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S6: Chapter 07: Soap on a Rope

“Inmate V136482 at front,” the corrections officer yelled towards the back. The team stood in the receiving room of the Greensville Correctional Unit near Jarratt, Virginia awaiting the arrival of Juan Vargas. They were lead into an interrogation room surrounded by seven inches of concrete and steel bars as the inmate was placed into a seat in front of Brett and cuffed to chains screwed into the floor.

“Who da hell are you?” Vargas growled as he took in the faces of Brett, Victor and Dustin.

“We’re the ones asking the questions,” Brett replied and slid his badge on the table for Vargas to see. “Juan Vargas, my name is Agent Brett Knight; these are my partners Vic and Dustin. We’re here investigating the recent kidnappings and murders of the Romeo Slasher and expect your full cooperation.”

“I ain’t heard nuthin’ ‘bout no Slasha vato, straight up.”

“That’s going to be a little hard to sell considering you purchased Poppyvine for him before you got pinched.”

“Yo whoever tellin’ you dat shit is straight up lyin’. I ain’t sell no shit to no Slasha. I only heard ‘bout ese since he been on da news.”

“Who’d you sell your identity to then?”

“Hold up alright Imma keep it real wit’ you because I don’t need no Po’po’ poppin’ in my face tryin’ set my ass up for another dime for some bullshit charges aight? Yo dis ese tells my carnale, some busters from another block were talkin’ shit, sayin’ we ain’t down to rep the 7-0-3 and shit. So my homies went ‘round to show ‘em what’s up yo on da real. I don’t give a shit if there’s 30 of them and only 10 of us, fuck it ey, somos pocos pero locos! They had dis crazy ass vato scoutin’ on us that’s how I got popped. My place got raided and you Pigs took my shit. Whatever happened to it after that man I can’t help you.”

“You’re telling me you didn’t try to make a quick buck by selling your I.D. knowing you were getting pinned?” Victor asked, folding his arms in front of his chest as he eyed the young tatted thug in front of him.

“Yo you can ask my homie Chuey que pasa. What I look like takin’ a knife to a girl man? That’s some punk shit. I got nuthin’ but love for the mamacitas,” Vargas grinned and leaned back in his seat. “Now if we’re done, it’s almost chow time and I ain’t about to miss it.”

Brett motioned for the guard who immediately came in to take the inmate back to the general population. Walking out, he showed his badge one last time to the guard on the gate and sighed as the electronic door slammed behind him. “Well that was a waste of time.”

“It was a lead that needed to be followed,” Victor corrected as he slid his shades from his jeans pocket and covered his eyes. “Sometimes they pan out, this one didn’t. It only means one of the other names on the list may have what we need.”

Noticing his shoelace flopping over his foot, Dustin stopped to tie it, kneeling over with an exasperated sigh. His eyes moved up as Victor and Brett continued walking and he noticed a dark SUV lurking in the general vicinity of their vehicle. His gaze narrowed and he realized he’d seen that truck somewhere before. Doing a quick mental check, he gasped and focused his attention to the driver door. The engine of the vehicle started with a roar as Brett and Victor neared the curb and the back window on the driver’s side slowly went down. 

All too quickly Dustin noticed the barrel of the gun and he jumped up rushing towards the two, arms flailing as he screamed, “GET DOWN!” The moments passed like cold molasses in the middle of winter as shots rang out around them. The alarm at the prison was on full blast as the passengers in the truck emptied clip after clip towards the federal agents. Armed guards rushed out preparing to take aim at the perpetrators as Victor, Dustin and Brett crouched behind what little cover they could find..

Finally the shots ended and the truck peeled out of the lot, burning rubber as it tore through the streets of Jarratt. “Is everyone ok?” Dustin asked once the smoke cleared. Looking around he found Brett tucked behind the prison’s sign while Victor took cover behind a column near the gate

“Jesus did anyone get a plate?” Brett asked taking a look at the number of casings lining the pavement. “One of you get inside and try to get the locals to set up a road block. You’re looking for a late model black Cadillac Escalade with dark tint.” The guards rushed back to the building to call it in and Victor knelt down to collect a few of the shell casings as evidence.

“Well one thing we can be grateful for, they’re not hollow points. In fact, this looks like the standard, garden variety caliber; glock.”

“Yeah they had us pinned down, it’s lucky none of us took a hit. Come on, let’s get back to HQ and see what we can find on that truck. We can petition the Warden to send us the footage so we can get a better look at the perps.” Victor tucked the shells into his pocket and started after Brett and Dustin, taking the passenger seat. “Hey, don’t tell Yve about this,” Brett whispered as the three got into their truck. “She already has enough on her plate. The last thing I want to do is worry her about this.”

“I know who it was,” Dustin remarked and Brett stopped the truck instantly as he turned to face him. “They were after me.”

“What?” Victor asked as he too took in the face of the man in the backseat.

“They’re known as Ggangpae, it’s a South Korean street gang who pride themselves for their proficient martial arts skills, ruthless extortion, and loan sharking tactics. They’re merciless thugs who make a living out of taking advantage of honest citizens in Seoul as well as other cities throughout the country.”

“How do you know that’s who this was?”

“Because I’ve seen them before, at Mica’s office.”

“Why didn’t you mention this before?”

“Because I thought I could handle it but I’m in too deep. The last thing I want is for someone I love to get hurt. When I saw their insignia in the rearview I immediately got on the horn with some of my old friends and associates back home trying to work this thing out. When it became apparent that they only wanted revenge I sent my Sister, nephew and Grandma away for their protection. I was going to tell you guys honest; I was just looking for the right time,” he replied solemnly and glanced at his feet. “I’m sorry.”

“What are they doing here?”

“I used to be in the gang and like every organization, it’s blood in blood out. My grandma wanted to get me out of the life before it ruined our family and that’s why she brought me and my sister to the states. I thought it was over, that we were safe. I hadn’t heard about them in forever but it turns out that all this time they were tracking me down. I gotta get home and check on Mica. I haven’t told her anything about this because I didn’t want her to worry. I just hope they haven’t gone after her.”

Dustin called Mica and found that she was ok. Nothing exciting had happened, she explained and it gave him a sense of relief. These people didn’t appear to be after her, at least for now, which meant he had a little room to maneuver. After speaking with Brett about the situation he got the team ready and Dustin felt confident that together, they could end the threat of the Ggangpae and keep those he loved safe.

He finished lighting the candles and dimming the lights in the house. Turning the stove to “warm”, Dustin headed to the bathroom and made sure everything was set up perfectly and heard Mica’s key in the door. He had much to tell her and tonight he was getting it all off his chest. Rose petals directed her through the foyer and towards the dining room where Dustin stood with a rose in his hand and a smile on his face. “What’s all this?” she asked, sitting her bags down near the door.

“I made dinner. I figured it would be nice after a long, hard day’s work.” He approached her and jerked her into his chest as he laid a very passionate kiss on her lips. Mica moaned and wrapped herself around him as his hands skirted down her sides before coming to rest at the small of her back.

“You’re right, this is nice after a long hard day.” Dustin pulled out her seat, placed the rose on the table in front of her and headed to the kitchen to grab dinner. Sitting a covered dish down in front of her, he waited for her to remove the top and once she did he instantly fell to one knee. “Dustin!”

“I know we haven’t really talked about this or what the future holds for us but I have been thinking about it for a long time and I’m ready; I just hope I’m not being too pushy.” She only shook her head and smiled down at him as he continued. “Alright here goes, Mica I love you and I want to marry you.”

He paused as he took her hands in his and she could see the wheels turning in his head and giggled a bit as he began stuttering and their hands shook as he held hers. “Are you ok?”

“Nervous, just really, really nervous. I had this whole speech thought out and I can’t remember any of it now. Screw it, I’m adlibbing. Mica, you are like the perfect drivers to my motherboard and I can’t function without you. You’ve successfully hacked into my heart and I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else, nor do I want to. I promise you, no one will work harder to make you happy or cherish you more than me. Dr. Mica Valentine, will you…”

“Yes!” She jumped up from the chair and into his arms, hugging him tightly and Dustin did the same. “It’s beautiful,” she sighed looking at the ring again as he let her down to the floor. Their lips connected and Mica kissed him hard, her hands rubbing through his hair as he gripped her firmly against him. When finally she released him, he gave her a huge smile and pulled her chair out once more as he went to collect the food. They ate, all the while making plans and Dustin enjoyed the squeal she produced every now and again as she thought about it.

After dinner he took her to the next event he had planned: a sensuous bubble bath. Dustin turned on the water in the tub, adding a generous amount of suds as Mica joined him in the bathroom. As the tub filled, he gave his attention to the beaming woman in front of him and slowly began undressing her. Kisses covered her nude body and every place he touched as he liberated her of clothes and himself. Dustin took her hand and stepped into the water first before helping his new fiancée in as well. She quickly snuggled against him, laughing as she felt his fingers slip over her belly and kissing him thoroughly as the bubbles popped and fizzled around them. She looked happy and he loved seeing her like this.

Once she settled in his arms, Dustin began sponging warm water over her skin and watching as it cascading down her chocolate body creating tiny bubbles before disappearing into the tub. With a sigh he squeezed her against him and closed his partially closed his eyes. Mica’s laughter shook the water around him and his eyes popped open to look at the woman leaning against him. “What’s so funny?”

“Your proposal.”

“Excuse me? Hey I was nervous ok?”

“My Dusty got nervous? No, that can’t be right. He’s the one always teasing me about my shyness! And what was that you said about being a motherboard and driver? Classic.”

“That was awesome! You understood it right? Plus that was a very special moment I didn’t want to screw it up!”

“No that’s not what I meant. Can you imagine what our kids would be like having a geek as a father?”

“Oh you mean besides being incredibly handsome and smart? Our kids are going to rule the world.” She turned into him and gave him a long passionate kiss. Dustin adjusted beneath her as her hands slowly moved in his hair, stirring his senses. Trying his best to ignore the sensation, he pulled his lips back slightly and looked up into her eyes. “Mica, there’s something we need to talk about.”

Mica climbed off of his lap and rested her head again on his chest. Turning slightly in the water so she could see his face a little, she inhaled at the grave expression he held and nodded her head. “Is it about your family?” The shocked look he gave her prompted her to explain and she slid her teeth over her bottom lip as she started. “You never really talked about your parents and how they died. I didn’t push the issue because I saw how guarded you were on the subject.”

Dustin released his breath and gently pecked her cheek as he adjusted in the water beneath her. “Yes. It’s about my parents and my life in Korea before I came here. If you want to be my wife, I think it’s time I told you everything there is to know about Dustin Kimura.”

“Son of a bitch!” Brett yelled and slammed the phone to its base in anger. Yvette turned the corner with wide eyes as she took in her husband leaning forward on the kitchen table fuming over the latest hang up call. “I just had one of our techs run a trace on the last call and guess who it is?” Yvette shrugged and Brett continued, his ire rising the more he thought about it. “Your old partner Chris Landry. Apparently the asshole purchased a traceable cell phone from T-Mobile just to hound us. He turned it off right after the tech narrowed in on him. That son of a bitch is taunting us.”

“Calm down Brett, there’s no use letting him get to you like this; that’s exactly what he wants. He’s trying to throw us off our game. He’s playing some demented cat and mouse ‘catch me if you can’ that he knows we’ll go into overemotional. Don’t let him sucker you.”

He stopped pacing as he let her words sink in and turned to face her just as she started for the bedroom. Finding her pulling back the covers preparing for bed, he slipped behind her and tugged her against his chest with one arm around her waist. Gradually his hands moved up her body until they came to rest behind her neck and she leaned forward as he began to massage her. “Mmm,” Yvette moaned as Brett’s hands rubbed her shoulders tenderly. “That feels good.”

“You’re so tense. Are you worried about something?” he asked as he focused on the knot just between her shoulder blades. He made sure to keep quiet about the incident earlier and was hoping the news about Landry hadn’t put her on edge again. Yvette leaned forward and murred deeply as his hands worked out the tension in her strained muscles.

“Just thinking; a lot.”


“Work, the babies, the Romeo Slasher; everything really. With all that we have going on I’m completely amazed we have any downtime to be with the twins.”

“We make time Yve, that’s how family life is. The kids are so young it’s easier to manage and our parents have been a great help with that,” he smiled as she huffed thinking about his hands-on Mom. “Have you been reconsidering the situation? You know taking time off or leaving the Bureau?”

“No and before you go on about how beneficial it would be let me stop you now. I love my job and I have no intentions of quitting. I won’t leave the Bureau until they either force me out or I reach my retirement.” She felt his hands move further south and paused as he worked some voodoo on her that immediately caused her body to respond. “Brett what are you doing?” Yvette mumbled as his lips moved from her face down her neck and towards her chest.

“Well I figured it’s never too early to think about playmates for Austin and Autumn. Not to mention we have a bakery list of a dozen to create.” Yvette laughed and ran her hand through her husband’s hair as he undid her top and let it fall to the floor. 

“You’re crazy if you think I’m baking a dozen biscuits for your Mom. And as far as more kids right now; we already have our hands full literally with the twins. Maybe once they’re out of diapers we can have one more; maybe.” She placed her fingers beneath his shirt and slowly slid her hands up his chest towards his shoulders to help push it off.

Brett captured her lips as she did, sucking on her tongue as it darted out of her mouth to play with his. “In that case, plan B.”

“Plan B?”

“Mmhmm,” he growled and undid the button to her jeans. “I thought up another reason in case the bakery excuse didn’t work.”

“Oh this I’ve gotta hear.”

Brett chuckled as Yvette’s lips moved to his chest, kissing and sucking on him as she lowered herself to her knees. “They say that after you’re married, sex becomes an issue. I figured, in order to keep the passion in our relationship, we should keep ourselves familiarized with one another’s bodies,” Brett’s mouth twisted into a grin as he felt her fingers tugging at his belt and undoing the button.

“Well now that’s a much better argument Mr. Knight.” He groaned deeply as his head slipped between her lips and reached out to place his hands on the back of her head; resting it there a moment as his beautiful wife bobbed her head against him, gently engorging his member. Her mouth sucked an incredible vacuum around his length, and she pressed her left hand against his thigh as she took more of him into her mouth.

Yvette looked up at her husband with a glint in her eye and pulled her head from his cock, her warm hand steadily stroking over his throbbing member. “I’m not catching you if you fall,” she teased pumping her fist faster on his shaft.

Brett murmured a leisured laugh and pressed himself against the wall smiling down at her as she crawled forward to resume her previous ministrations. He closed his eyes with pleasure as she again took his cock into her mouth. Using her tongue, she licked him from the base up towards the head. Focusing on the largest vein on the underside of his dick she sucked the head continually into her mouth, letting her lips caress his sensitive tip. Brett groaned, his hand guiding his wife’s mouth over his cock and he looked down at her with wide eyes, watching as his shaft vanished between her pursed lips and coming back slick with her saliva.

Yvette smiled up at him, licked his cock from base to head again in long, languorous sweeps of her tongue. “Mmm that feels so good,” he whispered, moaning deeper as her mouth covered him completely again, her lips touching the base. Her hand moved so that she held his shaft and she pumped it in time with her sucking, twirling her tongue over his slit when she came back down his length. The sucking coupled with the feeling of being jerked drew yet another groan of delight from his throat and he felt Yvette giggle onto his cock. “This isn’t fair. You have me completely spellbound Yve,” he groaned and held her shoulders for support.

“Mmm well you know you could always return the favor,” she purred back and leaned forward again, his cock slipping between her swollen lips. She left it there a moment, doing amazing things with her tongue until Brett could take no more. She grinned as he leaned down, gripping her upper arms and gently pulling her to her feet.

She moaned again, deeply, and moved backwards towards the bed as he guided her with his hands. Yvette fell onto the mattress with Brett quickly behind her. His knee slipped between her thighs, helping to part them as he rested his weight against her. Slowly his hands worked down her stomach, his mouth trailing kisses down her body as he worked his way towards her thighs.

Just as he reached the creamy heaven between his wife’s legs Austin started to cry. His moans of discomfort echoed from the baby monitor beside the bed and Brett groaned in frustration as he looked up at it. “And you want more!” Yvette laughed as he rolled to his back.

Throwing on a robe, she hurried towards the babies’ room and pulled her eldest from his crib. “It’s ok Austin, Mommy’s here.” Brett came up behind her as she took a seat in the rocking chair and uncovered her breast to feed him.

“Hey that’s mine!”

“Not tonight it’s not,” she giggled and looked down at his boxers; the thin material doing very little to hide his erection.

“Yeah I’m going to take a shower. But just so you know Austin, the first time I catch you with a girl, I’m gonna show you how it feels to be cock blocked.”


“What? Revenge is a bitch,” he laughed and started down the hallway to the bathroom.

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  1. Hmm ok first I hope Dustin can keep Mica protected and that their engagement goes smoothly. Poor Brett that had to suck to get so riled up and be interrupted perhaps his wife will take care of it later after she's done with the baby. I hope since the interrogation was a bust that they figure out who/what to solve their case.

    1. Dustin has always tried to keep those around him safe which is why he needed to confess after the attack. He felt is was his fault and only wants to make sure he can prevent things like this from happening in the future. Hopefully the team working together can end his threat!

      Brett will make sure Yvette makes up for the interruption haha. Poor Austin though. If Brett goes through with his threats, their son is going to have a helluva time dating. His daughter Autumn most definitely will anyway!

      Hopefully like Vic said, they followed one lead to the end but there are still a few other strings to pull before the ball unravels. Maybe one of those will be the break they need to end this case once and for all!

      Thank you for reading!

  2. The title made me lol.
    As did Dustins proposal speech. Ahahaaa! Motherboard and driver. Such a geek.

    I really hope the boys can get rid of all thse bad guys! There seem to be a lot suddenly! They have to worry about the Romeo Slasher as well as Ggangpae now. Hope they're not stretched too thin.

    Giggled a bit at Brett being left frustrated because of his babies, even though he'd said a few minutes earlier that he wanted more! Yeah, well, you'll have to drop the foreplay for that, Brett, make the most of the little time you have, don't fill it with unfinished blow-jobs ;)

    Loved the cock-blocking thing. I'm sure he'd react a LOT differently if he was thinking about his daughter bringing a boy home!

    1. Haha it was the only thing that I could think of at the time sorta apropos. :P

      Dustin went with what worked lol he was trying to remember the proposal speech he'd made but was having issues, for the first time in Mica's company he was the nervous one!

      They really do have their hands full right now. The Romeo Slasher is the high profile one currently that they need to get cleared away before the Slasher kills another woman though. The Ggangpae is going to take a little more time as they will need to try and figure out who these people are and that kind of Intel will take time to gather. Might even mean a trip to South Korea!

      Hahaha that was Yvette's thinking too! He wants to keep their intimacy and then gets frustrated when the kids need attention! You can't have it both ways unfortunately Brett and the babies will always be first. And that is advice he'll need to live by! No foreplay, that might suck though (not literally :P)

      Oh yeah! He'd probably be sitting at his door with his gun aimed at the guy's head, finger on the trigger. Guys are so double standard like that. His son can be a huge whore but not his daughter! So unfair! But that's a man right? I'm sure she'll have Mom on her side though :P Let's see Brett argue with her!

      Thank you for reading!

  3. Do you hear that???? That loud squeal is me jumping up and down in my seat seeing my Dusty propose!!!! Mica did good even letting him talk because I would have tackled him to the floor just seeing the ring. :D But aww his proposal was sweet and geeky and so very Dustin. Now he's going to have 'the talk' with her letting her know everything. I have no doubts Mica will be very understanding and supportive.

    So Vargas is hinting that it may be a cop that is using his ID to either help the Slasher or even worse could be the Slasher. It makes sense that he might have some inside help considering he has been one step ahead and is so good at not leaving evidence.

    I hope they can catch Yve's old partner. That is one more threat hanging over their head that they don't need to deal with. :( Brett and his old fashioned way of thinking. He married the wrong woman if he wanted someone to play Suzie homemaker while he worked and brought home the bacon. I'm glad she keeps shutting him down on that hopefully it will get through to him to stop bringing it up.

    hahaha if Austin has it his way Brett won't get a chance to give them more siblings. :P That was funny.

    Ok back to my happy dancing. ***I'M GETTING MARRIED, I'M GETTING MARRIED**** :D

    1. Haha well I hope your neighbors don't call the police on you for a noise complaint! Although with a Fed in your corner, it would be easy charges to skate on right? LOL! Glad he was able to get a little of his proposal out. Although she didn't actually let him ask the question :P does that count? Mica is his rock, has been since they've met. She's the perfect "sane" to his crazy moments. Which in my opinion is sort of the exact opposite to the real Mica...just saying. Though Mica has had her "black girl" moments lol

      He said the cops took his stuff, whether that points to a cop doing the deed or not remains to be seen but that is a pretty interesting theory. It would explain some things like you said with the inside help and all. It seems the Slasher is one step ahead although the anonymity he's enjoyed so far is keeping him that way also.

      Finding Landry is something that definitely needs to happen and soon! He is very dangerous and out there roaming free, there's no telling what he's planning or where he's heading. Yes he did indeed. I don't know why he has the idea that his wife should stay at home with the babies while he works but he is very old-fashioned. Then again his Mom was a homemaker (once she retired) so maybe? No...I don't know. It's just his ideal. LOL But Yvette is SOOOO not a stay-at-home Mom. She likes being in the shit. He needs to hear her before it creates badness in their relationship.

      LOL! Very true! Austin is putting a dent in Daddy's plans there!

      I wouldn't let your husband hear that :P

      Thank you for reading!

  4. Whew! Dustin finally told them about his issues with his ex gang...too late because they were almost killed :/ but it's tricky how they are going to solve this problem?! If they kill more gang members that will just make them all targets D: dealing with gangs is no good! And now he's proposed to Mica and things are going great all except that...and that's going to be a hard problem to solve!

    Heh, the last part was funny! But you know with the serial killer and the Korean gang I forgot all about her ex-partner! His lurking is not good because he's planning...and I'd say he's a pretty good planner based on what happened last time.

    1. That is the issue. The concern right now for them is learning all they can about the Ggangpae so they are prepared for what they may encounter with the gang before diving right in. They already see they are a take no prisoners kind and more than ready to start shooting up federal agents in front of a prison! That alone is scary. Hopefully they are able to figure it out because like you said, taking out one member only makes the rest want revenge. It's a very tricky situation.

      Very true! Landry is pretty good at being a ghost and making himself known only when he wants. There's never any telling where he is or when he's coming out again. It's something they will seriously need to figure out and resolve soon. There's so much happening around them right now it's crazy to think they can lead ordinary lives!

      Thank you for reading :)

  5. I don't think that the guys should have dismissed that Vargas's statements so quick. They should have gone to see his personal articles and maybe tried a few fingerprints. I have a thought that the officer who had a call and wouldn't look Yve in the eye may be guilty.

    It is relief that Dustin told his teammates. Hopefully they will keep everyone safe from that crazy bully gang. I worry that they will get Mica. His proposal was sweet and spontaneous.

    1. That's a great point! They didn't really believe much of what he said. He just to them sounded like an embittered prisoner hating on cops as they all do. It could have led them to a suspect though so they should have been willing to at least check it out!

      Dustin finally admitted to himself this was not something he could do alone and of course his team, his family, are all too happy to help. He should have trusted in that sooner. But luckily it didn't take much longer before he did. Aww glad you liked it :P I'm surprised he got out as much as he did with Mica as excited as she was!

      Thank you for reading :)