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S4: Chapter 06: Strip Teased

Yvette and Brett got to the scene just behind Victor and watched as Dustin pulled up as well. “What’s going on?” he asked joining the others just behind the barricade of yellow police tape.

Ryan walked back from the actual scene towards the police woman with her arms extended ensuring the growing crowd remained at bay. He had a sullen expression on his face as he looked towards where the others were gathered. “It’s bad Boss,” he announced and lifted the tape for them to pass. The cop looked in their direction and each flashed a badge before moving behind Ryan towards the area the local PD had mapped out.
There was a blue tarp on the left side of a shallow grave where the crime scene geeks had fleshed out a few articles of clothing stained with large amounts of blood from the sandbox. Quick field strip tests determined the blood to be type A+. Yvette examined the smear and sighed. While medical records verified this to be the missing girl’s type, they couldn’t be 100% positive it belonged to Melody Delaney without a DNA test. Even with a rush on the normal three-week timetable results take, it would be two days before they know positively whether or not the blood belonged to their missing girl and those 48-hours were precious.
“Has this already been sent in?” Brett asked sliding the sample from Yve’s fingers and motioning with it as he spoke.
“Yeah Special Agent Douglas had the lab take it in as priority one. That wasn’t the only reason I called you guys though.” Ryan circled around one of the detectives heading towards another roped off section of the abandoned playground. He waited for them to get a look at a dusty white powder that appeared to be cocaine and a note tucked into the corner of a pair of bloody jeans lying near the broken Spring Rider.
Without lifting the letter from the ground, the team read over it and gasped as they each came to the same conclusion that this scene WAS directly involved with the Mayor’s daughter.
We demand 3 million in cash
delivered to the park on
Churchill and Downey or
the next discovery will be
bloodier. Friday at 3pm
No cops or expect to find
a body.
Yvette raised a hand to stop Ryan from speaking what she was already thinking. The note mentioned Friday at three as the timetable. Today was Saturday and it was already reaching the early morning hours of Sunday.
“Fuck!” Victor backed away quickly and started for his truck with Yvette quick on his heels.
“Vic! Vic! Victor wait!” Yve called stopping him before he crossed back behind the yellow tape. “Are you gonna be able to handle this?” she asked getting to the point and watching the reaction of her old friend. After everything he went through nearly two years ago with his wife and children she needed to know if this case was too much of a ghost haunting his memories.
He rubbed an open palm across his mouth and glanced towards Brett and Ryan standing near the broken slide on the back end of the lot. Shaking his head slowly he spoke without directing his gaze to Yve. “I’ll be fine. I just…I can do this Vette.” He smiled at her and started backing away again. He needed a moment; a moment to catch his bearings and settle the emotions climbing up his throat leaving a bad taste on his tongue.
Admittedly it was hard, really hard fighting through his demons and coming to terms with what happened but he’d finally gotten there. If he had to relive the mistakes of his past to ensure this family wouldn’t have to suffer through the same turmoil he had he’d do it without a second thought and put these animals behind bars where they belonged.
“Evans?” She turned towards the voice coated in a thick Southern Louisianan accent and smiled as Special Agent Mike Peters and his partner William Douglas reappeared at the scene. He had a slow southern drawl but when he was riled up the Cajun part of his mind took over making him hard to understand at times. “Whaddya doin’ hea?”
“We’re just having a look Mikey. Don’t worry my team is only on standby for when you guys need the back-up but Scott wanted us up to speed on any developments within the case.”
“Yea well uhnfawtunately we came acrawss this place ah day late and ah dawla shawt, ya see the note?” She nodded and he walked her towards the grave once again. “Carawline Delaney ID’d this sweata as wan ha datta owned and we gawt the lab bwoys checkin’ now far the DNA on that blood. Once CSU is done hea we’ll get the rest ov this stuff analyzed far prints are any otha trace evidence that’ll hopefully give us ah direction. It’s already been ah week tho, we ain’t holdin’ out hope at this pawnt ov recoverin’ ah victim; we’re lookin’ far ah bahdy.”
Yvette nodded solemnly. She knew the chances of rescuing a missing person outside of the first three days alive were slim to none. It was rare kidnappers kept their victims alive even before the ransom drop for fear of being identified later. And though there wasn’t enough blood on the scene to warrant the conclusion the girl was dead, she understood Peters reasoning. “You see the powder over by the horse?”
“Yeah, the geeks gawt a sample ovit. They’ll run that true the GCMS and try tah figah owt where it was manufactured. Ya know they’ve started ah database now? Has the type ov drug by spec and listed by the deala so we knaw who is slingin’ this stuff. Easier far things ov this naycha; we can trace ah specific drug tah the person who sold it and get them awf the streets.”
“Wow that’s awesome. It should make for better busts and successful convictions.” She looked at Dustin who nodded towards Brett and Ryan making their way towards their vehicles. “Well let us know if you need anything as I said we’re on call. Gonna head in and see what’s waiting for us now. It was great seeing you again.”
“Yea you too Evans. And uh, congrats huh,” he smiled and motioned to her finger. “I hea it’s a bitch but patience is the key.”
“And you’re speaking from experience of your 23 years with Denise right?” He laughed and put a finger to his lips gesturing for her to keep his secret. She smiled and nodded and joined her team to check into headquarters.
“Find anything at the scene?” Scott asked following Victor into the unit room.
“Some bloody clothes and a ransom note set for a delivery on Friday. Peters believes the girl could already be gone at this point but he put a rush on the stuff at the lab,” Vic replied placing his weapon in the cache.
“Damn!” His expression dropped and he threw a file on the desk in frustration. “I said we’d catch these guys and I fully intended to make good on that! DAMN!”
“Pop it’s not over until it’s over. There’s no guarantee the blood was Delaney’s and no one knows for sure if she’s dead. Right now we’re waiting on results on the DNA and other trace to see where we go from here.” Yvette turned her attention to the file he’d dropped on the desk. She pulled it open and began reading as Scott continued mumbling to himself pacing beside the door. “Is this real Dad?”
He nodded at her and sighed. “Just…be discreet.” Turning and exiting the rest of the team gathered around Yvette waiting to learn what new assignment they’d pulled.
“Well I guess one of you may be very happy to learn that you’ll be going undercover to dance, flirt and tease a bunch of women.”
“Damn. It’s a tough decision but,” Ryan blew out a breath. “I think I could be the one you’re looking for. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Gosh Ry you’re such a great guy to volunteer for such a tough assignment’ and you’re right but I do what I must for my brothers in black. I’m more than happy to take one for the team so lay it on me Boss!”
Yvette laughed and handed him the folder so he could read in detail what the case was really about. “Stripper? So not only will I get to tease women AND get paid WHILE getting paid but I can do it LEGALLY in the NUDE? Hell yeah I’m definitely the man for the job.”
“Good but uh…the assignment calls for two.” Her eyes darted over Brett, Dustin and Victor waiting to see if either of them would jump the gun as Ryan had.
“Well I’m out. Besides the fact that I’ll be working the geek stuff, I seriously doubt this kind of assignment could be explained properly to Meeks or my Grams.”
“Then that leaves you and Brett. Which one wants it?”
“You’d seriously let Brett hop up on the stage and shake his junk in front of a room full of screaming women?”
“Why not? How’s the saying go ‘doesn’t matter where the pot starts to simmer so long as it boils at home’. I don’t mind women ogling the beast from my bed but I do carry a small arsenal if any of them get any other ideas.”
“In that case, have at it Brett.” Victor laughed and patted him on the back as he moved back towards the weapons cache.
“Guess you better work on some moves,” Dustin grinned and dropped behind his monitor. “And remember Ryan they can look but not touch. I believe that’s the number one rule in those places.”
“Yeah well I’m not gonna stop them. If a woman is overeager and ends up on stage with me, who am I to turn her away if she’s enjoying herself? It’s a shame though, maybe next time it’ll be a gentleman’s club and we can see Yve dance.” Brett glanced over at his friend his expression sharpened and made Ryan chuckle. “Come on stop being such a selfish pig. She’d be make a great stripper and damn if she’s not limber. We’ve seen ‘how low she could go’,” Ryan smiled. “I bet you have a lot of fun with that huh Brett?”
“Ryan you’re really pushing to spend a night in the hospital aren’t you?”
“And then who’s going to throw your bachelor blowout? You need me! Your life would be boring without me!”
Yvette giggled and Brett gave her a jagged look, “And what are you snickering about?”
“Nothing I just think your jealousy is cute.”
“Me? Jealous?”
“Of your best friend no less,” Ryan added.”
He threw his arm over his shoulder and held him closer, his arm steadily crushing in on his friends’ neck. “Let’s not forget what happened with Heather. I invited her over to meet you and next thing I know she was lusting after you and we broke up remember?”
“And because of that you became a selfish pig? I never did anything with her. She just wanted what she couldn’t have. But Yve on the other hand; if she wants it...”
“I’ll kill you if you finish that sentence.”
“Well if the shoe fits, oink.”
“Anyway,” Yvette cut in the staring contest as the two burst into laughter. “Our target is named Sadie Petrosyan, she’s a Senior Analyst for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. It seems she’s been involved in some underhanded dealings that have led to several nuclear developments in three warring foreign municipalities.”
“Damn. And the ATF hasn’t gotten wind of this?”
“Nope. She apparently sprang a trap the Feds had on one of the lesser known sites for these kinds of trades. We’ve been monitoring her since January of last year waiting on her next trade. She seems to be gearing up for something huge and we’re going to intercept her before it happens. Luckily for us she enjoys the environment at Stallions and the company of these men. Our goal right now is to get eyes and ears on her and so that might mean you get to touch her after all, Ryan.”
“This gig is looking up!”
“Dustin’s got a wide range of bugs you can plant on her and I’m hoping you’ll be able to slip it where she won’t notice.”
“When are we hitting her?”
“She’s supposedly a regular and we’ve asked them to advertise a new lineup for Sunday. You’ll be up on stage by 7pm tonight. You guys have a few hours to practice.”
Victor and Chase arrived at the Monsters of Mud show and though he was as excited as his son, he found he didn’t have quite the same energy as the younger version of himself bounced around the show rooms checking out the various truck engines and parts. Several times he stopped and ogled the car girls and Victor was sure he saw a small spittle of drool form on the corners of his mouth. By mid-afternoon Chase had learned all there was to know about Monster trucks and changed his future profession from firefighter to stunt driver.
He was even too ramped up to notice the overbearing growl rumbling in his belly. Victor had to practically drag him towards the food court to satisfy his pangs. After purchasing a coke and hotdog for each of them the loud speaker announced the start of the event and they ran up to grab their seats.
The first of the “Daring Eight” as they were labeled pulled out of the garage and began making rounds through the dirt. The Liverpool native in the truck depicting the British Flag also known as Mickey Mouse zoomed through the dirt blazing a path towards the guard rail. “Oh Dad wouldn’t it be cool to see one of them do a flip?”
“If we’re lucky enough, you might even grab yourself a souvenir from a bumper or something.”
“Like the rims in the garage? That would be too cool!” Chase bit into his hotdog and watched anxiously as Mickey Mouse continued turning the once gorgeous Lincoln into a mash of twisted metal and bent paint. This was the first Monster truck show he’d had the honor of going to. Normally “man’s day” with his old man consisted of a movie, fishing trip and the occasional car show. But Monsters of Mud had finally graced his hometown and he was overly joyous when Victor told him that he’d snag a few tickets for them and he was looking forward to this day for the last four months.
At halftime Victor took the break in excitement to gauge Chase’s emotional state. After everything that had happened this was one of the first real times he’s had to spend alone with his mini me. Smiling at him solemnly his son suspected what was up and made the first move. “I’m ok Dad.”
“Aisha told me that you would probably ask Dad.”
“You know everything I was going through I didn’t mean for any of it to reflect negatively on you Chase. I love you and your sisters more than I could ever begin to tell you and I’m so very sorry for everything I put you through.”
“I understand. I love Mom a lot too and I miss her. But it’s like when Max died and Mom told me that he was no longer in pain and could run around in the biggest backyard ever. I think that’s what happened to Mom. I heard her scream that day but when you came the screaming stopped and so did her pain. Now Max has someone to take care of him again!”
Victor wrapped his arm around Chase’s shoulder, pulled him closer and kissed the crown of his head. “I love you Chase,” he whispered into his raven black locks.
“I love you too Dad. Now can I have some cotton candy?”
“Of course you can.” Laughing he motioned towards the vendor as he passed by on his way towards nosebleed. After purchasing two bags, the Murphy boys returned their attention to the track as Blue Lightning came back out to attempt the same trick as Hot Streak and jump five school buses.
“Hey Boss give me a sound check, Dust just did something in here and my audio spiked.”
“Hey I said I was sorry alright? No reason to call me out.”
“Alright well next time I’ll forget the annoyingly, piercing screeching sound until my ears start to bleed. That way you won’t look like the bad.”
“And that’s all I ask.”
You two are coming in loud and clear,” Yvette laughed. She was waiting for Brett to find his way out of the dressing room so she could hand him the audio chips Dustin had rigged. “Do I have to come out there and separate you two?
“No. He’s pretty big but I’m sure I can take him,” Dustin mused.
Brett waved and walked slowly towards his fiancée standing against the back wall. The music was louder than expected; or maybe it was the echoes of the screaming women. Either way, the building was a burst of sound and the noise invaded every one of his five senses until his body just went completely numb from the pulsations. He smiled and stopped in front of her; his grin grew wider as he noticed she wore a temporary in the field ring. It would keep her from losing the real engagement band he gave her yet hopefully keep the other men away showing she is off the market. “You’re not wearing that on-stage are you?” Yvette growled her disappointment peering at Brett’s swim trunks.
He smirked watching her eyes outline his package, shifted his sac and folded his arms into his chest. “No I don’t think so; I’m one of the ‘special’ performers.”
“Meaning they have Village People costumes for me and Ry to wear for a few of our performances as well as golden thongs. Ironically enough I’ll be a cop tonight; fuzzy cuffs and all.”
“Well Officer Hottie, make an arrest tonight and I’m dragging whatever female ends up in your cuffs outside and shanking them and I mean an all out prison brawl.”
“Aww now who’s the jealous one?”
“Looks like Ryan’s going on,” she slyly avoided his accusation and watched as he made his way from the back room.
Ryan grinned towards her as he started to the stage. Passing the last performer he watched as the crowd of women jumped eagerly from their chairs and moved closer towards him. “Yeah I think I’m gonna like this gig,” he croaked into the comm. before stepping to the pole.
“TAKE IT OFF BABY!” a tall blonde near the front of the horde of screaming women yelled.
“Don’t let him get into any trouble Brett.”
“I’m not Ryan’s keeper, I can’t make that promise.”
“Alright but if he gets hurt, I will hold you responsible.” She watched him throw his tattered tee towards a brunette who immediately drowned herself in his scent and sighed satisfactorily before she and a redhead began ripping at the top tearing it in two. “Wow, either that thong was made for the stage or Ryan has a really big…” Brett snorted his annoyance in her words and she kissed his cheek. “I’m gonna get a closer view.”
“Yvette…” Brett hissed gripping her arm and holding her in place.
“What? Gotta keep up appearances right?” She peeled his fingers from around her wrist and smiled. “We can look but don’t touch!”

She took a seat at a table near the stage, tossed Brett a wink and turned her attention to the man near the pole. She waved a fifty dollar bill in Ryan’s direction and he got down on his knees slowly in front of her.
“I see a woman who knows what she wants.”
“And I see a man that’s still nearly clothed.”
He laughed and snatched the money before turning back towards center stage. Looking at her he hooked his thumbs into the waistline of his thong, thrust his hips so his pouch bounced and gave her a wicked smile. With one quick motion he ripped the golden cloth from around his waist and tossed them in her direction.
Yvette picked up the tattered bottoms and pulled at the strings that were once gripped tight around his hips. With wide eyes and an approving nod from her he continued his dance around the stage maneuvering ever closer to their target.
Brett moved in and offered the woman a private dance and the gleeful expression she gave as he led her to one of the back rooms conveyed her consent. “Viper has the target on the move; time for him to work his magic. Cobra, keep your eyes on the woman she came with; I don’t want him to be disturbed.
She pulled up from the table and headed out to the van parked behind the building across the street. Joining Dustin and Victor she observed their progress on the monitors Dustin was stationed in front of.
Victor sighed behind her and she turned to address him. “Did Chase enjoy himself today?”
“I honestly think he was more into the girls spread out on top of the cars than he was of the cars themselves but yeah, I’d say he really enjoyed our time together.”
“That’s good. It sounds like he’s becoming a real Lady Killer like his old man. You’d better watch out for him. You may end up a granddad before he hits his teens,” she joked and watched the expression drop on his face. Yvette laughed and felt his sharp jab in her ribs. “Oh come on he wouldn’t do that to you.”
“He won’t if he expects to live to SEE his teens!”
She moved to the back of the van and settled into one of the seats listening to Dustin click away at the keys. “So how are things with you and Sierra?”
“What exactly are you getting at?”
“Victor, I’m not candy coating my words, I think you know what I mean.”
He sighed and turned more on the seat beside her. Lowering his head he thought over everything he and his wife’s sister had been through and the way the guilt ate at him after she’d passed. “She’s not Simone, will never be Simone I know that but I can’t deny what I’ve felt for her and she’s been the guiding hand I’ve needed, Yvette. None of this was planned and it wasn’t intended it just brought us closer. Nothing’s happened though so rest your mind.”
“As long as you know what you’re doing I’ll of course be behind you Vic as always.”
Brett closed the curtains and Sadie sauntered towards the small red sofa lined against the far wall. She took a seat in the center and watched as he turned on a slow jam. Scrunching her nose she shook her head disapprovingly and he continued cycling through the channels. Sadie grabbed one of the strawberries sitting on the table beside her and bit into the end. A tender moan rumbled in her throat as she enjoyed the delicateness of the whipped cream and fruit. “Perfect!” she purred in a thick Armenian accent once he’d stopped on a club beat.
He slid towards her thrusting his hips as he moved. She inched closer to the edge of her seat and watched the gyration of his body. He lifted his leg placing his crotch near her face and swung harder nearly hitting her chin with his pouch each time. Her tongue danced across her lips and he could tell she wanted to reach out and touch him. Inching back, Brett danced in time with the music allowing it to guide his body and thump across the slow beating of his heart with every step he took. “I don’t private dance for very many women you know?”
“Oh no? Well I feel very honored. What’s your name?”
He turned around giving her a full view of his tight, muscular ass and wobbled it. This time she didn’t hesitate reaching out and slapping an open palm across his firm behind. He grinned and tuned to face her, noticing her eyes kept trailing down his abs to the center between his legs. “I want you.”
“I had a feeling,” he smirked and took one step forward.
“Come here,” she motioned with her hand but her eyes remained affixed on the semi-erect outline of his silk boxers. He dropped onto the sofa beside her and she immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and hopped into his lap. Raising the volume on the stereo on the other side of the room with the remote, Sadie ensured they would not be heard or disturbed.
“So, how far do you go?” She raised her knee into his lap and tenderly rubbed his crotch until she felt the results she ached for; he was slowly becoming aroused.
“Mmm well that all depends on how much you’re willing to pay and trust me when I say, I’m worth every penny.” He gripped her thigh in his right palm and squeezed allowing a smile to grace his lips. Gently he caressed up her leg until his hand rested on the roundest part of her firm derriere. “I work hard for my money and I promise to keep you screaming until the back of your throat is raw and red and your voice is gone.”
“I like that. I think you would be worth the ride.” She turned more into him and slid her breasts down his bare chest. Her lips touched his and instinctively he jumped on her mouth, devouring her lips between his as he sucked anxiously on her tongue. Her silent moans urged him and Brett slapped his hand over her ass making her squeal. “Oh! You are a bad boy huh?”
“Mmm.” Smoothly his tongue moved over her lips again as she playfully tugged and rubbed her hands through his head. A low buzzing sound caught his attention and he felt the silent vibrations in her pocket.
Sadie pulled herself higher into his lap and looked down at the sleek little device, smiling as she received the text. “Uh oh, that looks like bad news.”
“No it’s actually really good. I uh, have to head into work and take care of something I’ve been waiting on for the last three months.”
“Exactly, bad news. That means you’re leaving me,” he pouted and locked his fingers together behind her back. “I don’t think I’m gonna let you go.”
“What if I promise to come back tomorrow night and finish what I started?”
“Mmm you promise?”
She leaned forward and offered him another kiss before nodding. “I promise. But right now I gotta get a move on ok? I’ll see you later Danny.”
She pulled away from him and hurried out towards the front to let her friend know she was leaving before starting for the parking lot. “You get that Vette?”
“Yeah, I heard everything. You get the bug planted?”
No I didn’t get that far.”
“Well if that text means what I think it does we may not need it anyway. Grab Ryan and get out here so we can keep an eye on her.”
The dancing duet jumped into the van and Victor tossed their gear towards them as Dustin hopped into the driver’s seat and started after the bright red Toyota Corolla. “She’s heading towards the ATF’s main office,” he announced and veered towards the intersection being sure to stay one car length behind her.
He pulled up into the parking lot of the next door convenience store and waited for Sadie to enter the building. Dustin checked the sites for any activity and like clockwork they lit up with her user IDs and passwords; she took the bait and now they had all the information she was attempting to sell or trade rerouting to a private server Dustin had set up.
He gave Yvette the thumbs up; the mission was a green light and now the only thing left to do was arrest Sadie Petrosyan before she caught on and tried to erase her hard drive. The team hopped out and worked their way towards the back entrance of the Federal building. Waiting for all signs of life to vanish, Victor counted down and Brett kicked the door in and rushed inside.
It took them a moment to locate her office and once they did, Yvette, Ryan, Victor and Dustin took backup to Brett as he entered the dark office. “Burning the midnight oil huh?”
“What? Who are you? How did you get in here?” she squinted her eyes to allow her pupils to adjust to the vast rolling darkness in front of her as he moved closer. “Danny? What are you doing here?”
He flashed his badge and a smile as Dustin threw the lights on. “You’re under arrest for economic espionage, selling trade secrets and treason. I guess acts of terrorism come in triplicate.”
“Terrorism? What are you talking about?” Pointing to the screen Sadie fell over into her hands and immediately she began crying. “Wait it’s not what you think.”
“No? What I think is you, Sadie Petrosyan, are in the middle of selling U.S. chemical weapon blueprints to a foreign government.”
“You don’t understand.”
“If I had a nickel.” She stood and looked towards the door at the rest of the team waiting for Brett to make the arrest. Anger and confusion contorted her soft features and she turned to Brett before he could slide the cuffs in place.
“Wait, my family is being blackmailed by some big business. They threatened to not only massacre everyone I know and love here in the states but back home in Sevan. Please! If they do not get what they are after my mother, my father, my little brother and sister will die!”
Brett placed the cuffs on and read her her rights. He moved her towards the door and stopped at Yvette’s question. “Who are you talking about?”
“Excuse me?”
“You’ve had to have been contacted some kind of way, who have you spoken to at this ‘business’ and what are they holding over you to blackmail you into committing three felonies?”
“I don’t know. He’s only contacted me a few times and each time was by cryptogram in the Sunday paper. He’s told me how powerful he was and to prove it he murdered my Aunt. Her hands were sent to my mother in Armenia! She wept for weeks!” She frowned and choked back tears of her own as she thought about the pain her aunt must have gone through.
“As for my crime, I was to be wed to a wealthy Armenian businessman. It was an arranged marriage and somehow these men they found out that I was not a…you must understand something about my father; he is traditional in every sense of the word. If he ever learned of what I’ve done our family would have become a disgrace in my home nation and they would be treated as lepers! So these men they ask for a blueprint and I think ‘what’s the harm in that?’ The stuff they wanted is old and outdated and never worked so I didn’t think it would harm anyone!”
“Well unfortunately for you, that was a wrong assessment. Any US Government document labeled as ‘eyes only’ or ‘confidential’ is just that. You’re gonna go up for these crimes but we can look into this other angle.” A sudden wave of nausea washed over Yvette as she thought about what “business” Sadie was referring to though she feared she already knew the answer to that question. They got back to HQ and Victor and Brett walked Petrosyan to booking.
“Yo Evans,” Peters heavy Southern Louisianan accent stopped her before she had a chance to disappear into the unit room. “Lab results ah back on that trace and ya nat ganna believe what we fawnd. That pahda on the jeans in the pahk was traced back tah ah highly lethal China White prawdact the maya ‘imself was pahtly respahnsible far shutting dahn. BUT supposedly he put an end tah the deala and the manufactura so this particula stuff shouldn’t be pahppin’ up again. It begs tah question what really became ahf the deala are the man that made this stuff and how invahlved was he at gettin’ them awf the streets.”
“So this either means Delaney’s work on the ‘Tough on Crime’ campaigns is working and he’s created several enemies while in office within that particular syndicate or the mayor has some explaining to do.”
“As we say back home when it gets thick, ‘laissez les bons temps rouler.’”
“Let the good times roll...yeah...this will be anything but good.”

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