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S7: Chapter 03: Paper Planes

** Author's note: Well now, here we are again! (Finally) This chapter took quite a bit of doing. Besides not being able to recolor (materializing materials bug) I had the hardest time finding the words. Well! This chapter is 16pgs long in MSWord with 158 images (not counting the Bonus section) and 10,290 word count. Calling it "epic" would be putting it mildly! So. I guess suffice it to say, the writer's block is over! Enjoy :) **

“Who puts a pizza place next to a bridal shop?” Lien asked as she, Mica and Yvette rounded the plaza towards the Heirloom Bridal Boutique. They’d been shopping since 7:00 a.m. going from one shop to the next in search of the perfect wedding attire for Bride, Groom and the wedding party. Heirloom would make store number eighteen by Yvette’s count. By the time they made it to Peacock Square at 3:00 p.m., all three women were nearly dead on their feet.

“Unless the pizza place was here first and the bridal shop came later; ruining weddings since the dawning of time,” Yvette joked as the trio headed inside.

“This one’s nice,” Mica noted as she pulled a strapless chiffon A-line dress from the rack in front of her. “What do you think?”

“I think my brother has commented one too many times about your hips. I doubt he’d want to see you in something that unflattering on his big day.”

“His day?” Mica looked up in shock. “You’re here to help me, what do you mean his day?”

“Actually my dearest sister-in-law I volunteered to come with you on behalf of Dustin. I’m protecting his interests in your dress choices, I promised him so.”

Yvette laughed as Mica pretended to pout and placed the dress back on the hanger. “I guess you’d better look for something more…form fitting.”

“If Dustin has it his way I’ll be in a spandex minidress attached by Velcro; easy on, easy off.”

“Funny, he did mention something about Velcro.”

“And if you cut him off before the wedding day, I expect you’ll likely end up with a baby after consummation. It happened to me.”

“Yve, you were pregnant BEFORE the wedding!”

“That’s mostly beside the point,” Yvette laughed again as Mica moved to another display of dresses near the register.

“What did you do with your dress, Yve?”

“Oh you know it’s one of those things you put in a closet and save in hopes your daughter wants to use it later. But by then I’m sure the style will be old and I’ll be met with some resistance. I didn’t really know what to do with it once I was done with it. It’s in the back of our closet though; a nice reminder of a semi-tragic day.” She and Lien gathered a few selections from varied racks and watched as Mica took a seat in the fitting area.

“This is fun. You’re sort of like a life-sized doll we get to play dress up with.” Lien laughed at the scowl Mica directed at her and held up the first dress for her future sister-in-law’s approval while Yvette did the same.

“Hmm I’d like something floor length. It doesn’t have to have a train though. No lace and no taffeta.”

“Try these,” Yvette responded, narrowing the pile of potentials down to just three. Mica went into the back, trying each of them on. She modeled the first two, getting furrowed brows and disapproving glances from her female companions before she too realized they weren’t what she had in mind.

On her final trip from the back room she stopped in front of the mirror and gasped. It was a strapless, floor-length fitted gown made of satin with a trumpet bottom and ribboned waist. The accompanying rose could be customized to fit the bride’s wedding colors, or so the tag touted, and the dress wasn’t as loose as the first two. “So what do you think?” Mica asked, striking a pose in front of them.

“It’s great! It has your qualifications and there are a few matching options for Bridesmaids that won’t make me scratch my eyes out,” Yvette responded, analyzing the gown as Mica did a spin.

“Plus it accentuates your ass, I mean curves so you have my vote on behalf of Dustin.”

“Perfect! Now I need to decide if I’ll go with a traditional veil or not. Alright ladies, I’m gonna go and get dressed while you two decide where we’re having lunch.”

Yvette glanced at Lien and with a small nod the two silently agreed. “I guess this is why this pizza place is here after all,” Mica remarked, taking a seat near the main counter of Antonio’s Pizzeria.

“Yep! That Antonio is one smart man.”

“I see why Wedding Planners get paid top dollar!” Lien commented, slumping into her seat, “This is an all day event!”

“No kidding. I think if I see another rose bouquet or laced pillow I’m gonna puke. I really hope you appreciate this Mica! I didn’t do half of this for my own wedding. Thankfully Brett handed most if not all of the arrangements.”

“Is it my fault that stores sell half a set in one place and the other pieces are scattered among the remaining five locations? I have the wedding of my dreams in mind and I want to make it the day to remember. Hey, look at it this way at least I’m not a total Bridezilla. Everyone helping has been able to retain their sanity,” Mica smiled as she looked over towards Yvette. “Well what’s left of it. And of course I appreciate this! It’s been fun. I’m just so excited! I cannot wait for Friday to get here. Las Vegas here we come!”

“Yes, that’s definitely one way of saying ‘thank you’. A bachelorette party in Sin City!”

“Alright so invitations have been sent, RSVPs received, guest list is all prepared and Brett was able to convince the man in charge for extra PTO for the two nights in Vegas and two in Waikiki. Hey, where’s your sister anyway? As Maid of Honor all of this stuff Lien and I’ve been doing this last week is on her.”

“Christina was supposed to fly in from Atlanta a week before the first shopping trip but had apparent ‘scheduling conflicts’ as she put it. She’s gonna meet up with us in Las Vegas. She did say however that she was able to book the rooms at Mandalay Bay so we will have a place to stay once we get there. She got us the X3 Suites, two bedrooms, featuring a king and two queens, private bath in each bedroom, views of the beach, dining room area with seating for 4, wireless and hi-speed Internet, mini-bar and in-room safe.”

“Nice! Dare I ask how much that’s going to cost? She is aware there’s quite a few people in the wedding party right?”


“Whoa,” Yvette whistled and looked over at the worried expression on Mica’s face. “The only thing I want to know is do we all get our own beds?”

“$5,710 for a two-night stay and you think I’m sharing a bed with any of you? I call dibs on the king.”

“Dibs? You’re the Bride. You have to flip for it like the rest of us,” Yvette joked before diving into her slice. “At least one thing’s for sure, this will be a trip to remember!”

“Viva Las Vegas!” Christina yelled as she sat atop the backseat in Mica’s rented convertible. “Ah, I love the fresh scent of money!”

“Whatever,” Mica laughed gazing back at her baby sister with a smile. “You’d better sit your behind down before we smell the fresh scent of your bloody roadkill!”

“Oh come on Mica, we’re moving all of five miles per hour with this traffic. If I fall and bust my ass then I certainly deserve it. Not giving you any ideas, Yve,” she added looking at her behind the wheel as a smirk played on her lips.

“Would I do a thing like that? Gosh if something were to happen to Mica’s Maid of Honor then I’d be the one forced to wear that…awesome dress she’s chosen for you,” Yvette changed her sarcastic tone as she noticed the Bride-to-be staring at her in displeasure.

“Did you really pick out an ugly dress for me, Crazy? Because I’m boycotting this ish if you did.”

“What do you mean? You haven’t seen it yet?” Lien asked laughing as Christina fell into the seat when Yvette came to a sudden stop.

“No. I’ve been away for work so I trusted my big sister would do me justice and not try and get revenge for the time she found a frog in her lunchbox.” Christina burst into laughter thinking about the pranks she and her sister pulled on each other as kids. “It was a harmless joke Mica! I had no idea it would have made a home in your sandwich and you’d bite into its leg!”

“That was FAR from harmless Chrissy! I was puking for a week because of that!” 

“We’re here!” Christina jumped from the backseat and started into the lobby. “I’ll send someone out to grab the bags.” She hurried up to the front desk to check the group in. “Can you tell me if the Kimura group has arrived?” The clerk gave her a look before Christina added, “Same credit card.”

“One moment,” the woman behind the desk smiled as she tapped away on her keyboard. “Yes, Mr. Kimura arrived about twenty minutes ago with a group of gentlemen. They have checked into the other room reserved under your name.”

“Thank you.” Christina followed the bellhop out of the door and danced her way to her sister. “The boys are here!”

“Great! Let’s get up to the rooms. I’m dying to see what $700 per person per night looks like.”

“So what’s first on the agenda?” Brandy asked once the group had selected their beds and put their bags away. “I’m dying to see the Blue Man group and Cirque du Soleil!”

“There’s a CSI: Crime Scene Investigation crime solver game,” Mica proposed as she skimmed through a tour pamphlet near the minibar.

“I’m not sure someone who works around this type of thing every day would want to spend her time looking at it on her vacation too,” Lien reminded the group and all eyes fell on Yvette.

“Oh! I hear you can race an American Muscle car down at the Las Vegas speedway! It might be fun to climb behind the wheel of one of those bad boys and go 120 mph without worrying about a ticket,” Christina suggested.

“No, hell no, absolutely not!” Mica immediately vetoed her sister’s choice of entertainment. Christina turned with a confused look on her face as Mica continued refusing.

Yvette stifled a laugh and Lien turned to inquire about her in-law’s quick rejection on what seemed like a great idea. “Didn’t you hear? Mica’s done with high speeds. It seems fast cars and bombs are a little too much for the animal doc to handle.”


“SHE NEARLY BLEW ME UP!” Mica accused.

“Whoa no that is not how it went down at all. Is it my fault the day you decide to drive me to the spa is the same day some nut job strapped a car bomb to my accelerator? Besides, you made it out without a scratch!”

“Right! On top of the fear of being nearly decimated and burned alive, she had me crawl out of the driver’s window of one moving car into the passenger window of another!”

“She’s forgetting I was six months pregnant with twins at the time! And look, she’s here to tell the tale! I’d say I did a damn good job!”

“No car racing, not for me. I don’t even want to watch, sorry. Think of something else.”

“Well we could always hit the casinos,” Yvette suggested instead. “And maybe a bit of girl time at the spa.”

“Well I sort of promised my future husband I wouldn’t gamble.”

“What? Now I am contesting that! We can’t stay away from the slots! That’s half the fun of coming to Vegas!” Christina shrieked. “You can at least watch that!”

“Seconded,” Yvette replied. “You can’t let your fiancé dictate the rules for YOUR bachelorette party. And trust me if you gave him any, Brett, Ryan and Victor are making sure they get broken!”

“Fine we can go but I have to limit what I spend; unless someone wants to front the Bride a portion of her wedding gift?”

“She assumes we planned on giving her money on her wedding?” Brandy asked with a laugh.

“It’s tradition!”

“So is a bouquet full of sage but I didn’t see you requesting herbs and spices when we were out shopping.” Yvette mocked with a smile.

“Alright so what casinos are we going to?” Mica asked and watched the others excitement.

“That’s the spirit, Crazy! Let’s leave a mark on this town.”

“As long as it doesn’t leave a mark in my pocket I’m all for it,” Lien commented as she followed Christina and Brandy out the door.

“This is gonna be fun.”

“I wonder what the boys are up to,” Mica sighed as they waited on the elevator.

“Strippers, beer and betting,” Yvette offered with a smile as she watched the frown grow on the soon to be bride’s face. “I wouldn’t worry about them though. We’ll have our own strippers to entertain us soon.”

“I like the way this one thinks,” Christina cheered and stepped into the lift.

“And maybe afterwards we can go diving with the sharks at Shark Reef,” Yvette continued.

“Nope, scratch that. She’s crazy.” 

“I told you,” Mica grinned and felt for the missing strap on her shoulder. “Crap I gotta go back up, I forgot my purse. I’ll meet you guys near the car.” She let the others climb off the elevator and started back to the room. The chime dinged and she exited onto their floor, fishing around her pocket for the room key. “Um excuse me?” Mica paused as she walked in on a man rummaging through the bags in one of the rooms.

He glanced towards her and she looked at the nametag on his uniform as he tried to smile and talk his way out of the situation. “I am…Bob,” he replied with a heavy Russian accent after reading the name on his shirt. “Room service. I put away bags.”

“You’re not room service,” Mica took a step back and gasped in surprise as the man charged for her.

“Come on, come on! Damn!” Victor grunted as he found the phrase ‘always bet on black’ to be more myth than reality.

“Hell yes, Lady Luck, come to Papa!”

“You know you jinxed me right? It’s bad luck to bet against your best man. You screwed with my Mojo.”

“And you my friend should learn how to play the odds a little better!” Dustin grinned and racked his chips into a holder.

“Alright, I’m down four months of car payments,” he sighed, following Dustin towards the bar. “What’s next?”

“I was thinking about hitting up one of those ‘live nude girls’ signs myself,” Ryan smirked behind him and drew a sip from the glass in front of him.

“You’re trying to get me killed by my future wife before we even get to the nuptials!” Dustin groaned and dropped his glass to the counter before ordering up another bottle. “First casinos after I specifically told her I wasn’t going and now strippers?”

“It’s a Bachelor party Bro, this kind of thing is expected!” Victor explained as he slid the bartender a twenty for his drink. “And it’s Vegas. I’m sure Mica will understand.”

“Alright, I say we hit the Club Crawl and go around the town on a party bus. They’ll hit up every hot spot for about a g-note but I got the hookup. My friend Josh works for the company, Brett you remember Josh right?”

“Petty car thief Josh?”

“That’s the one. He’s on the straight now and he can get us a discount so we pay only $20. And then from there we can maybe hit up Treasures or Spearmint or Crazy Horse.”

“You really seem to have a working knowledge about these places,” Victor commented as Ryan continued rattling on about the numerous total nude clubs and shows Las Vegas had to offer.

“Yeah well what can I say? I like to have a good time and Vegas is one of my favorite vacation spots of choice,” he replied, leading them out into the cool night air. The group rounded the corner of the next building towards the large, blue, flashing sign for the next party bus depot. An ominous feeling they were being followed kept Brett’s head on a swivel and he eyed the alleyways they passed until reaching the parking lot situated on the corner of the casino. “It’s just up here,” Ryan remarked. A group of drunken college students tumbled out of the doors of a club just on the strip and nearly bumped into them. Not stopping to apologize, the collegians stumbled against one another and hurried across the street, falling through the doors of the scene for their next set of debauchery.

Victor laughed to himself as thoughts of their night ending the same way played through his mind and the team continued forward, smiling as the Club Crawl sign became visible. The smell of cigar smoke and cherry blossoms scented the air around them and Brett saw a shadowy figure dart behind a dumpster in the extended alley; that was the last straw. “Are you guys carrying?” he finally asked when the sense of dread became overwhelming. Pulling out his Smith & Wesson M&P he checked that a bullet was loaded into the chamber and the men in his company were instantly on alert.

“What’s up BK?” Ryan asked, stepping away from the counter display that held the different party packages offered. Taking his weapon in hand, he followed Brett’s example and readied his H&K and pinned his badge to his hip so that it was prominently displayed for whatever was about to happen.

But before Brett could answer his question, a shot rang out and they all ducked for cover behind whatever they could find. The bullet ricocheted off the nearby counter and grazed the asphalt beside the wheel of the car where Dustin hid. Returning fire, Victor covered Dustin and Ryan motioned for him to move. Rushing into the alley on the opposite end of the building, Dustin was quickly followed by Ryan and Victor who was covered by Brett. 

“Who the hell is shooting at us?” Ryan asked as he peered through the murkiness towards the area the gunfire originated.

“I’m not sure. But they’ve been on us for a while. I think they may have followed us from Luxor.” Brett changed positions and as he moved, another series of shots rang out. Motioning to Victor, he took point and the guys moved deeper into the alley, each taking refuge in an exploit of the architecture. “We’ll draw them in and take the advantage. Vic, can you get on the roof from where you are?” Looking up, he noticed the ladder beside his left arm and nodded. “Good, we’ll cover you. Dustin, once he’s safely up there take the back of the alley with Ryan and I’ll cover the front. Ready?” 

The boys raced into position, Brett and Ryan provided cover fire in the direction of their attackers as Victor climbed the ladder as quickly as he could. With the cover of darkness from the alley as an advantage, Ryan and Dustin entered the back of the pathway. And while Dustin concealed himself behind a dumpster, Ryan rested behind a stack of old crates and a vat of used kitchen grease. Muzzle flares slit through the pitch black night like fireworks on the 4th of July, illuminating the shooter’s location. Brett heard a groan and a mutter of pain before a subdued thump hit the ground beside him and he poked his head barely around the side of the doorway to take a look.

One of the gunmen lay dead on the pile of trash beside him and he looked up and noticed Victor’s nod and sighed a breath of relief. That was too close for comfort. Another shot was fired this time from the back of the passageway causing a chain reaction of bullets from the street. Two men appeared from behind a parked car and fired back at Ryan and Dustin and Brett watched as Victor changed positions and took out another shooter from their rear. 

Gun in hand; Brett lifted his arm and fired at the nearest bad guy, nicking his ear with his first shot and piercing his shoulder with the second. The gunman fell and one of his colleagues rushed over and pulled him behind a pile of boxes near the top of the alley before a flurry of bullets went careening into the brick wall at Brett’s head, demolishing much of his cover. It was chaos.

Another duo of shooters started towards Ryan’s position and Dustin popped up and shot the one approaching from the left. He went down hard causing the second assailant to notice and retaliate. Glass shattered onto the cement ground from one of the cars in the lot as he blasted his gun in Dustin’s direction. Sharp debris exploded at him, splintering into the dumpster behind which he hid and scattering on the ground beside him. A loose shard of glass nicked his right cheek and he fell back against the wall, dropping his gun in the process.  

The frightened, feminine scream of a nearby civilian alerted Brett to the immediate danger outside the corridor and Victor again repositioned to cover him as he moved to take a look. He saw the woman and her group of friends rush inside a nearby building and ducked just as a bullet whizzed through the air past his ear. Another round of shots was fired and he quickly rolled to the other side of the entryway behind a stack of tires and old garbage cans, shelling his clip at the man beside the car. Consequently, his gun clicked, he was out and now trapped beside the wall near three armed men. With an unspoken accord, Victor took out the man at which Brett was firing towards and watched as his boss reached for his backup weapon. Popping the chamber and loading the bullet, Brett glanced over his shoulder and noticed a shooter approaching Dustin’s position as he remained crouched behind the dumpster. “Vic, watch Dust!” he called to him but it wasn’t in time!

The man pulled his trigger but it didn’t fire. Luckily for the groom, the bullet jammed in the chamber buying the team and more importantly Ryan, the time to react. He heard his gun click and it was now or never. Angling his weapon right at the shooter’s head, he ripped off a trio of shots that split through the man’s skull, splattering blood and brains all over the pavement. The last shooter dropped his weapon to surrender a second too late as Dustin’s bullet caught him in the chest, rendering a gaping hole through the man’s heart.

Silence finally engulfed the area, swallowing the men left standing in complete calm. “Let’s not tell the girls about this,” Brett suggested and rolled onto his back. Taking a deep breath, Ryan helped him to his feet and he brushed the shards of glass and wood off of his shirt.

“Agreed. I don’t want to be responsible for ruining Mica’s big day,” Ryan added with a sigh as he holstered his weapon. “What are we gonna do about them?”

The team looked around at the mess they’d made and the sounds of sirens in the distance cut through the chilly air as they neared. Tires screeched in the alleyway beside them and someone quickly jumped out of the passenger door. Dustin turned at the echo of shoe soles scuttling across the pavement and held his gun on a man cloaked in the darkness near the top of the alley behind them. But before either man could react, the dark figure tossed a phone at the team, swiftly ducked back inside the car and peeled away from the curb. “What the hell?” Dustin snatched the phone from the pavement and the moment he did, it rang in his hands.

“Answer it,” Brett urged and the guys gathered closer as a voice with a heavy Korean accent came on the line.

“Who is this?” Dustin asked angrily.

My name is of no importance right now. Just think of me as an interested bystander but of no threat to you or your friends.”

“And what do you want? Huh? You’re the one responsible for this little show tonight?”

Absolutely not. I have called to speak to Kelly Dae-Jung. Are you he?

“Depends on what you want,” Dustin responded, lowering the tone in his voice as he began to lose his patience.

I call on behalf of Mr. Kwon. He wanted me to inform you that tonight signifies the end of the Ggangpae’s interest in you, Mr. Kelly.

“You send twenty men after me the week of my wedding to kill me but just like that it’s over?” 

Mr. Kwon was never interested in harming you, Mr. Kelly. Tonight’s event is all courtesy of Mr. Jin. You will find his body among the casualties. Jin Bae was the former head of the Ggangpae’s interests in Seoul. But after a lot of heavy scrutiny by local authority he was…persuaded to step down by Mr. Kwon. Mr. Jin has always had a grudge against the kid he claims perpetrated his quandary with the law; you, Mr. Kelly. He asked that he be allowed one last chance for his much deserved revenge and beseeched Mr. Kwon to grant his wish.

“So this Kwon is responsible for what happened tonight? And I’m supposed to what? Just forget that he signed off on my death contract and let bygones?”

Mr. Kwon in no way initiated tonight’s events. He instructed Mr. Jin to give up his foolish pursuits. But when Mr. Jin refused and left Korea against Mr. Kwon’s advice, I was sent after him. I was told to kill him before he made good on this scheme of his but as you can see, I was a bit too late. Still, the results are the same. The Ggangpae are not interested in pursuing this matter any further and hope that you’ll do the same.”

“And I’m supposed to trust some anonymous voice over the phone?”

I would come down in person but I have no guarantee that I will not find myself among the dead in the alleyway in which you stand or incarcerated for my involvement in organized crime. There is a way, however, to prove what I am saying is true. A token of Mr. Kwon’s regard, you will find the coin on Mr. Jin’s person. Keep it close.” At the man’s word, Ryan quickly searched the bodies until he came upon a double sided coin. He tossed it in Dustin’s direction and he caught it in his opened palm. On one side was the insignia of the Korean gang and on the other was the word: “Chon Kyeong.” (Honor.)

“If I see anyone or even hear about an incident involving my family and the Ggangpae, Mr. Kwon’s getting this back in a very uncomfortable place.”

“Well that’s one hell of a wedding present,” Victor commented as he holstered his weapon.

“Yeah if you can believe him. But in my experience criminals can never change their spots,” Ryan responded as Dustin turned the coin over in his hand. “I’d stay vigilant just to be sure.”

“We’d better get back to the street and call this in. The locals should be able to keep this contained so word doesn’t get back to the Bureau before the wedding.” Brett retrieved his phone from the debris near the dumpster and led the way up the dark corridor to the thousands of neon lights just ahead. “Hopefully the girls are having a better night than we are.”

Mica fell back against the bed and immediately felt the grip of the man’s hands around her throat. Struggling to grab her purse and the 2.5 million volt stun gun flashlight Dustin had bought her for Christmas, she felt his fingers tighten against her. She strained for a breath and instinctively brought her knee up into his crotch, causing her attacker to fall back. 

Scrambling over the floor, she again reached for her fallen purse but felt her attacker’s hand around her ankle, tugging her back. Mica screamed and Bob punched her, connecting to her left jaw and she went limp beneath him momentarily. When his hands came back to her throat, Mica clawed, scratched and poked at his face and eyes leaving thick, red scores into his flesh and causing him to back off of her. And as Bob fell back, she kicked as hard as she could into his stomach and watched him collapse to the floor. 

Flipping onto her stomach, Mica crawled on her hands and knees to the end of the bed where her purse had landed. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Bob regaining his balance and starting towards her again, this time a large hunting knife was in his hand. 

“What’s taking so long?” Yvette asked, checking the time on the large billboard beneath the Mandalay.

“She’s probably prettying herself up in the mirror too,” Christina suggested. “That’s my sister, gotta be on her A game no matter where she goes.” She laughed at her joke and watched Yvette drop her purse into the car.

“I’ll be right back.” Walking towards the elevator, she caught a newlywed couple stepping out and heading to the bar as she started towards the room. Stepping off the lift, the sound of a struggle immediately grabbed her attention and Yvette rushed down the hall and pushed her key card into the slot.

“Mica!” she yelled in shock as she saw Bob running crazily at her friend, a nine inch blade aimed at her chest. With a swift, spinning heel kick to his jaw, Yvette dropped the man and watched his head bounce off the nightstand behind him. Bob was down, but he still was not out. Quickly recovering he got to his feet and Mica retrieved her taser from her purse and moved forward. “Stay back!” Yvette warned her as the man aggressively charged forward again.

Mica watched in amazement as he and Yvette exchanged a rush of blows. The attacker reached for her throat as he’d done Mica on a few occasions and Yvette knocked his hand away. He retreated from a straight punch but took the full force of her upper-cut. Bob swung hard, glancing her jaw and Yvette countered with another spinning heel kick and a series of jabs to his face and abdomen. Bob grunted with each brutal assault she inflicted on his body before finally getting a hold of her and tackling her back into the wall. Yvette’s head made contact with the frame of the door and she thrust her elbow brutally into Bob’s nose and heard it crack.

Blood immediately gushed from the new wound and the man became dizzied. Following up with another blow to his lip and a knee to his groin, Bob toppled over onto the floor and Yvette slipped behind him, unpinning herself from the wall. Three precise kicks to his ribs depleted the gulp of air he’d taken in and a heavy, loud gasp burst through his lips. Bob reached for his ankle and what Yvette could only assume to be another weapon.

Falling back and away from him, she snatched the taser from Mica’s hand but before she could use it on him, Bob was on his feet and rushing through the door and out into the hall. Yvette started after him and Mica quickly called her name. “Let him go,” she begged and took in the stunned expression on Yvette’s face.

“Are you crazy? He tried to kill you! There’s no way in hell…”

“I’m ok, Yve. Look I know it’s your job to take down bad guys but it’s my wedding and I don’t want to have to cancel because of some crazy, disgruntled employee stealing panties from suitcases. Please. Just let him go.”

“So you’d rather he try again and maybe even succeed the next time than let me hunt him down and hang him by his short and curlies now? And what if he goes after someone else tonight instead? You want that person’s death on your conscience?”

“You scared him off! He’s running away with his tail between his legs thanks to you; there’s no way he’ll try again. Plus I really don’t want Dustin to hear about this. Can you imagine what he’d do if he knew? I felt sorry for you when Brett kept you practically in a cage when you were pregnant I have no intentions of living that way.”

Yvette slammed the door loud enough to scare the woman standing near the table and slowly approached her with her arms swinging angrily at her side. “Who was he?” she demanded and watched Mica’s head nod negatively as she shrugged her shoulders. “Why are you trying to protect that scumbag?”

“I’m not!”

“Then tell me honestly why is it so important I don’t chase him down?”

“Because I’m scared, ok?” she yelled and dropped to the bed with her head in her hands. “I’m scared! And the last thing I want right now is to be left alone while you go hunting that asshole down, please.” Yvette noticed Mica’s hands shaking and her entire body trembling and realized the woman was in shock from everything that had just taken place. Yvette kicked herself for not recognizing it sooner. Slowly she breathed in and exhaled the same before kneeling down in front of Mica.

“I won’t leave, ok? Let’s both take a breath and try to calm down.” Mica did as instructed and felt the oxygen gradually release a little of her anxious feelings as Yvette gently stroked her back. “Good, that’s good. Now can you tell me what he wanted?”

“I don’t know. When I came in here he was rifling through your bag. He said he was room service and helping to unpack our stuff. Next thing I know he attacked.”

“Did he say anything else? Is there anything you can tell me about him?”

“Only that he spoke with this really thick accent, Russian I think.”

“That helps. Ok. I’ll call down to the station and have an officer come and maybe get a description of the perp…”

“Wait, if I report this will Dustin know?”

“There will be an official record of the incident, yes. And the officer will most likely call with follow-up questions. And if they do find him, you’ll be brought into the station to confirm his identity.”

“No I don’t want that, I don’t want todo that.”

Yvette thought a moment, watching as Mica appeared to settle but noticed the slight tremor in her lip. She’d seen it countless times on witnesses before; the fear of the unknown. What if he comes back? What if he finds out where I live? What if I testify and he gets a friend to take me out? She didn’t want to subject her friend to the same trauma hundreds of eyewitnesses have suffered and continue suffering even after justice had been served. “I could do it instead,” she offered and noticed the light in Mica’s eyes. “I think I got a good enough look at him to give to a sketch artist. I’ll just tell them it was me and as a professional courtesy to keep this under wraps. Any information they have I can monitor myself. It’ll be fine, Mica.”

“And you won’t tell Dustin, at least not until we get home?”

“I won’t, I promise. I’m sorry I yelled at you.” Yvette stood and took stock of the room and the mess she and Bob had made during their brief but violent battle in the suite. Picking up an overturned lamp, she began straightening the area a little and Mica moved from the bed to help, groaning at the slight ache in her side. “A hot bath will ease the pain,” Yvette suggested noticing her wince as she touched her back. “And I know a little trick that’ll keep your eye from blackening too; can’t have you looking like a battered woman on your big day!”

They continued cleaning until the room was back to its pristine condition and all traces of a scuffle were gone. “You know something else that’ll help,” Yvette grinned and flashed the brochure for the Men of X nightclub. Mica smiled and nodded her head as her bottom lip slipped between her teeth. Yvette was trying to figure out how to lighten the mood and help take her mind off of the fight. If anything was good in that respect a night of nudity was sure to do the trick. “Great! I was saving it for last tonight but I think we can extend the time out there and just let the Men of X handle all of our needs!”

The club itself was located inside the Hooters Casino Hotel on Tropicana Avenue off the strip. It didn’t take long for the hostess to come around and take the group to their VIP room. Brandy, Lien, and Christina all fought for spots near the front until the hostess kindly rearranged the seats to allow everyone equal access. Leaving a bottle of Cristal on the table, she dimmed the lights and shut the door behind her. Anticipation was so thick you could cut it with a knife and the girls buzzed in their seats waiting on the guys to appear. “Who did we get?” Christina asked as she looked through the brochure.

Brandy shrugged and sat forward as the music started. “Oh man. I was looking this up on the internet at work before we flew out…”

“At work? Really?” Lien laughed and took a sip from the glass in her hand.

“What? It’s not a flagged site. I have no idea why not but. So anyway it says that the guys in this show are TOTALLY hands on. And by hands on I mean,” she made a crude masturbation gesture with her hand and giggled. “They let you do it!”  

“START THE SHOW! START THE SHOW!” Christina began chanting as Brandy’s remarks sparked her interests even more. Moments later the dark red curtain pulled back revealing the backs of a police officer, cowboy and firefighter. The girls’ licked their lips in excitement and watched as each man slowly turned and started towards the front of the stage. 

As the guys began undressing in front of them, everyone cheered and hollered, tossing loose bills in their direction. Yvette was the first to her feet, jumping the stage as the cop lost his shirt and threw his hat towards Brandy. “Hands off ladies, this cop is mine!” Yvette growled and moved closer to where he danced.

“Derrick,” he leaned over and whispered in her ear, rubbing himself against her as he did. He smirked at the huge grin on her face and she couldn’t resist throwing her hands around his neck and dancing with him.

“Guys in law enforcement are the hottest in the world!” Yvette growled as she felt Derrick’s rigid shaft throb between her legs.

“She ought to know! She’s married to one!” Brandy yelled up on stage earning her Yvette’s twisted scowl.

Yvette was quickly followed by Christina, rushing the fireman with her hands outstretched, “My god this was totally worth skipping the casinos! What’s your name stud?”

“Caleb,” the man growled and closed his arm around her waist as he swung her around the stage with him. “What’s yours?”

“Christina. I know this is cliché Caleb but, you’ve started a fire in my pants, care to unleash that hose and douse me?” Mica laughed loudly at her sister’s vulgarity and got to her feet as the cowboy’s rope hit her lap. 

“Howdy Partner. A little birdie told me tonight is your night,” he smiled sexily at her and pulled her to her feet. “What’s your name, Beautiful?”


“Hello Mica, I’m Remy and I was thinking we should make this a night to remember. I promise not to tie you too tightly, unless you don’t mind the rough stuff.”

“There’s nothing wrong with a little bondage I suppose,” she grinned and Lien shook her head and laughed at the dazed expression on the bride’s face. 

Motioning at the other guys, they each led their current partners back to their seats and climbed the stairs to the stage again. Remy pulled Mica up on the stage with him, turned her around and slowly ran his hands down her sides. She could feel him thrusting against her and covered her face in embarrassment as the women in her company all cheered her on.

The dancers quickly lost the little bit of clothes they were wearing. And when each man was down to his g-string, the ladies felt their pulses rise uncontrollably. They gathered around the bride-to-be and waited their turns for her to remove their last shred of clothing. Timidly, she hooked her fingers into Remy’s waistband first, smiled down at her sister as she yelled words of encouragement at her and laughed when the dancer jiggle his bits until she freed him. “WOO! Hurry and get to the cop!” Yvette shouted impatiently and he glanced at her with a smile and a wink.

The fireman was next, followed by Derrick. And once they were all naked in front of her, they each took turns rubbing their semi hard dicks against the bride. Caleb, the fireman, was as bold as to take her hand and have her stroke him until he was fully erect. And when he was done sharing, Remy took Mica’s hand and led her to the chair center stage and gave her an all hands on deck lap dance. Pulling her to her feet, he pressed her against the wall and continued dancing against her, grinding himself between her legs in a sexually explicit manner that made his half mast fully rigid and ready to play.

Remy dropped into the chair in the middle of the stage and motioned Mica towards him. He began slowly pumping his fist in his lap while she watched. A shout from the floor drew her attention and she watched as Derrick carried Lien to the front of the stage and bent her over on the sofa cushions while her sister Christina offered Caleb a blowjob. Brandy and Yvette celebrated with another glass and cheered on their friends as they each watched the men all benefit from the lady’s wild passions.

Lien shouted gleefully when she felt Derrick push into her and almost immediately she began moaning as he roughly drove himself forward. The look on his face as he pounded into her was carnal and it became obvious both were enjoying the exhibitionism. He pulled back and pushed in deeper each time, tangling a hand in her hair to use as a handle. Lien’s breasts popped out of the front of her shirt and Derrick reached around and caught one in his calloused hand and gently squeezed her nipple. 

The sounds of Lien’s delight soon became louder than the music and she came for the second time as Derrick thrust harder inside her. He slapped his hand against her ass as he felt himself start to lose it, pushed himself forward more and rammed deeper into her wet body as his semen filled the rubber prophylactic. Breathing heavily, he pulled out and turned her around. Gripping her firmly in his arms, Derrick yanked Lien into his chest and kissed her hard on the lips. She nearly fainted in his arms from the heat of his body and he laughed lightly and rested her gently in the chair.

Remy’s hand stroked faster and faster and his eyes closed as his head fell back. Mica fanned herself as she watched for the first time a man pleasuring himself in front of her. It was raw, it was animal and the sounds he was making made her tingle between her thighs. Very soon, his balls were spasming beneath his fist and his mouth popped open as he let loose a visceral scream and lurched forward. The first thick stream hit his thigh and created a large puddle before rolling off down his leg. The second and third shot up and each fell somewhere on the stage beside the chair. Remy continued pulling until he’d drained his sack of every drop and flopped back against the chair with a huge smile on his face.

At the same time, Caleb moaned with uncontrolled lust as he watched Christina deep throat him. His fingers were buried in her hair and he felt the heat of her breath cover his balls as she worked him into a mind numbing state of madness. He thrust his hips upwards, pumping in and out of her and encouraging her continued sucking motions. Christina’s mouth opened wider and he felt her tongue graze his balls as the head of his cock touched the back of her throat once more.

He trembled when he felt the dragging sensation of her teeth ascend the full length of his dick and back down again. Caleb grabbed Christina’s head hard and slammed her down into his lap. He pumped in and out of her, directing the action until his seed was squirting from his tightened balls and splattering against her worn throat. His come shot free a second time, then a third. When he finally did ease up, he felt her breath surrounding him as she began to lick his dick clean. “Fuck…” he rumbled as he stared down at her cream coated lips, “You’re really good at that.” 

“Boy! That was quite a show!” Brandy commented and laughed with Yvette who sat with her still going through the bottle of champagne.

“And here I thought there was no sex in the champagne room.” Yvette touched glasses with Brandy and the two moved from their seats as the dancers got to the feet and began collecting their clothing. Yvette pulled a large wad from her back pocket and handed it to Derrick. He gently kissed her cheek before following the other men out of the room. “Well then, I think we’d better get back to the room and rest up a bit before the plane ride and tomorrow’s ceremony.”

The smell of the ocean floated over the ladies as they stood barefoot on the shore on the beach of Waikiki. Their toes caressed the soft sand and half crushed seashells tickled the soles of their feet while the setting, orange sun was shining on the glistening aqua blue waters. A small breeze offered a slight chill across their exposed skin providing relief from the warmth of the evening and the sound of seagulls squawked overhead.

Rows of candles lit up the aisle and dazzling embers of light flickered with the soothing embrace of the wind. In the distance, rolling waves capped in white foam crashed against rocks like a herd of galloping white horses creating a relaxing sound and calming the nervous bride as she fiddled with her dress once again. Large bouquets of white and turquoise roses decorated the archway as well as the turquoise canvas that covered the ground leading to the beautiful hand-crafted lattice also adorned with cascades of roses. Tiny origami swans, a long-standing symbol of eternal love, sat atop empty chairs and each guest received one when they arrived. It was just one of the little Korean touches the happy couple incorporated into the event. 

The sky above was dark pink and purple, the perfect a contrast to the chosen wedding colors and the elegant ivory and turquoise dresses the bridesmaids wore. “What was that?” Mica asked hearing a goose honking near the sitting area. She turned in confusion towards Lien who simply shrugged and moved into place. The bird got louder as the keyboardist began to play and again her eyes darted towards the booth to find its source. “Did you hear that Christina?”

“Hear what?”

“A bird quacking!”

“We’re outside Mica, I’m sure there are dozens of birds quacking. Let’s just hope none of them leave little presents on our heads as we make our way down the aisle.” Shrugging it off, Mica watched as the door across from them opened and the groomsmen, dressed in Ivory layered tuxedos, each descended upon their escorts. Christina locked arms with Victor and they were followed by Yvette with Brett and Lien with Ryan.

Her bridesmaids started down the aisle one by one and she shook with anticipation as the wedding march started. “You look absolutely gorgeous, Dude,” Michael whispered to his daughter as she took his hand. He led her down the aisle as everyone stood, gazing at her in amazement. The smile on her face grew wider as she found Dustin waiting for her at the altar and squeezed her father’s hand tighter with a squeal of joy. Michael gave her away and took his seat beside Audrey. Across the aisle from them sat Hua and Tao who had flown in that morning as well as Stefanie and Scott.

Tendrils of hair fell into Mica’s face as she began to recite her vows and Dustin smiled as he gently reached across to gather them behind her ear. The look of devotion had not left his eyes since he watched her make her approach to stand beside him. Soft music continued playing in the background and she stumbled a little over her words, feeling a tickle at the back of her throat. Looking up, she held Dustin’s gaze as he began to speak and smiled at his trip down memory lane.

With complete fondness and affection he spoke words of love to his bride as he held her hand in his.  A solitary tear of happiness trickled down Mica’s cheek as she listened to Dustin. He talked about how they met and how enthralled he was from the first moment he saw her. She closed her eyes to stop more tears from falling as she thought about that day and the date that lead to his proposal. “RA 274.32534265 DEC -60.71453280,” he smiled and instantly the tears broke free. The last words he said were the coordinates of the star he’d named for her the day they first made love.

Dustin took a breath, feeling the fresh air expand smoothly within his lungs and a peaceful look enveloped his face erasing any sign of doubt that this was the woman with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. “Please repeat after me,” the pastor spoke words of Korean that Mica insisted have a place in their non-traditional wedding. “Yi ban ji rul jing pyo ro.” (With this ring I Thee wed.) 

“Uri doo sa ram eun juk em yi uri rul gal la not eul ddae gga ji.” (For better or for worse.)

“Gi bbu guh nah sul poo guh na, jal sal guh na, mot sal guh nah, ah poo guh na gun gang ha guh na.” (For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health.) 

“Suh ro hahm ggae hup ni da. You may now kiss the bride.” (Till death do we part.)  

Dustin bent Mica back and the audience gasped as he laid a very passionate kiss on her lips. She laughed against his mouth. When he pulled away he wiggled his eyebrows and she felt a faint blush on her face when she turned towards her family. He held her hand and practically pulled her down the aisle towards the forward arch and she happily rushed after him. “Hey where are you taking me?”

“Are you seriously asking me that?” Dustin shook his head in confusion and nodded towards the resort’s entrance.

“What about the reception?”

“They can have it without us! The only thing I want to do is consummate my marriage with the most beautiful woman in the world. Besides I’ve waited nearly a month for this Mica, three weeks is like a year in man math! I’m about ready to pop!”

She laughed as he yanked her again, nibbling on his bottom lip as he contemplated tossing her over his shoulder like a caveman and running headlong through the hallways. “Alright, ok I’m coming.” 

“Well not yet,” he grinned and opened the door for her.

“Hey, what happened to your face?”

“Oh uh you know, horseplay. We got a little rowdy I guess at one of the bars is all.”

“As long as you assure me those marks aren’t from the heels of some stripper then I’m ok with it,” Mica smiled and brushed her hand gently across Dustin’s cheek.

“They absolutely were not made by a stripper of any kind.”

“Good! In that case, you’ll live to see the honeymoon.” 

Carrying her quickly across the threshold of their hotel room, Dustin wasted no time fumbling with the buttons on his tuxedo and tossing the remnants to the floor. Mica turned and allowed him to unzip her dress and he threw himself onto the bed as he watched her shimmy out of her gown and rest it on the arm of a nearby chair. He watched her move several steps back until she reached the center of the room. Her fingers trailed to the clasp on her bra, dropping it to the floor and exposing her full breasts to him. 

Dustin swallowed his lust and continued to watch her undress for him. Her fingers slipped down to her waist and she gracefully began to move the material down her hips and thighs. White, lace panties revealed her perfectly trimmed mound and the groan that escaped his lips went unnoticed as he stood up and started towards her. Turning her in his arms, he pulled her naked body against his own and trailed his hands gently down her soft skin.

His mouth traced over her collarbone, his tongue taking the path of exploration. He was on a mission, but chose to cover every plane and angle of the woman beneath him. His lips savored the soft flesh on her skin. His tongue connected every inch of her body in invisible lines of hot moisture and air. Dustin moved around her, lowering himself to her thighs as he continued feathering kisses everywhere. Pushing her breasts together, he nibbled on the twin mounds, biting one then the other, before taking both nipples into his mouth and sucking on them simultaneously.

He heard her gasp and watched her fingers curl into fists at her side. Increasing the torment, Dustin continued to lavish the twin globes with the attention they deserved, fighting harder to restrain himself from throwing her to the bed and continuing the purpose of dragging her from their reception downstairs.

Slowly he lowered her to the bed, releasing one of her breasts while holding firmly to the other in his palm, kneading the soft flesh and sucking vigorously on the other. “Dustin,” Mica sighed. She opened her eyes and looked down at him, watching his teeth begin to further drive her to a frenzied want. He knew the sounds of her passion and when she’d had enough teasing. And although foreplay was not on his agenda tonight he couldn’t cheat his new wife out of the full experience their first time as a married couple.

Gently and brutally slow he licked down her chest and rested himself between her legs. Enjoying the feel of her silken skin beneath him, he listened as Mica moaned and thrust her body upwards when he reached one of her erogenous zones. He smiled at the expression of pure bliss on her face and lightly peppered kisses over every inch of her chocolate flesh. Her breath hitched as his fingers brushed over her curly hairs and she groaned when he just as quickly retreated. “Why do you hate me?” she muttered between breaths as he again found one of her pleasure spots.

“Hate?” he chuckled and lowered his head where she was dying to feel him. “Oh no Mrs. Kimura, it’s just the opposite.” Mica moaned loudly when the warmth of his mouth covered her clit. Dustin licked tenderly, flicking his tongue frantically over the tiny bud as his fingers closed over her nipple. Mica felt his tongue catapult her body to new heights and she eagerly squirmed beneath him.

And just as she was about to come, Dustin pulled away. She sighed in frustration but it didn’t last long when she looked into his eyes. Meticulously, he gazed down at her beautiful body, taking in her every feature as if seeing her for the first time. His cock was raging and ready to plunge into her. Crawling up her full figure, the warmth of her body surrounded him and awakened the lustful beast that stormed within but Dustin concentrated on the woman beneath him. His eyes raked over her beautiful dark hair, her chocolate colored eyes, her high cheekbones and full lips and wondered how long it would take to kiss every aspect of her perfect face. 

He smiled and rested his cock along the slippery entrance of her velvety lips as Mica ran her hands up and down his back and ground herself against him begging for more of him with the movements her body made. Dustin reached between them and grasped his hard shaft, lifted her hips and guided the head of his cock between her swollen lips. She felt him push into her and gasped in delight as he took command, sinking into her sweet folds. “Yes,” they moaned together as a feeling of wholeness enveloped them both. 

They moved together; slowly at first with each one rocking back and forth as the lust inside them burned hotter. Dustin captured one of her nipples with his lips, coaxing the hard bud into his mouth and teased the sweet flesh with his tongue. Mica dug her nails into his sides, locking onto him as she wrapped her legs around him, anchoring herself to his ever increasing motion. “Oh fuck! Harder, Dustin,” she cried out, her hands slipped away from his hips and she curled them into the sheets and hoisted herself higher.

“Jesus, yes that’s it!” she hissed as he drove his dick into her harder. She felt each thrust of his cock and her body shook with desire and passion. “Faster! Faster!” she begged over and over again as she drew in gasping breaths of air. Mica clawed at his flesh, the nails of her fingers digging into his back. She begged for more and he gave her what she desired, “Dustin,” she screamed as she thrashed beneath him. She continued to slide and buck against his body, as his mouth traveled up her chin and rested over her lips.  

“God,” Dustin groaned as he increased the power of his hips and drove harder into her welcoming sex. “Oh Baby you’re so tight.” He pumped faster. The sweat on his brow fell into his eyes as his mouth worked her nipple into an erect pebble. She screamed for him not to stop and he vowed not to give in until their desire consumed them both. Dustin felt her pussy tighten around him and when she brought her hands up to his hips again he knew she was coming. Mica shook as her climax ripped through her; her eyes remained clenched shut, her lungs screaming for air.

Mica shouted and squealed, her words inaudible to anyone listening. She bucked against him and screamed that she was coming and Dustin grinned wickedly. “Oh fuck,” she gasped as little explosions of her orgasm erupted and her entire being became suspended in time. She clung to her husband and welcomed the little ripples of passion, moving under him to keep the tiny spasms coming. Dustin felt his balls tighten and he plunged his cock further into her.  

“Ohh, fuck Mica,” he groaned as he pumped his hips into her eager body, “this is perfect,” his seed erupted and explored her depths. He screamed her name again as he felt the fiery hot liquid of his climax fill his wife and Mica felt his come flow into her and slide down her lips coating his balls and her slick opening. A few more tremors against her body he was sated and completely drained. Dustin looked down into her dark, brown eyes and lowered his lips to hers. “I hope you enjoyed your wedding night,” he whispered against her ear. Mica laughed, her hand ran down his chest and she played with his damp hair. He grinned and held her tighter.

Gentle fingers trailed over her ribs and Mica stared openly into her husband’s face. She pulled him down to her mouth and lifted herself to kiss his lips. Her tongue moved over his and she felt his caress hers and grinned. “I love you.” Dustin could hear the passion and desire in her voice and he welcomed it. This was eternal, his happily ever after and it was real. The look in her eyes as she said those three little words made his heart soar and he swore not a day would pass where he did not say the same.

With a serious face and adoring eyes that worshipped the gorgeous creature he could now call wife, Dustin tenderly met her lips again and whispered against them, “I love you too.”


*Author's note: Special thanks to our guest stars: Remington "Remy" Cantrell (The Cowboy), Derrick Constantine (The Cop) and Caleb Savage (The Fireman) of The Animal, Cold Blooded and After Midnight respectively.

- Bridal Shop and Pizzeria courtesy of Martine.

- Before the wedding, Dustin gave Audrey, Mica’s mother, a wild goose as is tradition in his culture. Wild geese mate for life, so his gift is a promise that he will care for her daughter for life. This is the sound Mica hears before she marches down the aisle.

- Check out the Bonus page for more behind the scenes shots of Mica and Dustin's wedding!

P.S. If you were staring at Dustin's butt in shot #9 of the sex scene don't feel ashamed. I was too!*



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    The beginning part, you were trying to kill both the bride and groom before the wedding and neither wanted to tell the other. I have a feeling whatever was up with that Russian will come back later. Not sure I trust the gang guy either, but only time will tell if he really is done messing with Dusty.

    The wedding scene was beautiful! Loved that it was at sunset, and the color scheme was perfect! And man Lien is one lucky lady....she got the action, well her and Chrissy both. What happens in Vegas, but at least I did get to do a little (well not really little since it's Caleb we're talking about) touching. And seeing Remy jack off!!! Man fanning myself.

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      LOL! I did no such thing! I was merely allowing the characters to tell me their story and this is what they came up with! Can't blame me for being their conduit! But of course Mica, it's always connected :D That Russian...let's call him "Bob" was not in that room by chance. Pay special attention to the bag he was said to have been messing with O.o

      Sunset really did mesh well with the Ivory and Turquoise! Had I to do it again though I would have given Victor Ivory pants to match Christina's gown a little better. The whole turquoise I think was a tad overkill.'s been a while for her but I think she will be ok for a good minute now thanks to Derrick. And Chrissy...she's blown Caleb's mind (as well as other parts). Yep! Mica had to be on her best behavior but she was not about to object to what Caleb had her do haha!

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    1. Lol it's not a wedding unless someone dies! They surely are though. They've been through quite a bit and I'm sure they'll be happy when I stop putting their lives in danger like that every episode! Dustin is very sketchy about this supposed deal. Who knows maybe they are being honest. But as Ryan said he'll keep his head on a swivel just so he won't get blindsided once he makes a comfortable life!

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