Thursday, January 5, 2012

S3: Chapter 05: In the Line of Fire

“What’s with all the firepower?” Brett asked watching Yvette toss weapon after weapon into the cache in the trunk. 
She sighed and slammed the door shut before sliding in beside him. “I would lie and say just in case but I won’t. Brett I’ve been going over this whole thing and everything Nate told you and...”
“And you think he’s lying again; trying to trick me out of hiding. Come on Yvette he had a valid reason for…”
“Not him. The names that he had on that list are Company agents known as Cleaners. Do you remember I told you a Cleaner is a highly trained agent that specializes in murder; all types and they do it with ease and without care?”
“Like you used to be.”
“Yeah…just like me.”
They rode in silence for the remainder of the trip to Rockville. Yvette smiled for the first time in a long time seeing the greenery and the innocence of the place. Brett looked over at her and couldn’t help but smile as well. It was a nice surprise seeing that warm side of her again; he definitely did miss it.
Yvette closed her eyes as the sunbeams pierced her passenger side window. The warmth of the rays on her face made her momentarily forget the shit they were in and think back to the sandy beaches of Lake Canard and trips with Scott to their wooded cabin.
So many wonderful memories from her childhood came back in a flash as he taught and trained her in his peaceful getaway. For a moment she swore she could smell the sweetness of the nearby honeysuckle that they used to chew and the salty lake water as it splashed and cascaded against the ragged cliffs. She would give anything to go back to those serene times.
“We’re here,” Brett announced drawing her out of her reverie. She opened her eyes to find they were heading down what appeared to be a quiet neighborhood. Like something off the front of a greeting card the homes were all perfectly aligned, there were cars parked on the driveways being washed by their owners, children riding their bicycles along the sidewalks or playing in water hoses in their front yards and women talking near their gardens or planting new flowers to bloom.
“Wow. And I thought you said it wasn’t a small town.”
He laughed before turning to look at what had caught her eye. “Yeah well it’s still no Mayberry!” He stopped near a house with a “for sale” sign in the front yard and looked at her. “One more street until we reach my folks’ place.”
“This is good,” she said grabbing her bag and lowering a baseball cap around her eyes. “Park a street over and get back to this place. We can set up inside.”
She hopped out and pretended to keep walking up the street before darting behind a row of bushes lined high against the side of the property. Brett drove the next street over, parked in the lot of a convenience store, grabbed the cache from the trunk and started back towards her.
He entered through the back of the house and found her perched under a window in the living room. “What are you doing?”
“Ensuring no one saw us enter inside. I’m sure those agents have your parents’ home staked out watching for any unusual looking delivery men etc. so that they can pounce. It’s what I would do. We’ll wait for nightfall before heading to their place.”
“And in the meantime?”
“We prepare for war.” He gave her a dubious look and she smiled. “It was a joke…sorta. How good are you with this puppy?”
She pulled out the M107 Barrett Long Range Sniper rifle and he let forth a sharp whistle. “We are going to war.”
“Well it’s a game of kill or be killed and I have no intentions of going to your funeral so how’s your sharpshooting?
He neared her and showed her the ring he’d always worn on his left middle finger. “I got this at the academy, Quantico. High master for marksmanship and long range distances up to 2,000 meters or 6,500 feet. And I held the record for the agent with the most shots at highest ranges. I think I can handle the M107.”
“Oh that was you? Oops. Well it’s nice to meet the 2nd best long shot marks…person to ever grace the steps at Quantico.”
“Give me that thing,” Brett growled. Yvette laughed and watched him assemble the weapon. “You have the optical ranging system for nightforce?”
“With zero stop as well as .50 caliber upper receiver assembly; the M1913-style steel optics rail, 27 MOA elevation comes standard.” He looked up at her with a smirk. “Go big or go home.”
He finished assembling the rifle and headed up the stairs of the vacant lot to get a good vantage point. From the scope he could see his old neighborhood and his parents’ place. He sighed seeing it again for the first time in nearly three years. It had been too long since he was home and he shouldn’t have let the thing that brought him back be a threat against their lives.
He kept searching through the lens coming across his neighbors’ home. He noticed the lights were all out in the place and a bunch of newspapers were piling up outside the front door.
“Find anything?” Yvette asked stepping into the room behind him.
“I think maybe…here come take a look.”
He stood from the scope and she took his place noticing the same empty lot and overstuffed mailbox. “Hmm no one’s home; perfect place for those guys to take quarters.”
“Exactly; that’s the Newtons’ place, crazy old couple who collects those creepy nesting dolls.”
“They don’t have any other relatives? Someone who would have taken care of the place when they are out of town?”
“A niece to my knowledge but last I heard she was at college, could be who they are visiting. Either way it…”
“They’re there!” She announced continuing the lens around the lot. She came across an open military bag with an assortment of weapons lining the top. Beside it was a pair of high focus digital binoculars, night vision goggles, a thermos of coffee and a few rolls of industrial tape.
She waited for one of them to come in sight, marking the shoulder bulge on him as he did. “Danny Blanks; only means one thing, the other one there is Charles Mason. Where there’s one you usually find the other. Cleaners for sure,” she sighed and pulled away from the scope.
“Well this is good; we can take them out from right here.”
“Yeah if you want your parents to die.”
“What do you mean?”
“Those two usually set explosives on their target homes. The triggers are biologically connected to them which means if their hearts stop beating the place goes boom.”
Brett slapped a hand across his face and dropped to his knees. “That’s why they went to the house that first night.”
She nodded. “And we can’t very well go over there and look around for where they may have planted the device. I’ll need to get over to the Newtons’ place and incapacitate them long enough for you to locate it and remove it.”
“I can handle them, trust me.”
“I have to call my parents; get them to leave the house.”
“No Brett you can’t do that! They’d have a frequency flooder and be tapping into the line for sure. Hearing someone telling them to get out would probably make them set the charge ahead of time. They have to continue their day as though nothing is happening. We’ll wait a few more hours and I’ll head up the back to the house. Take this,” she said handing him a walkie talkie and an electromagnetic pulse dial. “I’ll signal you when to go inside.”
“What are you going to use to incapacitate them?”
“Ass kicking? Or a giant stick to the head.”
“Uh yeah…here,” he said handing her a blackjack from the bag he brought in.
“Why Brett you’ve been holding out on me!”
He laughed. “Yeah well I can’t tell you everything at once. Still need to be able to surprise you every now and again right?” He looked at her and watched a smile stretch across her lips. Her lips, the plump and soft pillows resting sweetly on her face that he felt the urge to lean forward and consume. He wondered if she ached for him the same; Lord knows she had the willpower to holdout more so than him. With each passing day he faltered more and more. Yearned for her touch or even a simple gesture that indicated the Yve he fell for was still inside there somewhere. “We’d better get back downstairs. We wouldn’t want someone to surprise us up here.”
“Right,” Yve agreed and led the way to the living room.
They sat on either side of the window waiting and listening to the night. The crickets were incredibly loud and Yve found herself wondering how anyone could sleep with the amount of noise the jumping insects created.
She glanced up out the window and sighed. Even with the annoyance of the critters it was a peaceful enough place. The stars were visible in the sky from whatever part of the neighborhood you were in and the air smelled incredibly fresh.
She inhaled sharply and looked at Brett; he appeared deep in thought and sad. She nudged him with the tip of her shoe and he glanced over at her. “What made you leave this slice of Americana for the big city?”
“Pursuit of my dreams; I never told you my Dad was a military man, it’s why he recognized the Navy Seal tat on one of the agents.”
“He was a Seal?”
Brett nodded. “It’s how he met my Mom. She was a teacher in one of the camps. He likes to brag that he won her over with an apple and a smile. By the time he finished he was a Lieutenant Commander. He was 18 years old when he was recruited to the Seals and he joined the war in Vietnam in 1970, was a member of the Seal Team 4 in Grenada in 1983 and headed a Naval Special Warfare group in Panama in 1989.”
“Wow so covert ops is something in your blood too.”
“Yeah I guess it is. But you can see why I wanted to be in law enforcement. I wouldn’t have made a very good soldier but I knew I’d excel as a FED. It’s always been a goal of mine to take your Dad’s place, you know; become the Director for the Bureau. I can’t see that happening now though.”
Yvette sighed and looked at her hands. Brett realized the way she may have taken his words and tried to quickly redirect the conversation before he lost her again. For the first time in a long time they were talking about something personal; anything that didn’t pertain to case loads and pursuit of bad guys was a welcomed change. “I like to think that I’m making him proud though.”
“I’m sure you are. You’ve made it far in the few years you’ve had at the Bureau.” She looked again out the window. “Is this as dark as it gets here?” Brett nodded and she again sighed. “Then I guess it’s now or never.” She pulled up from the floor and headed for the back door.
“Yeah?” she stopped and turned to look at him.
He paused…hesitant and deciding how he wanted to say his goodbye. He knew a kiss was out of the question and saying “I love you” would probably not be returned from her. He sighed and smiled. “Be careful.”
“I will, of course. I’ll see you soon.” She exited out the back and he watched her rush forward and disappear behind a parked car as she made her way towards his old neighborhood.
Yvette watched carefully as Mason and Blanks surveilled the Knights’ residence. She quickly scouted the area deciding the best option was to scale the back wall and enter through the upstairs bedroom balcony. Grabbing a nearby crate for leverage she jumped up on the chimney stack, got her footing and proceeded to climb the length of the building.
Hopping quickly to the balcony and being careful not to make a sound, she picked the lock on the terrace door and crept inside.  Yve pressed herself against the wall of the stairwell and listened to them.
“They’re not gonna show. We should just show them that we mean business and take them out now.”
“And then what will we use as leverage?” Mason asked becoming annoyed by the constant whining of his partner. “We have our orders and we’re going to follow them. If and when we get the kill command we’ll follow through. But then and ONLY then will we take out the targets.”
Their orders, she thought. I wonder if it’s the same person that put the hit on me too.
“I gotta take a leak.”
“Again?” Danny frowned. “You have the bladder of a 70-year-old man.”
“Yeah, yeah whatever. Just stay vigilant I’ll be back in a second.”
She waited for Mason to leave the room and made her move. Before he had the chance to turn around, she’d hit Danny on the back of the head with the blackjack knocking him out cold. She pulled him straight up and propped him in the chair near the window, taping his mouth and his hands behind his back and took her position back in the hall awaiting Mason’s return.
“Did I miss anything?” he bellowed wiping his hands on his pants and stepping towards his partner.
“Yeah,” Yve said from behind him. “This!” She threw a roundhouse kick to his midsection and slammed him back. He cracked his head hard and fell to the ground, the wind temporarily knocked out of him. She was on him in a flash beating him to a pulp.
She pulled him from the floor and sank a sleeper hold around his neck; twisting and pressing his throat into her forearm until she heard the signature snore indicating he was out.
She pulled another chair closer and began taping and tying him down as well.
Brett gave her time; pacing the living room and trying to control his nerves as he waited to hear from her. He was tempted to break radio silence to ensure she’d made it but was afraid of giving away her position. He ran a hand through his hair and there it was. Static hit his walkie first and then her voice. …“Brett? They’re out, get to the house and locate the incendiary device…”
He quickly moved from the house and rushed towards his parents’ place. Knocking frantically on the door until his Dad came to answer. “Brett what…?”
“I’ll explain in a minute,” he said pulling out the electronic reader and searching quickly around the living room for the device. “Where did the agents go when they were in here?” he asked glancing over at his Mom.
“Uh well they were standing by the door for a little. I escorted them in here to the living room and they took seats on the couch. One of them had to use the bathroom and…”
Without hearing the rest of her sentence he moved down the hallway towards the bathroom. The blips on the reader began shaking and bouncing like crazy and he knew he was on the right trail. He continued searching the area looking for the strongest signal but each time he moved, he seemed to lose it. “Fuck! Come on!” he yelled as his parents watched him curiously from down the hall.
Yve finished tying Charles to a chair and looked at him as he came to. “I’m sure the Company’s informed you that markings of any kind that could result in proof positive identification were forbidden. I can’t really blame or fault you though,” she said showing him her tat. “I violated that one too. The man you were sent to kill, Brett’s Dad, he’s a retired Seal as well. Fucked that one up didn’t you?”
He laughed and turned his head from her. She heard Danny rocking in his chair behind her. She turned to find him convulsing and foaming at the mouth. “Shit! Cyanide pill!” Yvette gasped and rushed for her walkie-talkie. “Brett? Brett? If you can hear me get your parents and get out of there! Do you copy? Get out of there NOW! Blanks swallowed a suicide pill the place is gonna blow!”
Seconds passed like hours and there was no response on the other end. Yvette hurried for the door to the Newtons’ home just in time for an explosion to rock the ground and send her flying into the wall behind her.
“BRETT!” she screamed at the top of her lungs and pulled herself from the ground. She rushed once again for the door and yanked it open. There was a huge black cloud of smoke gathering around the area and she couldn’t see her hand in front of her face. “BRETT!” she yelled again as she moved slowly feeling the broken street beneath her feet as she moved.
Tears were streaming down her face and she choked on the smoke which only grew thicker the farther in she went. The stench of a nearby sewer saturated the air and she could hear a stream of water running through the drains on the sides of the road. She had almost made it through the cloud when she heard coughing to her right.
Following the sound she could see a figure lying on the ground near a parked car in his parents’ yard. She ran towards it and paused seeing Brett choking on the cloud of smoke as he tried to regain his footing. He stood and turned towards her with a smile.
She returned it and rushed forward, jumping into his arms and hugging him tight. “Brett,” she continued crying. “I thought…”
“I know. I’m fine. I got the device down the sewer in time.”
She pulled back and he wiped a tear from her face before pulling her back into his chest. Feeling her against him willingly and melting into his arms was very welcomed and he wasn’t ready to let go; not yet. “Your parents?”
“They’re fine. Dad got Mom and took cover.” He lowered her from his arms and glanced at the front door. “Wanna meet them?”
“Well it’s not the ideal way I wanted to but do you think I’d come all this way and turn back without at least saying hi?”
He smiled and took her hand leading her up the front stoop. “Wait. I left Mason tied up in your neighbor’s living room.”
He looked across the street and noticed the front door was wide open. “I’ll take care of him.” Brett pulled out his sidearm and moved back through the black cloud with Yve right on his heels.
He dashed into the living room, Mason was struggling against the binds in his chair trying to free himself and get away. Brett walked up to him slowly, his face devoid of emotion. He ripped the tape from his mouth and lowered his gun to his chest. “Who sent you after my parents?”
“Fuck you!”
“Wrong answer.” Without pause he pulled the trigger and sent Agent Charles Mason to an early grave.
Yvette stood behind him, watching in shock at the man he turned into. Something about the whole thing scared her; reminded her of the agent she was forced to be for her years working with the Central Intelligence Agency and the person she was desperately trying to forget. She swallowed hard and watched as Brett cleaned the blood from his face with his hands and then wiped his hands off on Mason’s shirt.
“Come on let’s head back to my folks,” he said in monotone and exited the front door. Yvette followed him again trying to think of something else and get her mind off of what she’d just witnessed. She didn’t want to think that she’d influenced Brett that much but it seemed that her cold nature was becoming his and she hated herself just that much more.
He held the door open for her and she stepped into the living room of the house. “Mom, Dad it’s safe now you can come out!”
At his beckoning the couple exited their hiding area on the far side of the living room, smiling as they noticed Yve standing behind their eldest. “Mom, Dad, I want you to meet Yvette.”
“Yvette,” Regina smiled and pulled her into a hug. “Oh it’s so great to finally meet you. I was beginning to think you were a myth,” she laughed nasally. Yve embraced her in the same warmth and closed her eyes as she inhaled the White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor perfume she was wearing. She smelled like a Mom; much like her own used to. Yvette felt a tickle in her throat as she let her mind wander to Katrina momentarily.
She broke the hug and turned towards Brett’s father with a smile. “I feel like your family already considering you got this stuffy, old ogre to open up,” Terrance said pulling her into his chest just as Regina had.
“Thank you. It wasn’t easy, trust me.” She said and felt his laughter shake her before he pulled away.
Sirens sounded off in the distance and Yve looked at Brett with a concerned look. “I wouldn’t worry about them,” Terrance said noticing her expression. “I’ll take care of everything. You two lay low until I tell you the coast is clear.”
“But we’re a little on the wanted side,” she advised cautiously.
“Well in that case perhaps you should lay low like Terry said and let us take care of this,” Regina chimed in. “Go on now, Brett that means you too.”
“Yes Mom.” He nodded up the hall and led her towards his old bedroom.
She giggled to herself stepping into the small room and looked around at the things that used to motivate the teenage Brett Knight. There were books on various subjects ranging from math and science to space and cars. Trophies won from different sporting events including football, baseball and lacrosse. A completed birdhouse from woodshop and model cars he’d built in his free time. “Wow…interesting.”
“What’s that?”
“Just seeing you as a kid. You seem very well-rounded.”
“Yeah…” he said pushing a pair of dancing shoes behind the dresser.
“I saw those already,” Yve confirmed and dropped onto his bed.
“Don’t worry I won’t ask for a demonstration.” She folded her arms into her lap and Brett joined her on the other end. “I’m glad we got to your parents in time.”
“Yeah me too. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if…” he sighed.
They sat in silence until Terrance knocked on the door and informed them the law had moved on. There were barricades set up on the ends of the streets because the blast from the “pipes explosion” made the roads undrivable.
Brett looked back at Yve and exited into the hall with his Dad. “Hey do you think we can talk?”
“Of course Brett. I’ll grab us a beer, meet me out back.”
Brett paced the length of the terrace waiting for his Dad to join him. He hated the look in Yve’s eyes and feared that each moment he spent avoiding the conversations they needed to have he was losing her…if she wasn’t gone already.
“Whoa, this looks heavy,” Terrance observed as he watched Brett walk a hole in the floor. “Have a seat Son, and let’s hear what’s on your mind,” he handed Brett a bottle and took a seat beside him.
“It’s Yvette.”
“Oh yeah, she seems kind. You made a great choice in her Brett.”
“Lately it doesn’t seem that way. She and I kinda hit a rough patch and…I’m drowning here Dad and I don’t know what to do to pull myself out.”
“What do you mean? What happened?”
He paused pondering whether to tell him about the miscarriage or not before deciding against it. “It’s all work related she’s so consumed by it to the point that she’s pulled away from me and our relationship’s lost the passion and even the warmth that was once there.”
“‘Try a Little Tenderness’.”
“I’ve tried that Dad. I just don’t know anymore. It feels like the end to me. She’d rather sit up at the computer all night than come to bed with me and…”
“Not the method, I mean the song; works every time with your Mother.”
“Thanks Dad, that’s a little more than I cared to know,” Brett frowned as he took a sip from his beer. “And just the same, Yvette hasn’t been in a real sharing or caring mood lately. She’s keeping everything so bottled up and I can’t read her mind so I’m stuck in a bad place wondering if she still even sees me the same or if she blames me for everything and just wants me gone.”
“Women are the biggest mysteries ever to unravel. When they don’t want to talk you’ll get the silent treatment for hours, days sometimes even weeks and when they want you to know what’s on their mind TRUST ME you’ll hear it. They are tender, sweet, loving creations and should always be treated as such. Judging from the way that gal came after you and held you once she realized you were safe you can tell she really loves you Brett. You shouldn’t be sitting here talking about ‘the end’. If you love her just as much you should be in there telling her that and whatever problems you’re going through will seem like a pointless argument once you talk it out.”
“That’s just it though, she won’t talk to me.”
“Have you tried? Maybe she’s waiting on you to make the first move. Anyway I’m going to bed,” he said standing. “This old man’s had more than enough excitement for one year. I’ll see you in the morning.”
“Thank you and goodnight Dad.” Brett sat a little longer on the swing and waited until the light went off in his parents’ upstairs bedroom before heading inside to his.
Yve was thumbing through an old photo album on his desk with her back to him as he entered. He closed the door loud enough for her to hear so that his presence behind her didn’t startle her. “Captain of the football and lacrosse teams as well as yearbook editor and guy voted most likely to succeed! Your prom date was pretty…I’m guessing head cheerleader?” she asked without turning around.
“Class president actually.”
“Oh a brain; I guess I don’t know your type after all.”
“Well what about you? Was your date the…hmm class clown or the bully?”
“Those are my choices? I’d pass on both. Besides I didn’t make it to my prom. I was at my Mom’s funeral instead.”
“Yve I’m sorry.”
“It’s ok, you didn’t know.” She turned to face him finally and saw the somber expression on his face. “What’s that mean?”
“The look on your face.”
“Oh.” He sighed and stepped closer. “It means we’re going to talk; enough with the silence,” he reached for her and she moved. “And the pulling away. Yvette look at us. What is happening here? Can you really imagine spending the rest of your life like this?”
She chewed on her lower lip and turned her back to him to avoid seeing the seriousness in his eyes. The look he was giving her meant he was finally ready to let her have it and after watching what he did today she wasn’t sure if she could handle that; not here, not now.
“Yvette we lost a child.”
“No, I killed our baby. Why don’t you just say it Brett? Admit it, you blame me for everything and hate so much that I ever stepped foot in that bar that night.”
“Yvette what the hell are you talking about? I told you before I don’t blame you for what happened! How could I? We were both distracted this isn’t your fault! Is that what this has been about? You’ve thought this entire time that I held you responsible for everything?”
She didn’t answer; instead she moved away from him and held her hands up to her ears trying to protect herself from him, his words and his looks. “I don’t know.”
“No, you do know; you have been treating me like a fucking leper and didn’t want to face me because you thought I hated you? What the hell Yvette?!” he yelled no longer able to control the anger building within him. “After everything we’ve been through why on Earth would you EVER think that!?” She turned to face him after hearing the tone in his voice.
“Because you wanted this baby and I didn’t! You felt horrible at the loss of what could have been and what should have been and I could see you and the way your eyes always went to my stomach for weeks, WEEKS after the baby was gone. You blamed me whether you knew it or not! Your actions spoke volumes Brett and I couldn’t deal with the fact that I couldn’t give you something you wanted.”
“Yes! Of course I wanted our baby Yve; I would have made a great father! But that doesn’t mean that for one single, solitary moment I ever thought that what happened was your fault! I’d never do that to you! I would NEVER blame you for something beyond your control! If it’s anyone’s fault it’s the son of a bitch that put the hit out on you. Had you not been forced to run and hunted like a fucking animal or thrown into fights our baby would have never been at risk!”
“You’re not hearing me Brett; I knew something was different with me. I was a little sluggish in the mornings and I was late for close to two weeks. I knew ok? I knew I was pregnant but I didn’t let that stop me from doing what I thought I needed to do. The only thing I wanted was to find out who was after me. I didn’t care about the child growing inside of me. I didn’t care!”
He swallowed hard and his eyes opened wide in disbelief. “What? You…you knew? You knew Yve and you didn’t tell me?” he rubbed his hand across his mouth and turned his back towards her. “You knew…you knew and that’s what you couldn’t face. The guilt of what you did was what was eating you up Yvette. It had nothing to do with me but you…you blamed me for it. You projected that fear and that guilt onto me. You blamed yourself for what happened, not me.”
She dropped to the floor and began crying uncontrollably. All of the tears she’d bottled up and held back for so long began pouring from her eyes and there was no stopping her now. “Yes!” she wailed loudly. Her body was shaking with the force of every tear and she couldn’t stop apologizing. “I was scared! I was so scared that our child would be hunted; forced to live a life on the run and always have to look over his shoulder at the slightest sound. I didn’t want anyone to hurt him; I couldn’t tell anyone about him because they would have used that against me. I’m sorry Brett! I didn’t mean to. I would have made a horrible mother. I can’t give myself to anyone. I’m not stable enough for that  and our child would have just grown up hating me for it.”
Brett turned and fell with her. He pulled her into his arms and tried to quiet her sobs. “I’m sorry Brett! I’m so sorry!”
“Yvette you have to know I still don’t blame you for any of this. You have to let go of those feelings; that shit that’s been killing you, let it go, please. You’re crazy to think you wouldn’t make a great mother. You’ve taken care of me and the team and are trying to make up for your past. Even if our child was born into this life of danger he’d have two parents that would die to protect him.” He rested his head on hers and held her closer to his chest as he rocked her back and forth. “I love you, I’ll always love you. No matter what happens you’ll always have that.”
She pulled her head up and looked at him. He smiled at her and wiped the tears from her eyes. “I don’t know how you can even look at me right now. How can you not blame me for endangering our baby like that?”
“Because you weren’t yourself; haven’t been in a while. The Yve I know, the one I met was lost and she’s just now finding her way back home again. We have been through so much these last few months and it’s easy to lose touch with reality. But you’re a fighter Yve; something I’ve always admired about you. We’ll get through this and together we’ll get your justice.”
He kissed her; unconsciously she let out a soft moan provoking him to deepen the embrace and pull her in farther. His mouth opened against hers, his tongue forced her lips apart and touched against hers; a feeling he’d missed.
He reached up and caressed her cheek as he held on to her longer, wiping away the last of her tears. She climbed to her knees and he pulled her back into his arms. There was no way he was letting her get away from him now; she was finally his again.

He placed soft kisses along her jaw line and down her neck. She moaned again as a fire began to stir within her; her body was coming alive again and she was enjoying the warmth that he was creating.

He sighed against her neck and pulled her from the floor. His lips still trailing kisses down her body as he slowly pulled at her top removing it from her shoulders. It dropped to the floor softly and he worked on removing her jeans until she was standing in front of him in just her red lace bra and panties.
She pulled his shirt off over his head and he fumbled with the buckle on his jeans hurriedly trying to remove them. She helped; smiling, hearing his sigh of relief as the stranglehold of his denim prison was released and his aching hard on bounced freely from his boxers. His mouth closed on hers again and he groaned as his hands wrapped tighter around her back.
He lifted her with ease and dropped her to the bed behind him. Falling on her, quickly he spread her thighs and looked into her eyes. She pursed her lips and closed her teeth around the lower as he pushed himself inside of her. Her body was warm and inviting and the moment he felt her legs wrap around his back he lost all control. Drowning himself and taking what he’s craved their bodies melted together as stroke after stroke she moaned his name.
“Brett!” she clawed at his back as he pushed her into the covers of his bed taking in every inch of her warmth and comfort in the way her body formed to meet his; she was missed and from the way her muscles tightened around his arousal he could tell she missed him just as much.
Sweat dripped from his forehead as they neared the second hour. Her voice was practically hoarse but she was calling his name just the same. “Harder.”
He moaned and started pulling away. She squeezed him tighter between her legs and flipped him to his back. “What are you doing? I’m about to…”
“I know,” she sighed and continued rocking her hips into his.
“Are you sure?”
“I’m positive.”
He groaned and gripped her waist tight and pulled her harder onto his shaft as he thrust into her. With one final stroke he released and a guttural growl escaped his lips as he leaned back into the pillows. She leaned forward and he kissed her forehead. “I love you Yvette.”
“I love you too Brett and life shouldn’t stop living because of my fears. I know you’ll make a great father and I want to give you that chance.”
She rested forward and he held her close to his chest listening to her heartbeat begin to slow. He laughed to himself and caressed the matted hair from her face. “First time I’ve had sex in my room,” he smiled looking around at the action figures and posters of old musicians he’d idolized hanging on the wall.
“Well I’m happy to be the one to help you christen it.”
“Oh yeah? Then I hope you’re ready Baby.”
“Ready? Ready for what?”
He turned her over and rested his hands on either side of the bed. “You’ve denied me for over two months now. We are nowhere near done; in fact, you’ll be lucky if you can walk in the morning.”
She laughed and pulled him into a kiss. “Bring it on!” Her body tensed and she pushed herself at him feeling him thrust into her once again.

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