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S5: Chapter 10: Peek-A-Boo

Yvette’s eyes had just closed when an alarm sounded in the hallway just outside her door. Through the small crack she noticed a handful of security guards running down the corridor as well as a doctor and nurse. “I wonder what that’s all about,” she thought aloud and pulled herself from the warmth of her blankets.

Glancing over at Austin she noticed he was still snug and sleeping even with the shrill sound of the alarm just a few feet away. She started to close the door completely to ensure he was not disturbed when the conversation of the guards caught her attention.

“Just the one was taken?” the man asked the night nurse who simply nodded her head. She was in tears and a worried look painted her face as she glanced towards the baby unit. “Name? What was the child’s name?”

The next words she heard brought her world crashing down and sent her heart into her stomach. “Autumn Knight.”

Yvette pulled Austin from his crib and rushed forward. There was a small pool of blood just outside the door that only caused Yvette’s worry to worsen. “What did you just say?” she demanded of the nurse as the guard moved into the NICU to examine the locks. “TELL ME!”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I don’t know how it happened. She was here and we’d just fed and changed her. I went to enter the stats into the system and when I came back…”


“I-I-I d-d-don’t she…”

Ignoring the last of the woman’s words Yvette hurried back to her room and gently sat Austin back into his bed. He was still sleeping soundly and she reached for her phone trying desperately to keep herself calm. It rang three times before he finally answered. “Hey Austin keeping you awake? You’re supposed to be sleeping, I told you I’d be there really soon, just finishing these case note…”

“Autumn’s gone!” she interrupted his rambling and finally took a breath.

What? What the hell do you mean gone? She’s locked in the NICU how could she be gone? And what is that sound?

“It’s the alarm! Someone came in here and they took her Brett! They took our little girl! You have to get here now!” she was practically yelling into the phone as she emphasized with her hands the urgency of their situation. “HURRY!”

Without another word the line went dead and she knew he was on the way. Yvette wanted to hold Austin again in her arms but stopped herself as she realized how hard her heart was pounding and the worry may cause her to shake him. “God please, not this please!”

She grabbed the phone again and dialed Scott. Hearing the sleep in his voice she heard him fully awaken when she told him what happened. “I’ll be right there!” 

It seemed like hours passed as she continued pacing around the room. The door burst open and Brett scooped her into his arms before looking at her. “I just got off the phone with the team they are heading this way to help. Now try and tell me as calmly as you can Yve what happened?”

“I don’t know! I woke to that alarm going off and heard them say something about her being taken. The nurse said she had just fed her and…and…I don’t know! I don’t know Brett but you have to find her please!” 

She fell to the floor in tears and he took her into his arms to comfort her. “What are you doing? Stop it! GO! Get out there and find our daughter!” She yelled pushing him off and slapping her closed fists against his chest.

Brett rushed from the room and headed towards the security office. “Brett!” Victor yelled behind him as he, Dustin and Ryan entered the front door of the ER and ran towards him. “What the hell happened?”

“That’s what I’m going to find out,” he replied while still running forward. “Yve said she awoke to the alarm going off and the nurse said that Autumn was taken.” Entering the security office, he briefly flashed his badge and asked for the surveillance videos from the 4th floor nursery. 

The guard quickly complied pulling up the footage and allowed Dustin to take over his station as the team examined the feed. “What time did the alarms sound?” Brett glanced towards the guard and waited for his response.

“Uh it was about 7:20. I immediately dispatched my men to the floor to check it out,” he replied ensuring Brett knew he did his job correctly. “They didn’t see nothing and was about to call it in when the nurse said that one of the babies was gone.”

“Besides the night nurse who has access to the NICU where my daughter was being held?”

“Y-y-your d-d-daughter,” the man asked in shock as he realized the federal agent’s stake in the missing girl. “Uh, uh, uh just the maintenance workers that would be in there from time to time in cases where the machines weren’t working but a nurse must supervise his time in the room. Uh my boys have a key access for security reasons but the main floor of the nurses’ station use identity cards to get through the scanners. You can’t enter without one of those little green Bio cards! The retinal scanners won’t work otherwise.”

“So someone had to have let the perp in, that points to an inside man,” Brett assessed. “I want names of everyone that has access to that room and their location NOW!” The guard hopped to it and pulled up the information. He started dialing the contact numbers as he made his way down the list of individuals in possession of a Bio card.

“I got it!” Dustin announced and paused the video on the man entering the NICU as Brett made it around the desk again to see. He pressed play and they watched as a man dressed in green scrubs punched in a code, scanned a card and dropped something into the trash bin beside the room. He moved silently through the rows of babies until he found Autumn’s bed. Pulling open the small plastic top he scooped her into his arms and rushed from the room taking the service elevators down.

“Do you know him?” Brett asked watching the screen and waiting on the guards’ reply.

“No, I can’t really make out his face but he doesn’t look like any of the night staff that I know.”

“Dustin can you get this in any clearer?”

“No. There’s some sort of interference near the cameras themselves. The video has been compromised. The only way to do that is disrupt the electromagnetic field in that area. In other words, we’re dealing with a professional here.”

“Wait go back,” Victor instructed taking notice of something on the screen.

Dustin rewound the footage and played it where Victor suggested. “What’s that in his hands?” Dustin asked zooming in. “It looks like…”

“A severed head,” Ryan completed the thought. “We’re looking for a murderer and a body.”

Panic set in as he thought about his newborn in the hands of a killer. Brett grabbed a comm. from Victor and issued out a search pattern to join the hospital guards. He rushed back towards the NICU, Victor took the service elevators down and headed towards the maintenance area, Dustin went to the garage and Ryan had the exits covered. “If she’s still in the building we’ll find her,” Ryan assured and started towards the west end of the hospital.

Yvette lay in a fetal position on the floor near the baby’s crib. Ignoring the pain in her body, she couldn’t help the amount of tears that came. It felt like a dream; a horrible nightmare she hadn’t fully awakened from. This can’t be real, her baby can’t be gone. Austin started crying and Yvette pulled herself from the floor to see about him as Scott came in the door. “Yvie?”

“She’s gone Daddy! Someone took her! I just want her back!” He drew her into his arms before she had a chance to take Austin.

“Where’s Brett?”

“They’re looking for her now.”

“Don’t worry ok? We’ll find her! I contacted a few extra agents to get them started on this too. I know telling you not to worry is pointless but you have to try and remain focused for Austin’s sake.” He pushed her down into the bed and took care of his crying Grandson. He sniffed his diaper to figure out what the infant was demanding. “I think he’s hungry.”

“I’m breastfeeding Pop…”

“And I don’t suppose I could offer a substitute nipple,” he smiled to lighten the mood. “Yve this is what I’m saying to you. You have to be able to get it together for Austin’s sake. He needs you to take care of him and I don’t think a stressed meal from his mother would be very appetizing at this point. Plus he can sense your anxiety; he’s not going to rest until you calm yourself.”

“How do you expect me to be anything but anxious? I can’t believe this is happening! My baby…” she dropped her head into the pillow and tried not to think about it as she listened to Austin’s cries.

Scott continued rocking him in his arms and a nurse knocked and entered behind him. “Can I get anything for you?” she asked meekly trying to hold Yvette’s eye contact. She moved towards Scott and tried to get Austin to calm down. “I can grab some milk substitute for him. I’ll be just a moment.”

Yvette’s cell phone rang and she didn’t budge to try and answer it. Scott placed Austin into his crib and quieted his cries for a moment to grab it. “Hello?”

Put the bitch on the line,” a somewhat robotic voice growled in his ear.

“Who is this?”

If you want to see this baby alive again I suggest you do as I say! Put her on! NOW!

Dotting at the perspiration forming on his upper lip Scott moved towards Yvette and handed her the phone. “It’s him, the one that has Autumn.”

She shot up from the bed and snatched the receiver from his hands. “Hello? Hello? Please give me back my baby! I’m begging you! Don’t hurt her!”

Shut up and listen bitch! I think it’s time you and I met in person. Make any indication to that old man standing next to you and I’ll drop her off the downtown connector into oncoming traffic!”

“You’re watching me?”

Get dressed in front of the window! I want to see you toss out anything you could carry on your person. Do it now!

Yvette sat the phone down and moved to the bureau to grab her things. She pulled on her shirt and pants and emptied her pockets in full view of the window as instructed. Slipping her shoes on she took the phone in her hands again, “Ok now what?”

Find something to tie him up with!

She glanced over her shoulder at Scott and sighed. Putting the phone down once more she removed the straps from her bath robe, had him take a seat in the chair beside the bed and began tying him down crying as she moved. “It’s done!”

Good girl. Now knock him out.

“H-h-hit him? No! I…I can’t! Please!”

FINE! Then I guess you’ve decided your child’s fate!

“NO, NO, NO WAIT! I…I’ll do it! Just don’t hurt her.” She balled her fist and stepped in front of Scott; tears blinded her as she positioned her weight on her back legs. “I’m sorry Daddy. Please forgive me.”

“It’s ok Yvie, just do it.”

She pulled back and threw her body into the blow. Scott’s jaw bounced against her hand and he slumped into the chair unconscious. “Now are you happy!? TELL ME WHERE MY DAUGHTER IS!” she shouted angrily into the phone.

Come to the warehouse on Staples and Pine. Bring NOTHING, no weapons and no electronic devices. If you so much as utter a word to that husband of yours the baby is done,” she heard Autumn cry in the background and gasped. And if you want to see this little brat alive again you’ll come alone. Better get moving; I’m afraid this little Peach doesn’t have much time.” 

He disconnected the line and Yvette pulled out Scott’s wallet. Taking a few bills for cab fare she leaned over into Austin’s crib and kissed him before hurrying towards the door. Slipping out into the corridor she moved silently down the hallway hiding her face from passersby as she jogged towards the elevators. She was jumpy; bouncing in her skin as the elevator slowly descended to the lobby. Yvette wasted no time exiting to the street and grabbing a taxi. She was nervous; unarmed and unsure of what she was heading into. Her mind was racing! She had to think of a way to get the upper hand in this situation or else she and Autumn were goners.

“I’m back,” the nurse smiled as she entered with a bottle in her hand. “Hello?” She gasped as she noticed Scott out cold and tied to the chair. She rushed towards the phone and dialed for security to the room. Moving towards the crib she scooped Austin into her arms and pressed him against her chest, a small slip of paper fell to the floor and she reached down to grab it. “‘Staples and Pine’?” She balled up the note and dropped it into the trash then grabbed the bottle to feed Austin as she waited on security.

“Hello?” Yvette called in a shaky voice as she entered the dark area. She heard a small whimper followed by Autumn’s cries and rushed forward.

“NOT ANOTHER STEP!” the male voice boomed around her.

“Chris?” The lights came on and the sound of a mechanical lift echoed to her left. She turned in the direction and waited for him to make his presence known.

“So you figured it out huh?” he smiled wickedly and stepped down from the ledge. “I wonder how you went about that. Did you think of all the people you’ve wronged in your life and remember the one you fucked over the most? Is my name at the top of that list Yvette? I’d really like to know!”

“I have no list Chris! I’ve never done anything to hurt you!”

“LIES!” he jerked his arm fast and Autumn cried harder as she swung around his body. “It’s not good for the baby, Yvette. Perhaps you should start admitting it to yourself and save her the pain of what’s to come!”

“Chris please, don’t do this. She is innocent!”

“Innocent? Ha! This child is a product of your freedom, your happiness and your longing and that by default makes her anything but innocent! I was rotting in that hell hole for four years Yvette! FOUR FUCKING YEARS of my life and I was supposed to serve an eternity in that dank, dark cell! The only thought that kept me going through each day was knowing that somehow, someway I would be able to have my revenge! Today is so perfect! If only you could see the look on your face right now. I hold your happiness, your eternal freedoms right here in my hands! Just think of how long you’ll suffer knowing this child was taken from you because of your treacherous ways!”

“Chris I don’t know what you think you’re doing or why you believe I am the cause of your torment when you were using me to get out of the agency! You were planning to place all blame on me and get away scot free! The fact that your plan exploded in your face is because you didn’t count on the fact that there are higher ups looking into our activities at all times and it was my father…”

“Your father…there’s always an out for good little Yvette Evans isn’t there? Always some way she comes out on top no matter how bleak the situation looks! Well too bad today won’t be one of those near misses! Today you get to feel exactly how the rest of us feel because we don’t have a Daddy to take care of our mistakes!”

“Chris we were partners! What did I do to you to make you hate me so much?”

“You don’t even remember? Operation Red Phantom! We were assigned to look after the foreign diplomat’s daughter while he was a guest of the state! What happened Yvette huh? You turned your back on me is what!”

“You shot three innocent bystanders, injured an off guard cop and disobeyed a direct order! What the hell did you expect me to do?”

“I EXPECTED MY PARTNER TO HAVE MY BACK! I EXPECTED THAT YOU WOULD TAKE CARE OF ME WHEN WE WERE STANDING IN FRONT OF THE DIRECTOR! But no, what did I get instead? Instead I got a partner that sold me out the first second she could! You betrayed me Yvette and it’s because of that the higher ups started watching me closely!”

“I NEVER sold you out! I was demoted in rank because I refused to go on record Chris! What the hell are you talking about? I had your back! It was you that turned on me! You left me out to dry and on top of that you tried to frame me for your actions! Did you even read the case notes on your so called witch hunt?! I stood up for you and the only thing I got in return was a slap on the ass as they ushered me out the door! Why do you think I am at the FBI now? There was no way I was going to continue working for a group of fat cat politicians believing that our work meant shit and our lives even less!”

“You expect me to believe that?”

“Read the notes yourself Chris! It’s all there in black and white! Talk to the other surviving members of the team! They’ll all tell you! I never did what you thought I did! Ever! Please don’t hurt my baby!” she begged and wiped away another set of tears as she inched closer to his spot near that ledge. “I’m begging you Chris please!”

He dropped his gaze momentarily and thought over her words. The sound of an engine dying outside startled him and he slowly started backing towards the stairs. “Bitch! You called someone? Huh? I told you there would be consequences if you didn’t come alone!”

“Chris wait, I didn’t! Please! She’s just a baby!”

“FREEZE!” Brett barked as the doors burst open. The team charged in behind him as well taking positions on either side of Yvette. “Put her down, or I’ll ventilate you.”

“Right. And when the shooting starts, I’ll be sure to hold this precious bundle up first. Back off or I’ll finish her off myself!”

“NO!” Yvette yelled and inched closer as Chris continued backing up the stairs towards the second floor landing. Autumn started crying harder at the sound of raised voices and Yvette begged her ex-partner to let her go.

“I got a shot,” Victor announced raising his weapon higher towards Chris’ head.

“Hold your fire!” Brett ordered moving up with her. 

The team continued moving forward never taking their sights off of the man holding the infant. He dared them to fire; boasted at their cowardice. Autumn’s tears had reached their peak and she choked on the liquid forming in her throat. Tears pooled at the bottoms of Yvette’s eyes as she listened to her newborn cry out for someone to help her. “She needs me Chris!”

“I needed you! I guess she’s never too young to learn that no one will ever have your back; not even a partner who promises to stand by you. You’re about to live with the heartache I suffered through all those years in prison! And tonight those bastards at your HQ will learn too.” His back was against the wall and he used his elbow to knock out the glass never dropping his focus on the team of men with weapons at the ready. 

“Keep your eyes on the sky tonight. The fireworks have not even begun!”

Landry jumped from the window backwards with baby Autumn still cradled in his arms. “AUTUMN!” Yvette yelled and froze in shock.

“Get outside now!” Brett ordered and the team rushed the stairs taking them three at a time. The metal doors squeaked and slammed shut and the building went silent around her. 

Yvette choked down her fears and tiptoed towards the window, assured she would see the lifeless, tiny corpse of her infant daughter lying in the dirt and glass below. Her hand went to her heart as she looked out the window and saw Landry rushing off in the direction of an awaiting vehicle. “No, NO!” she cried believing he had made off again with her little girl. “NO!”

“Vette!” Brett yelled and but she didn’t budged. She couldn’t pull herself away from the window to look at him. “VETTE!” he tried again, only this time his voice was immediately followed by the happy churning of their daughter.

Yvette rushed forward tripping once on her own feet as she hurried down the stairs. Instantly she had Autumn pressed against her chest, crying uncontrollably as she held her. “Thank you,” she sobbed holding Autumn tighter and crying into her blanket. “Mommy’s so sorry about what that bad man did to you Angel. Please forgive me.” 

“The area is secured. Whoever he was working with helped him make a clean getaway.” Victor announced as he entered the building behind Brett. “What do you think he meant about ‘fireworks’?” Victor asked as he watched Yvette snuggle her little girl.

“Who knows? I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him though but for now my children are safe and sound. We’ll find him and send him back to wherever the hell he belongs.” Brett growled and rubbed Autumn’s hand as it gripped at Yvette’s lips. “Let’s get her home.”

“Mommy’s gonna eat you up, yes she is, yes she is,” Yvette smiled as she took a seat with Autumn near the window. “What’s Daddy doing huh? Is he playing with Big Brahbrah? Is he trying to make my Autumn jealous? Say phooey! We don’t need boys right?” She snuggled her closer against her chest as Autumn continued feeding.

“You know I think he’s going to be a star athlete. I can feel it in the way he death grips my fingers.”

“I think that’s just his fear of falling out of your arms.” 

“No, no it’s an athlete’s touch; trust me I know.”

“Whatever Mr. Star Lacrosse player.”

“Hey I’ll have you know I went All-State for my school and could have gone pro had I stuck with it. But I played football, hockey and baseball too!”

“But no basketball? What do you think Austin would want to do?”

“Hmm, my guess? Football or of course Lacrosse like his old man.”

“And what about this one? Hmm? What do you see for our daughter’s future, aside from having you wrapped around her tiny finger.”

“I think she’ll become a supermodel; not one of those nasty-too thin-need-a-hamburger kind. But one that has a nice shape to her body and makes tons of money. She has Mommy’s good looks so why not?”

“Are you flattering me Mr. Knight?”

“Why whatever do you mean?” he smiled in return but Yvette caught the devilish glimmer in his eye just the same.

“I think anything that doesn’t involve what we do I’d be happy with. Aww is it time for beddy bye,” Yvette smiled noticing Autumn’s eyes drifting closed and moved towards her crib. She glanced down at her son as Brett pulled the blanket higher around his chest. “You’re my good girl,” she pecked her forehead, wrapped her in a blanket and rested her against the pillowed surface of her crib. “Goodnight Babies.”

Starting for the door, Yvette reached for the light switch when Austin began crying. Brett hurried to his side and rocked him a little as he lay in the crib but he was relentless. Austin continued crying until Brett lifted him from his crib and snuggled him into his chest. “I don’t know what’s wrong. He seems fine when I’m holding him but when…”

“Put him with Autumn,” Yvette suggested as she watched from the door.

Brett lowered Austin into the bed beside his twin sister and immediately the crying stopped. Rolling just a little, he inched until he could feel the warmth of the little girl close to himself and his eyes slowly began closing. “Yve! Yve look!” Brett motioned as he noticed Austin’s protectiveness of their daughter. She stopped at his side and peered into the crib. “He just wanted to make sure his little sister was ok.”

“Well that’s good to know. It looks like he won’t be able to sleep without her.”

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  1. man that was crazy. I would be suing the hell out of that hospital!!!! That was crazy. So now we know who the mystery guy is. Too bad he got away but at least they know who they are looking for.

    Glad Autumn is ok and it's cute that Austin wants to be with his sister like that.

    How in the hell did you end it like that???? What the hell blew up???? UGH!!!! Not cool not cool at all! :(

    1. Oh yeah and Yvette was messed up over it! I think that's the first time we've seen her so reduced to a vulnerable mess. It's not good that her partner knows her weakness though now they know who they are looking for. Hopefully they get to him before he makes his next move!

      Yes, he has been protecting her since conception it would seem. Although he took up most of the space in there. Maybe he was just trying to keep her hidden from people interrupting their sleep :P

      LOL! The Federal building has gone up in smokes I'm afraid :)

  2. Holy crap! I would have killed someone! All in all, Yve handled it much better than I would have, especially when Chris had Autumn. So now we see who the crazy was. Seems he has been misinformed about Yve and how things worked out making her look like the bad guy on purpose?
    Brett and Yve are so sweet with the babies, got a feeling they will be keeping their parents on their toes!...edenz~

    1. That may be the end result still. You better believe they won't let this go unanswered either way it stands! Yve's only concern at that point was getting her baby home and under HER supervision so she knew that they were cared for. Regardless of hospital policy her baby isn't waiting around until 5lbs! Although she'd have loved nothing more than to watch him choke on his own blood. It was a misunderstanding but he believed his Intel was correct. Either way it goes Yve is his enemy NOW so he'd better be watching his back! Haha for sure! Those little munchkins will have plenty of mischief to cause :P

  3. Wow, all of that was pretty crazy! I mean I knew that guy was going to do something extreme like that eventually and now that they know who he is he's pretty much done for.

    Although I worry that maybe he's got them before they got him with that explosion! I mean for him to be so close to ruining her life but then run off like that kind of hints that he was just waiting for them all to gather in one place like that and then blow them up...

    Aeon hopes he's wrong though :(

    Great update!

    1. Chris' days are definitely numbered after that act! He has the entire team out for his blood. He had the idea that his ex partner betrayed him and decided to get a little payback. He also wanted to show them how easily he could get to them all.

      I think Landry was far from chickening out. The entire season he was watching Yvette and keeping her on her toes. I think he enjoys making her know that at any moment he could strike and worrying about when he'll attack next. Though he was sending a message blowing up the headquarters like that, he'd much rather make his attacks in person, up close.

      Thank you :)

  4. What a nut case! He must have been going crazy before he was caught, and then to blame someone else, and try to set that person up. He needs his head chopped off and thrown in a trash can. What a horrible experience for them all.

    I hope no one was hurt or killed when the agency was blown up. I have to read to see.

    1. Lol yeah he really had some screws loose upstairs! I'm surprised he hasn't been caught before...but then again he did get excellent training courtesy of the government! The team went through hell and back and now they are focused on one task: finding and stopping Landry!

      It's so great seeing you again Zhip! I hope you're doing well :) Thank you for reading!