Friday, September 6, 2013

Season 7: Coming Soon

Hello readers! I am currently at work getting the season in order. I'm trying to get shots but the save keeps crashing which means I'll have to scrap it and start fresh. But just wanted to give everyone a heads up about where the story was presently. So what’s in store for Season 7?

A long awaited wedding, a surprise visit from an old friend, the revelation of a lifetime and a decision that will be the ultimate turning point for everyone forever. Don’t miss the final and most explosive season yet of Codename: Danger, coming soon!


  1. LIES!!!! I don't buy for one minute the save is crashing. EA makes a flawless product and you are just making up excuses to keep us waiting. LOL

    Looking forward to next season, but not really since it's the last one. :(

    1. HAHAHA LOLOLOLOL ah man that's the funniest thing I've ever heard! Had to read it thrice to be sure you said EA. Thanks for that Meeks :D

      I am working I swear...I might be sorta distracted what with the other five stories or so but I am actively thinking about Codename, does that count? I got the main buildings saved into my library though so hopefully I can move to a new town and try again :)

      It is sad thinking about it coming to an end. Which is why I'm hoping to make it the best season yet. Just kinda hard to top some of the stuff they've already experienced. >:)