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S4: Chapter 08: On Edge

“You sure he said 5th and Paisley? Because we’ve been posted on this damn corner every hour of the day since getting that message and there’s still no sign of life in that building.”

Ryan flipped open the phone to check the text once more and confirmed. “That’s what he said Boss. There wasn’t a time given so there’s no telling when this guy is gonna show. Guess we’ll just have to keep watch until he does.” He turned away as Yvette walked towards another corner pretending to work the street as Ryan fumbled through the trashcans in front of the convenience store.
It had been three days they’d been posted on this same corner waiting for the lights to go on in that building and for this mysterious messenger with a package meant for the Company to show. They’d taken turns on the stakeout but each team had come up empty handed.
Earlier in the week, Dustin intercepted a message from their old friend Ronald Harper that was meant as Eyes Only for the head of the Company, Ethan Evans. He informed Evans that he’d been able to decrypt old government records that would be very valuable if placed in the hands of a powerful person. He had made plans to sell these documents to the highest bidder but figured since they’d had history together, he would give Evans the first shot.
It was the opportunity they’d been waiting for. If Harper did have priceless information it not only meant that if they could successfully intercept the package they’d have information inside the Company but if Evans himself was this interested in the paperwork, he might be inclined to crawl out from under his rock. The very idea of a face-to-face with her father made Yvette tingle with anticipation. She hadn’t seen him since that tiny glimpse of a man in a dark suit at her mother’s funeral and had no idea what her initial reaction would be.
Brett had told her on numerous occasions he’d gladly pull the trigger if she found herself incapable. But was it his death she was really after? She wanted answers and at present he was the only one that knew for sure what they were. “Heads up Red,” Ryan hissed over the comm. as a red jeep pulled up to Yve’s corner. “I think you have another John.”
Yvette waved at the driver of the car and leaned into his door as she spoke and kept her eyes on their target location. Two days she’d had thirty-four different men come up to her. After jotting down their license plates and sending Dustin their names and addresses, she informed the men to get off the street and warned them if she saw them again their wives would get a very unpleasant phone call. Not to mention the crime they’d committed would have them behind bars for solicitation. She put on her brightest smile and rubbed a finger across her lip as she addressed her newest victim. “What are you up for tonight Stud?”
“Actually I’m looking for a threesome. You got a friend you can bring along? You know someone to lick on my balls while I give you a mushroom stamp.” He unzipped his pants and showed her his hard-on as he blew kisses at her. “You know you want that!”
“Mmm well…” A black sedan pulled into the parking lot of the building in front of her. “Finally!” she sighed and stepped back from the window.
“Hey! Where the hell are you going? What about my dick?”
“Buddy if you plan on staying attached to it, I suggest you vacate the area,” she pulled the slide back on her Magnum loading a round in the chamber and tucked herself close to the building. “Now!” Without question, the red jeep pulled away from the curb and drove off as quickly as possible.
We got action; Diamond and I are moving in to check it out.”
Keep the comms. on. We’re circling around back to keep watch.” Victor spoke as he pulled the Tahoe one street away behind the building. Brett picked up a pair of binoculars and moved to the back window and saw as Ryan and Yvette moved towards the building to get a look inside.
Ryan took lead and circled around the front. Peering inside the dark tinted windows he could make out three people walking back and forth in front of a laptop that had been set up on a crate. One of the men placed a CD inside the machine and powered it up. “Now this should only take a second to verify and you’ll see for yourself just how valuable this information really is.”
I see Harper. He’s presenting the documents to someone I can’t see who it is but I’m sure it’s the buyer for Evans. I’m gonna head inside and take position. Boss you got my 20?”
Yeah Cobra, I’ll perch on the east exit. Just signal me when you’re ready and we’ll take these guys down.
Ryan entered the building with caution being sure not to make a sound as he slid his body behind one of the crates near the door. Crouching and moving closer he changed his vantage point four times before he was finally able to get a clear view of the men near the east exit. “There are four of them. Two of the men are staying beside the door, one looks to be holding guard for the other. A third man is checking over Harper’s information.
Let us know when you get a good indication the buy is going through and we’ll be ready to pounce.” He could hear Victor arming a weapon in the background as the engine idled preparing the remainder of the team to move.
“As you can see this is priceless information. Dangerous if in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they have and possibly the same for someone who did,” Harper laughed. He ejected the disc and placed it inside of a green lockbox, closed down the laptop and dropped them both into a black attaché case.
“Very well. How much do you want?” the older gentleman standing beside the door asked not moving from his position near the exit.
“Four mill; pittance considering what this stuff is worth! You could own this country and even some foreign sovereignty as well!”
“Still, it’s a little steep. Besides I have a different price in mind.” Motioning towards the man beside him, a loud bang was heard over the comms. causing the team to yank them immediately from their ears as the reverb bounced off their eardrums and echoed inside their heads.
Boss? Boss you ok in there? Cobra? One of you answer me!” Dustin yelled into his microphone as Victor put the truck in gear and moved towards the adjacent street.
I’m fine but I don’t think the same can be said about Harper though. Cobra what do you see?”
He poked his head above one of the crates and watched as the men started for the exit. “They are heading your way Boss, get away from the door.
At Ryan’s words, Yvette slinked to the back of the building and waited for the remaining three men to step out of the door and head towards the car parked in the empty lot across from her. One of the bodyguards was the first to show. Making a quick beeline towards the car he started it up and swung around to the front to wait on the others. Moments later the door opened again and a man carrying the black briefcase was followed out with another armed guard. “Don’t move another muscle!” Yvette growled stepping behind the two men.
Ryan joined her around the front of the building and held them at gunpoint as she stepped closer and yanked the case from the man’s hand. She took three steps back towards the back of the building to provide herself with cover and called for the rest of the team.
“Cottonmouth what’s your ETA?” Static filled the other end of the comm. and she gazed down at Ryan who simply shrugged and checked the street for signs of the truck. “Viper? We have the case we need extraction and a wagon for three, what’s your ETA?”
Again there was no response and the men in front of her were becoming antsy. The man in the black suit shifted his weight on his feet and seconds later the gunman with him whipped around and fired off a magazine in Yvette’s direction. She dove behind the building, throwing the case a few feet in front of herself and took cover.
Ryan pressed himself against the wall and prepared for the standoff firing a few rounds of his own towards the men. Black suit ran towards the car and Yvette pulled herself up from the ground, grabbed the case and rushed towards the other end of the building before the gunman made it around the corner she was perched rocketing a few more bullets in her direction.
She peeked around the corner noticing Ryan just a few feet away from her and emptied her clip into the alley. “SIDEWINDER!” she yelled finally hearing the comms. come back online. “Where the hell are you guys?” Both Ryan and Yve fired wildly into the alley pulling back once they both heard their weapons click.
Pulling up to the street finally, Brett grabbed his gun prepared to return cover but the shooting stopped. Yvette poked her head around the corner and noticed the man was lying face down in the dirt in the back of the building. “Here,” tossing the case at Ryan she rushed towards the front again checking for the last two men. Just as she reached the corner she spied the black suit opening the passenger side door.
He paused momentarily and turned towards her feeling her eyes on the back of his head. A sick smile crossed his lips and he removed the shades from his eyes briefly and waved at her. “No…” she whispered to herself as she stood in shock recognizing the face.
Without regard for her safety she ran into the street reloading her weapon on the way down. Hitting the pavement hard Yvette emptied another clip at the man and moved steadily closer towards the duo.
“Damn Ry, you can sit in the trunk! You really went above and beyond the call of duty for this one. Man! It smells like you’ve been rolling around in trash all day!” Dustin wrinkled his nose and waved a hand in front of his face as Vic stopped in front of the building to pick him up.
“Dust did you see who that was?” he asked as he started towards the intersection once again.
“Yeah, Ethan Evans...Vette's Dad!”
“Well then I guess she doesn’t have a problem pulling the trigger after all,” Ryan joked as she continued firing off her weapon in broad daylight heading towards the armored sedan.
“Yeah but that smells like bad news for us, swing around and grab her Vic,” Brett chimed in.
The driver of the car finally got it into drive and backed away from Yvette. “Don’t hit her!” Ethan yelled as the agent behind the wheel aimed right for her. “I have other plans still. Just get us out of here!”
Vic busted a U-turn in the middle of the heavy flow traffic. Brett threw open his door and grabbed her around the waist pulling her into his door as Victor made a quick getaway.
“What the hell was that Yve?”
“I…I don’t know. I saw him and and something took over.” She glanced up through the windshield and frowned noticing they weren’t giving chase. “What the fuck Victor? Follow him! You’re letting them get away!”
“For our own good Yvette! That car was armored, this truck isn’t! There’s no telling who or what was inside of that thing. We need to get back to HQ and think.”
Turning to Brett she could see the worry and regret painted vividly on his face. She grunted and dropped deeper into the seat sulking the remaining way to the Federal building. Ryan held the door open and helped her out of the truck and silently they rode the elevator up to the unit room.
“What the hell were you thinking?!” Scott’s angry face was the first thing to greet her as she stepped inside the small room. “A public shooting on a government issued vehicle Yvette? Have you lost your mind? That footage is everywhere on the news now and I have a meeting with Lieutenant General Haynes to discuss this possible act of terrorism by one of our own! What do you have to say for yourself?”
She dropped silently on the couch without looking towards him and kept her gaze directed on the floor as she spoke. “It was him. I didn’t…I didn’t mean to go off like that. But when I saw him and he smiled at me like I was some normal, everyday stranger on the street I lost it! All I could think was this man was responsible for all the pain, all the heartache, all the turmoil in my life and I just wanted to see him pay!”
Scott took a seat beside her and pulled her into his arms. “I know what you’re feeling, but you have to control it better. I can’t afford to have you going rogue like that in the middle of a busy intersection and especially when there are government vehicles involved!”
“I know. I’m sorry. I’ll do better I promise.”
“Well Scotty if it makes you feel any better, we got what we were after,” Victor waved the disc around like a victory flag. “Now we’ll know whatever the Company knows and be one step ahead of them.”
“Well that is one shining ray of light on this increasing gloomy day. And perhaps tonight will be even more reason to smile. Don’t forget my house, seven o’clock, don’t be late.” He pulled up from the couch and started down to his office.
“Hey do you mind getting your stinky ass away from my gear before you forever taint it with that odor?” Dustin crossed his arms into his chest and stared at the bum.
“Come on, I’m not even that close to it!” Ryan leaned onto the back of the monitor and winked. “Yve we’re not expected to bring anything are we? Because to be honest I’m only going for the food,” he smirked.
“The food and the pleasure of our company you mean.”
“Yeah…right; that’s what I meant.”
“Are you bringing a date?” Brett smiled slyly as Yve leaned into his arms. “You know play a little ‘meet my new girl’. I mean you can’t keep her to yourself forever!”
“Yeah I expected you to say that. Maybe. I was bringing Stef though. I think it’ll be fun for her to get out of the house. Hang around with uh…Tao’s coming right?”
“If I don’t bring him I don’t think he’d let me forget it! And don’t worry,” he grinned towards Yvette. “He’s found someone new to crush on Boss Lady.”
“Yeah like that’ll stop him from checking out every girl there.”
“Well in that case I’d better keep my eye on Stef; I wouldn’t want your nephew putting the moves on my kid sister.”
“I wouldn’t worry about that Ry, Tao’s into older women. Now Brandy, she’s free game. He’ll try and seduce the panties off of her! I’d keep an eye on her if anything.”
“In speaking of panties,” Brett smirked placing his mouth along the column of Yvette’s neck. “You get to keep this outfit right? Might be fun come our honeymoon.” His lips rubbed up her skin painting soft circles along the smoothest part of her nape before planting kisses just at the top of her spine.
“Where do you think this outfit came from? You didn’t see me pull it from the closet? As for our honeymoon, well that all depends on how you make it through our wedding week.” She grinned and bumped her hip into his pushing him back. “You’d better be on your best behavior.” The team said their goodbyes and went home to get ready to start their weekend with a kick off at Scott’s place.
“Hey Mom, I got the shots for the floral arrangements, did you get a chance to see them?” Brett asked as he took a seat behind his computer. He placed his cell phone on speaker and checked the websites he’d located the florists and possible locales from.
I did! They are gorgeous. Does Yvette like them?”
“I think so. She said as long as I don’t overdo the pink she’s happy. She suggested purples and blues with an offset of tan or champagne and I figured I’d stick as close to that as I can. I have an appointment with the tailor tomorrow for my fitting.”
Are you doing the traditional tux?”
“Actually I was hoping to stray from that. I got my eye on a nice three-piece suit, NO TIE. I think it looks nice. It has a baby blue vest beneath a pure white coat and pants. Yve’s looking for something to match it.”
How far along are you on the reception and rehearsal dinner?”
“We’re skipping the dinner actually that’s why we’re doing the barbecue tonight. You’re still meeting us at Scott’s right?”
Of course sweetheart. We are anxious to see everyone again. I think it’s wonderful you have such an active role in planning your wedding. When me and your father got married I had to practically drag him to everything because he wasn’t interested in ‘the frills’ as he called them. He only wanted the end result with me as his wife.
“Yeah well I guess that’s the opposite with Yvette and me. She’s not into the whole planning thing but I know she’s excited she keeps talking about it. Plus it was her idea to get married as soon as possible. I think it’s moments like these when she really misses her mom though. I can see the look in her eyes sometimes; vacant and sad.”
Yes I can imagine this is really hard for her. Every girl dreams of their perfect wedding. I only wish she had everything her little heart wanted for her big day. She’s very blessed to have you though; someone that cares enough to do the brunt of the work.
“I’d do anything for my future wife, Mom. We haven’t quite settled on a location but she said that Scott had plans to marry in this small church near the beach. I kind of like the idea of a beach wedding but I think she’d prefer something inside. I’ll have to talk to her.”
Well maybe you can compromise. Have the wedding indoors and perhaps the reception on the beach. It might be a nice day hopefully and if so it would be great sitting on the water celebrating your marriage.
“Yeah more and more I can see that.” He pulled up from the computer and began pacing in front of the large picture window.
What about the catering? Have you contacted anyone on that front?
“No. Yvette said that she’ll look into that because she knows people will have specific tastes so she wants to at least have four choices of entrees.”
“Yeah she’s thinking beef, chicken, fish and veggie. Something for everyone depending on who RSVPs. We are planning to check out wedding cakes on Tuesday. This is one thing she insisted we do together and I really love that. Her one request is absolutely NOTHING with lemon. She doesn’t like the idea of it for the wedding.”
Well tell her myself and Terry will thank her for that. Neither of us enjoy the taste of lemon cakes or icing very much. Many people can’t get the flavor just right and if it’s over or underdone it can leave a bad taste in my mouth.
“I’ll let her know Mom. Hey I heard the shower turn off, so I’m gonna run. We’ll see you at Scott’s soon.”
Alright Sweetie, take care of my daughter and I’ll see you then. I love you.
“I love you too Mom.” He hung up the phone and closed down his email after sending another confirmation received from an RSVP. Gabriel Tasker was now on the list of attendees and he knew that would make Yvette happy. It had been a few months since they last saw one another though they kept in contact over the phone and via Skype.
He peeked down the hall towards the bathroom door waiting for it to open. Brett was ready within minutes of getting back to the condo he shared with Yvette. Pacing the tiny area in front of the window he smiled down at the beautiful city lights thinking about where he would like to live. “Babe I know we said we’d wait until after the wedding to start looking for a new place, but I’ve been on the lookout and spotted a few nice homes in the Lynwood area. I think it would be a great place to settle down. It’s close to work, some really nice schools in the area and the beach is just a stone’s throw away.”
“Yeah that might be nice. Anything near the water is ideal for me. I’d love waking up to the sound of the ocean in my backyard. Hey Brett!” Yvette called through the door after stepping out of the shower. The sound of her voice demanded he come see her and he padded quickly down the hall.
“Yve? What’s wrong Honey? Are you out of toilet paper?” She could hear him laughing on the other side and couldn’t help but smile herself.
“No! My Mom taught me to always look before sitting down. Don’t you know that?”
“Yeah well SOME of us don’t have to sit for both. What’s up?” He jiggled the knob and she stepped back from the door waiting for him to open it.
“I’m late.”
“Well I’m sure Scott will forgive your tardiness. It’s only a barbecue Sweetie it’s not like you were schedule to show at any appointed time.” Finally swinging the door open his eyes opened wider noticing the item she held between her fingers. Slowly lifting his gaze to meet hers a smile formed on his lips that grew bigger when she returned the look.
“No I mean…”
“I’m gonna be a Daddy?” He rushed forward and snatched the indicator from her hand trying his best to make out what the lines meant before dropping it to the sink and waiting for her to confirm the test for him.
“Yes. I…”
“YVETTE!” He gripped her tight in his arms and swung her around the small room clutching her damp, nude body against him he brought her lips to his and kissed her hard pressing her bottom lip into her teeth. “I can’t wait to tell my…”
“Wait no, we can’t tell anyone, not yet anyway.”
“Why? What do you mean? Why not?” He slowly lowered her to the floor as confusion spread across his face and his hand gently rubbed her back.
“I want to know for sure before we say anything. Tomorrow morning I’ll make an appointment to see my doctor and he’ll be able to confirm this. I just don’t want to make anyone happy or crazed like you until we know it’s not a false positive. After that you can shout it from the tallest buildings in the city.”
His smile came back quickly and he drew her back into his arms. “Deal! But I get to make the announcement!”
“That’s fine with me.” She giggled as he dropped to his knees and began kissing her belly profusely.
“It’s about time one of my guys got down to work. Not that I wasn’t enjoying the vigorous tryouts but I needed this!” He looked up at her still clutching her hips near his face. “I love you Yvette.”
“I love you too Brett. Now let me go I need to finish getting ready before we’re late for the barbecue also. Unlike you I can’t just slap on the same clothes I wore earlier and go out again.”
“Please! I’m a man Baby! Men don’t need your fancy water gadgets patooey!” He fake spit and lovingly slapped a hand across her ass watching her head to the bedroom to dress. Standing and following her he began humming loudly to himself thinking over all of the things he would teach his child. “Man if it’s a little boy…”
“Your Mom will kill you,” she sighed.
Noticing the change in her mood he stepped closer to the bed and smiled. “You’ll make a great Mom Yve.”
“It’s not that Brett.”
“Then what’s up Babe? Is it the job?”
“No I’m not nervous or scared or anything, I’m happy. I’m completely happy and it feels…I don’t know,” she paused and chewed her bottom lip, tied the straps to her sundress over her head and fluffed her hair back in place. “I want to be married before the baby comes.”
He laughed and sauntered towards her as she slipped into her last shoe. Lifting her chin so that he could peer into her beautiful green eyes he shook his head calming her fears. “Then that’s what we’ll do. If you’re worried that there’s a chance I’d leave you without making things official then…”
She punched his arm and smiled. “I’m not worried about that Brett. I know I can’t get rid of your ass even if I tried. I just don’t want our child to be a bastard. Chalk it up to one of my quirks. I just want him or her to never question how much they’re loved and wanted.” She kissed him gently on his bottom lip and sighed satisfactorily. “Now let’s get out of here before Dad calls.”
“THERE SHE IS!” Scott laughed and rushed towards Yvette as she and Brett stepped into the backyard. He pecked her cheek and took her hand. “I was beginning to think you weren’t gonna show.”
“No chance of that Pop. I wouldn’t miss out on your cooking for the world!” Eyeing her surroundings she spied Victor and Sierra sitting under a canopied table with Terrance and Regina. Kiara was tucked into Victor’s lap and the two men seemed immersed in conversation. Dustin and Mica were cozying up on the sofa beside Ryan and Brandy who were having a few drinks and Tao, Stefanie, Chase and Aisha played in the pool nearby. “Wow the gang’s all here.”
“Plus one! Come on there’s someone I want you to meet.” Pulling her towards the buffet table he stopped near the edge as a woman in her mid fifties turned to greet Yvette with a smile. “Vivica I want you to meet the most important lady in my life, my daughter Yvette.”
“Well it’s nice to finally put a face to the stories! Your father has told me so much about you Yvette.” Her hazel green eyes sparkled with the smile that lit up her face and she rubbed a hand across Scott’s arm as she spoke. She had a slow southern drawl to her voice and it resonated pleasantly as she imagined a true southern belle would sound. Her makeup was bright but not overly heavy which pleased Yvette for some reason. She was motherly in appearance, warm; she just hoped that translated to her personality as well.
“And I’m sure he embellished most of it I wasn’t as clumsy as he likes to tell people.” Watching the woman she noticed how comfortable she seemed standing next to her Dad and Yvette began wondering just how long the two had been seeing each other.
“Please! Why else would I have nicknamed you Tumblelina? I’ve never known anyone else that could not carry a plate of spaghetti! Every time and I mean every time WELL into her teen years she spilled it on the floor trying to take it to the table. I would even get two plates made up for her because I knew the first was wood polish every time!”
“IT WAS SLIPPERY! You can’t expect noodles not to move around a plate Pop!”
Vivica laughed and brushed a strand of her bright silver hair behind her ear enjoying their exchange. “Well we all have a little bit of clumsy in us I’m sure. But Scott is very proud of you Yvette; the stories weren’t all about your clumsiness.”
“Well that’s good to know,” she beamed and looked towards Brett as he joined them and slid his arm around her waist.
“Oh and who is this handsome young man?” Vivica asked as her eyes followed Yvette’s.
“This is my fiancé Brett.”
“Fiancé and partner,” he corrected extending his hand in greeting. “It’s very nice to meet you.”
“And isn’t he quite the charmer? Looks like you snagged yourself a good one,” she winked at Yvette before turning with a smile to Scott.
“Come on Brett, you can help me with this meat,” Scott lovingly kissed Vivica’s cheek and moved back towards the grill as Yve led Vivica towards the table.
“So how are you doing Brett?” Scott asked as he turned the steaks and tossed another pack of hamburgers on the grill.
“Me? I’m fine. Why do you ask?”
“Oh just curious because if you don’t stop staring at my little girl like a piece of meat I’m gonna throw you on the fire like one.”
Brett laughed and stopped suddenly when he realized Scott was not joining him. He cleared his throat and took another sip of his beer before turning away from his fiancée. “Uh…well…I didn’t…”
“Relax Brett, I was only kidding. Besides, very soon she’ll be yours officially and I’ll no longer be the most important man in her life,” he sighed and flipped the burgers once more. “I was really curious how things were going with the planning. If you need anything, financial assistance, ideas, anything, just ask; I wanna help.  I think the both of you deserve the best day possible and if I can be a part of that in any way just tell me.”
“So how long have you and Dad been seeing one another?” Yvette asked as she settled in beside the others at the table. Kiara motioned for her to pick her up and she stole her from Victor’s lap producing a smile on Brett’s lips as he glanced in her direction. Shoving a pink and purple doll into her face eagerly, Yvette gave the small child in front of her some attention and watched as she redid the doll’s hair braiding and unbraiding one large plait on her head. “That’s beautiful Ki! At least you’re not like Aisha and have someone else’s hair to play with!” She looked up as Vivica finished sipping her drink and began her account of her relationship with Scott.
“Now this might sound a bit cliché but believe it or not I met your father in the fresh foods section of the grocery store. He was debating between cantaloupe and honey dew and he looked so deep in thought. It was so cute but I swear I saw a bit of steam puff out of his ears! Well I strolled right on over to him and said ‘you know honey dew’s in season and the sweeter of the two!’ He looked up at me with a smile that I tell ya could light up a room and said ‘No matter the size of the melons I can usually tell by the firmness of the squeeze.’ And I swear his face turned three shades of red when he realized what he’d said! After that he asked me to have a coffee with him and I couldn’t refuse. We’ve had little dinners and lunches here and there ever since and that was oh I’d say about five weeks ago now.” She rambled, Yvette smiled. The Southern Belle persona was complete and Yvette found herself becoming a little comfortable in her presence.
“Your accent, where are you from?”
“Charleston, born and raised! My family lived close to Mount Holly right there in Berkeley County going on sixty years now. Papa’s no longer around but Mama is still holding up out there on her wraparound front porch where she sits and watches the kids sipping fresh brewed sweet tea in the summer! Gosh she’s coming up now on her 83rd birthday soon enough!”
“Well you’re certainly a world away here. Bridgeport has a large city feel to it and being so close to D.C. it’s seen its share of crime fluctuations. Though you’ve probably landed in one of the safer groups of people you could find. What brought you to the North?”
“Work, always work. I was a travelling saleswoman for the MacLean Cosmetic Company but now I’m the Chief Financial Officer for their Northeast division. Been working for them ever since I was a fresh faced teen just green off the farm. Through my dedication and never say die attitude I worked my way through the ranks to grab one of the most prestigious titles in the business and I couldn’t be happier, or so I thought.” She smiled again in Scott’s direction and Yvette followed her gaze and smiled as well. So that’s the secret he’s been keeping. She knew he seemed particularly more glowing and happier as of late and his shirts always seemed to be pressed extra flawlessly when he came in for work.
“So Yvette said that this church is close to the water, do you know whether we’d be able to host the reception out on the beach?”
“Actually it’s just on the edge of a cliff near bouts the water. It’s not really set up for a beach like locale so that would be really difficult. Now if you wanted you could always just have the reception in a completely different location altogether. That’s not exactly unheard of. It all depends on how much travelling you want your guests to do. Have you already sent out the invites?”
“I have. I haven’t seen the church yet but Yve has and so she was primarily in charge of telling me occupancy so that we could get an understanding of how many to invite. We’re gonna swing by it tomorrow though so she can give me the grand tour before the ceremony.”
“Well I’m sure you’ll love it. It’s a really great place and will set the perfect mood for the both of you.” He looked up and met her gaze with a wink before turning the burgers once more and pulling them off the grill.
“Food’s ready!” he announced and handed Brett a plate of burgers to carry to the table. The children hopped out of the pool and shook off laughing as they rushed towards the small area Victor had set up for them earlier. After saying grace everyone dove into the large ensemble of food Scott had laid out before them. Small conversations were held here and there and they all enjoyed a nice night together and got to know Vivica and Brandy a little better.
**Author's note: I just realized how incredibly happy this ending odd.**

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