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S7: Chapter 02: The President's Men

“What does this mean for the team?” Dustin asked after Brett and Yvette finished going over everything they learned at Sycom. “If you’re going to work for your father then…”

“I’m not going anywhere Dusty don’t worry about that. The team will continue business as usual. This thing with Ethan is a side thing and I won’t let it interfere with our work; nothing changes.”

“You probably don’t want to hear me tell you how much of a bad idea I think this is,” Victor started as he stepped closer, gauging Yvette’s reaction, “But I’m going to anyway. How can you be sure you can trust Ethan? I mean after everything that’s happened, how do you know this isn’t just some new way he’s come up with to fuck with you?”

“Because we’re not doing anything until we’ve checked it out completely ourselves,” Brett stepped in to answer. “You know me, I’ve never been a huge supporter of Ethan but after the other night, even I was convinced. There are too many unanswered questions and new concerns with this super weapon being found in our own backyard. We need answers and if having a relationship with Sycom is the only way to get them then it’s something we all must do. With that said, I feel it’s important we get to work right away. Dustin, Ethan mentioned that Sycom was created as part of the Defense Intelligence Agency, there’s gotta be a way to verify that right?”

“You mean you want me to hack the Department of Justice’s systems in order to find even a sliver of information about a Black Ops agency that technically doesn’t exist? Can I tell you how incredibly dangerous that is? Not only is there a risk of me being detected within…mere seconds of even touching the DOJ’s firewalls but you have no idea if there is any information on file once I’m in. And to be honest, something like this has GOT to be off book. You’d have a better chance of finding a name mentioned in passing on a file hidden in the DCS’s sock drawer.”

“Not that he’s giving you the idea to break into the Director’s home to snoop around,” Ryan added to be sure Brett didn’t begin to formulate a plan. “But he’s right. This kind of stuff isn’t kept on a server that’s easily accessible by some zit-faced, high school geek with a conspiracy complex and too much time on his hands; no offense Dustin.” Dustin frowned in Ryan’s direction and he laughed. “You know what I mean.”

“The only way you’re gonna get any kind of information about Sycom is to hack into THEIR systems; see who they’re talking to and where they’re getting their walking commands. That’s an easier hit for me and I’m sure I can get that without being detected.” He smiled as his fingers began moving over the keys and different screens popped up on the monitors. “And for the record, I never had zits!”

“Sounds good. Now again this won’t affect our ongoing investigations especially the hunt for Chris Landry and getting to the bottom of the threat against Dustin,” Brett announced and watched as Dustin’s expression dropped and he sank a little behind his desk. “Where are we on the Ggangpae?”

“Yoshi Yamamoto,” Ryan replied and selected a few folders from the stand on the edge of his desk, “founder and current known ranking commander of the Geondal in South Korea. Yamamoto was a Japanese businessman who moved to Seoul in 1997. And as South Korea fell victim to the East Asian Financial Crisis, Yamamoto saw an opportunity to make himself useful to the Ggangpae by handling their income which at the time came from protection fees. The gangs would take over certain neighborhoods and demand that every business owner pay them a monthly fee in exchange for not damaging their businesses or scaring customers away.”

“Later on it was Yamamoto who expanded the group’s activities to: arms, drugs and human trafficking, counterfeiting, identity document forgery and illegal immigration. Most members that are known within the gang have wrap-sheets a mile long with everything from assault, extortion, fraud and arson to murder, prostitution, racketeering, and bribery. Anyway Yamamoto was recently cited for a speeding ticket here in town; a Black Cadillac Escalade is registered in his name.”

“And what was the make and model of the car that shot at us at the prison?” Brett asked and tossed the pages back to the table.

“A Black Cadillac Escalade,” Victor responded casually scratching his chin as he listened.

“Looks like the connection we were looking for. They got an address listed on his file?”

“Hold on I’m sorry, what did you just say?” Yvette asked and turning to look at her husband. “Someone shot at you?” Brett’s eyes widened in shock as he suddenly realized that was a detail he’d omitted from their visit to the Greensville Correctional Unit.

“It wasn’t serious Yve, otherwise I’d have told you and…”

“Save it! You get shot at and it’s nothing serious? You’re joking with me right now right? Why am I just now hearing about this?”

“Yve, it happened quickly and was over just as fast. No one was hurt so I didn’t see the need in bringing it up and making you worry over nothing; that’s all. It’s the job, you know that. We get shot at all the time.”

Yvette realized there was no point in arguing over something that happened a while ago and quietly shook her head as she started back towards her desk. “Says here they extorted an entire nursing home of people out of their life savings to fund a gun run from Seoul to the States; nice people,” she joked as she went through one of the folders Ryan sat on the coffee table.

“You don’t know the half of it,” Dustin replied and pulled away from his computer. He started towards the wall monitor and pulled up a profile of Chin Ho Kun-Hee, a South Korean businessman with suspected ties to the Ggangpae. “Chin Ho is the man responsible for the threat against me and my family. He’s the reason why we went into hiding though I can’t place all blame on him; I had a hand in the Ggangpae targeting the Kelly’s.”

“The Kelly’s?” Victor asked curiously and leaned against his desk.

“My family’s original name,” he responded and began pacing in front of the group. “I was just a baby when I had my first experience with the Ggangpae in Seoul; no older than five years old. Like ninjas swirling in the mist at night they came silently, left the town in ruins and were gone before the sun came up. They set fires to our houses, businesses, crops; burned everything. They wanted to expand their territory, take over property owned by some of the families for centuries to have a deeper hold within the community; a place to run their organization from.”

“They ‘convinced’ some home and shop owners to turn over their deeds to them, turning their properties into drug manufacturing sites, the ones they didn’t make pay them protection fees. Those who spoke against them were shot down in the streets like animals; their bodies hung from rafters as a warning to others who dared try. Worst of all they’d go after your family first; make you suffer through their deaths if you resisted them. I watched as my oldest sister and my best friend…I can’t close my eyes without seeing them.” Dustin responded as he dropped onto the couch near the door. He choked up as he thought about the events that shattered his family and Yvette rubbed his shoulders lightly, encouraging him to continue.

“I’m so sorry this happened to you Dusty. I didn’t know you had another sister,” Yvette responded as she listened to him pour his heart out. 

“What did the police do about them?” Brett asked.

“The police protected them and many city officials were on the payroll, there was nowhere to turn to for help. My father was one of many who fought back against the Ggangpae. He and several others took up arms against their foot soldiers to defend their homes, their families, their farms but it was no use. Countless men, women and children were murdered including members of my own family.”

“When I was ten my mother took me and Lien to our grandmother’s house to live. She stayed just outside of Seoul and our parents thought it would be a safer environment for us than living in the city. I didn’t see them again until I was 15 and my grandmother was taking steps to secure us safe passage to the states. She was afraid for me because without the presence of my father I’d become a little harder to handle. I was staying out late at night, running with a dangerous crowd and had gotten into trouble with the law a few times.” 

“I was rebellious and I didn’t mean to be. I was just so angry. I felt like our parents just threw us away after what happened to Mi Sun; I didn’t know any better then. I joined up with this crew who used to run jobs for the Ggangpae. At first I did it to get back at my parents for abandoning us when we needed them but pretty soon though it turned into me trying to ruin the Ggangpae from the inside.”

“I’d sabotage jobs by blowing up container ships, start fires at their drug making facilities and call the police to warn them about illegal activity in certain areas. I refined my hacking skills by siphoning their money into an account overseas and then filtering the funds into different accounts that belonged to random people. It was sort of a Robin Hood idea but it worked to keep them constantly grasping at straws.”

“But after a while they figured things out; figured me out and it was then that Grandma Hua tried to get us out of the country. They threatened to kill me and everyone I loved so she paid the captain of a cargo ship to transport us quietly. As a parting gift, I got to watch them murder my mother and father at the port the day we were leaving; it’s haunted me ever since. It’s the reason I got into law enforcement, to stop people like the gangsters who think they can step over anyone they want without consequence.”

“We entered the country illegally and once here, obtained documents to hide our identities and make a new start for ourselves. I tried everything to leave my past behind me, including changing my name. I was born Kelly Dae-Jung; I became Kimura Dustin when I touched down here in Bridgeport. Kimura was the last name of Grandma Hua’s first husband.”

“Wow Dustin, that’s some history. But how do you think these guys found you after all this time?” Yvette asked once Dustin finished his story.

“That’s the thing,” he replied popping up from the couch and starting his routine pacing again, “I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure that out myself. I have no idea! I was very careful to keep past affiliations as far away from our new lives as possible. When we left Korea we cut ties with everyone. Lien even left Tao’s father behind. He refused to come with us and…” he paused and suddenly his face lit up with confusion and recognition as a thought crossed his mind.

“What? What’s that face for?” Brett pressed.

“Shin…Tao’s father. He had just gotten a promotion at work and he said that was the reason he couldn’t up and leave his life to follow us. Grandma thought he was doing the honorable thing; continuing to work to ensure his family would be provided for but…he was told he couldn’t contact us because of the risk involved. Working to provide for his family doesn’t really work.”

“What did he do for a living?” Ryan asked and hopped behind his computer.

“I don’t really know. It was something to do with construction I think. I never really liked the guy so I avoided him whenever possible. He never seemed all that honest to me and I hated the way he abandoned my sister when she needed him most.”

“Shin Choi, Civil Engineer at AMCO Construction; he also sits on the Board of Directors for the company. It says that he was part of the planning commission for the Namyang Design Center construction, the Jeju Haevichi Resort condominium construction and the Namyang Rolling Hills construction; that’s some resume,” Ryan read after bringing up the company’s employee records.

“You think it was Shin who told the Ggangpae where they could find you? Why would he do that? That places his own son at risk,” Yvette remarked as more information about Shin popped up on the screen.

“I don’t know. But he was the only one who knew about our plans to leave and he’s the only one who would have been able to tell the Ggangpae which pier we were leaving from; it makes sense.”

“Excuse me we’re looking for Agents B. and Y. Knight, Agent R. Sharpe, Agent D. Kimura and Agent V. Murphy. We were told they’d be here.” The team turned to find two men dressed in black suits, ties and matching shoes standing beside the door. The darker haired of the two had green eyes that shimmered with a serious expression and a mouth that pressed into a thin line, nearly hiding his lips completely. The blonde hid his eyes behind the sunglasses he wore indoors and Yvette shook her head at the absurdity. 

Both had clean cut hairstyles and toned physiques. And both were wearing guns beneath their coats that caused a slight bulging near their shoulders. The taller of the two, the one speaking, clutched his hands in front of him, flicking a small electronic object in his fingers. The other rested in a military stance and remained near the door as the taller one moved. “What do you want with us?” Brett asked, mimicking the man’s movements and stepping closer towards the door.

Instead of answering, the man pressed the electronic earpiece he wore and spoke something in a whisper and the door burst open with three more men stepping inside. “Could you please be so kind as to come with us?” Raven haired asked but the tone in his voice denoted that the question was obviously not a request. The team looked at each other before complying with the man’s request, following him out to the motor pool and each slipping into designated sitting. Yvette noticed that the SUVs had government plates and quickly ascertained that these men worked for either the CIA or Secret Service.

It wasn’t long before she got her answer and the four vehicles were pulling into the gates of the White House. “This way please,” raven-haired guided the group into a small waiting room and shut the door. 

“What are we doing here?” Ryan asked nervously looking around. It wasn’t often they were called to the White House; in fact it was the first time he could remember. Immediately he began thinking over their recent interactions with other agencies and past cases to try and discover a reason for being called into the presence of the President.

“I don’t know but whatever it is, it ain’t good,” Victor surmised and did a quick inventory of the room.

“How can you be so sure about that?” Yvette asked, amused by Victor’s caution and doing her best to contain a laugh. “I don’t think the President is in the business of calling on people when they’ve done wrong; that’s what the DOJ is for.”

“You mean like the men in black who didn’t bother to tell us their names or the reason we were being sequestered.”

“Relax Vic, We’ll find out soon enough what’s going on.”

And sure enough the doors opened again and raven-haired motioned towards the team. “We’re ready for you,” he remarked and took them down the hallway and into a door that lead to the Oval office. “Madame President, may I introduce Agents Knight, Sharpe, Murphy and Kimura.” He bowed once and took position near the door in a military stance before President Ajei Bahii excused him from the room.

She stood beside her desk, dressed in a lime green cotton suit. Her Native American Heritage was proudly displayed in several pictures and artifacts throughout the room and Yvette took note of the way the President carried herself. Since being elected to office, the first female in history as well as the first Navajo Indian, President Bahii made it clear she was out to make right the many injustices done not only to her people but those that had been overlooked by many of her predecessors. President Bahii seemed socially awkward standing before the team yet in all of her interviews she appeared bold and outspoken.

Yvette also noted the way she favored her left hand and the personal touch of Native American ancestry she tried tucking beneath her sleeve, a piece of finely woven string. Finally she focused on the way she stood as she began speaking to the team. “I understand you’re the Agents responsible for uncovering the super weapon being housed just off Capitol Hill, is that correct?”

Their eyes opened wide and the team searched one another’s faces before Brett cleared his throat to answer. “Yes Madame President, that’s correct.”

“Please, there’s no need for the formalities, relax Agents. I asked you here to extend my gratitude for discovering the threat against the government and to ask for your help.” Slowly she paced in front of her desk before moving towards the team and offering them seats on the sofas. “It has come to my attention that there’s a leak within my administration and I’ve become unsure of who I can and cannot trust.”

There was a long pause and moment of silence before Yvette leaned forward and in hushed tones began to speak. “Are you asking us to investigate your administration?”

President Bahii nodded and languidly rubbed her hands together. “That weapon was found no more than ten miles outside of Congress where some of the biggest and brightest minds work around the clock to prevent such incidences from occurring. And yet, someone was able to walk right into our backyard, set a nuclear weapon down and no one here took notice. I find that highly questionable. It’s been no secret that I have enemies who would rather see me in the ground than in office. A woman and a Navajo as President of the United States; it’s been a tough road to say the least.”

“I need someone I can trust to handle this investigation and not a team I inherited once I was sworn in. Now I’ve been watching you since the first nuclear threat against this country and I’ve seen how you handle yourselves in tight situations. I have no doubt that you’ll get the job done. You’re a group of highly motivated, loyal and determined Federal agents who just saved the lives of everyone in D.C. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that this is completely confidential and your investigation needs to be handled quickly and quietly.” 

She handed Brett a folder with a compiled list of names, dates, pictures and other documentation that confirmed her suspicions of terrorist activity. Brett nodded towards the President as she stood and shook each of their hands, her left palm slipping against theirs. “Thank you for your dedication. I’m looking forward to working with you.”



  1. Ooh! Getting jobs directly from the president! Our team are going up in the world! :D
    Also, I love that your president was neither white nor male, refreshing!

    Poor Dustin! D: That a life story and a half, that! I really hope they can find a way to stop the Ggangpae before it's too late!

    And uhoh! Get the feeling Brett should have mentioned that shooting when it first happened...

    1. The team had no idea what to expect when those men walked into their unit room. But this was an even bigger surprise. The President herself asking them for help. That is something I don't think they could have even dreamed of. Thank you! I thought it was strange that we've never seen a Native American president (even in movies to my knowledge). I mean, it was their country first! Women run the world though, so why not give the "royal" position of the US to a woman? :D

      Dustin has had a very hard time and what's worse is that his past has finally caught up to him; demons he hadn't faced. But now he has a team of professionals, family that will do everything in their power to keep him safe and end the threat against him and his loved ones once and for all!

      Brett didn't want to worry Yvette knowing how she would react. He made the guys promise not to say anything but yep! That is definitely one thing he should not have kept from her. At least he was able to talk his way out of not telling her :P

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. Dustin has had more than his share of heartache growing up. It's amazing he turned out so well adjusted. I hope the team can keep Dustin and his family safe from the Ggangpae.

    That was quite the compliment getting a call and assignment from POTUS! Should be an interesting case, to say the least.

    1. Dustin's been through some stuff that was really hard to overcome and I think if it had not been for the steady hand of his grandma (who we know is a very stern and loving woman) he may have ended up much differently. It's great she was able to help him and he was put on the right path. Although it did place him squarely in the sights of some very dangerous people! But now he's in the best position he's ever been to be able to stop them for good!

      Oh absolutely! The things this could mean for them is endless! But with the stuff going on with Sycom, the Ggangpae and now the President's personal request...things are about to get a lot more hectic for the team!

      Thank you for reading :D

  3. Man, well ok then. Dusty. :( That is terrible about his family and the older sister. Those Ggangpae are ruthless. And wow...Tao's father is the possible link??? WTF really. He'd put his own son in danger like that? If that's the case, he is a cold and heartless man. But why now? It's been years, so why now?

    LOL I don't blame the guys for not instantly jumping on Ethan bandwagon, but hey if Brett could give him the benefit of the doubt I see the rest falling in line. I know she says it won't affect their 'day' job, but somehow I don't see that really being the case. The stuff Ethan was talking about was big, no way can they treat it as a side thing. Something is going to slip through the cracks, it's just a matter of what.

    Now adding on top of that the request by the President. Very cool BTW to have a female Native American. Well done. :D

    1. Dustin definitely had a hard life growing up but it's easy to see where he gets his sense of duty from and why he chose the kind of work he has. It's also become obvious why his grandmother didn't want him in that line of work especially after losing her own son to criminals. Tao's father may have inadvertently led the Ggangpae towards the family. He'd never do anything to intentionally harm his son, one would hope, but that will be explained very soon!

      There's still a great deal of concern surrounding Ethan but they know eventually all will have to be forgiven or forgotten with all the new evidence about him coming to light. There's absolutely no way this won't affect what they do. Spy work is a hush hush thing but it is a major undertaking and requires a lot of attention to detail to perfect each mission.

      Oh boy you're not kidding. The team has their work cut out for them this season! The President's request of course will take priority because I mean, who can refuse the Head of State?? And thank you :D It's about time Natives had a shot running their country!

      Thank you for reading :)

  4. I was surprised that they would tell the rest of the group about this top-secret org.
    I know that they trust them with their lives, but won't it be placing the group and their families in danger knowing its existence? Dustin really had a bad time when he was younger. It was good that he went on the law enforcement side rather than on the lawbreaker side, which he could easily have done.

    1. Brett and Yvette would never want to go into anything without the backing of people they know and trust to have their backs and that's what Ryan, Victor and Dustin provide; loyalty and support. While it is true they could be in danger, Ethan expected this and the guys know how to keep their work on the low. Although Ethan won't work with the others directly, he'll help keep them safe as he will Brett and Yvette.

      Dustin's childhood was brutal. Watching his sister and friend murdered in the streets and then losing his parents right in front of him; that is a lot to deal with as a child. While he did dabble a bit in the criminal underworld he learned rather quickly that he was on the wrong side and did everything he could to make up for his bad deeds and right the wrongs around him. His career choice was a great reflection of his past and I'm sure there are dozens alive today who can be grateful for his decision!

      Thank you for reading!

  5. The Ggangpae are serious! Dustin has been through a lot! I would have never expected any of that! Some say revenge is bad but...revenge would be just about right for him...but I hope he goes about it the right way so no one else close to him gets killed.

    This team...they are big time! They get jobs from everyone and now the President! They have a lot on their plate right now!

    1. They are for real and it's time the team took the bull by the horns. Dustin's life has been hard and he could use a win right now. And with Yvette, Brett, Victor and Ryan in his corner it shouldn't be too hard now.

      The fact that the president is asking them to help her is a REALLY big deal. They are definitely moving up in the world. But it also means they have to be on duty and with Sycom knocking at their backdoor, expect a lot of tensions this season!

      Thank you for reading :)