in once more.
“You’re an anxious one,” she teased as she pulled his shirt from his chest. His lips fell on hers and he laughed against her mouth.
“Only when it’s something I want.”
He tossed her dress to the side and carried her to the bed. “I don’t normally do anything like this,” she moaned as he removed her bra and began sucking her exposed nipples.
“That makes two of us.”
She wrapped her legs around him and squeezed his back as he took his time kissing every inch of her body. The lower he got, the more Yvette ignored her pressing concerns of escape and allowed herself to relax.
…“Boss have you prepared a new extraction…?” Victor questioned.
“Working on it,” she sighed.
“What?” Brett asked watching her as she slid her fingers through his hair. He lifted her and sat her against his hard on before again kissing her chest.
“Nothing.” She removed her comm. and let the adrenaline and excitement consume her. She was always ramped after a kill but never had she felt the tingling she was this very moment with her blonde stranger and danger right at the door.

“So had I not been sitting at that bar at that moment you would have what?” Brett asked crossing his arms and pushing against the wall. The look on his face showed his evident distaste for being used as he had.
“Your being there saved my life, Brett. All of my exits were blocked and I would have been in trouble had I went downstairs.”
“So you were already planning to shoot out my 14th floor window and hop out?”
“Yes. Victor was commandeering a chopper and I knew he’d be there when I needed. Incidentally what were you doing there anyway?”
“The Bureau got word that there was an influx of Armenian mafia and they wanted eyes and ears on the meet; just in case. I wasn’t going to go with you up to that room but I had Ryan in my ear, the devil on my shoulder goading me to take you. He was listening to us over the mic.”
“That explains why he came to your rescue as quickly as he did.”
“Rescue?” he smiled. “I didn’t need rescuing; you weren’t going to hurt me. Not after that Earth shattering…,” he caught himself and looked over at Gabe.
She smiled and turned her attention back to him as well. “This is a great start. Now I just have to find the person that issued the orders for these missions. We’re one step closer.”
Vic rolled out of bed, his foot clanking against a few empty bottles of beer lying scattered on his floor. “Ow,” he groaned and slapped his hand against his face.
For the last four weeks it had been much of the same. While his nights were filled with getting as many 12 packs down his throat as possible, his days were filled with leaving voicemails on Dustin’s many machines begging him to keep on it and find the other members of the Russian mob.
He wanted them to hurt; to feel as shitty and tormented as he had since watching the love of his life die in his arms. To feel her heart stop and her last breath brush across his face was too much to bear; he was a defeated man. It hurt and it was still hurting. He’d sworn to protect her and keep her safe but standing face to face with the man holding her hostage he was unable to kill him first; so afraid of losing her. And when he did finally take the shot it was too late.
The guilt was eating him alive. He pulled himself up and stumbled around looking for a bottle or can that wasn’t empty before tripping over an empty pizza box and falling to the ground. He dared not try and walk again. Instead he adjusted himself onto the end of the bed and rested his head amongst the rest of the clutter around him.
“P-U,” Sierra moaned stepping into the room taking in a breath of air. The grimace on her face remained as she neared him. The stench of stale beer and urine as well as the body odor of a man that had not cleaned in weeks saturated her nostrils and clung to her.
“When was the last time you showered?” She moved towards the window and drew the curtains back. The bright rays of sun drowned the room in light and caused Victor to immediately recoil beneath the blanket hanging over the edge of the bed to shield his eyes.
“What do you want?”
“The same thing I’ve wanted since I got here. Vic you have three beautiful children who love and need you right now. You can’t keep doing this to yourself, to them!”
He tossed a can in her direction and it landed softly at her feet. She took one step back and glared at him. He turned away from her and snorted; content he got his message across.
She approached him and nudged him sharply in his ribs with her heel. He released a pained breath in her direction. “Get up!” she yelled.
“Go away Sierra. Why are you even here? I didn’t call you.”
“No, you didn’t have to. I made a promise. The same promise you made but I intend to keep mine. Vic, you better wake up and get to your children before you miss something. Your babies need you!” Sierra turned and slammed the door behind her.
After Simone’s funeral Sierra became a staple in his life. She immediately dropped everything to come and care for him and her nieces and nephew. She did promise to take care of her family and there was always an underlying twin pact. They would always be there for each other. She wasn’t giving up on Vic and she wasn’t about to let him surrender either.

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