Saturday, August 10, 2013

S6: Chapter 10: Dead-End Drive

“I want two teams to enter the building from opposite sides. Vic and I will take the back entrance and check for the databanks Ops says is on the premises. Ryan, I want you and Yvette to take the side entrance, upstairs and the docking bay are your points of execution. Vic and I will take the bottom level and exterior loading points. Dustin has advised there are possible contaminants and other toxins on site so keep your masks on at all times. We have Intel that Landry is on site and from experience we know he’s going to be armed. Watch your backs in there. If you encounter a problem get on the comm. immediately. Divide and conquer people. You know your objectives so let’s get it done.” Brett checked his weapon one last time before moving into position at the back gates. Ryan hurried off towards the right side with Yvette taking care to watch his six for any signs of movement.

Once they were in position, Brett gave the signal and all four members entered the building prepared for their extraction. “If Landry is somewhere inside this place, we’ll find him Viper,” Victor spoke in low tones as he maneuvered himself against the wall and waited for Brett to flank.

“That’s what I’m worried about,” he responded and moved a few feet ahead of his partner. “If he is here, I don’t know if Yvette will be able to control herself or just shoot him without prejudice.”

“Yvette knows what’s at stake here, she wouldn’t fire her weapon unless it was necessary and you know that. After everything’s that’s happened it would be understandable that she’s emotional about her ex-partner and even this mission but she has a level head and won’t put the rest of us in jeopardy. I know things have seemed a little off with her game lately but she has never failed to get the work done. She’s a good agent and you should give her more credit than that.”

“You say that as a friend Vic and I understand that. But you haven’t been the one up with her late at night listening to her stress and worry about things that are beyond her control. There’s been a lot to deal with from both of her fathers and work and the twins. She’s been very fragile lately and I know the not knowing what to expect from Landry or whatever schemes he may be cooking up is only adding to her stress. She needs this to end and one way or the other she’ll find a way.” He stopped beside a door and motioned Vic forward. Pulling his service weapon over his shoulder, he fixed his aim at the door and waited for it to open. Counting down from three, Victor kicked open the door and his eyes opened wide in shock as he immediately took in the number of rigged canisters of fuel wired to explode.

“Get down!” he shouted and dove for cover just as a large explosion rocked the building setting off other explosives placed strategically throughout the facility. Ryan ran beneath the staircase and Yvette jumped behind a stack of crates as the fire rained upon them and smaller explosions set off the sprinklers and kicked off the power.

Emergency lights came on as the team slowly began collecting themselves but it wasn’t long before the doors to the front were kicked open and the bullets started to fly. “It’s a set up!” Ryan growled as he returned fire and threw himself into a corner to avoid the near miss of projectiles soaring in his direction. “Diamond where are you?”

“I’m behind the half wall near the break room. I see you Cobra. There are three shooters heading towards you. I can take out the center guy and draw their fire.” Without hesitation, Yvette was on her feet firing towards the men descending on where Ryan was holed up. With three shots to the chest the man fell with a grunt, his body plummeting over the guard rail and landing with a thud on the ground floor. 

Noticing their comrade taking a hit, the other two fired upon Yvette’s location and she quickly ducked behind another pile of crates to avoid being shot. Ryan took aim at the men as they moved towards her, hitting one in the head and the other in the leg. The first died before he hit the ground while the other, dragged himself into the safety of the office and hid behind the desk. “Cobra are you hit?” Yve asked over the comm. as she repositioned herself to find where he’d moved to.

“I’m fine. Another one is down but I lost track of the third man.”

“The office. But it’s surrounded by security glass no way we’d get the drop on him.”

“Great. And I can only guess that’s where we’d also find the databanks we were sent here for.” Ryan made a point and Yvette gasped as she realized the third gunman could be in there destroying the evidence. 

“Cobra, I’m going in, get around the other side and cover me!” The two moved quickly with Yvette bursting down the door and jumping behind an office chair as the man crawled to his knees and fired at her. Ryan was able to crack through the glass in the small room and immediately took aim at the man, striking him in the hand, arm and neck. He fell, clutching at his throat as blood spurted from his numerous wounds.

Climbing through the window, Ryan glanced in Yvette’s direction before checking for the hardware on the multiple devices in the room. “Are you ok?” he asked as she joined him pulling out the hard drives of the computers and stuffing them in her bag.

“I’m fine. You’re always a great cover guy,” she smiled and he high fived her as they retrieved a series of computer discs and placed them in cases to take back to HQ. “Come on, we need to rendezvous with the others, there’s no telling what other surprises are waiting in this place.”

Victor groaned as he pulled himself up from beneath the crumpled wall and plaster that crashed on him with the explosion. Checking his weapon he moved to the last position he saw Brett and helped pull him from the rubble. “Are you hurt?”

“Nothing I can’t live with.”

“Good, because I think I heard gunshots not too far from here.” He got to his feet and ensured his weapon was in firing condition and charged forward through the double doors near the side entrance. After trying to raise Yvette and Ryan a few times on the comm. he gave up and motioned for Victor to take point as they entered the main floor of the building. More shots rang out and burrowed into the wall beside them as they exited the hallway and Victor took cover beside the door as Brett held up behind a column near the middle of the room.

Sidewinder, we are taking fire, can you access the building’s security system and check the cameras in here?

“Not a possibility Boss. The explosions took out the main system and right now it’s all running on generator juice which means it’s only the necessary amount of energy to continue functioning. All nonessential equipment has been shutdown; door locks, security cameras and lobby lights are on that list.”

So what is still running?

“Besides the computer’s mainframe I couldn’t tell you exactly. But from the scans I’m getting off the EMP, it’s huge whatever it is! It’s located on the lower level in a room near the back. Using infrared heat signals I can see about nine bodies in the building. Four on the top level the rest on the ground floor. I couldn’t tell you which is Cobra and Diamond or which is you and Cottonmouth. All I can say is stay on your guard. That back room is generating a LOT of heat.”

Victor ducked as a shot rocketed towards him and returned fire on one gunman he saw standing beside the lift doors. “That’s eight now,” he reported with a grin to Brett and pulled up from his position to find more. Brett covered him, moving crate by crate to keep himself guarded as they went on the offensive. 

Shooting blindly towards an area where a shot rang out, he heard someone grunt and advanced in that direction to check on the status of the shooter. The closer they moved up the hallway, they could feel the heat from the room that Dustin had mentioned and both men tapped on the covers of their gas masks to ensure they were in place. Brett entered first and ducked as a gunshot round blasted through the top cover of the door, splitting the wood from the frame. Victor came in with the same type of weapon and with one shot, the gunman bounced back against the wall as the shell tore through his abdomen.

Brett nodded in his direction and Victor moved deeper into the room. Gripping an end of the cloth he and Brett pulled it back to reveal a large military grade missile equipped with some heavy chemical that bubbled within the locked cylinder on the front cover. Victor and Brett both took quick steps back from the weapon ensuring the clock on the front display wasn’t moving before contacting Dustin back in the van to inform him of the situation. “We have to find Ryan and Yve and get them out of this building,” Brett remarked and rushed out of the room heading towards the other end of the facility.

A shot rang out and Yvette ducked as it ricocheted off the back panel beside her before landing into the wooden crate near the door. She hopped up from her position and joined Ryan near the large crane in the center of the room as a man grunted somewhere near the stairwell. “I think that was the last one,” he announced and checked his clip for the amount of ammo remaining.

“Yeah, he’s down but not out.”

“Cover me?” Ryan asked and pulled up to his feet. Rushing forward he threw his body against the left wall gaining a better vantage point of where the last man stood. “Psst,” he motioned towards Yvette and she crouched behind a stack of boxes and nodded for him to move.

The moment he started forward, the loud cranking of the main dock doors sounded and he jumped back behind the wall taking cover once more. Bright light filled the room and Yvette lifted a hand to her forehead as she struggled to peer through the sun’s luminosity at whom or what was joining her and Ryan in the large stock bay. 

A team of heavily geared and armed men entered and she quickly ducked behind the barrel beside her and reached for her comm. to contact her partner. “Five guys to your left; strapped and ready to play.”

“What’s my move?”

“I’ll distract them with a flashbang if you can get out from where you are and hit the one nearest you.” Yvette pulled a grenade from her vest pocket and prepared to throw it when the radio of the man in the center beeped.

Evans team one is a go,” she heard someone say over the static and paused as her breath caught in her throat. 

Evans? She questioned in her mind and peeked over the crate again to analyze the man standing in the center. He had a certain look about him; his posture gave her the indication he was a man in his mid to late 50s. He held his gun in his left hand and favored a Saiga-12 with an Ace Folding stock, internal block in the G2 trigger group. There was an Ar Bayonet Lug soldered to the barrel and a smile crossed her lips as she remembered peeking into the garage door as a child and watching her father polish and customize the same type of weapon.

“Diamond, what’s happening?” Ryan asked over his comm. and waited for her to get back. The silence in the room since the men entered was deafening and unusual considering she mentioned they were armed to the teeth.

“Stand down, I don’t think we’re in imminent danger,” she replied and started whistling ‘You Are My Sunshine’. When the song got louder as one of the men joined in, she slowly stood but kept her weapon at the ready. “Ethan?” Yvette asked in question as she stared at the man in the center of the five masked men.

“Hello Yvie. So I guess this means we’re late to the party huh?” he asked with a grin, removed his cover and holstered his weapon on his side. “Search the area, clean sweep. If you find one with the ability to talk, keep it that way. We might be able to get answers out of him later.” The four men left his side heading in different directions and Ethan moved forward getting closer to his daughter and Ryan.

“Hello?” she sighed in annoyance as his attention finally fell on her. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Working, same as you. We got a lead that an ex-government operative was hiding out here and we kind of needed to talk to him.” He eyed the number of bodies on the top level and the ones laid out near the docking bay with a frown. “Hopefully the Intel was wrong because otherwise…,” he sighed and glanced at her again. “This all you?”

“And me,” Ryan added as he removed his cover with his weapon still ready for action.

“Ah. I should have known you’d have the whole team with you. Excuse me, we haven’t been properly introduced, Ethan Evans,” he grinned and extended his hand towards Ryan. “And you’re Special Agent Ryan Sharpe correct?”

Ryan looked at Yvette before redirecting his gaze towards her father again. With a growl he nodded affirmation but didn’t bother with the civility of a formal handshake. Instead he circled around the man and moved towards the last guy downed by Yvette’s bullet and kicked him to make sure he was still breathing. Sliding the gun away from the man, he pulled up his comm. and quickly contacted Brett about the situation and new development. “I’m on the way,” he received in response and Yvette released a breath that let him know she wasn’t looking forward to what was about to happen next.

The back dock gates opened and Brett, followed closely by Victor, entered the warehouse making a beeline straight towards Yvette and Ethan. “You’re in the middle of a federal operation. I advise you and your men to leave the premises otherwise my team and I will arrest you and take you in for questioning.”

“It’s nice to see you again too, Brett.” Ethan sighed and pulled out his comm., calling off his team, he waited until the four men exited the area and turned back towards his son-in-law. “We don’t have to butt heads on this, you and I are after the same things. The only difference is I have no intentions of turning it in to the federal government. They are after all the reason behind the recent attacks on the U.S.”

“That’s ridiculous! And as far as I’m concerned you’re the terrorist here. You’ve been officially declared dead and if it wasn’t for Yvette I’d have already cuffed your ass and thrown you in the back of the van. I’m only extending this one time courtesy Ethan, back off now. I don’t need you or your team of miscreants coming in here with your conspiracy theories.”

“Conspiracy theories? Is that what you call bombings and shootouts on the Capitol? I am telling you something that you don’t want to hear, there’s no theory about it. It’s factual.” He offered a card to his daughter but never took his eyes off her husband. “When you’re ready to hear the truth, give me a call. We could use the extra man power.”

“Don’t count on it Evans. You should have stayed dead.”

Hearing those words, Yvette turned towards Brett and he immediately cussed beneath his breath and avoided her gaze. Snatching the card from Ethan’s hands, she holstered her weapon and moved up the staircase nearest Ryan to retrieve the bag she’d dropped in her rush to exit the shooting area. “We’ll see each other again,” Ethan responded and turned to follow his team out the door.

“Victor, Ryan, get him to the ER and I want you both to stay with him. Make sure when he comes to he’s only talking to us.” Brett ordered and waited for the others to exit with the injured gunman before rushing up the stairs to find his wife. She was shaking glass off her bag beneath the security window near the office when he came up behind her. 


“Don’t. I don’t need your false apologies or sympathies Brett. I’ve always known how you felt about Ethan and admittedly I felt that way at one point too. But he’s not the same man we thought he was. The only difference between us is at least I was willing to give him the chance to prove that. You’re still blinded by hate and whatever you thought it was he did that you don’t want to see who he really is and that’s fine. You’re entitled to your opinions. But don’t lie to me anymore about it because I just don’t want to hear it.” She turned and brushed past him quickly exiting the back doors and joined Dustin in the van.

“You get the discs?”

“Half. The rest were blown up when that assassins’ team crashed the mission. Hopefully they have what you need,” she sighed and tossed him the bag. Brett hopped into the back and Dustin climbed behind the wheel.

“Where are Vic and Ry?”

“We’ll meet up with them at HQ. You get Scott to send Demo out?”

“A team is on the way.”

“Good. For now let’s get these discs back and see what we have,” Brett responded and glanced at his wife whose eyes were on everything except his. He sighed sorrowfully and looked down at the band wrapped around his finger in longing. The words he spoke to Ethan echoed in his mind and he shook the thoughts free. He didn’t mean them as they sounded but the man brought nothing but trouble into their lives and it was his job as Yvette’s husband and the father of their twins to keep his family safe. 

Brett was bound to do that no matter what it took and if it meant keeping their maternal grandfather away from them, that’s what he would do. Dustin grabbed the bag and started up to the unit room as Brett and Yvette entered the locker rooms to change. Brett watched from a distance as his wife removed her riot gear, grabbed her civilian clothes from her locker and started towards the shower. Grabbing a towel, he headed in behind her and dropped the cloth to the bench just outside the wall and stepped into the water with her. 

Slowly his hands moved over her skin, soothing and massaging the soap over her body as her eyes remained closed. Yvette leaned against him, resting her head on his chest as he gently turned her to face him. “Mmm these aren’t unisex showers Brett.”

“Yeah well who’s gonna know?” he asked glancing over his shoulder towards the locker room door. “You have to know I didn’t mean it the way it sounded Yve. I didn’t mean for it to hurt you. But that man has brought on so much shit that I can’t imagine what else might come from being in contact with him. I have you and Austin and Autumn to think about. I can’t let him put them in danger and I know you don’t want that either.”

“I know Brett and I’m not mad at you. It’s just this situation. I mean I’ve heard of in-laws hating each other but this is something on the level of the Hatfields and McCoys.” Brett laughed and brushed her hair back as the water splashed over her face. “I love you and I trust your judgment. But you have to allow me the freedom to get to know him as well. He’s my father after all and all I want is the chance to see what he’s about without having to feel guilty for sneaking around behind your back.”

“Fine. But you have to promise me you’ll keep the twins away from him until we know for sure what is going on.”

“I promise.” Leaning forward, he brought his lips to hers and held her in a kiss for a moment. She wrapped her arms around his neck and felt the makings of his arousal push against her thigh and giggled against his mouth as he tucked her deeper into his chest. “Brett?”

“What? We can take a moment. Austin has been a total cock block lately and I’m growing tired of my own hand. Besides Dustin needs time to analyze the data on those discs you and Ryan recovered and you know he likes to work without me hovering over his shoulder.” 

“Uh huh, clever excuse.” He growled and picked her up as he moved against the wall of the shower. Yvette wrapped her legs around his hips as he thrust forward entering her with enough force to push a loud grunt from her mouth. Her lip instantly went between her teeth as his hands closed around her ass pulling her up and down on his aching hard on. 

He ran one hand down her glistening back, gripping the back of her neck as he again pushed her lips to his kissing her hard as he pumped himself deeper inside of his wife’s slick body. Dropping his grip and letting it come to rest on her ass, the hot water bubbled like a spring against his palm and he smacked his hand flat against her backside causing her to chirp in pleasure. With a quick squeeze of her hip, he lowered her slightly to one foot and gripped his cock in his hand as he pulled back a moment. Yvette groaned in frustration when he moved her back a little more. “Turn around,” he ordered to which she immediately responded. 

Bending over, she looked back at him with an expression of pure desire and he grinned at the sight of her awaiting pussy, sopping wet because of him. Brett pushed his head against her folds, then deeper and deeper, watching as his length disappeared inside of her and groaning aloud as he sank into her depths. Yve moaned with him, pushing her hips back against his body to take even more of his cock into her.

“Oh God,” Yvette slammed her hands against the walls before another moan was thrust from her lungs as Brett began to slowly move his hips. He held her tighter; his hand snagged a good grip in her hair as his shaft slid easily into her silken tunnel while her walls hugged him snugly. The feeling was incredible, and added with the thumping water Brett had thoughts of starting every morning this way.

His motions were no longer gentle as he was now pounding his wife against the wall, holding her hips within his soaked palms as he moved harder. Yvette reached for the shower rack with one hand to use for support as she nearly hit her head against the tiled wall thanks to her husband’s anxious thrusting. She moaned long and her eyes flickered close at the amazing pleasure that coursed through her. Brett gave up trying to be quiet as the gorgeous woman in front of him began moving her hips back in time with his thrusts matching his sexual appetite.

Her ample breasts hung down invitingly, swaying with the growing speed of his thrusts and water poured from them in streams making him lick his lips in delight. Slowly, Brett’s hands slid up her body and before long came to rest on her sides. From there it was only a short reach towards Yvette’s breasts and he squeezed them firmly, feeling the magnificent mounds shaking against his palms from the force of their sex.

He could no longer consciously maintain a steady pace and as he clutched Yvette’s breasts he let himself go, his hips slamming wilder into her. Yvette cried out in pleasure, her sex clenching more and more on his probing shaft and their eyes shut. Her body tensed as her orgasm exploded inside of her and he grunted out a glorious cry of his own as his cum spurted from his cock. “Oh fuck!” he roared and hammered her harder, slamming her fiercely into the tiles as he felt his release pour into her.

It took a short while before he finally caught his breath and with a long, delighted sigh he released Yvette, smiling with satisfaction as she pulled herself from his arms. A large grin was on her lips as well as she turned to face him again. “It’s a good thing the showers are away from the main lobby,” she laughed playfully and he pulled her against him for another kiss.

“Yeah, otherwise you’d get us both fired.”

“Me? I wasn’t the one yelling obscenities when I came.”

He chuckled and gave her ass another firm squeeze as he turned off the water and scooped up his towel. “Come on, we’d better get back to work.”

Dustin waited for Victor to close the door after Yvette and Brett finally joined them to start. Yvette took a seat beside Ryan on the couch and he hid a smile behind his hand as he looked at her. “What?” she asked and leaned back against the cushions.

“Nothing. Enjoy your shower?”

“Shit, you could hear us?” she whispered and watched him bite his lip to keep himself from laughing.

“Just a little. I blocked the door after I walked in and heard the slapping bodies. There were a few others waiting to shower; I told them the water was backing up so they went to the other locker room. Word of advice though, next time, try not to be so loud.”

“I was not!”

“Oh yeah you were. I kind of got the impression it’s a normal thing though and now I know how Stefanie felt when she said I kept her up with Brandy.”

“Wow. Well thanks for that Ryan.”

“It’s what partners are for.”

Ryan pulled away from the sofa and Yvette finished lotioning her arms and legs as she tuned back in to the conversation. “So after I got through all the encryption I found four pages of data with a series of coordinates mostly for small countries in Europe and Asia. There was one that had a national location, Washington D.C. and I’m still going through the others; who knows what else I’ll find.”

“What were the coordinates for?”

“The AMWS, that large biochemical weapon you located inside the back room. AMWS stands for Automatic Missile Weapons System. Inside the cylinder locked on the face of the missile are smaller beads that contain a deadly neurotoxin with the strength to eradicate an entire country with just one vial. From what I’m gathering there was enough in there to take out the entire continent of Europe or even Asia. Added to the fact that one of the coordinates so far was on American soil I’m beginning to wonder if the Turk that threatened the MGS Summit wasn’t a homegrown terrorist.”

“Wait a second, are you saying you believe these attacks are courtesy of a U.S. citizen?” Victor asked growing more and more concerned as he thought about his family.

“I’m saying that someone out there has access to weapons of nuclear proportions and the ability to cloak his actions behind lots and lots of red tape and encryptions. I’m saying someone out there, possibly born as a U.S. citizen has an axe to grind and nothing but time. His or her anonymity is cloaked behind these international organizations claiming responsibility for the bombings while they are executing acts of terrorism on U.S. soil.”

Brett turned to Yvette who had stepped closer to the group and she sighed. Visibly shaken as the rest of the team appeared, thoughts of Ethan’s seemingly absurd rant began to replay in her mind and from the look on Brett’s face, he was beginning to believe it as well.

Her pacing was beginning to burn a hole in the floor but Yvette couldn’t sleep. All night long she could think of nothing other than the information Dustin recovered off the few discs they got from the warehouse. If Chris Landry had been in there like their initial Intel suggested, did that mean he was a terrorist? Considering his behavior the night he came after her, it wasn’t outside the realm of possibilities. 

But why now? And what was his end game? Surely he couldn’t expect to liquefy a continent he was still very much residing on. Were the bombings all a warning of this new threat, this missile system that had the demolitions team back at HQ all up in a tizzy? 

She grabbed the burner phone from out of the box on the shelf in the office and retrieved the card from her satchel. Dialing the number she listened to it ring once and hung up with a sigh. It was a big decision calling on Ethan to see what he really knew about the stuff they found at the warehouse, but it was a move that needed to be made. Hitting the redial button, she called again and waited. He picked up after the third ring but neither one spoke a word.

Yvette pushed the speaker button and let the phone hang beside her ear, not speaking, and trying not to make a sound as she listened to her father’s breathing on the other end. “Brett doesn’t know you’re calling me does he? Look Yvie as much as I appreciate you trying to give me a chance, I told you before I won’t be the reason for hostilities in your marriage. Brett is a good man and he only wants what’s best for you.”

Brett leaned forward, moving closer under the light. He looked up at his wife and then down at the phone she sat on the desk in front of him. With a discontented sigh and one filled heavy with frustrations over evidence that convinced him his beliefs were wrong he spoke to the man on the other end. “I’m here Ethan, what did you want to tell us?”

Skipping the latest unpleasantness between them Ethan got right to it. “Everything you know and everything you think you know about the missions your government sends you on is wrong. The FBI has no idea what is happening right under their very noses and neither does several other government bodies. There is a group working to promote an antigovernment campaign and destroy the U.S. using our own weapons against us.”

“I know. Recent events have opened my eyes to something and sadly I just…yeah. You were right about the bombing in Washington and the attack on the MGS International Summit. So the only question I have right now is what do you need us to do?”

“Because of your position with the FBI, your insight into missions as well as other government agencies would be very beneficial to the cause. What this also means though is that you will be working in concert with an underground organization that your agency most likely has targeted for eradication. I know this goes against everything you believe in as an agent and as a man who has lived his entire life believing in your country. But you will need to set aside those feelings if you want to protect this nation and the people you love. I’ve dispatched a team to meet you at a neutral location to bring you in to our facilities. Once you’re here we will discuss what happens next.”

Yvette and Brett gathered up their children and drove them to Scott’s place. After briefly explaining the situation he agreed to watch them for as long as necessary until they returned. With Brett behind the wheel and Yvette watching the GPS every three seconds, the two drove 12.5 miles outside of the city to a desolate ranch that once housed a large dinosaur exhibit. Yvette hopped out first and walked the short distance to the door as Brett drove his truck around back to conceal it from passing vehicles. 

Moments later a nondescript black SUV pulled up to their location and two men dressed in dark suits exited the vehicle. As one remained near the driver’s door, the other walked towards the couple and nodded his salutation. Brett and Yvette followed him towards the truck and slid into the backseat. They drove for a while, passing road signs that indicated they were leaving Virginia and entering Pennsylvania. 

The truck drove into a tunnel and through a secured door obscured from normal traffic patterns. After coming to a stop, another group of men met the truck in the garage and ran the four occupants through a series of security measures before Yvette and Brett were led into a white room and asked to wait. “Geez, now I know how goldfish feel,” Yvette sighed as yet another person walked by the door after giving a glance through the window situated on the far wall.

“Yeah and I bet they’re all wondering the same thing I am; what the hell are we doing here?”

Minutes passed before the door opened again and Ethan, accompanied by one of the men from the warehouse earlier and a woman neither one had seen before, entered the room. With a smile in the couple’s direction, she approached with her hand extended and shook Brett’s with enthusiasm. “Hello Agents Knight, I’m Kimberly Redding; welcome to Sycom.”

*Author's note: That concludes season six and I'd like to say thank you for sticking it out with me. I am currently getting the writing and chapters organized for Codename's 7th and final season. Hopefully the hiatus won't be too long! But I will keep you updated as it all comes together.*



  1. Ok well another action packed season finale. Last season Ethan died, this season he's back. Man just can't be killed LOL.

    Ok so Brett and Yve have a lot to talk about. Has he really expressed his concern to her with all she's dealing with? I know they've have snippets of convos but she would shut him down most times. Hearing him talk to Vic made me wonder. Yve has always been strong that I don't think she knows how to ask for help.

    That thing with Scott, still needing to know what happened to her mother, and the hostility between Brett and Ethan, its a lot. And she needs somewhere to turn. :(

    I'm glad they talked a bit before the shower and she did express how she felt. I hate to admit it (cuz you know I am still on the fence with Ethan) but Yve was right. Knowing the stress she's under, Brett needs to back off a bit and at least try if for no other reason but to make his wife worry about one less thing.

    Ok on to the techy stuff. So Ethan was too far off in what he was telling them at the warehouse. It's scary to think that sort of thing could be happening with government approval, but it looks to be that way. That weapon they found is prove of that sadly. They got that to deal with on top of the fact they did not find Landry. So he's still out there to cause trouble and is probably in on whatever is going on.

    I was happy to see Yve not sneaking behind Brett's back at the end. He needs to be involved and for the greater good of everyone, working with Ethan may be the only option right now.

    **sniff sniff** final season?!?!?! I'm gonna miss the team. This is sad news, very very sad news.

    1. Lol Ethan has a lot of unfinished business, he's not going anywhere until he's satisfied things are over.

      Brett and Yve have had a few open conversations about what's been happening. The stuff with Scott, Landry, Ethan. But he's still unsure she's really opening up about everything. He sees her stressing out and sometimes when he asks she'll say she's fine just so he doesn't worry. It is a hard thing asking for help when you've been independent for so long. Brett needs to understand she processes things much differently than the average woman.

      She definitely needs a friend who will understand. Brett has yet to become impartial where Ethan is concerned but he helps her with everything else.

      They really need to come to an understanding about Ethan. Both need to just lay out their issues on the table and deal with them rather than saying "Putting my foot done, end of conversation." But they are learning as time goes on that decisions made are done as a couple these days and not individually. It certainly would help put her mind at ease though and Brett's absolutely willing to try as long as it doesn't harm his children.

      Ethan got the same bit of Intel that the team did about the warehouse and Landry and he was hoping to nab him but the team beat him to the place and Landry was nowhere in sight. It is a pretty scary thing to believe your own government is aiding in missions that cause thousands of needless deaths at home and overseas. But when the evidence is staring you in the face, it's also very hard to deny. If Landry has ties to this machine and everything they found, which is proving to be a HUGE possibility, then the team has one more reason to get his ass off the streets!

      Did you think she was when that scene started? Maybe I did that on purpose :D She has chosen to include her husband in everything she does as he is doing that for her from now on as well. No more secrets between them. O.o did you just say what I think you said? Well then...if you can be convinced, maybe there's hope for Brett yet!

      Aww :( yeah it is sad to think but the fun has to end sometime. Hopefully they go out with a bang :)

      Thank you for reading!

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    There really was a lot going on here! I don't any of them (or us) expected Ethan to walk through that door. I'd assumed he was hiding out of site in safehouses, not storming buildings! I agree with Jazen, though, he is just what they need to win this thing now.

    I'm glad Brett and Yve were able to finally release some of that tension (I had a feeling someone would walk in. That god it was Ryan!), and I can only hope they've made the right choice in bringing Ethan into this. He's supposedly a good guy, but not everyone is as they seem!

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    1. Sorry :(

      Ethan was a surprise that's for sure! And luckily for his radio his name was said otherwise I think he might have caught a bullet from his daughter and then that would have been a HUGE disaster! Ethan's never really been one to run from a fight though. He likes to get his hands dirty which is why he has a lot of enemies. He certainly does have what it takes to get them the win though. Hopefully they can get it all situated and soon!

      Yeah they were lucky it was Ryan and not someone else. They'd have gotten an eyeful that's for sure lol. Brett definitely needed that though since the babies he wanted so badly are constantly interrupting his time. Ethan is someone Brett still has issues trusting but he'll have to at least ride this thing through considering he's starting to see a pattern that can't be ignored.

      I hope everything goes smoothly. Haha perhaps it is but we'll see how it all goes :P

      Thank you for reading :)

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    This had such a big ending with such big implications. You know...with the parents leaving the children it almost feels similar to what happened to Yvette when she was little D: but now we understand why. Maybe this time both parents will return!

    Also unrelated Sycom reminds me Xcom one of my fav games! Looking forward to the last season!

    1. Thank you! The action chapters are usually the ones that are most fun. Maybe it's putting their lives in danger that gives me such a rush lol (just kidding...maybe). Yes those were some pretty foul words to say to your wife's father but he's still very torn over how Ethan chose to come back into Yvette's life in the first place causing massive disruption and chaos. It's about time to put that behind them though because now they'll have to work together to stop this new threat!

      There is definitely a lot at play here. The "good guys" teaming with the supposed "bad guys" to defend their nation against a common foe. Let's hope history does not repeat itself here but there was some heavy foreshadowing there. Yvette and Brett will both work hard to ensure they make it home to their babies!

      Haha it's a company that deals with basic National Security and terrorist threats and all so in a way it is similar to taking out invading bodies :D

      I hope it's full of action and twists...working hard to accomplish that. Thank you for reading :)

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    1. Lol Scott as the baddie would be believable at this point considering he's basically lied to Yvette her whole life about what happened with her parents. But then that would leave her without her dad... :( That's a pretty intricate and thought out plan, and pretty damn scary too! It definitely worked in his favor as far as Ethan is concerned! The way your mind works is chilling! I like it :D

      Thank you for reading :)