Friday, November 16, 2012

S5: Chapter 08: My Sacrifice

Yvette was having trouble sleeping the last few nights. She stayed by Scott’s bedside as long as possible talking him through it as the doctor told her it was helping to improve his condition which wasn’t as fatal as they had originally believed. Scott pushed away from Cameron as he felt the blade burning into his skin and thankfully suppressed the amount of damage he did to his body.

The knife tore across his Sternohyoid muscle missing his carotid artery by half an inch. It did however nick a superficial cervical artery causing him to bleed out. He’d been in and out of consciousness since the incident; blood loss and deoxygenation on his brain is what they attributed it to. Whenever he did open his eyes it was never for very long but he knew where he was and who everyone was and both were good signs.

If he could stay awake for a consecutive hour his prognosis would improve and he’d be scheduled for release very soon. Everything else had been repaired and it was now only a matter of him regaining his strength. Yvette pulled away from his bedside and started down towards the cafeteria. If it wasn’t for the mini-Brett growing inside her belly she would probably skip eating altogether just to stay near Scott where she was needed most. 

She grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich and chocolate milk from the vending machine and started back up the stairs. Noticing the man in the track suit heading for her she stopped and waited to make out his face. “Ethan?”

“I heard about Scott, I’m sorry Yvie I know I shouldn’t be here but I just…” he handed her a fresh bouquet of flowers and started towards the exit.

“Wait.” He turned back towards her and she motioned for the waiting room. Placing the bouquet on the table she smiled and shook her head. “You brought him flowers?”

“Uh, no. I’d never in my lifetime bring a man flowers. Those are for you. Lilies are your favorite right?” She nodded her head and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. “I remember. Every time we went for one of our adventures you’d always find one on the side of the road and then have to find something else to take home to your Mom. When I asked you said it was because you loved them and didn’t want to give them away…that is until her birthday. You bought her a bouquet of white lilies and told her it was…”

“Because I loved them so much and wanted someone I loved equally to have them, yeah I remember. She had them pressed and put them in her photo album so she could cherish them always.” Her eyes filled with tears and she fell forward allowing the pain of everything to weigh heavy on her. “I can’t lose him too Ethan!”

Ethan moved closer and pulled her into his arms, “Hey it’ll be ok, I promise. He’s had setbacks before right? Just think of this as a bump in the road. He’ll pull through this for you but you have to be strong for him. Otherwise when he gets better he’ll start worrying about you and end up in here again. It’ll be a vicious circle of panic,” he smiled and felt her laugh beneath his grip. “Try and remain positive about things Yvie. It’s what Scott needs right now.” He looked up and noticed Brett parking his SUV just outside and sighed. “Your husband’s on the way in.”

“That means you should probably run,” she sniffled and wiped a hand over her cheek. “He’s out for blood right now.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Thank you Ethan, really I mean that.”

“If you need me…” he turned and started for the exit on the other end of the hall just as Brett entered and found Yvette sitting alone in the lobby.

“Hey you,” Yvette smiled as he approached her with a hug. “Shouldn’t you be at work?”

“Yeah well I wanted to swing by on my lunch break and check on my old man,” he smiled. “I’m not staying long because there’s a ton to do. Plus I think he threatened to fire me last night.”

“No he said if you fuck up at work he was going to demote you and it wasn’t a threat; he was serious.”

“And that’s the reason I wanted to slip in and out. Is he awake?”

“He wasn’t when I was up there but the nurse should be coming around for lunch soon.” Taking her hand they re-entered and found Scott sitting up with a tray across his lap. “Daddy!” Scott smiled seeing her walk through the door. She immediately rushed his bedside and hugged him. “You would wait until I was gone before opening your eyes again.”

He shrugged and glanced towards Brett. “What are you doing here?” he asked in a weak and scratchy voice mimicking a whisper. “I thought I told you I would fire you if I saw you again.” Brett sighed in Yvette’s direction and she stifled a laugh.

“I’m leaving Dad I just wanted to see how you’re doing. With any luck they might kick your ass out of here tonight.”

“Oh they’ll let me go. I just threatened the nurse with arrest for bringing me lunch instead of my release papers. I told her if the next person that walks in here isn’t coming to get these wires out of my arm I was going to reign hell on all of them.”

“That’s not good Daddy. They are only trying to help and you haven’t proven you should be released yet. They’ll let you go when you’re ready!”

“I am ready. There’s too much work that needs to be done and I...”

“It’s getting done just fine. Seriously, Dad. You’re the worst patient ever!”

“Well I wasn’t built for this.”

Bridgeport – June 25, 2007

“You’re Miss Sandra’s son…I mean ‘Mom’,” Stefanie sighed and her gaze dropped to her feet.

Ryan smiled and moved closer. Kneeling in front of her he whispered and nodded towards the front door of her home. “You can call her whatever you want it doesn’t matter to me. I can tell you one thing; I’m not calling your Dad ‘Dad’. I’ve already had a father and I don’t need another one. But I’ve never had a baby sister and I’ve always wanted one of those.”

Stefanie’s eyes darted towards him and a smile stretched the entire length of her face. She jumped off the swing and threw her arms around his neck. “I’ve always wanted a brother too! My Mom, my real mom, left me before I got one.”

“Well see then it worked out for us both! My name’s Ryan, what’s yours?”

“Stefanie, people call me Steffi though, I don’t like it. You can call me Stef.”

He flicked her pierced ear and smiled at the sheer number of earrings in it and shook his head negatively. “No I think I’ll call you Pin Cushion instead. How old are you?”

“I turned 10 in April.”

“10 and you have that many piercings? What does your Dad think about that?”

“My Mom took me before she went away. It was our special thing. Who’s that man over there?” she asked noticing Brett leaning against his truck with his arms folded into his chest.

“Oh that’s my partner. He’s getting grumpy I think, see the frown on his face?” she nodded enthusiastically and he smiled. “Yeah he does that when he’s ready to go somewhere.”

“Are you a police officer?”

“I’m actually a Federal Agent, a Spy.”

“Do you have a gun and handcuffs and stuff?” Ryan pulled up his shirt and showed her his gear and her eyes got bigger. “So if someone was committing a crime and I told you would you be able to arrest them?”

“For you? Anything! You know someone committing a crime?”

“Stefanie get your rear in here already, your mother cooked and your food is getting cold,” Eddie shouted from the doorway.

“I’m coming!” she sighed and turned to Ryan with a frown. “No but if I did could I tell you about it?”

“You can tell me anything you want Stef and I’ll take care of it. I’m your Big Brother after all. It’s my job to protect you.”

“Alright!” she beamed and started towards the front door. 

“Hey wait a sec Pin Cushion.” Ryan approached her and removed his cell phone from his pocket. Dialing his home phone he put the number on the first speed dial and handed it to her. “Here. If you ever need to talk just call and I’ll be right there for you alright?”

“I think I’m gonna like having you for a brother!” she tucked the phone beneath her dress and hurried inside.

“Yo Ry we doing this thing or not?” Brett yelled impatiently as Ryan stood watching the trail Stefanie blazed into the house. Something about the way she looked haunted him but her smile warmed his heart.

“Yeah! I’m coming!” he grumbled and headed back. 

Bridgeport – Present Day

“So what do you think?” the Realtor asked after they made it back towards the empty living room. Her face was hopeful but she tried to remain professional about it. This was the 7th house she had shown the two today and it was seeming hopeless matching him up with the perfect home.

With a sweet smile and nod he shrugged and answered the eager to please woman. “Uh well I’m not sure. It’s a good distance away from my job but it is in a new zoning area so that’s kind of what I’m looking for. I promised my sister I wouldn’t give the thumbs up unless she approved though so we’ll have to see what she thinks.”

Stefanie had finally bounced her way back towards him and Ryan looked at her waiting for her approval. She nodded eagerly and began explaining how she had planned to set up her bedroom at the very top of the stairs. “I think that’s a yes,” he reached his hand out to shake hers and she took it quickly.

“Well Mr. Sharpe I really hope you enjoy your new home. Let’s get you to the office and we can finish the paperwork there.”

Stefanie slid into the seat beside him and grinned. “Our first home! This is gonna be great!”

“Yeah? I’m glad you’re so excited about it. I did have an ulterior motive for coming out this far too.”

Her muscles tensed suddenly and she glanced over at her step-brother nervously. “Y-you did?”

“Mmhmm! It’s in District C which means you’ll be attending a new school.” He sighed and turned to her with a smile as they sat at the red light. “I wanted to get you away from that counselor at your school, she really bothers me.”

“But what about my friends?”

“You can see them on the weekends or after school. It’s your home too Stef, you can invite them over whenever you want. Plus, we’re coming up on someone’s birthday and I was thinking that it’s about time you…”

“Get a car? Oh my God! You’re the best Ryguy!”

“Whoa ok that’s not exactly what I was gonna say. I was referring to your curfew. A car Stef? Do I look like I’m made out of money? We are buying a home!”

“Yeah, yeah! So I know the one I want. Lydia Lambert just got this new Chrysler something or another for her 16th and I was thinking if I wanted to impress my friends I need something that’s both exotic and fast so I think a Corvette would be PERFECT!”

“Ha right, I’ll get you a Corvette when the lotto check clears. I was thinking more along the lines of a Honda Civic or Mitsubishi Lancer if anything. If, and I’m not saying this is a definite, but IF I can manage the first few months of the mortgage payment we can grab you a car. Now it won’t be nothing flashy, nothing fancy and definitely not as expensive as a Corvette! A pure cash car!”

She leaned over and kissed his cheek as the light turned green. “I love you!”

“I’ll try and remember that when I have to teach you how to drive. You wouldn’t purposely try and kill me because you love me.” He smirked at her shocked face and pulled into the realtor’s office.

“Over here,” Ethan waved and stood as Yvette entered the small diner. Hugging her as she approached the table he motioned to the waitress and she promptly came over and took Yvette’s drink order. “Wow you look gorgeous! I wasn’t sure if we were still on for today or not considering Scott’s condition and I forgot to ask but I’m very glad you came.”

“Scott’s going to be fine it’s not as bad as we originally believed. He has a minor nick on his left artery that caused the heavy bleeding we saw but clamping my fingers on his neck prevented too much loss. The doctor pretty much told him he should stop faking to get out of work and I drove him home before I came here. He told me in not so few words that he was tired of seeing my face and that I should try and sleep in my own bed tonight,” she laughed and played with the straw on the table. “I’m just happy he’s better and back to his old self already.”

“See I told you he’d be ok. He’s a champ. He wouldn’t dare let you mourn him.”

“Yeah he can be a real hard ass sometimes and I think he might have even scared off the reaper. He was pretty strict growing up but he knew when to let me be me.”

“I think I’d have to agree with that, your 16th birthday seemed fun enough.”

Yvette looked up into his smiling eyes and smiled in return. “Wait you were there?”

“I was always there, watching from a distance as usual. I stood across the street watching you and your friends enjoy your day. But it’s not as if I could stroll up to the front door and say hello. Besides I think the abundance of teen girls in one area was enough to ward off any daring visitor.”

The waitress brought over their plates and sat them quietly on the table. “Oh it wasn’t that crazy! It was just a few close friends and a band Mom called for entertainment. I don’t think it got that out of control.”

“Oh yeah, the fire breather and the juggler were average every day citizens I’m sure.”

She laughed and dipped her fork into the Porcini Risotto Ethan had ordered for her while he enjoyed his Potato and Truffle Torte. “Why do you work for them? Like you said our line of work is dangerous to start but it seems to me you are actively seeking the more dangerous missions, why?”

“We shouldn’t discuss certain topics Sweetheart; at least not out in the open. Just know that everything I do serves a greater purpose and no one is above the law.”

She nodded her head and ignored the strange feeling that he was hinting to her about something. His gaze was intent and so filled with purpose; she knew exactly what that meant. “Mmm so how long were you watching me?” she asked between bites.

“That day or overall?” She nodded to the second part of the question and he continued. “I was always around from the day I left up until Katrina’s funeral. After that I knew it was best to let you grow up without me being around and being a threat in your life.”

“So why are you back now? You still pose a threat. You still have people after you. What makes now a more relevant time for you to be in my life?”

“When I got back to town I had no intentions of approaching you. I was going to resume lurking as I had but then I learned about Landry and thought it was best that I warn you. When you told me you were just wed AND pregnant I don’t know I felt so disconnected from you and in that moment I just…” 

He inhaled a deep ragged breath to keep himself composed and smiled at her. “I just wanted to be a part of your life, any part that you’d let me have. All I ever wanted was to keep you safe Yvie and I failed you, I know that.”

She chewed the bite in her mouth for a moment and sighed. “Well this has been nice.”

“It has and I appreciate you giving me a chance. I have really enjoyed getting reacquainted with you.”

She smiled again and took another bite. “Wait when you said that day…” he nodded at her and she leaned forward nervously brushing her hair from her face. “S-s-so what all did you see?” 

“If you’re asking me if I saw you sneak out past curfew, walk to some boy’s house and climb through his window, the answer is yes.” Ethan smirked at her and she immediately felt herself blush. Yvette turned her attention to the cup of Chai tea in front of her and she did her best to ignore the burning of her flushed cheeks as Ethan’s gaze continued beaming down on her. “And I’m sure I know what you were doing. I actually thought about setting fire to his car out in the driveway and causing a distraction to get you out of the house but thought how wrong that could go. Instead once I knew you had safely made it to your destination I took off.”

“Uh well…ok.” He chuckled at her embarrassment and she attempted to move on in conversation. “So did you ever date again after you left Mom?”

“Yeah I suppose here and there. I never got into anything serious; no one could hold a candle to my Kat. She really was the love of my life Yvette. I’ve missed her every single day I’ve lived without her. You have no idea how much you’ve come to resemble her. And that’s not only in your appearance but the way you tackle your job as well. She would be truly proud of you.”

“Why didn’t you ever come back? Even when we moved you never called or wrote or anything. I mean you’re a spy. You could have easily gotten around the whole death threat thing and sent a card under an assumed identity or something.”

“You mean like an anagram of my name? We’re spies; things like that in our line of work are easy to discern. Yvie I made choices a long time ago and I have to live with the consequences of those choices now. And as much as I would have loved to actually spend another birthday with you or play our game together I was too afraid to. Honestly I think more than anything I was just scared that you wouldn’t want me in your life again.”

“I don’t know. I have nice memories of us together as a child. I don’t honestly know how I might have reacted had you come back then but I’m getting used to the idea more and more now; reconnecting with the Dad you were.”

“Well I may be your father Yvie but I can never be your Dad. I lost that chance a long time ago, I know that. Scott is your dad and I respect him very much for what he’s done for you. But I am very glad to hear that you are willing to give me another chance because there is still a lot your old man can teach you.”

“Oh yeah such as?” She sipped her tea and he immediately questioned her to relay the scene as it lay behind her when she entered the dining area.

He smiled as she rattled off in detail the picture as it was perfectly. “Maybe you are better at that than me.”

“Didn’t I tell you? It really has gotten me out of some hard situations.”

“In speaking of how have things been on this Landry thing? You find him yet or decipher his notes?”

“Nothing yet. The team is working on it though. And we haven’t seen any more letters lately.”

“And you’re sure about that?”

“Of course I am. Brett would have told me if something happened. We tell each other everything.”

“Oh? So he knows that over the past few weeks you and I have been having lunch together? Does this mean I’ll get an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner?” Ethan smirked and Yvette dropped her gaze away from his. “I didn’t think so. Look Yvie, I have no intentions of becoming a reason you and Brett fight if he finds out about us on his own. I don’t want there to be any bad blood between any of us so maybe this isn’t the best thing after all.” 

“Yeah well there’s only one option with Brett and right now it’s your head on a silver platter. He doesn’t trust you and I understand his position. That’s what makes this whole thing so hard for me.”

“It’s ok Sweetie, I know.” He pulled his wallet from his back pocket and dropped a few bills to the table. “I got some stuff for you and the baby but I forgot to bring it with me. I’ll stop by later this week to drop it off if that’s ok?”

“I don’t know. Brett will completely flip out if he sees you.”

“I’ll come by before he gets off work and I’ll leave just as quickly. Please? I just want to make sure you get this stuff.”

“Yeah sure. Just call before you come and try and make it a quick visit.”

“As are our lunch dates.” He drew from the table and helped her to her feet his eyes moving towards the bump protruding proudly beneath her dress. “Gosh I can’t wait to see my grandson!”


“Sorry, granddaughter,” he smiled and rubbed his hand over her belly. “You take care and I’ll see you later.” With a kiss to her cheek he exited to the parking lot and towards his truck and Yvette quickly followed hurrying home.

“Brett!” Yvette grinned and jumped as high as she could into his arms. He held her against him and kissed her with as much passion as she craved.

“Hey Beautiful!” he smiled as she lowered herself from his chest. “You’re feeling great huh?”

“Meh, it’s been a not so bad day so far. My little Angel is sleeping soundly, not kicking the crap out of my sides or using my bladder as a pillow so I haven’t had to make too many runs to the bathroom. All in all I think today has to be one of the best pregnancy days ever! And even better Dad’s ok and back home recuperating.”

“Well that’s good, I’m glad Scott’s back. I saw he’d already scheduled to show for work tomorrow as well. And it’s also great that Jr.’s behaving for you.” She glared at him and he tossed her a sideways smirk. “Something smells good, should I hazard a guess?”

“You could but you’d be wrong.”

“Is it something with chicken?”

“Geez Brett is that all you think I know how to cook? I’ll have you know I make a phenomenal spaghetti with meatballs!”

“I’m sure you do.” He dropped his bag beside the door and lowered himself to his knees. “Hello Bambino,” he kissed her stomach and rubbed her gently as he greeted his child. “He kicked! He kicked!”

She kicked and thanks for waking her!”

“Would you believe me if I said I was sorry?”

“Probably not.” She started for the kitchen and he followed. As she stirred the sauce Brett leaned over her shoulder to get a better whiff of what she was cooking.

“That does have chicken in it,” he smiled as he removed his sidearm and brought the lockbox down to secure it.

“I never said it didn’t! Oohf,” she groaned as the baby kicked again. “Yeah I can’t wait to see you too! That way I can get out of this house again finally.”

“Get out? You get out enough when you go grocery shopping don’t you? I mean how much more out do you want?”

“Are you serious? I would like to get back to work perhaps? What did you think would happen after ‘Brett Jr.’ was born?”

“That you’d stay home and look after him so I knew he was in good hands. I’m not hiring a Nanny or someone else to raise our kid Yve. We’re both going to be hands on. That means doodie diapers, potty training and late nights with teething rings!”

“Oh please! You just don’t want me to get back into the field after the baby comes.”

“If you want to know the truth, Yve, no I don’t. To be honest, I’ve loved coming home from a hard day’s work and knowing my wife is here waiting for me with a hot meal and ready to love on me. You have any idea how great it’s felt these last seven months seeing you rush me as I walk into this house? Throwing your arms around my neck, kissing me like it’s been days since you last saw me; helping remove my gun, my clothes and just…it’s nice you know?”

“Yeah well I’m not the domestic type Brett.”

He moved closer and held her head in his hands as his thumb softly caressed a tendril of her soft locks from her face. “You didn’t think you were the marrying type either. Or the Mommy type for that matter and look at you. I’m not saying give up what you’re passionate about I’m only suggesting you think about it.”

The baby kicked as he leaned over to peck her forehead and she smiled. “I don’t think ‘Jr.’ agrees with that!”

“Oh no that’s not what that is! He wants to throw ‘bows over my woman! Hey Pal I saw her first alright! You just remember you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me! And don’t think you can beat your old man either! I’m a 5th degree black belt Buddy! I’ll have you wetting those diapers and crying for Mommy in no time.”

“Brett,” Yvette giggled listening to him stake his claim. “Don’t threaten my Baby! You just remember he has Mommy on his side and I won’t let the mean old blonde monster hurt my precious!”

“Well as long as he knows who’s in charge we’ll be alright!”

“So what’s the big case today?” Yvette turned off the stove and spooned the food onto a serving platter. Grabbing the lemonade from the fridge she set a place for Brett at the table and grabbed a plate for herself. “Anything exciting happen?”

Finally getting off his last shoe, he unbuttoned his jeans and slumped into the dining chair across from her. “Exciting? Um…Victor got in some new SMGs to replace the old raid weapons.”

“What? Light or heavy?”

He looked up curiously at her with a mouthful of pasta and shrugged. “Baby I don’t know. Um…black?”

“Brett! You’re not about to tell me you have no idea what kind of weapons these are! You’d have more luck convincing me there’s a small green man dancing on top of my head!”

“Fine. It’s the Series II Submachine guns. They look similar to the MP5Ks you know? Only they don’t have the open rear apertures and they have different sights and unique mounting brackets. They can transition easily between a white and infrared light without the need for filters and you get options for the projectiles. This weapon can change the bullet’s speed, performance AND report! They look like a ton of fun! But…not…that…I noticed.”

Yvette sighed and poked around the food on her plate for a little. “I’m going crazy here.”

“I know Baby, I know.”

Victor pored over his new toys. Shining brightly as he assembled and disassembled the firing mechanism on one. “Brett?” Scott addressed his son-in-law as he stepped into the unit room. “I just got off the phone with the boys in Washington and I hear tales about a certain ex-Operative turned enemy of the state being in town. Do you know anything about that?”

“Are you talking about Yve’s fa…Ethan?” he stopped himself before using the paternal moniker knowing Ethan never fully deserved the right to the title. “Yeah he’s here. He invited himself over to dinner at my place a few weeks ago. What’s up?”

He handed him a small rusted box with a slip of paper. “Handle this and don’t let her know. Can you do that?”

“I…I don’t know Scotty. I can try but…you know your daughter.”

“Do your best.” He turned and exited the room and the team drew closer to check out the contents of the box.

“Where did he dig this thing up from?” Ryan asked brushing away a few bits of dried dirt that fell once the lid was removed. “What’s that BK?” He asked pointing towards the note Scott handed him.

“It says: ‘The contents of this box are dangerous. The information contained within is enough to implicate several government officials. Run the operation under the radar, you’ll have the resources you need.’” Carefully he removed the items in the small tin box and sat them beneath the desk lamp.

“Whoa interesting,” Victor expressed as he picked up a small faded photo from the pile. “It’s a picture of Yvette’s Mom Katrina with Ethan.” Flipping the photo over he noted the date as January 4, 2001. “Shit…”

“What?” Dustin asked taking notice in the anxious look on his face.

“The date, January 4, 2001; this picture was taken a year before her mother died.”

“But I thought Ethan abandoned them when she was 7,” Ryan scratched his head and looked at the photograph. The two looked comfortable and happy in one another’s company making the mystery even more perplexing.

“He did.”

“Wait no, he told Yvette the night he took her that he watched them from a distance for nine years. He said he couldn’t let go and wanted to see her grow up. It wasn’t until her mother’s funeral he stopped,” Brett added as he analyzed Victor’s train of thought.

“Ok watched, how does that translate into a picture of ex-husband and wife smiling with one another after a supposedly bad break-up? And I’m willing to bet Ethan didn’t mention this to Yve, nor did her mother.”

“No.” Shuffling through the other papers in the pile Brett stopped on one that had both Katrina and Ethan’s name on it. “Look at this,” he placed the page in closer viewing of everyone. “Ethan and Katrina were not only having secret meetings they went on operations together.”

“And it says here Katrina knew about the price on Ethan’s head. I’m only assuming this is her writing,” Dustin sighed as he read over the document.

Brett took the paper from him and looked at it, “Yeah, this is the same writing as the letter she received from that Mercer guy you and she met with Ry. This is dated April 14, 2002.”

“Wait when did she die?” Ryan asked piecing the puzzle together.

“The next month, in May. Jesus; Ethan was telling the truth? All this time we thought it was him but…I have to tell Yve.”

“What? Scott asked you to keep her out of the loop.”

“And why is that? This concerns her parents I think she’d want to know. She’s entitled to! She’s searched her whole life for this information!”

“Well maybe he has a reason!” Victor continued defending their Boss.

“Yeah, and I’m gonna find out what.” Storming from the room, he headed down to Philips’ office and entered without knocking.

“Brett!?” Scott whispered in surprise. “Is there something the matter?”

“Why don’t you want Yve to know this? Any of it?” he started without so much as a hello. “You know how crazy she is over knowing the truth about what happened to her mother! Why do you want me to keep it a secret?”

“I don’t want you to keep it from her permanently Brett just until after the mission is over. If she knows she’ll put herself in harms’ way. Do you want to be responsible for something happening to your wife and child? I don’t. And we both know how headstrong she is! If you tell her this she’s going to tag along regardless of what either you or I have to say about it! Just keep it under wraps and get the mission done. You’re dismissed.”

“One other question.”


“This came from the box from the cabin, Yvette never opened it?”

“No. I asked her to let me take a look first so as not to shock her with information. She’s asked me about it every day since then and I’ve been buying time trying to figure out how to deal with it. Brett I love my daughter with every ounce of my being and I know she’d die over this; I won’t let that happen. I buried her Mother, I won’t bury her too. Please take care of this, quietly.”

“You have my word.”

Yvette tried several times to find a comfortable position on the couch. Finally giving up the notion she shut off the television and started up the stairs stopping as the doorbell sounded. Checking out the windows first she waited to see if it would ring again before moving towards it.

Contemplating her options, she wondered if she should grab her gun just in case. “Yvette it’s Ethan,” he announced sensing her hesitation. “I know you’re right there Sweetheart. Please open the door.”

“You didn’t call and it’s late,” she sighed impatiently as she opened to his smiling face.

“I know I’m sorry it was a work thing but I come bearing gifts!” He beamed and showed her the bag of baby toys and clothing. “And for Mommy,” he handed her a box of chocolates, his smile never faded. “May I come in?”

She stepped away from the door to let him enter and punched in the code for the alarm once the door was shut again and locked behind him. “You can’t stay long. Like I said it’s late and Brett can get home at any time.”

“Well maybe he and I can have a conversation. I also brought him a kind of peace offering in hopes that we can try and open the lines of communication. If not, perhaps one day you’ll tell your little girl or little boy the story behind their no good grandfather that bought him or her a ‘My First Doctor Set’, ‘Chemistry Ka-Boom’, ‘Build-Build Erector set’, stuffed bunny, talking Teddy, Hot Wheels and Dream Date Barbie,” he grinned as he went over the items in the bags. “I have aspirations I guess but I’ll love my genius grandchild whatever he or she wants to be.”

“Hmm.” She started up the stairs and he followed. Walking him down towards the room at the end of the hall she flipped the light switch and stepped aside so that he could enter the room also.

“Wow. You really went all out!”

“Yeah I figured my Baby should have one of everything I saw in the store…then I looked at the total when I got to the register and scaled it back a bit. I don’t think Brett would have been very happy had I spent a year’s pay on one shopping trip. Baby stuff is expensive! Sit them over there please,” she pointed towards a pair of shelves and he emptied the bags stacking the toys careful on each ledge.

“So uh Yvie there’s a reason why I was late. Things are getting crazy for me again,” he rubbed the back of his head and sighed. “I really came to say goodbye.” He paused as the Barbie toppled just a little and he adjusted her leg to balance her better. Without shifting his focus to his daughter he continued speaking. “I uh have some business elsewhere and I just…”

“This isn’t necessary. I know what your back looks like when you’re walking away, Ethan. It’s for the best anyway.” She stepped from the room and started towards the stairs. “I won’t tell Brett you were here but just leave now please.”

“Well wait a second, can I explain?”

“Explain what? You’ve said enough. You want to build a relationship with me but ‘oh my job is more important’. Been there, done that, I’ve heard all of this before. Get the hell out of my house Ethan.”

“Yvie it’s not as easy as that.” His eyes moved to a small red dot bouncing against her skin. Gripping her by the shoulders he pulled her into him and dove into the baby’s bedroom tucking her against his body as the glass above the staircase shattered around them. 

“Stay down!” he ordered and retrieved his gun. Flipping off the lights and taking aim, he waited until the shooter revealed himself and fired three rounds in the direction. The first two missed; the third he heard the loud thud as the gunman collided with the ground below. “Baby are you ok? Did I hurt you? Were you hit?” Dazedly she shook her head no to his questions and pressed herself against the wall. “Wait here I’m gonna go check it out.”

“YVETTE!? YVETTE?!” Brett shouted as he entered their home. Seeing Ethan standing at the top of the stairs he drew his weapon and prepared to fire.


“Damnit Yve! Will you stop jumping in front of my line of fire like that?!”

“I’m sorry but it’s not him, someone outside shot in here.” 

Yvette exited the hall and carefully moved towards their bedroom door doing her best to avoid the large shards of glass with her barefeet. Ethan stepped towards her, lifted her into his arms and carried her the rest of the way.

“Hey are you alright?” Brett pushed Ethan out of the way to check on his wife. “Did you get cut or anything?”

“No Brett, I’m fine. Ethan got me out of the way in time.”

He turned to look at the man and sighed. “I’m gonna go check the body you think you’ll be ok until then?”

“Yeah Brett, I’ll be ok.” He rushed back down the stairs and out the front door towards the body. Leaning over the corpse he pulled an item from the man’s hand and moved the gun a good distance from the body. Examining the item in his hand a scowl formed on his face and he pulled away and started for the front door.

“What the hell are you doing here and who the fuck was shooting at you?” Brett asked throwing a hitter’s chip on the floor at Ethan’s feet. The small indicator had Ethan’s name and face imprinted on the surface. It was the type of marker a hitman or woman would use when they received their target list; it’s how they were sure they had the right mark. “You come here and you put my fucking wife and child in danger what’s to stop me from shooting you now?”

He glanced at Yvette as she nestled herself into the pillows of her bed and waited to hear the answer as well. “It was why I was leaving Yvie. I’m pretty sure the Russians have found me again and I have to get away from here before things get worse for you.”

“What? Are these the men…?”

“Yeah these are the ones I was telling you about. I hope you come to trust everything I’ve told you Sweetheart. Be wise and always use your head when you’re out there ok? I’m gonna get out of here and draw them away. Who knows? Maybe our paths will cross again in the future. Take care of my grandbaby. And you take care of my daughter,” he sighed looking towards Brett. He pulled away from the bed and started for the front door.

“Brett what’s that?” Yvette asked noticing a mission log sticking from out of his back pocket. “Are you heading into a mission?” Tilting her head she noticed her mother’s name scrawled across one of the lines and gasped. “Katrina…”

“Wait ok before you start with the questions, I can’t tell you, not until after…”

“Is this the stuff from the box? Scott opened it and kept it from me didn’t he? And he made you promise to keep me safe from it?” He lowered his gaze to the floor and inhaled deeply. “Answer me Brett! Do you know what really happened to my Mom? Her last mission?”

“Fuck!” He pinched the bridge of his nose and stood from the floor. “Yeah, kinda! Look Yve I’m not taking you with me so don’t even get that in your head. The guys are getting dispatched to the location and we’re entering this as a team, you’re staying here!”

“Oh that’ll be great. Here alone with a hitman team out for Ethan’s blood. I’m sure he had a tracker. The last place they’ll check is where this one went offline. And I’m sure it won’t be painfully obvious where the bullets went considering there’s a GIANT HOLE IN THE SIDE OF MY HOUSE!”

“Fine then I’ll take you to Scott’s. But this mission is way too dangerous…”

“I’m not asking you to take me anywhere, Brett.” She stood from the bed and pulled on her clothes. “I’m a grown woman, I have a license and capable car, I can follow you.”


She smiled over her shoulder and shook her head. “Take me to Scott’s alright?”

“And what about him?” Brett nodded towards Ethan who was standing beside the door taking in the entire conversation.

“He’s on his way out of town.”

“Actually I’ve decided to extend my stay for just one more mission. I know where you’re headed Brett and I can get you in undetected.”

“You’re sure about that?”

“Positive, my Company made the security system the place is using.”

“Fine, let’s drop Yve at Scott’s and head out.”

“Make a right at this light,” Ethan guided Brett as he maintained his focus on the rearview. He was texting back and forth with someone and the beeping was beginning to annoy Brett.

“I know where Scott lives and making a right here is not the way.”

“We’re not going to Scott’s unless you want to lead those Mercs right to his front door, we got a tail. Make this right and take the South Arlington exit.”

Brett followed Ethan’s orders carefully; weaving in and out of traffic he kept watch of the headlights Ethan had noticed as well. Suddenly their pursuers picked up speed and Brett threw it into gear. “Yve get down!”

Stepping on the gas, he powered the Escalade down the freeway heading to the next exit as fast as he could. “Tell Victor what’s heading towards them,” Brett ordered and tossed the walkie into Ethan’s lap.

He did as told and held on tight as Brett skillfully guided the large SUV through heavy traffic on the downtown connector. Seeing the sign for their exit, he cut off an 18-Wheeler in the passing lane and merged onto the street and watched as their shadow did the same. “Yvette in the bag in the back is my flak gear. Grab it and toss it on please, hurry!”

“What about me?” Ethan asked as Brett made another desperate turn heading to their destination and the rest of the team.

“I have just the one and my wife and child are much more important!”

Losing their tail down another road, Brett quickly stopped the truck in front of a large building and the trio rushed to meet up with the others. “Where are they?” Dustin asked looking behind Brett for the tail Ethan referred to.

“Close,” he turned to Ethan and nodded. “Work your magic and hurry!”

“What the hell is Yve doing here?” Victor asked pulling her towards him and handing her a weapon.

“I was taking her to Scott’s when we got chased. We need to get inside and finish this thing I need you to take point Vic, I have to make sure Yve stays safe, can you do that please?”

“Of course.” The sounds of screeching tires drew their attention and the team got up on their toes. “They’re here! Quickly, get inside!”

Once the doors to the complex opened, Ryan, Dustin and Victor headed off in one direction to get their mission started and hopefully completed before their new obstacle entered inside. Brett took Yvette’s arm and they rushed down a corridor as Ethan laid cover fire on the men running into the building. “Get her out of here!” He yelled over his shoulder as another man hit the floor.

Victor heard the gunfire and got Brett on the comm. After hearing that they had the sector locked down, Dustin got to work on retrieving the data from the systems before their target found out they were on to them and destroyed the paper trail. Scott wasn’t kidding when he said this led straight to the top. He wanted everything that was documented in possession of someone he trusted. Dustin worked hastily to control the flow of information and even uploaded it to a server he’d linked up before they’d arrived.

Ethan got a break in the wave of armed soldiers raiding the front door and took off down the hall after Brett and Yvette. Finding him crouched in a small nook in the hall he ordered them to follow and led them towards the service elevators. Punching in a code, the doors opened and they all took the ride down.

Brett, Yvette and Ethan found themselves in the central control room of the compound. “Where are your team members?” Ethan asked Brett as he slid behind the monitor of a main computer. “I’m gonna see how much time I can buy you to get out of here.” He handed him the coordinates from the blips on the screen. One by one Dustin, Ryan and Victor got their redirects and each headed for the main floor. “Ok they are set. As for you two, I’ll get this room sealed off. There’s a back elevator that leads to the surface from that door. It’s the only way out from this area once those doors are shut.”

“How’s your ammo?” Yvette asked checking her weapon and handing Ethan a clip.

“I’m fine Yvie, you keep it. I can get more from the weapons lock if I need to.” He pulled her into his arms and held her for a few moments close to his heart. “I’m sorry Yvette. I never intended for you to be hurt because of what I did. I tried so hard to keep you and Katrina safe and I failed you, I know that. I left because I knew you wouldn’t be safe with me in your life and I had to get away before my old ghosts came back to get you. I was too late for your mother but I won’t make that mistake with you.” He kissed her gently on the forehead and struggled to maintain his composure. “I love you Yvie. I always have and I always will.”

She smiled at him and he caressed her cheek as he gazed into her eyes. “They’re here,” Brett announced checking the door and seeing the team of armed men rushing through the hall.

Ethan pulled her again into his arms and hugged her hard. Tears fell swiftly down his cheeks landing on her face and shoulder as they emptied his eyes. “I’m so proud of you. You’ve truly blossomed into the woman I knew you’d become and I know you’ll make a wonderful mother. Do you still have the key I gave you?” She nodded her head and he sighed in relief. “When you’re ready, call the number on the top speed dial and enter your date of birth. You’ll find everything you’ve always wanted to know, I promise.” 

He slipped his phone into her pocket, smashed his hand against the glass wall housing the fire alarm and pulled down the panel. Red light filled the room and a loud speaker announcement followed by a shrill siren began playing. The room started filling with smoke, a protective gas to keep the equipment safe in case of fires. Ethan checked the side door and watched as they activated and lowered shut. “We have to move!” Brett warned again. Ethan grabbed Yvette’s hand and yanked her towards the quickly closing safety doors.

Brett was the first to exit and waited for the others to join him. Ethan nodded towards him a slow forming smile on his face. “Take care of my Angel. She’ll need you now more than ever.”

“Wait what are you doing?”

“What I have to Yvie. Go now, you have to get out of here before they see you.”

He pushed her out of the door and it shut behind her. “What are you doing? Get out of there!”

“I can’t Yvie! You need to go though before they find you!”

“But Ethan they will kill you! Don’t go, not again!” she hit her fists against the plate glass window and a shield wall deployed between the panes of glass. “WAIT NO! DON’T DO THIS THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER WAY!”

“I’m sorry Yvie but there isn’t as long as I’m alive I’ll always be a threat to you.” He threw his hand up to his forehead, saluting his little girl and with a sad smile turned back towards the stairs.

“WAIT! DADDY PLEASE! DON’T LEAVE ME AGAIN!” harder and harder her fists pounded against the door as she begged and pleaded with him to come with them.

Heavy footsteps quickly descended the corridor and a loud burst of gunfire and light emptied from in front of him as the safety door blew off its hinges. Ethan stood in the middle of the room awaiting the Russian sweeps team and they entered guns blazing. Yvette watched in horror as his body bounced from the number of bullets ripping through him. Blood, glass and smoke was everywhere and just before his body hit the ground he gave his baby girl another salute, he was going home.

Silence pounded in her ears as she fell to her knees. Ethan’s open eyes stared coldly towards her; his body lay in a massive pool of blood and broken glass. She felt Brett shake her but couldn’t move. Her entire body was numb and her eyes remained fixed on Ethan’s. The Sweepers moved deeper into the room and Brett finally laid eyes on them. They needed to get out of there before they were detected.

He leaned forward reaching for his wife and tried prying her from her position. “Come on Yve we gotta move!” Brett yelled pulling her from the floor and tossing her against his chest as he rushed towards the exit. Yvette looked up into the two way glass and peered into the eyes of her father’s killer; his face indelibly etched into her brain.

Continue ---->


  1. um ok wow. There is a lot to go over here.

    So glad Scott is ok. Yve couldn't have survived losing him.

    Ethan at the hospital and the fact that she had been having weekly lunches with him behind Brett's back is not a good thing.

    Scott asking him to keep the details of Katrina and Ethan from Yve was not cool. She has spent her whole life trying to find out what happened to her mom. Does that mean that Katrina may have been cheating on Scott? I mean she was in love with Ethan, and learning that he didn't just simply abandon them....I hope she wouldn't' do that to Scott but now I wonder. I also wonder if she's really dead. Was her body recovered? I don't remember. If it wasn't then yeah she could still be out there somewhere.

    So Ethan took one for Yve???? Is he really dead, I don't know why I feel like he's not. I still don't fully trust him. This all could have been some elaborate set up. I know it's wrong to think that way, but really. I think he could have taken those guys. He knew about that place and the system. Yeah don't think this is the last we have seen of Ethan. Seems to easy if he was the super spy he claims to be.

    Now what's on that phone. When will she dial the number to find out? How much of a depression is she getting ready to be in over the 'death' of her daddy.

    Lots more questions now.

    oh and awww seeing a bit of Ryan and Stef was sweet. He bought her a house and moved her away from that nosy counselor.

    Ok think I covered it all.

    1. Wow! Um...well let's dissect this thing!

      Scott is back and was already to get back to work :P you're right though, Yve would have lost it!

      Yeah she wanted to give her father the benefit of the doubt and needed to know what was going on there regardless of what Brett said.

      Scott knows Yve and he knows that if she hears about this, she'll become even more Gung-ho about attaining the information that she'll possibly get careless and end up hurt or worse. But Brett agrees with you. He feels that Yve should know this stuff regardless. Katrina was seeing Ethan in secret meetings but they had long since ended their relationship, she wouldn't do that to Scott.

      Katrina learned about everything that made Ethan leave and it brought him back. They started working together to get to the bottom of things...something he could have done from the start as Yve said but Ethan was only thinking about keeping them out of that part of his life. Yes, her body was sent back and she was buried (Season 4 Chapters 3-4).

      Yes, he was again trying to protect his daughter. Even watching him fall to the ground you don't trust him? Well... :) Haha but is it wrong? I've pretty much made your mind the way it is with the constant twists. Anything could happen I suppose.

      Wow...yeah you are full of questions aren't you? The phone is something we'll get into with Season 6. Depression...well we'll just have to wait and see. There were a few clues Yvette picked up on during lunch that will help her figure things out and the team knows what's in the box, that will also be a major boon.

      Ryan is doing everything in his power to keep his baby sister safe. But now she's getting bossy! Demanding a car? A corvette of all things! Haha but he'll do what he must to keep her smiling.

      Are you sure? :)

  2. It's good to see that Scoot is alright and well! I thought he wouldn't be able to survive that but he did! It would have been horrible if he didn't survive that considering what just happened.

    She had been spending so much time with Ethan I knew it was just too good to be true. It always is with him and that proved to be true! It looks like Ethan did really care about her though and it's a shame that just as they were coming closer together that he had to die!

    I really do not blame Scott for keeping that information from her...some things are just better off not knowing...

    1. The injury could have for sure been worse had he not been a quick thinker and moved slightly. Luckily is very much where he lives right now though. And thankfully for Yve's sake it worked out just fine for him!

      Ethan really did care about her and wanted to give being a family a try so he could meet his grandchild but unfortunately his past got in the way of that for him sadly.

      Very true! And with her being pregnant right now it's best she doesn't hear about something that could send her into early labor or worse: miscarriage!

  3. Dear Daijahv
    I don't really understand what you mean with your message, would you be so kind to explain better your intentions please

    Best regards

  4. The ending was very unexpected. I did actually expect Yvette to have the daughter feelings for Ethan. I did not expect that he would be shot. Such a twisted mix of espionage and some double crossing and lies and lies and lies and secrets. Secrets are deadly things. Ryan and Stefani's history was interesting. For some reason I thought that she was a half sister, but it seems she is no blood relation at all. I hope she gets along well at her new location.

    1. :D

      Yvette's hormones have led her to some pretty tough situations emotionally. She just started seeing Ethan again and was learning about him and what happened all those years ago and he ends up getting killed. There are so many secrets and so many hidden truths that it is really starting to take its toll on her.

      Nope! Ryan met Stefanie when she was 10 years old and they became closer than blood. He's always felt like she was his from the moment his mother married her dad. They need each other greatly though. Like he has helped her through some tough times, she's done the same for him whether she knows it or not. She seemed excited about the house. Perhaps it's just what she needed.