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S1: Chapter 08: They All Fall Down

Three months had passed since the team first discovered the threat to National security and the CIA only seemed to be dragging their feet with the information. The team was placed behind miles and miles of red tape preventing them from taking action themselves. Dustin was still busy at work trying to decipher all of the data he’d uncovered on Harper’s computer and figure out the riddle he’d saddled us with.
The guys were getting antsy for play. With the discovery of the theft, and the spin the media placed on the missing atomic weapons both departments, CIA and FBI alike, were on red alert. For the company, that meant damage control. For the team, it meant shelf time.
“How much longer do they expect us to sit around here and twiddle our fucking thumbs!?” Ryan yelled tossing a tennis ball against the wall.
“As long as it takes to blow over what happened in Pleasant Cove. How long does it take before the world forgets about a stolen nuclear weapon?” Victor asked.
Yvette stood pacing around the two listening to their back and forth before heading towards the door.
“Where are you going?” Brett asked.
“Blow off some steam. I don’t know a swim, a workout, something. I have too much energy to burn and unlike Ryan I don’t find beating the wall an interactive activity.”
“Trust me Boss, if I could pound on someone’s face right now, that would be my first choice,” he said tossing the ball again and catching it.
Brett followed her out to the elevator. “Want a sparring partner? Best 2 out of 3?”
“You really do love getting your face smashed in don’t you?”
“As long as it’s by you,” he said sliding an arm around her waist and kissing her cheek.
She pushed him off as the elevator reached the floor and they exited into the gym. For the next two hours they went at it. Sparring, testing one another, pushing each other to the limit.
“I thought you said 2 out of 3. That’s 6 rounds.”
“Come on, are you getting tired? Quitting on me?”
“Tired? No. Quitting? I’m going to the sauna room,” she said tossing her towel at him. “This isn’t quite working for me.”
She turned the heat to 130°F, dropped a towel on the rack outside and stepped into the small room.
Moments later the door opened and Brett walked over towards her. “Hey,” he smiled.
“Hey, decided to join me?”
“It was kind of a weird ending to a sparring session, figured I’d give it a try.” He grabbed her waist and pulled her into his lap. “Besides, any excuse I can get to be alone with you,” he smiled placing a kiss on her lips.
She moaned and pulled back. “We’re at work, Brett.”
“Yes, I know,” he whispered. “So?”
“So anyone can walk in here at anytime.”
He moved the towel from around his waist, unhooked hers and placed her hand on his growing arousal. “And?” he said bringing his lips to hers again. “Doesn’t that make it fun?”
“Brett we can’t, not here.” His tongue swirled around her neck as he placed kisses down her body.
“We can, and you will.” He lifted her slightly and slid himself inside of her.
“Ohh…” she moaned. “Brett.”
“Take me, Baby,” he said wrapping his arms around her and pulling her down onto his raging hard on. She began slowly grinding her hips into him. “Yeah, that’s it Yve. Mmm, harder Baby.”
She bounced quicker into him, taking him completely inside of her and rocking her pelvis against him. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she moaned as his hands rubbed down her chest, clutching her breasts firmly before sucking on them.
The heat in the room played in their favor as her body bucked wildly on top of his sending them both over the edge quickly.
Brett held her harder and slammed her into his lap with force as he pounded his release into her. Yve leaned forward and kissed him hard, sucking and licking on his lips as she climaxed with him. Sweat poured from the pair and slowly they came down.
The steam next to them poured hotter into the room as their hearts lowered to a more stable beat.
“Is it me, or is it hot in here?” she asked leaning against his chest.
He laughed as he let her slip from his lap.
She started for the door and he came up from behind, scooped her into his arms again and kissed her. “I hope that relaxed you a little.”
“More than you know,” she smiled.
She moved towards the ladies locker room, showered and met back with Brett inside the unit room. “Any progress?” she asked noticing Dustin’s disappointment.
“None. There are so many files to go through. Even with the cipher decrypted, I can’t figure out what information he is hiding or where.”
“I know it’s frustrating Dustin, but you’re a genius. You’ll…”
The door burst open and three men walked into the room. Two carried boxes, the other barked orders. “Alright men, take it all. Tear it down and leave NOTHING behind.”
“Hold on, what is this Jacob?” Yve asked approaching the man.
Jacob Newell, Deputy Director for the CIA and official Federal liaison for case coordination.
“This is CIA taking over this case. You and your men are hereby ordered to stand down!” Newell said.
The two men systematically broke down Dustin’s hardware, boxing up various items, hard drives and discs and taking them down the stairs.
“What authority do you have? This is our case!” she yelled.
“Was. It’s no longer within your jurisdiction,” a self-satisfied grin spread across his face as he inched closer to her. “Looks like you’re all out of moves, Raven. Perhaps you should have never left us, you’re getting a bit rusty.”
She smirked. “If you think that Jacob, you’re even dumber than you look.”
One of the men returned and Newell turned his attention to him. “Take the desktop too,” he ordered.
“That’s my personal computer!” Dustin said reaching for it. The man grabbed him and dropped him to the ground by twisting his healing shoulder until he screamed in pain.
“HEY!” Yve yelled grabbing the man. She sent a kick to his midsection knocking him back before following up with three hard rights to his face.
The man grunted and grabbed his face. “She broke my nose. You fucking bitch you broke my nose!” he yelled.
“Touch him again and I’ll break something else!”
“Get the computer and GET OUT!” Newell yelled unable to hide his anger.
“You’re going to regret that bitch!” the man said stepping around her. Dustin grabbed his leg, tripping him and causing him to land face down on the floor.
“FUCK!” he yelled. The other man came in and helped him up.
Yve turned to Newell as he watched his men retreat with all of Dustin’s things. “Come here again and you’re dead,” she said staring him down.
He backed out of the door and entered the elevator to leave. She dropped to the floor to check on Dustin and he smiled at her. “Thanks.”
“Are you ok?”
“Nothing a few pain meds won’t cure.”
Brett helped him up and Ryan brought him a glass of water.
“So now what?” Vic said kicking the empty space near the printer.
“I don’t know Vic. They took everything we had on this thing. We have to start from scratch if anything.”
“Not everything,” Dustin said brandishing his minicomputer. “There’s no way I’d let them have everything, Boss. I just had to sneak it off the table before they snagged it.”
“Dustin!” she smiled wrapping her arms around him. He winced in pain and she backed away. “Sorry.”
“It’s ok Boss.”
“I want you to proceed with caution on this, Dustin. If they took your things they will be monitoring any and everything that happens with those files. Who accesses them, where, when, how. I don’t want them to come after you,” she warned.
“I’ll take care of it. No worries.”
“Until then?” Ryan asked with disappointment.
“Well you guys get the rest of the day off and I’m going to get in contact with Gabe and see what the hell is going on.”

She drove home and called Gabe. It took two hours before he contacted her back to setup a meeting. He would be in town the following morning to discuss the CIA’s involvement with her.
She paced her office, weighing her options. The case had gotten so much press lately and yet seemed to be at a complete standstill. There was more to the story than they were receiving and she was pretty convinced it had something to do with Black Veil.
Her phone beeped; she looked at it and read the text message. She smiled as she walked towards the sideboard in her hall, grabbed her keys and headed out.
“Yve!” Brett said opening his door.
She giggled. “You sound surprised Brett, were you expecting someone else?” she asked wrapping herself around the frame of the door.
“No, of course not Baby, get your ass in here,” he said pulling her into a kiss.
“What took you so long?” he asked kicking the door closed as he lifted her and carried her to the couch.
“I had a little business to take care of,” she smiled watching him toss his shirt over the side of the chair.
“Are you spending the night this time?”
“Just be with me now, Brett. You know I can’t stay long.”
“Right, the work of a spy is never done.”
She chewed on her lip listening to his sad sighs as he pulled up from the couch.
“There are reasons for this, Brett.”
“Right! Ones you won’t share with me because you think you’re protecting me!” he walked over to the bar and poured himself a drink.
She walked up behind him and rubbed his back.
“I’d love to stay, I would but it’s too risky.”
“So I remain your dirty little secret?”
“Well we both know you’re far from little,” she smiled wrapping her arms around him making him drop his drink. She kissed him hard against the lips and he gripped her tighter in his arms kissing her back.
“Then what am I?” he asked pulling away. “What title would you give me? Secret lover? Play toy? Boyfriend?”
She shrugged. “One of those. Look, I have a dark past Brett, things you wouldn’t believe if I told you! I have enemies, lots of them. I try never to remain in one place for long you’ve noticed that. I can’t risk anyone coming after you to hurt me.”
“And would it?” he asked stepping closer. “Would that hurt you?”
“Yes, of course it would.”
“Then that means you have feelings for me?” he smiled.
“It means I care about you, yes.”
He wrapped his arms around her waist. “What else?” he asked dropping kisses on her neck. “Do you like me?”
“Yes…” she moaned as his lips searched her flesh. Softer and softer they became as he trailed them down her chest.
“Do you adore me?”
“Yes…” he moved his hands from her waist and one gripped her ass tight as the other pulled her shirt from around her breasts.
“Do you love me?”
“Yes…” she swallowed hard feeling his lips close around her nipple and his tongue slowly flick across the sensitive skin.
He pulled up and looked her in the eyes. “I love you too.”
He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, shutting the door tight behind him and laid her gently on the bed. “I’m in love with you, Yvette.” Slowly he lowered his lips to hers until he felt her warm breath all over him.
“So then what title do you think is yours?” she asked watching him pull away.
“Considering you’ve been here nearly every day and not just for sex I’m hoping the latter. But we’ve also not had a date that didn’t appear to be some friendly outing.”
“And whose fault is that? Maybe you should stop inviting me to breakfast and lunch and take me for a nice night out on the town.”
“I would if I didn’t think you were so paranoid.”
“I’m not paranoid, I’m cautious,” she smiled. “You have no idea the things I’ve done.”
“Why don’t you tell me about them?”
“I…,” she bit her lip and looked at him. “Maybe some other time.”
“Fine, but I’m holding you to that. There’s a monster marathon tonight, it’s why I asked you over. I know you love the genre.”
She giggled. “Sounds like fun Baby.”
“Good. I’ll grab some popcorn and meet you in the living room.”
“Wait, don’t you owe me something?” she smiled. “You said you’d tell me something about yourself.”
“Right, we’re still playing ‘getting to know you’.” He said scooting closer. “What do you want to know tonight?”
“Mmm…tell me about your family.”
“My family, ok; I am the oldest of two sons by 4 years. My Dad Terrance worked as a contractor for a very prominent construction company. My Mom Regina taught 5th grade English back home. Both are now retired and living off of their savings in the house I grew up in. Nathan, my brother, moved here with me after he graduated from high school. After he got a job and got stable enough he found his own place and moved out. I was born and raised in Rockville; it’s one of those small communities where everybody knows everybody you know?”
“I can picture you living in a small township," she said adjusting in his lap.  "You have the type of body that screams manual labor. I’d hate it personally, living in a small town; considering the line of work I chose. Anonymity is vital and those types of places, everyone is in your business.”
“This body is years of hard work, exercise and bran muffins,” he grinned rubbing his fingers through her hair. “Besides it wasn’t so bad. My brother and I had the run of the town pretty much; always getting into trouble. It’s curious actually how the both of us ended up in law enforcement. He joined the police academy right as I graduated from Quantico. It’s his goal to become an agent as well. My parents taught us both that if you work hard enough for what you want you’ll always get your just desserts,” he smiled at her. “What about you? I know about Scott because he’s been my boss for the past 5 years I’ve worked for the Bureau. But what about your Mom? Or your real Dad?”
“My Dad is a short story; he left me and my mom Katrina when I was 7. I haven’t seen or heard from him since and to be honest I could care less where he is now. Scott has been in my life since I was 10 and he and my Mom started dating after we were transferred to his department here in Bridgeport. We were first stationed in Clarkston where she ran a special operations division within the Bureau. She would be sent out on missions and I always thought it was cool you know, my mom the spy.”
“That why you became an agent?”
“She definitely inspired me; moreso her unsolved murder though. When I was 15 she and Scott started training me; prepping me for the procedures of becoming an agent. It was shortly after that when she was sent on assignment overseas, some command from the higher ups at the CIA. It was supposed to be a simple reconnaissance mission; gather Intel and report back on operations. But something went wrong and she ended up dead,” she closed her eyes, holding back tears. “Scott took care of me after that.”
“Yvette I’m sorry. I know it can’t be easy being in the same line of work with that kind of thing hanging over you. You said her death was unsolved. You haven’t been able to uncover anything?”
She shook her head no. “Only a name that leads back to an empty case file and other destroyed documents: Mercury. It was the name of the mission she was on.”
He rubbed her arm as she spoke and she smiled at him. “Well, wanna get to the movies? I could use a distraction right now.”
“Sure Babe. I’ll start the snacks,” he said pulling up from the bed.
Her phone rang and she jumped knowing immediately it was Dustin. “Cancel movie night,” she said answering.
…“Boss!” he yelled, alarm in his voice. “I cracked it! I cracked the encryption! Harper wasn’t kidding when he said this ran deep! How quickly can you get to my place…?”
“I’m on the way now.”
…“Good, I rounded up the rest of the team. All except Brett, I can’t get him on voice…
“I’ll get him Dustin. See you in 10.” She hung up and turned to Brett’s concerned face.
“What’s going on?”
“Dustin got through the encrypted software he found on Harper’s computer. Whatever he’s found sounds big.”
“I’ll drive,” he said pulling her into his arms and stealing a kiss.
“I have my own ride,” she said pushing him away and walking to his front door. “Oh and I prefer the boyfriend title too,” she turned and smiled.
They arrived to Dustin’s place and rushed up the stairs to his apartment. Yvette took a seat beside Victor in the living room. “Let’s have it,” she said. He turned on the projector and sent the information to the screen. She leaned forward and directed her attention to his rolling cursor.
“It was a mix of complex algorithms with a unique digital signature that could only be read with a genetic marker. Which meant only Harper himself would be able to open the information through his DNA. It was just a matter of bypassing the secured network with a phony encryption of my own.”
“Why do you do this, Dustin?” she asked in frustration.
“Because I love seeing that look on your face,” he grinned. “Come on! I can’t make this easy for you. Everyone appreciates dinner before the dessert! You have to appreciate the genius it takes to get this stuff!”
Brett and Ryan laughed as he finally got down to business.
“Sorry. So after I ‘broke the code’ I discovered a list of names that upon first glance seems innocuous but apparently they are hiding other things themselves. The first two on the list are the names of city officials; the third is an algorithm, a key that opens another file that led me to more information concerning other jobs this guy had planned. The big gasp moment? Number four on the list, Andrew McDonald, is the name of one of our own; or at least he was. Harper’s hired federally trained men to manage these tasks for him. That’s only the top four…wait until I decipher the rest of this list, we’ll really see where this leads!”

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