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S1: Chapter 07: Detained

“Home at last,” Lien said as she carried Dustin’s items into the living room.

“Your home maybe,” Dustin sighed.
“And yours too until Grandma Kimura says you can leave.”
“You know holding someone prisoner in your home is illegal.”
“Yeah? Try telling that to Grandma! And Tao has been going crazy without you. I think there is something wrong with his game so I’m sure he’ll put you to work before long.”
He laughed. “Well I didn’t expect to rest once I got back Sis, thanks.”
“Dustin!” Tao came running from the back room. “You’re back!” He threw his arms around his Uncle without thinking hugging him tight.
Dustin grimaced in pain but didn’t let his nephew see. “Miss me did you?”
“More than you know!” he smiled pulling him towards his bedroom.
“Tao, let Dustin settle in before…”
“It’s ok Lien. We’ll see what you did to the machine,” he smiled. “But in a sec ok? I’ll be right in, Tao. I wanna say hi to Grandma.”
“Ok!” he said sprinting off to his room.
“Hey Grandma,” Dustin said walking into the kitchen and placing a kiss on her cheek. “I’m home!”
“Home? I heard what you said to Lien on the stoop Dusty. I may be old but the old woman still has her hearing."
Dustin smirked and stepped back a little. “I love you Grandma and I love it here, but I am a grown man, of course I have my own place. Besides you wouldn’t want to clean up after me, I’m a pig. My kitchen would have you cussing in Taiwanese.”
“I don’t speak Taiwanese, Dusty.”
“I know Grandma,” he grinned.
She sighed and slipped into Korean as she yelled at him.
Dustin smiled as he caught something about a fish staying out of trouble if it kept its mouth shut as well as a few cuss words. “Grandma! You just kissed me with that mouth!"
“Why don’t you let Lien and me finish up dinner? You go on and rest and we’ll call you when it’s ready,” she said as Lien giggled behind her.
“Ok Grandma.” He grinned taking off down the hall. He could always make the poor woman lose her sanity and he thought it was funny how she'd bless him afterwards.
“So what’s the problem?” Dustin asked stepping into Tao’s room.
“I was just on the last level of ‘Heroic Knights’ where the Princess is rescued and I get a new armor upgrade and the next thing I know it started smoking and I heard a pop!”
Dustin grabbed a screwdriver and removed the cover from the machine and started tinkering with the circuitry to repair his nephew’s game.
“So does it hurt?” Tao started. “Getting shot?” He noticed the care Dustin used towards his arm, nursing it as he moved around the room.
“Oh yeah! Remember the time Zhen’s snake got loose and bit you and you had to get a weeks’ worth of shots? Imagine that all at once and then on top of that falling from a second story balcony and landing on your head. It hurt; it still hurts and it’s not something I want to experience again.”
He plugged the game in and turned it on. “There, all fixed.”
“Thank you Uncle! You’re the best!” Tao grabbed a controller and started playing.
“You’re welcome. Now, go rescue your princess!” he smiled as he approached the door.
“Maybe after dinner, Lien said as she entered the room. “Come on, Grandma is waiting.”
They joined her out in the dining hall and quietly ate dinner.
“How are you feeling Dustin?” Hua asked.
“I’m ok Grandma Kimura; just a little sore is all.”
“You should find a nice girl, settle down and get out of that job of yours.”
“I like my job Grandma. It’s something that I think makes a real difference.”
“Grandma, Dustin saves lives. He would never give that up,” Lien added.
“I know, I know I’ve heard all of this before,” she smiled. “But you know a man’s affairs are evaluated only after his coffin is closed. You're out there risking your life for others but how many times have you been thanked?”
"I don't do it for the thank yous, I do it because it makes me feel good and it's a really honorable job, Grandma. And I'm risking my life to keep my family safe. I feel as though I'm protecting you, Lien and Tao every time I arrest someone!"
They finished their meals and Hua watched as Dustin nursed his arm again trying to clear the table.
"Drop the dishes Dustin! Why don’t you go on to your room and I’ll bring you some tea. It always made you feel better as a kid."
“I’m fine Grandma, really. I don’t need to be waited on. I can use my arm it’s just a little tender is all.”
“I wasn’t asking Dustin,” she smiled.
“Yes Grandma.” He pulled himself from the table and retired to his bedroom.
He noticed his workbench and dropped down and started playing around with a few of the open projects he had. It was his goal to create a transmitter that could work no matter where the receiver was. He’d found a satellite signal that he was exploiting and it helped figure out the best frequency to use.
“Here you go,” Lien said sitting a cup on his table.
“I thought Grandma was bringing it,” he smiled.
“She’s going to bed.” She leaned against the table beside him and sighed. “Did you want to talk about the accident?”
“Talk about what?”
“I don’t know Dust; you had a close call you know. I’d think that kind of near death experience would mess with your head.”
“It’s part of the job.”
“Yeah, part of the job you supposedly left behind.”
“I’m a federal agent, Lien, a cop. It’s always a risk when I go to work. Come on. You know that. And I love what I do, I’d never give that up!”
“I know Dustin. Just please be careful even more now this is just too scary for all of us.”
“I’ll be careful, I promise.”
She kissed his cheek and he stayed up for a while working on his equipment.
“We have a problem,” Dustin said as Yve entered into the room.
“Good morning to you as well Dust. It IS a great day! So happy to see you!” Yvette sighed.
“I’d have been a little warmer had there been a ‘Welcome Back Dustin, You’re The Greatest’ banner lining the wall for all to see. But no cake for me means, ‘we have a problem’ for you...and Good morning, Vette,” he grinned.
Yve smiled. “Is that the problem? You want a cake?”
“Well that would be nice but no, the problem isn’t me, it’s your ‘Boss’, Ron. Apparently the man is extra paranoid he created a genetic lock on his files to prevent anyone but himself from opening it. I need a sample.”
“A sample of what?” Ryan asked.
“I don’t want to know,” Yve said.
“Slough off a piece of skin, a strand of hair with a skin tag, saliva, anything that will open these files for me,” Dustin said. “If you want to see what he’s been up to.”
“Fine. One DNA sample coming right up!” she grimaced.
“What’s the matter? Not into your Boss?” Dustin asked.
“He tastes like cheap cigars and spearmint gum.” She walked towards her locker and changed.
“While you’re there, I need you to also put this on his computer,” he said tossing her a thumb drive. “Should be easy enough right?”
“Yeah sure…easy. Nice sweater, by the way Dustin.”
"You really think so?"
She smiled as she headed for the door.
"You know if you want to give me a raise I'll redo my wardrobe!" he called after her.
She arrived to Ron’s and immediately entered his office.
“Danielle! I was just going to call you!”
“I guess we’re in sync then,” she smiled walking towards him.
“I guess so.” He leaned back in his chair and watched her slowly saunter into the room. “I love it when you wear your hair down. It looks great against your skin,” he said patting his lap.
She approached him and he gripped her waist pulling her down onto him. “I’ll do it more often for you then.” She wrapped her arms around him and straddled his lap pulling him into a hug.
“Mmm, you feel good Ronnie,” she reached around him and placed the thumb drive into an available slot on the side of his monitor and quickly minimized the progress bar before he pulled back. She smiled at him. “I don’t mean to be forward.”
“No, I like it Danielle. I like the name Ronnie too, just for you.” His lips grazed hers and he stroked her back holding her tighter. “It’s a shame we got interrupted the last time,” Ron said smiling at Yve. “I’m sure you would have enjoyed yourself. But, I’ll make it up to you now.”
She leaned closer to him, returning his lustful gaze. “I’m sure I would have also and I’m looking forward to it.” Her hands ran through his hair and she yanked his head back, kissing him while pulling out strands of hair, folding them into a tissue and placing them in a small container.
He kissed her cheek and nibbled on her earlobe as she giggled. “Ronnie that tickles.” She pushed at his face with her lips and he growled playfully at her. “Ay!” she squealed scratching his arm.
“Ow!” he hissed looking down at the mark.
“Ronnie I’m sorry, I…”
“You like it rough huh?” he smiled and nuzzled his face into her neck sucking on the skin until there was a tiny red spot forming.
“Sir?” Maureen said stepping into the office.
“What is it?” he asked annoyance thick in his tone as he continued kissing Yvette.
“I’m sorry to disturb you sir, but there is a gentleman…”
“Where is he?” Brett yelled walking into the office dressed as a maintenance man.
“What’s the problem?” Ron said pushing Yve from his lap and standing to address Brett.
She used another small container and removed the skin from beneath her nails, placed it inside and leaned over and removed the thumb drive.
“You’re the problem! You expect me and my crew to work in these unsafe conditions and we’re going to sue!”
“What are you talking about? It’s your job to make this place tip top!”
“And it’s your job to provide us the means to do so! If you weren’t busy giving your secretary a poke maybe you’d hear the rats crawling in the vents. I’m telling you these are not sanitary work environments and you aren’t providing us with the money we need to make it so!”
“Get the hell out of here! You’re fired!”
“Fired? I’m not leaving this office until you fix this!” Brett said crossing his arms and planting his feet.
“Maureen, call the police,” Ron said.
“Right away Sir,” she said exiting the room.
“I think you should kick his ass instead,” Yve whispered to him.
Brett looked at her stunned.
“I’d not do that in your presence,” he said kissing her hand. “You’ve experienced enough violence through your ex-husband.”
She smiled. “I can leave if you promise to tell me how it goes.”
He laughed. “I’ll see you in the morning.”
She passed Brett giving him a confused glare and exited down to her car.
She waited until she knew he’d be home and drove over to see him.
Brett stood to answer the furious pounding on his front door. “WHAT?” he yelled but quickly changed his tone as he stared at her. “Yve? Hey. What’s…?”
“What the hell were you trying to pull?” she yelled pushing her way into his front door.
“I was trying to get you out of his office before anything happened!”
“Nothing was going to happen Brett! I was in complete control!”
“Oh right! You were sitting on his dick as he nibbled your fucking ear!”
“While snagging his DNA and uploading the keylogger to his computer as he distracted himself with me! Do you know what a Honey Pot is, Brett? A Raven? How they work?”
“Do you honestly consider yourself a Honey Pot?”
“Yes, that’s what I am! It’s what I have to do sometimes to get what we need! But with your constant interference, you make it really hard!”
“Interference? I was watching your back! How many of these guys have you slept with, Yvette?” he asked walking out to his back porch to turn on the light.
“None! And you wanna know why Brett? Because I know what I’m doing and I’m good at it! I don’t have to sleep with them! Sure they may ogle me or kiss me but once they are close enough all I need is a tiny pin prick to knock them out!”
“Yet that wasn’t the case with Ron. You let him fondle you, Yve!”
“Yeah and that bothers you why? I never made any commitments to you! And if this is something that’s going to continue to bother you I can get you reassigned!”
He paused and looked at her. “And then what? You’ll continue seducing random guys?”
“I do what I have to in order to get the job done. He made threats to National Security! Do you know how many lives are at stake with that type of situation?”
“You’ll do what it takes? What exactly does that entail? Whoring yourself to the lowest scumbag on Earth?”
“You know what? You don’t own me Brett! We fucked once that doesn’t give you claim on me or the right to…” she hauled off and slapped him hard against his left cheek.
He rubbed his jaw snapping him back to reality, “Ok, I shouldn’t have used that word. I deserved that.”
“No, you deserved this,” she said sending her fist into his midsection and stepping around him towards the exit as he fell.
He grabbed her leg and stood before taking her arms and throwing her into the wall. “Enough!”
She pushed him off and sent her heel towards his head. He ducked and threw her leg turning her around and again pinning her against the wall. “Do you really want to do this right now?” he asked pressing into her tightly.

She elbowed him in the face knocking him back. “I guess that’s a ‘yes’.” He pulled his shirt off and tossed it to the ground before taking a front stance. “I’m not holding back on you, Yve.”
“Good! Then I won’t have to feel guilty for kicking your ass!” she yelled running for him and throwing a series of kicks at his face. He blocked her attack and as she came down sent a straight standing sidekick into her stomach.
She stumbled a little, regained her balance and smirked. She jumped up and with a spin threw her right leg at his face, connecting with her heel before running at him again. He countered with a right leg kick of his own hitting her again in the stomach. She was winded for a moment but quickly regained her composure punching wildly at him and striking him in the chest and throat.
He grabbed at his neck, waiting to catch his breath, but she didn’t let up. She came at him with a high kick and he tripped her knocking her to the ground. She landed hard and tried to recover. From the corner of her eye she saw him approach with another kick. She grabbed his ankle and leg swept his other knocking him to the ground.
In an instant she was on top of him sending one closed fist punch after another to his face. She broke his lip and blood spilled from his mouth. He brought his legs up around her shoulders, rolled her off of him and quickly got to his feet. Before she stood he kicked her in the ribs and watched her roll to her back.
He prepared to bring his foot down on her again but she rolled away in time. Pushing off the ground with a quick jump, she got back into defensive stance and readied herself for his next attack. He came at her with a chop that she blocked and met with a chop of her own.
Move for move they met or matched neither gaining significant ground on the other. Yve sent a jump kick to his jaw knocking him from his guard. He ran at her tackling her to the ground and holding her in place. She struggled beneath him; tried rolling her body out from under him.
“YVE!” he yelled trying to gain her attention as she focused on trying to get away from him.
She writhed beneath the weight of his body straddling her hips and tried to gain an advantage, a grip, a foothold anything that would move him. “Let me go!” she yelled, the anger present in her glare.
He gripped both of her wrists with one hand and trailed the other down her arm to her side. His touch burned into her flesh, warm and affectionate. “I don’t think so.”
She ignored the tender way he stroked her side and continued to concentrate on his hold.
“YVETTE!” he called her again pressing that same hand into her hip, hindering her movements.
“WHAT?” she matched his tone looking into his eyes. He brought his mouth down on hers and she could taste the small amount of blood that remained on his tongue. She continued struggling trying to get away but as he deepened the kiss she stopped resisting. He let go of her wrists and she wrapped her arms around his back holding him tight against her. She moaned against his mouth and sucked on his lower lip, biting it gently as her eyes opened once again to look at him.
He smiled, anticipation wrenching tight in his gut. He’d never looked forward to anything more than he did to being with her again and he salivated for a taste of her creamy skin. Since their first encounter she was all he dreamed about and now here she was underneath him again wanting him just as bad right now.
He reached down and rubbed a hand under her shirt. She tensed; taking in a ragged breath as she let his hand explore her body. She licked her lips as his fingers rubbed tenderly across her nipple; his cock jerked as he watched her enjoy his touch. He gripped the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off over her head before removing her bra just as fast.
The cool air nipped at her bare flesh causing goosebumps that immediately vanished the moment his lips met hers again. She was aware of a mixture of emotions as she tried to explain her need to be with him. She’d had a rule since joining the agency: “no intimate relationships with co-workers”. But Brett banished the idea the moment they touched. Had she known who he was that first time, he’d not have received so much as a handshake and right now, she was willing to give him so much more.
Her hands trailed down his chest to his buckle and she undid his pants. He lifted off of her a little and helped her slide his jeans from his waist before removing hers as well. He looked at her; his lustful blue eyes expressing to her exactly what she was in for. She blinked, prepared herself to feel him and opened her eyes just as his cock slid inside of her with one powerful stroke. He kissed her again as he pushed his body harder against hers, taking in her scent, her taste and her touch.
She moaned against his neck and pressed her face deeper into his shoulder. The heat generated between the two made her completely forget that they were outside on the cold cement ground of his back patio. He rammed her harder, remembering how she liked it. His lips burned a path down her neck and came to rest on her chest, kissing her softly as his hips swayed relentlessly into her with haste.
Each powerful stroke made her body jump and her sounds deepen. “Brett…” she whispered breathlessly struggling to keep her wits as each thrust intensified the sensations he delivered between her legs bringing her to the first of many orgasms. She gritted her teeth and clawed at the pavement. “Brett!” she yelled as he pounded her through her climax.

“Yeah Baby, just let go,” he whispered against her neck. “There’s more where that came from.”
He drove deeper and harder making her body move back and forth under him. Leaning forward she could hear his deep moans in her ear. His lips fell to her chest and he kissed his way up to her mouth. “Harder Brett!” she begged. She shivered at his warm breath against her neck as he pumped furiously within her. She savored the feel of his lips and tongue exploring her body. She thrashed her head and chewed on her lower lip as a strangled moan escaped her throat. “God you feel so good, Yve!”
She wanted to scream with her next release, let him know he was doing a good job. She lifted her head a little, accepting him more. Her hands ran across his shoulders before she used her fingernails as claws and raked them along his back. His body jerked and he pushed himself deeper inside her with the pain of the scratch. “Yeah!” he moaned. He pulled up from her and gripped her hips tight. He brought her legs over his and pressed himself between her thighs watching her head bounce and her eyes roll. She grabbed her breast and squeezed, turning him on more. “Play with your nipples, Baby,” he instructed her. She did; pinching them as he pushed into her and smiling at his response.
Letting go completely, she allowed a wave of pleasure to control her. “Yes!” she screamed. Her body tensed again and he continued pumping her harder, watching her eyes he knew she was nearing another. He pulled out, choosing to finish her off with his tongue instead. Climbing between her thighs his mouth quickly went to work licking and sucking her sensitive spots. “Oh that feels so good, Brett!” she moaned. She leaned up and reached for his head, guiding him by his hair as she rubbed herself on his face. He indulged her control moving his tongue in rhythm with her hips making sure she enjoyed her second orgasm just as much as the first. He closed his mouth over her lips and licked vigorously enjoying her taste.
Her legs wrapped tightly around him; the pressure of his weight against hers was intense. She rolled him onto his back and eased him back inside of her with her hand, moaning as she felt his cock reach it's depth. “My turn,” she smiled. He lay beneath her for a moment enjoying how she took charge. Her head bucked as her hips bounced wildly on top of him. He sat up and began humping her back, meeting her motions and pushing himself deeper every time she came down.
“Fuck me like you own me, Yvette, ride me harder!” he groaned. He grabbed her hips and slammed her into his lap with force. He kept his eyes on hers as he leaned up and sucked her nipple into his mouth. Her whimper turned into a throaty moan and she thrust herself at him, bouncing her breasts even more in his face. He gripped her ass tight, loving the way it bounced in his hand. “Yeah Baby! Harder!” he groaned. Her movements began to slow as she gave in to another orgasm. “Oh no you don’t!” Brett said rolling her off and forcing her on all fours.
His body was hot, just right, “Oh Brett, yes!” she wailed. “Keep pushing.” He obliged, a small grin formed on his face as he watched her wriggle beneath him. He extended his hand and slapped it hard against her right cheek. She jumped and moaned as she pushed back against him.

“I love your ass, Yvette,” he said as he rammed himself into her.
He laid her on her back again and she clutched at him, drawing him closer to her chest and deeper inside with her last shred of control and the heat climbing her body. She sucked in short shallow breaths. “Oh God, Yve!” he grunted. He shivered with pleasure; she thrust her pelvis towards him, hungry to take him with her body begging again for release. He thrust into her with power and she again matched his movements bringing them both closer to climax.
She exploded, screaming his name and hearing hers just as loud as he released. Wave after wave of unimaginable ecstasy crashed through her body, wrapping her in warmth and a tingling sensation she knew no substitute for. He collapsed on top of her. His open mouth swallowing gulps of air to cool himself and return his body to normal.
She wrapped her arms around his neck and he laughed listening to the sound of her rapid heartbeat. “I think I won this round,” he said looking down at her and placing kisses on her cheeks and lips.
“Yeah, because you cheated,” she said pushing him off.
“Call it what you want but you loved every second of it.”
She smacked his arm as she stood to collect her clothing.
“Wait, are you leaving? Come on Yve,” he said standing and pulling his jeans on. “You can’t make this a habit Babe, running out on me every time we have sex.”
“Well look at it this way, at least this time I don’t have to go through a window and you know where to find me.”

He laughed and pulled her into his arms. “Stay the night. I don’t bite…hard; unless you want me to. Come on, I can make you breakfast in the morning.”
She smiled. “I can’t Brett I have to get home. Besides I’ve seen how you ‘cook’ Mr. Fast Food so I think I’ll pass, thanks.” She reached up and pulled him towards her mouth, placed a small kiss on his bottom lip which he turned into a deeper embrace before she could push him away.
“Hey wait. Is that all I get?” he smiled.
“What else do you want, Brett? Go shower, cool down and I’ll see you at work.”
“Ok but you have to let me take you to breakfast.”
“Fine. But just promise not to get weird on me.”
He laughed. “Weird like what? I promise I won’t be any weirder than I am now, how about that?”
“I guess that’ll have to do,” she smiled. “Good night Brett.”
He gave her a quick peck on the lips and watched her walk to the front yard before heading inside.
"Did you go home at all last night?" Yvette asked noticing Dustin's sweater.
"If I said yes, would you believe me?"
"I feel I'm really close Yve, I just wanted to get there."
"Fine just don't overwork that arm ok?"
Dustin was busy at work on the files, deciphering the codes, breaking passwords and retrieving hidden information from Harper’s drive. Yve paced the small area while Brett was throwing darts, Ryan played video games and Victor cleaned his arsenal.
“Got it!” he said pulling back with a triumphant smile.
She ran to his side of the computer and glanced over his shoulder. “Great job Dustin!”
“I think it’s time you brought your boss in for questioning.”
“And maybe an extended stay.”
Twenty minutes later they had the arrest warrant they needed.
“Ronald Harper,” Yvette said stepping into the room. “You’re under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder, breaking and entering, armed robbery and 3 counts for acts of terrorism.”
“Danielle…,” he scoffed.
He stood and Brett approached him. “You have no idea how much I’m enjoying this moment,” he said placing cuffs on his wrists. “Read ‘em Diamond.”
“You have the right to remain silent; anything you say can be used against you in the court of law. You have a right to an attorney if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed by the court. Do you understand your rights?” she asked.
“Fuck you!” he grimaced.
“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.”
"You have no idea how deep the waters run,” Ron said with a twisted smile. “Go ahead arrest me. I’ll be out before you get off work, Agent,” he looked at her.
“What does that mean?” Brett asked stepping from the room behind her.
He was met with silence and a twisted smile from Ron before Vic escorted him to the awaiting van.

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