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S1: Chapter 09: Conspiracy Therorists

It was another three months and instead of working on the case that could possibly be the arrest of a lifetime the team was placed on a new assignment that came straight from the top. Pamela Maxwell, the Chief of Staff was attacked shortly after a dinner with other law enforcement officials and Scott asked that this take priority to the other cases they were working on.
“Why would the Chief of Staff hire an escort anyway?” Ryan asked.
“She’s single, never married, ambitious, controlling and a prude to boot. How else would she get a date?” Yvette answered.
“Damn Yve, tell us how you really feel?” Brett smiled.
“Sorry. The woman rubs me the wrong way. It’s because of her a lot of good agents get stuck with shit positions and career ruining cases. She has no sense of direction and to be honest I have no idea how she made it as high as she has.”
“There are a few ways that could happen, Boss,” Dustin joked.
“Right. And we know where she prefers getting her men.”
“So how are we working this anyway?” Ryan questioned reading over the profile Scott provided. “We’re going undercover in a prostitution ring?”
Yve laughed. “First of all it’s escort services, not prostitution and I hope you can make that distinction Ryan because you’re not going in there to have sex with these women. Second, yes. You, Brett and Murph are going undercover to figure out who is using these guys to rob their clients. There are two victims that we know of, both with high ranking jobs for the government. One being female the other male which means one of you, Murph, will be calling on the services of an escort rather than masquerading as one.”
“Aww dude! Why Murph?” Ryan asked disappointed.
“Because he has seniority, he can handle a solo investigation."
"Lucky dog! Do EVERYTHING I would do and then some!" Ryan smiled.
"Your assignments have been detailed, Dustin and I will track you guys from here remember to keep your comms on at all times. Dustin has created cameras for your buttons also so we can get footage on who is working these scams. We want information concerning their targets since these robberies caused a security breach; we need to know what they are after. Any questions, comments, concerns?”
She paused for a moment and waited for a response. “Ok then, I think that about covers it, see you guys in the morning.”
Victor drove home thinking about the latest assignment and not sure if he wanted to share that information with Simone, his wife. It may be best to keep to himself yet he made the promise to always tell her after the near death experience when he worked with the CIA’s Black Ops program.
He pulled into his drive and his eldest came running out to see him. “Daddy!” she yelled throwing her arms around his neck.
“Aisha baby, what are you doing out here?”
“I heard your truck pull up and I wanted to greet you, Daddy,” she smiled. She had his eyes and they sparkled with a sweet innocence as she looked at him.
He gently rubbed the hair from her face and kissed her forehead. “Did you catch a bad guy, Daddy?”
“Not today, but maybe tomorrow. Come on let’s get inside,” he said taking her hand.
She grabbed his bag to carry and he smiled.
“Simone, honey I’m home,” he called out as he placed his keys on the sideboard.
Aisha ran off towards the living room to join her brother and sister for a movie as Simone came out from the kitchen.
She kissed her husband happily, wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled. “How was work?”
“Same old I guess; still working on the missing nuclear weapon but that was placed on the back burner for now.”
“Oh? Got a new case?” she asked wiping her hands on a dishcloth before undoing her hair. “Kids, time for bed,” she called into the living room.
“Aww can we finish this movie at least?” Chase groaned from his spot on the floor.
“You heard your mother, get upstairs now, it’s already past your bedtimes,” Murph said.
His kids grunted before stomping up the stairs, Aisha carried Kiara as Chase ran ahead of her.
Murph walked through the house turning off all the lights and checking that the doors were locked before making his way upstairs to their bedrooms to tuck them in. He read to them, kissed them goodnight and joined his wife.
“So what’s the new case?” Simone asked as she slipped into her nightgown.
“Oh uh…the Chief of Staff was attacked after a dinner and the guys and I are going undercover to find out who ordered the attack. Nothing real big but you know higher ups take precedence.”
“Of course,” she smiled lying next to him. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her.
“I thought about you all day,” he sighed.
His kisses became urgent as they trailed down her long neck to her chest. She held him close as his hand slipped under her nightgown and began slowly removing her panties. “Why are you wearing these?” he asked with a grin.
“Why not? Gotta make you work for it,” she moaned as his touch became softer. She rubbed her hands down his back as he finally unclothed her, kissing his shoulder and neck as he leaned forward.
Slowly he entered her; gently pushing his body into hers as his hand rubbed up and down her thigh. Her moans were soft and met his ears with each thrust. She clutched the pillow tightly as he gripped her waist and rocked his hips into hers. “Vic…” she moaned as he kissed her, showing care to every inch of her body.
He leaned up and she caressed his chest; her nails dug into his shoulders pulling him back down. She wrapped her legs around his back, closed her eyes and bit her lip as he pushed faster. Their sounds tangled in elated bliss and their bodies fought against one another. “Whose is it?” he groaned as his head fell back nearing his climax.
“Mmm, Vic,” she moaned breathlessly.
“What?” he asked looking down at her.
“Yours Baby,” she sighed softly.
He leaned forward and took in the scent of her delicate skin. His teeth grazed along her ear, nibbling lightly before kissing her cheek.
Her sounds aroused him more; he arched her back, bringing her body deeper into his. He kissed her neck and chest and his hands caressed down her breasts, squeezing them gently in his palms. She put her hands against him again, the pads of her fingers pressed into his chest. Her gentle touch caused him to lean forward, press harder and pump faster. He moaned in excitement as his body jerked forward bringing them both to orgasm.
“I love you Simone,” he smiled as he rolled off of her. She laid her head on his arm and he listened to her tender moans as she fell asleep.
“Ok guys, Dustin went through a lot of work to set your covers and Brett, please cooperate with your hair. This time though, the wig isn’t red because that was REALLY not your color!”
“And the mullet?”
“I burned it; I don’t know what Dust was thinking.”
“You’re saying you don’t think a mullet worked for him? He likes Rockabilly music and drives a pickup!”
The room burst into laughter as Brett defended himself. “What’s wrong with that? Are you saying since I listen to a certain type of music and drive a preferred type of vehicle I’m a…”
“Mullet lover,” I smiled. “I have to say it does ring true.”
“Well thanks, Vette, I’ll try and keep that in mind next time you’re playing hip-hop.”
“Whoa, whoa now there’s nothing wrong with hip-hop,” Murph said.
“Thanks for proving my point, Vic,” he smiled.
Their boisterous laughter again echoed through the room. Scott entered hearing them and waited for Yvette to address him.
“They’re about to head out now, I’ll keep you updated.”
He nodded before turning and heading back to his office.
“Alright guys, game faces. And Ryan remember, no sex, just escorting.”
He sighed. “Yeah, yeah. But if I get a number, I’m saving it for later!”
She rolled her eyes and smiled as they exited to the locker room, changed and started towards the company. Dustin set her up with a mic and turned on the television projecting the guys’ button cams to the screen.
“Alright, let’s get some results. By the way all of you look very sexy!”
Thanks Diamond, but these damn things itch!” Ryan complained.
“Why? Because they don’t have rips and tears everywhere? You look clean for once, celebrate it,” she laughed.
“Finally!” a pale faced woman approached Brett and Ryan. “I thought I would have to wait all day for you two. Raymond, grab the schedule and setup the photoshoot, I can anticipate a lot of demand for these. I’m Isadora Viera, welcome to Dreamscape.”
The guys were escorted to a back room for hair and makeup. Once Isadora was satisfied, she ushered them towards a wall with the company name and logo to begin their photoshoot. It took twenty minutes before their headshots were done and another 10 to get them posted on the website.
“Hey Boss, check this out,” Dustin said bringing up their profiles. “Ryan’s reads: ‘I love long walks on the beach, poetry and puppies’, they really don’t know him.”
She laughed. “He might, you never know.”
“Let’s see Murphy’s cam.”
He pulled up the video as Victor entered the office for Fantasy Date. A burly man with a Cuban hanging from his lips approached him from behind the desk.
“How can I help you?” he asked in a thick Russian accent.
“I’m interested in hiring your services for an event tonight. I want to see your girls.”
“Vhat kind of event?”
…“Murph, tell him you’re a banker, you have a dinner for Financial bigwigs, stocks etc…,” Dustin said over his comm.
“I’m hosting a dinner for a few giants of finance; we’re looking for women who can entertain to an upscale event. I was told this place provided just that.”
The man rolled the cigar around his mouth and sucked on the end as he accessed Murphy. “I am Andrei and I may have exactly vhat you need,” he smiled. “Come vith me.”
He walked him towards the back room and tossed a photo album in front of him. “Make your choice! First girl is best here, has lots demands.”
…“Ask him for his recommendations…” Dustin continued leading him.
“Best girl? Which would you personally recommend?”
“The vone I vould recommend is Svetlana though she isn’t cheap date.”
“Svetlana Petrov,” Murph said, giving Dustin her last name. “Is she available?”
“As I say, she isn’t cheap date. You have cash?” Andrei demanded.
Murph tossed a wad on his desk and stood. “I’ll expect her at the front, have her dress nice please, I have an image to uphold.”
He walked to the lounge and waited. Moments later a beautiful, long legged Russian walked from the back. She smiled seeing Victor and immediately moved towards him.
“I am Svetlana,” she said wrapping her arm around his neck. “You're my date?” Her Russian accent rolled thick off her tongue.
“Marcus, Marcus Denton; you can call me Daddy. I hope you like having a good time,” he said gripping her around the waist. He looked back at Andrei. “She’ll do just fine. I may call up for more, as I said; I’m looking to entertain a large group tonight.”
“Let’s go Baby,” he said taking her hand.
“Yes Daddy,” she whispered against his neck.
“I shall vait for you call,” Andrei said as Murph exited with his date in tow.
“Hmm… looks like Murph hit pay dirt Boss, take a look at this, the girl he’s with, she has a criminal record; everything from petty theft and grand larceny to solicitation and assault.”
“Good, let’s hope she leads us to the others she’s working with.”
They watched as she instructed Murph to drive to a hotel, walk to the counter and check in. She rejoined him near the elevator, wrapping her arms around him and smiling. She kissed him just as the elevator door closed.
“How are Ryan and Brett doing?”
“Ryan got 110 hits in the first 20 minutes, all nibbles no bites and Brett…looks like he is scheduled to meet a dignitary for the American Embassy of Paris, Stella Carmichaels-Miller. She’ll be in town for a meeting of the minds tomorrow and a dinner tonight and is looking for a little companionship.”
“What do we have on her?”
“She started as Secretary of State serving for two years before she upgraded to Congressional Secretary to the Minister of Finance for another two. From there she went on to serve as the Minister of State of Foreign Affairs for Small business, tourism and consular affairs before being elected to Congress member where she’s served for the last four years.”
“Any headlines?”
“Just one that’s relevant, she’s responsible for the 36th Parliament 1st session sitting that redirected federally regulated funds to provide for public administration. Boss this is the same act that caused the dissolution of the Black Ops team. After this and subsequent acts were passed, the funding for the program dried up and the agents were either all shelved or fired.”
Yve turned and looked at him. “Or if they were lucky enough, became us. This is connected to the Company and that ridiculous conspiracy theory about turning against our own government and being used to move certain people in power?”
“From everything I’m reading here, she’s the one that piloted the entire thing!”
“What’s the meeting for?”
“Heads of state are deciding on salary and wage guidelines and an act to implement certain provisions of the 2011 budget among others on the agenda. Drinks, dinner…sounds like a real party.”
“Yeah, with Carmichaels-Miller as the primary target I’m sure. Why would she contact an Escort service though? This type of event, you really don’t want to take strangers to.”
“That’s a great question considering she’s married for 5 years. The hubs? The Honorable Lawrence Miller. And can you guess who else had a role in the dissolution?”
“Where is he during this meeting?”
“He stayed in Paris; apparently something else captured his attention there. Uh, Boss we’ve got trouble,” he said pulling up images of a white jeep stopping in the parking lot of the hotel. “That’s Vic’s wife.”
“Simone? What’s she doing there!?” Yve asked watching the scene play out.
“Probably looking for her cheating husband,” Dustin joked.
“Shit! Dustin try and get her on the phone and forward the call to me,” Yve said grabbing her keys and rushing for the door.
She drove quickly with the sirens and lights going to get to the hotel before Simone could find Victor. Her phone rang and she grabbed it, placing it on speaker as she drove. “Dustin?”
…“She’s not answering but she’s stuck at the front desk, the clerk won’t give her any information. How far away are you…?”
“Good! That’s great; I’m about five minutes out.”
…“You may be a little late, I have Murph about to enter the elevator on the way to the lobby…”
“Just what we need!” she put the pedal to the floor driving wildly until she arrived to the hotel.
She looked around and didn’t see Murph but she could hear Simone at the front desk.
She rushed towards her, apologized to the clerk and tried to remove Simone from the lobby.
“What the fuck is going on Yvette? Where the hell is Victor!?” she demanded. “I saw his ass enter this place with some blonde bitch on his arm. Who the fuck is she?”
"Oh she better pray I don't get a hold of her ass!"
“He’s undercover and you’re in danger here, Simone, I need to get you out of here now before someone sees you. Please, come with me or I will put you in cuffs and remove you,” Yve whispered.
“UNDERCOVER!” she yelled just as Victor reached the lobby. “Is that what you call a cheating no good bastard?” She saw him as he exited the elevator and began making her way towards him.
Yve grabbed her and pulled her back towards the desk. “You should know better, now calm yourself or I will arrest you for interfering with a Federal investigation!”
Yvette scanned the room and saw a man sitting in a chair near the lobby reading a paper. She noticed his belt had a wear in the right side, normal damage from a gun holster. She watched him and caught his gaze towards another man standing near the bar drinking a glass of water. His eyes scanned the room also until they met Yve’s.
He smirked and went for his gun. Time seemed to slow down as she looked back at Simone, grabbed her shoulders and threw her behind the front desk before taking cover as well. Bullets started flying across the room at her.
Simone started screaming and the people near her all ducked for cover as well. Yve had her crawl to the far end of the desk and stay crouched. “Don’t move, Simone, I’ll get you out of here.”
Yvette stood and ran towards the elevator to pull fire away from Simone. As she moved she was met with exploding books and mirrors shattered by the spray of bullets at her. She dove behind a table and returned fire.
“Dustin what do you see?”
…“There are three men across from you, one switched positions and the other two are just to the left and right of you. It looks like they are after Murph. Svetlana is cuffed and sitting behind the wet bar…”
“Patch me in to Murph’s comm.”
…“You’re on…!”
“Three crows and a canary, she came for you, I have her near the door for extraction.”
“Mother Goose.”
…“What? What’s she doing here…?!”
“Tailed you.”
“They have me pinned behind the bar. I can’t see what’s what up there.”
One crow is perched across from the bar, one near the door and the other to your right. Lay down suppressing and I’ll take out the one near the exit.”
“On it!”
He jumped from his position and started shooting in the direction of the man to his right. As soon as Yve heard the gunfire she moved and started firing towards the man near the door.
He popped up and sent a few rounds towards her and she took the opportunity to squeeze off three at him, hitting with two, one in the shoulder the other in the chest. She heard him fall and looked around the edge of her cover as he landed with his feet at the door.
“He’s down Cottonmouth, I’m moving towards Mother Goose.”
…“Keep her safe Diamond…!”
She moved back into her position behind the counter and crawled towards Simone. “Listen, Murph is going to lay down cover fire and I’m going to get you out of here.”
“Yve, tell him I’m sorry please, I didn’t…”
…“Let me talk to her…”
She handed Simone the mic and watched out for Vic as he spoke to her.
“Victor, I’m sorry I didn’t mean…”
…“Don’t worry about that now, listen to everything she tells you and get out of here, we’ll talk when I get home…”
“I love you.”
…“I love you too, Angel…”
She handed the comm. back and Yve moved her quickly towards the exit. Once outside she ran towards her car and drove from the lot.
Yve cautiously made her way back inside of the lobby listening to Dustin’s instructions.
…“One left Boss, Murph took out another…
She crouched by the prone body of the first gunman as she heard Vic yell to the man. “I have the girl and your two friends are down. Throw down your weapon and come out with your hands up!”
“Fuck you!”
“Fine, your choice!”
Murph threw a book near the perp, waited for him to shoot before firing the remaining rounds in his clip taking him out.
“Clear!” he yelled. Yve moved towards him and smiled at the woman sitting on the ground.
“Hello Svetlana,”
“I von’t talk,” she growled.
“You already are! Dustin, have Scott send a team to Andrei’s place. We’re heading in with Svetlana. Also send cleanup to our position, there’s a bit of a mess in here.”
…“Already taken care of, Boss…”
“I need…,” Murph started.
“Go home,” Yve put her hand up. “I can run her in.”
He rushed for his car and headed home to check on Simone and Yve pulled into the Federal building. A few agents met her at the door and took custody of Svetlana and she headed into the Unit room.
“Where are we with Ryan and Brett?”
“Ryan’s in the locker room changing and Brett is possibly in a bit of danger.”
“What do you mean?”
“This whole thing with Black Ops being involved, just doesn’t feel right. Boss if I’m right, there’s a hit on Carmichaels-Miller and the old team is back up and running.”
“Well in that case, looks like I have a party to crash,” she smiled.

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