Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy 2nd Anniversary Codename: Danger!

From pounding the pavement hunting down bad guys to busting down doors in some of the year's biggest raids, the team from Codename: Danger have done it all! And it's high time they take a vacation from all the crazy shootouts and car chases to unwind after a pretty hectic job! Join them as they celebrate another year and finally take a break to relax!

Brett Knight is teaching his son Austin a thing or two about building sandcastles (or perhaps Austin is showing Daddy how it's really done?)

Yvette Knight and her daughter Autumn going for their first swim. Careful, she just may be a fast learner and float out to sea!

Ryan Sharpe and Dustin Kimura going head-to-head in a jetski race. It doesn't matter who wins, hitting that water at those speeds makes them both losers, ouch!

Scott Philips and Victor Murphy taking their new speed boat for a spin (off the government's dime of course!)

Just a note to wish Codename: Danger it's two-year anniversary; it's been a fun and crazy ride. And whether you've been here from the start or are just getting into the adventures of Yvette, Brett, Ryan, Dustin, Victor and all the rest, thank you to every one of my readers and supporters! Codename: Danger is heading into its 7th and final season but I've had a great time getting there!


  1. aww cute! and happy anniversary!!!!!

  2. Cuties!!!!!
    Jet ski race! Love it!

    Happy Anniversary!

    1. Haha I'm betting if Dustin wins, Ryan will make him regret it!

      Thank you :)