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S3: Chapter 07: Unlawful Duty

“I’m waiting,” Brett turned and crossed his arms into his chest as he watched Terrance pace around the room fumbling with the phone in his hands.
“Brett there’s a lot that you wouldn’t understand and to be honest I’m not so sure I want you to know much of it.”
“Tough shit if it were your intention to keep me out of it then you shouldn’t have been involved yourself. Now I want to know what the hell is up with this room and what your involvement is. And you can start with who you were talking to about me and Yve.”
Terrance sighed and dropped onto the edge of his desk. He hung his head in his hands. “The person on the other end of the phone was Franklin Mead.” Brett’s eyes doubled in size and Terrance stood and approached him with his hands in defense. “Now before you flip out or make accusations you have no idea who this man really is. I’m going to explain that I just…”
“Brett?” Yvette called from the garage. “Are you in here?”
“Behind the bookcase,” he called for her and waited for her to join them in the back room.
Yvette stood in the center of the hidden room taking in everything around her. Her gaze dropped from the surveillance of her team and case notes and file folders on all of them including latest cases and those they’d closed in the past to Brett’s Dad. She glared at Terrance; guilt and anger raged behind her eyes as she realized she allowed herself the mistake of feeling comfortable in his home when she had no idea who he really is. “What the hell is this?”
“We were just getting to that, weren’t we Dad?” Brett asked pulling Yve back noticing her trigger finger jerking.
“I’m an Operative.”
“That’s obvious Terrance. You mind explaining why the hell you have eyes on my team? How long have you watched us?” She yelled; her anger growing by the second. Brett stroked a hand across her back trying to soothe her before the Yvette he first met hit his father in the face.
“Over the last year and a half; I picked up the case when you and the other two were transferred to Brett’s unit. They figured since I had a familiar connection that I’d be best for the job; that I’d know him better than anyone else could.”
“What is this about?” she questioned wiggling free of Brett’s grip and continuing to look around the room.
“He’s working with Mead.”
“Mead? The same Mead that we learned was on Harper’s payroll? So what you’re one of Harrison’s men too?”
“I don’t work for that asshole. And Mead was never on Harper’s payroll; at least not officially. Franklin Mead is an Operative planted by the CIA for covert operations and threats to homeland security. He was a Navy Seal, I trained him and pushed him into the government programs that utilized men with our skills in hostile militant operations to reduce threats and manage long range terrorism. In other words Mead doesn’t work for Harper, he works for me.”
“And who are you?”
“I’m Terrance Knight, your boyfriend’s father and also a Company man, or was.”
“You’re CIA?” He nodded his head. “Ok you’re going to have to start from the beginning because I just don’t understand what you have to do with any of this or why. What is your interest in me and my team?”
“We were selected from a group of hopefuls, Brett this was back before you could really even speak your own name. I and six others received military training on not only every weapon known to man but combat hand-to-hand, tactical solutions and intelligence. The assignment was for a unit that would later serve as the precursor for what became the Department of Homeland Security. Skip ahead 10 years and you have that unit becoming obsolete and all of us becoming disavowed. Those that weren’t hunted down and killed took action and we started our own underground operation.” He said stretching his arms and spinning showing them the room.
“And what does your operation do?” Brett pressed.
“We learn of government corruption, like the department that took hits out on all of us, and we crush them. Consider it counterintelligence on the CIA and FBI. I was on the line with Mead when you came in letting him know those hitters that the Company sent didn’t hit their mark. We had to come up with a plan that looks as though they did; at least for the time being. Since he still has Harrison’s ear as part of his cover working with Harper, I had him deliver the message for me that the men were made and had to go underground under the heat was off of them. He suggested that I turn you in and get the green light off myself.”
“Some friends you have there Terrance.”
“Yeah well there’s no way I’d ever do something like that; or allow them to harm you for that matter. I told him I’d write up a debrief that we ‘found’ on one of the agents so it would appear as though their mission was complete. Any future assignments for those two would have to be handled by one of my own; for appearances only.”
“Well that explains why you weren’t overly thrilled when I told you I’d decided to join the Bureau.”
“Brett I had my fears mainly because of your last name and paternal resemblance. From the point you began training at Quantico I had my men keep an eye on you. I feared they’d come for retribution through you or your brother and I was not about to let you pay for whatever sins they’d cast on me. When Yvette became your squad leader that fear really escalated because with her background and having read her case Sit Reps I knew she came from a pretty established career. I’d first believed she was your hitter and was preparing to get rid of her. But after watching her save your life and your subsequent relationship I realized I was mistaken,” he smiled at her. “I’m sorry about that.”
She nodded. “So you’re telling us that this entire time you’ve kept tabs on us? And let’s backup to this Mead character. We ran across him in the middle of a deal involving black market weapons and military grade explosives. What was that about?”
“We were trying to learn the name of the man that led the unit’s dissolution. We were almost there when you and your team,” he looked at Brett, “arrested him for his involvement in that case. At that point we needed to get him out of there and sent in another planted operative…”
“Kate Griffin,” Yve added.
“And your immediate suspicions of her caused us to pull her out before you figured everything out. You really are too smart for your own good. I couldn’t be more proud or feel more secure knowing you are watching my son’s back.”
“And Nathan; you are aware that the Company has come after him twice now? They think he knows more than he does and think they can use him to get to us.”
“Nathan is safe I’ve made sure of that.”
“Does he know about this?”
“No and I’d prefer to keep it that way.”
“What about Mom? Does she know?”
“Of course I do Brett,” Regina sounded from the doorway. “You don’t think your Father and I could have lasted 36 years of marriage if we kept secrets from one another do you?”
“Your Mother is the hardest Boss I’ve ever had the pleasure of working for.” He smiled and kissed her cheek. “And you’d better believe she’s the driving force behind everything I’ve achieved; including my two wonderful sons.”
“He’s only saying that because he’s afraid I’d whoop him,” she smiled at Yve. “It’s what you have to do to keep them in line.”
“Mom…please?” Brett groaned.
“Oh anyway, I came to tell ya that supper’s ready. You boys go and wash up and Yve sweetie you come with me and we can get the table set.”
She looked at Brett and he shrugged. “I’d do what she said. Who knows she might really have combat training under her belt too,” he joked.
“You know sweetie there really isn’t a good time to have kids in this line of work. Terry and I never would have had Brett and Nathan if we continued that way of thinking. Trust me I know everything you’re feeling and it’ll never get better even when they’re grown and moved out. But you can’t let that fear cripple you. Plus I want some grandbabies before I’m too old to enjoy them! Heaven knows that Nathan is still sowing his wild oats; it’ll be a while before that boy settles down with a girl that’s for sure. So it’s up to you and my BooBear.”
Yvette smiled as she carried a plate to the table. “No pressure right?”
“Of course not Dear! I’d like a little girl though. Hopefully Brett’s aim is a little better than his Dad’s because hoping for a daughter and getting two sons was not my idea of ‘wishful thinking’.” Regina smiled noticing the color flush into Yve’s cheeks again. “I’m making you uncomfortable huh?”
“Well I don’t know. I’ve never had a woman to discuss these kinds of things with either I suppose so it flusters me a little. Right as I reached womanhood my Mom…But I love that you and Terry…”
“Pop, are still very much in love. It’s inspiring. And I want the same thing for me and Brett.”
“My son is a wonderful man and he’ll love you as much as you deserve and then some.”
The weekend was over marking the last day he’d promised Stefanie results. His time was up; he’d failed her and he knew that. The look in her eyes as she returned home Sunday night broke him and he’d cried that night; one of the first times he’d done so in a while. He kicked the boxes in his closet as he searched the room for his favorite shirt. It was bad enough he couldn’t save the only person he had in the world but to have to deal with lost article of clothing, even as simple as it seemed, was really pissing him off.
His foot clanked against the safe in the bottom of the tiny room and the lockbox fell off with a hollow thud crashing to the floor with a clatter that bounced off of each of the walls and echoed throughout the area. Ryan scratched his head noting the box which contains his non-service weapon should have hit with a louder impact than it did. He picked it up and nearly choked on fear as he saw the bottom of the metal container; empty including the extra cartridge. “Stefanie.”
He reached for his phone and dialed her number as quickly as he could. She didn’t answer and his stomach lurched at the nervousness and the thought that she would actually use it. “FUCK!” he grabbed his keys and rushed out the door hurrying over to his Mother’s place and hoping he could get to her in time.
When he pulled up he immediately noticed all the lights were off in the small trailer; an unusual sight considering Eddie was always plopped on the couch in front of his television.
“FINALLY!” the old woman shouted from her front porch. “I was hoping someone would come and shut them up.”
“Excuse me?” Ryan asked as she stepped closer.
“Your Mother and Father I’m not sure what was going on over there but I could swear I heard an awful lot of shouting followed by several loud bangs! I was about to call the police because of all that racket!”
“It was nothing Mrs. Cransfield. Stefanie is just learning the drums and I’m afraid it’s driving the folks crazy I came to take her over to my place so she can practice. She’s first chair for the band! I’m sorry to have disturbed you.”
“Oh it’s quite alright Ryan Dear I love that she’s found something to occupy her mind and you tell her I said congratulations.”
“Will do Mrs. Cransfield! You have a great night!” he tossed her a fake smile and waited for her to enter her home again. “Shit,” Ryan murmured under his breath. He held it as he flew up the porch steps and opened the door to the home.
“Stefanie?” he called entering the living room and noticing the mess that cluttered the area. “Stef are you in here?” he called a little louder as he slowly moved down the hall towards her room. He heard a whimper from behind her door and turned the knob. The door wouldn’t budge and he threw his shoulder into it pushing the blockage from in front of it as he stepped into the room.
He looked down at the obstruction; the floor was covered in blood and so were the walls, the bed and the gun beside Eddie’s dead body. “STEFANIE!?” he yelled and waited for her to answer.
“I’m here,” she cried and stepped out from the closet.
“Are you ok? Are you hurt?” he moved towards her and checked her out.
“I’m fine! I’m fine!” she said brushing him off and moving back towards the closet.
“What happened? You took my gun? Stefanie what the hell were you thinking? What did you do?”
“I’m sorry but he wouldn’t listen to me. I asked him to stop. I begged him! He climbed into my bed again and I told him that I’d told on him and he called me a whore!”
“He said no one would believe a word I said and that he was going to have you arrested for kidnapping because I had no business spending the weekend at your place. I couldn’t let him! I couldn’t let him take you away from me Ryan I had to do it! I’m sorry! Please don’t hate me! I’m so sorry!” she cried her eyes out and confessed in one breath. She drew her legs into her chest and held herself tight. She rocked back and forth and Ryan dropped to the floor and held her.
“Stef where’s my Mom?”
“She’s in their room. After I shot him she ran to call the police. I chased her and I shot her. She screamed and I shot her again and again and then I ran back in here. Daddy wasn’t dead yet. He hit me and reached for the gun and I shot him again. I kept shooting until the gun was empty and he was there.”
“He tried to get away but he just fell against the door and I…I hid. I tried to be strong; I tried to fight him off all those times he came for me but when he said he’d take you away I couldn’t take it and something snapped! Please don’t be mad at me!”
“Stef I’m not mad; not at you Baby girl. I’m mad at myself. I should have done better!” he said as tears began dropping from his eyes. “I should have known; I should have protected you and got you away from him. Please forgive me Stef. I’m sorry I let him hurt you like this.”
She wrapped her arms tight around his neck and held on for dear life. “What’s going to happen to me? They’re gonna take me away and I’ll never see you again Ryan.”
“No, no I’ll never let that happen. I’m going to take care of this. I’ll make up for not protecting you. I’ll do what I should have from the beginning.” He pulled her back and looked her in the eyes. “I don’t want you to worry ok? You can’t tell ANYONE about this Stefanie. Promise me you’ll keep this between you and me.”
“I promise Ryan! I promise!” she said wiping the tears from her face.
“I need you to get cleaned up now. Change your clothes, wash the blood off of yourself as best as possible and let me deal with this ok?”
She nodded and stood from the ground. Slowly she crept around Eddie’s body looking down at his cold eyes she threw her hand over her mouth and shut her eyes as she started for the bathroom.
Ryan cussed and ran his hands through his hair. “SHIT!” There was no way he could let them take her. There was no way he could let her spend the rest of her life in prison for double murder and at 15 years old they would certainly work to try her as an adult. He heard the water come on in the shower and tried to focus as he moved to his Mother’s room. There were two dead bodies in the house; blood everywhere, fingerprints, motive and his gun was the murder weapon. He could hear them now: Why did your fifteen year old sister have access to a lockbox containing a loaded weapon? “FUCK!”
He pulled his cellphone out of his pocket and quickly dialed Brett’s number. He needed help and he needed it fast.
…“Hey Ry, what’s going on Brother…?”
“Brett man I’m in trouble I need you man. It’s serious and I don’t know what I should do.”
Brett stood from his seat and moved away from the laughter at the dinner table. He looked back at Yve concern in his eyes as he listened closely to Ryan. “What happened? Is it one of the guys? Dustin? Vic?”
…“It’s Stefanie. She…she killed themher parents man. My mom and her dad; they’re dead…”
“Dead? What the hell are you talking about? How?”
Yvette moved towards him and listened in to the conversation.
…“She took my gun from my apartment and she shot them. There’s blood everywhere and I…I can’t let her burn for this man. I won’t; that fucker was touching her…!”
Brett ran his hand over his mouth and Yve took the phone from his hand. “Where are they now Ryan?”
…“Still in the trailer. I haven’t moved them; there’s a fucking nosy neighbor she said she heard shouting and then loud bangs, I told her Stef was in the band but…I can’t move them without her seeing there’s no fucking way that’s possible…”
“Where’s Stefanie?”
…“She’s getting cleaned up. Yve please, she shouldn’t have to pay for what they were doing to her; please…!”
“Ryan don’t worry. We’ll take care of it,” she looked at Brett. “How long before we can get back to town?”
“I don’t know it’s like a three or four hour drive.”
“Did you get that Ryan? We’ll get there soon ok? Just stay focused and keep Stefanie safe.” She hung up and turned to the worried faces of Regina and Terrance and the confused expression on Brett’s.
“What are we supposed to do Yve? Cover up a double homicide?”
She leaned over and looked at Terrance before turning her attention back to Brett. “I understand if you don’t want to get your hands dirty Brett and trust me I’d really prefer you didn’t but Ryan needs help and there’s so much blood on my hands they’ll never come clean again. I’m heading back to Bridgeport and I’m helping him keep his sister out of prison for the rest of her natural life. Sad to say but I have a fair amount of experience in hiding bodies and covering up murders. I’ll take care of it.”
He grabbed her wrist as she reached for his keys. “No, we’ll take care of it. I told you I’m with you 100% no matter what it is. Ryan’s like a brother to me and I’ll do whatever I have to for him.”
She smiled at him and he kissed her gently on the lips. “Thank you for inviting me into your home,” she said hugging his parents goodbye.
“Don’t be a stranger Yvette. It was so nice meeting you. Now you keep my baby safe and Brett you better take good care of her.”
“I will Mom. Dad,” he said hugging them as well before they started back towards the city.
After stopping off at a local hardware store, they hurried over to see Ryan. They found him pacing in the living room and Stefanie asleep on the couch. “Where?” Yve asked.
Ryan pointed the way and they got to work on clearing the crime scene. Brett and Ryan carried the bodies into the bathroom. Yvette dismembered each limb at the joint using a bone saw and piano wire. She then tossed the parts into the bathtub and reached for the supplies they’d purchased.
She opened the window, grabbed a pair of gloves, a gas mask, goggles and a steel apron and filled the tub with hydrofluoric acid. Brett dressed similarly and assisted by placing the bodies into the tub once it had filled and watched as the acid began dissolving the corpses down to bone.

They exited the room and let the liquid work its magic while moving around the other parts of the small home cleaning up the remaining evidence. Yvette took the gun and disassembled it into manageable pieces filing down the serial number and disarming the firing pin before tossing it into a trash bag.
She and Brett returned to the bathroom and she took a hammer and knocked out the teeth and let the bones soak in a soapy substance. Once done, she bagged up the items in large and separate black garbage bags to be disposed of in numerous and different holes around the city.
Ryan cut the carpet up from Stefanie's room and disposed it in a trashcan fire in the backyard as Brett and Yve peeled the wallpaper from the rooms and used luminol to highlight areas on the floors to ensure they found every spot before using bleach and another clear liquid composed of soap and a non-adhesive to remove the bio-hazardous fluids that may have seeped into the wooden panels. “I think that’s the last of it,” Yve said as she placed the last bag into the back of the truck on the plastic sheet laid out. Stefanie clung to her as Ryan and Brett moved the last items out of the house.
“Yve, Brett…” Ryan started.
“Take care of Stefanie now Ryan. Make sure she gets what she needs and if you need anything else, just call.” Brett said ignoring his attempt at a thank you.
They disposed of the garbage in places that would ensure they would never be found and started back for the hideout without another word.
“Yvette! I was beginning to think you’d abandoned me for good.”
“Anthony?” she asked squinting her eyes and narrowing her vision to clearly make out the Godfather’s face. “What the hell are you doing here? How did you find me?”
“Oh I have my ways. You do of course remember having me as a guest in your ‘home’ earlier this year. Perhaps next time you want to ensure your ‘freed’ hostages have no major way of narrowing down the locations within sewer radius and subway stations in order to find your rabbit hole.”
She started for him reaching for the gun in her belt but stopped when Nicholas came into view behind him. “Nick?”
“Hey Vette,” he smiled at her. “How are you doing? You look great.”
“One of you want to tell me what the hell is going on here?”
Anthony looked at his son and he moved towards her. “We need your help. The kind of help only you can provide.”
“You mean you want me to kill someone for you? No thank you. What made you think I’d be willing to do something like that?”
“Because of our past and because…”
“‘Past’ Nicholas that was the operative word. What you and I had is long gone and I have no intentions of making the mistake of ‘helping’ you or your family again!”
He sighed and ran a hand through his hair before looking at Brett. He moved behind Yve and placed a hand on her shoulder and Nicholas backed off. “I’m sorry I knew this was a long shot but Pop insisted we at least try. I’m sorry to bother you.”
He started towards the exit and Anthony smiled as he looked at Yvette. “You really think it’s that easy to say no to me?”
She stepped closer and folded her arms into her chest. “Let me make myself clear Tony. I have NO intentions of ever helping you. If you thought it would be that easy to get me to offer my assistance then you’re really starting to slip. The only way I’d become your hitter again is over my dead body!”
“Funny you should offer,” he said as his smirk grew wider. Without warning he removed a syringe from his pocket and jabbed Yvette’s forearm and thumbed the plunger injecting a red liquid into her body.
She gasped and became light headed. “Yve!” Brett yelled and caught her before she hit the ground. “What the fuck did you do?”
“It’s a nerve toxin; very fatal without the antidote.”
“Vette!?” Nick yelled and ran back towards her. He glared at Anthony and knelt beside her. “Fix this Father!”
“Oh I will, once we get what we came for.” He leaned over and whispered to her. “You will help or you will die. And I’ll suggest you decide quickly the neurotoxin has already started going to work on your system. You’ll feel each organ as it shuts down on you and choke the life from your body one nerve at a time. Anzid VX-17; this clever little poison has a shelf time of 72 hours before you begin your slow death.”
“I’ve not experienced it myself but those I’ve had the pleasure of using it on in the past have noted that its effects are extremely painful. The strongest assassin unlucky enough to take the first shot survived as long as one day of the agony after it reached its full effects before succumbing to the toxin.” He dropped a card on her and stood. “Call me when you’re ready to begin. Otherwise I’ll be sure to send flowers to your grave.”

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