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S3: Chapter 08: Covert Operation

February 14, 2004 – Operation: Red Dog

The moment she walked into the casino all eyes were on her. She was a rare breed to see around these parts or at least the idea of a female gambler. Her lips were as red as the strands of hair that cascaded down her shoulders and came to rest on her bare skin. Her dress hugged her hips and gave an outline of the perfect frame hidden beneath and a great view of her legs. She was dangerous, at least in appearance alone. Still there was something about her that seemed to draw him in.
Nicholas Luciano pulled away from the Roulette table and started for her; it was after all his job as host and she was in his place. A faint smile tightened his lips and he extended his hand for hers as he came to a stop. He kissed her knuckles and met her eyes, they sparkled like emeralds and he found himself mesmerized by them. “Welcome to the Blue Flame.” He introduced himself and watched as her perfect, pouty lips parted to give way to a name:
“Kendra Shaw,” Yvette smiled.
He smiled back to humor her Kendra Shaw, he thought. Obviously it wasn’t hers but he’d reveal that once he and his father got what they were after. For months they had been expecting the arrival of an agent since they’d refused Uncle Sam’s attempts of owning this casino or the other four within the state. Could they expect cooperation on top of a 12% cut of the profits? “What do you play?” he asked nodding to the room behind him.
“Anything risky.”
“Mmm sounds like my kind of girl. I’m sure I can find something to hold your interest,” he took her hand and led her into the casino.
“Victor?” Yvette smiled and Brett turned to look at her. “You sound great! You sound much better than the other day I spoke with you!”
…“That’s because I am better or at least I’m getting there. I just need something to occupy my mind until I’m 100% again otherwise I fear where that would take me again. And I know you, you keep busy. I want in…”
“Do you remember the safe room near the county dump? Meet us there, I’ll gather everyone else.”
“Damn Vette, you don’t look so hot,” Victor remarked as he dropped his bag near the door and closed in on the desk Dustin sat behind. What happened? Where’s Ry?”
“Ryan is dealing with a few family matters with Stefanie and I’ve been poisoned by Guns.”
“You what?”
“He told Yve that she has to help him with something before she gets the antidote. We were about to call and let him know our decision.”
“His decision,” Yvette said looking at him. “I’d planned on…”
“Breaking into a science facility 2,000 miles away in some desert that she can’t remember the location on and HOPE they have the antidote to this VX…”
“Anzid VX-17,” she concluded. “But I suppose you’d rather I get in bed with a known mob guy in order to get what I need.”
“Wouldn’t be the first time.”
“Nice Brett. Thanks.”
“Yve I didn’t…”
“Whatever.” She moved around towards Dustin and watched him as he set up the equipment to trace the call she made to Anthony and record the conversation.
Brett pulled her to the side and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. “I didn’t mean it like it sounds. I don’t like the way he looks at you as if he still has a chance. The fact that he kissed you…I hate thinking about it and like I told you before if he touches you again I’ll break him in half mafia or not.”
“Careful Brett, I think your jealousy is showing.”
He smiled. “Damn straight; no one’s going to take you away from me.”
“Let me know when you’re ready Boss and we’ll get Guns on the line.”
“Soon. First I need to depress my body functions.”
“What are you talking about Yve?” Brett asked helping her to a seat as she became dizzy.
“The toxin that Anthony injected me with is increasing my heart rate, constricting blood vessels, dilating my air passages. Basically it’s working as my body’s adrenaline and pumping that toxin quickly through my system. I need a way to shut it down or at least slow it until Anthony gives me the antidote.”
“And how do you suggest doing that?” Victor asked looking at her. “It’s not like we have drugs on hand for this kind of thing.”
She looked at Dustin and he nodded. “I don’t know Boss. I…”
“Please Dustin. Who would keep her secret better than the 4 of us? I need this or else I’m as good as dead.”
He sighed and pushed away from the computer. He had no idea how Mica would react to a request for a drug especially since it was unethical not to mention illegal but Yvette was right. She needed help and the more time that passed the worse off things became. “What do you need?”
“Horse tranquilizers?”
She nodded. “Ketamine will increase my perception to fill the gaps created by the neurotoxin. At low doses, Ketamine increases heart rate and blood pressure. Taking a larger amount has the opposite effect, leading to depressed respiration.”
“And an overdose can lower heart rate, brain function, blood pressure, or respiratory rate too low enough to even kill a horse. It can place you in a coma or kill you, Yve,” Brett warned.
“It’s either this or allow the toxin to ravage my system beyond repair. What’ll it be?” she asked looking over the faces of her team. “Guys it’s this or nothing. Are you ready to mourn me again? Figure it out soon because the longer we stand here the faster I die!”
May 16, 2004 -- Three months undercover
“What’s your real name, Kendra?” Nicholas asked as he watched her redress.
“What do you mean?” Yvette asked without turning around. She reached for her bag and prepared to exit the room when she felt his body press against hers.
His hand trailed down her arm to her fingers forcing the grip she had on the straps of the purse to release. He turned her around and leaned into her smiling as she tensed up. He kissed her neck gently and stroked his hand through her hair coaxing her to relax as he warmed her body for the 3rd time this evening. “Enough with the games,” he whispered in her ear. “I want to know who you really are.”
She pushed at him but he wouldn’t budge. Instead his hands tightened their grips on her body and his tongue worked up and down her neck. His hands roughly pulled at her dress until it was on the floor beside them again. She moaned feeling his arm around her back and his warm breath on her chest. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
He pulled away a slight frown on his lips as he watched her. “Fine, let me tell you who you are.” The frown was replaced with a cocky smile displaying his pearly white veneer. “Yvette Evans, intelligence and strike agent for the CIA, unit leader for the mercenary…excuse me Black Ops team and daughter of Katrina Davis, former everything you are.” He rubbed his chin and pointed at her bag. “I’m guessing inside that purse I’d find your favorite weapon the .357 Gold plated Desert Eagle with your Mother’s initials engraved on the handle.”
Her expression remained unchanged but a smile stretched across his lips. He had her and she knew it. It would be interesting to see the cards she played from here. “I must say even when captured, you have an excellent poker face. I see why they sent you.”
She narrowed her gaze as she decided whether to draw her weapon or bullshit her way out. She was in his room, the penthouse of the hotel-casino so taking a dive headfirst out of the window was out of the question. She remembered the two security guards at his door as they entered, another three in the center of the hall and two more guarding the elevator for any unwanted guests though no one could reach the floor without the key.

Her comm. failed her the moment she stepped into the elevator and she found herself alone in his room and surrounded by armed guards. She was captured in every sense of the word. She licked her tongue across her lips and sighed. “What do you want?”

“The same thing I wanted the moment you walked into my place.” He pressed her against the door and his lips fell on hers again. Yvette’s hands rubbed through his hair and she bit his lip backing him away. “Ow! Now that wasn’t very nice,” he laughed and wiped at the spot of blood forming as he moved towards the bar.
She watched him tentatively waiting to see if he’d planned to draw a weapon or not. He looked up and smiled as he poured her a glass of her favorite wine and offered her a seat on the couch. “Let’s talk.”

She accepted the glass and joined him. Her eyes still looking around trying to catch an angle, a flaw in the architecture that she could manipulate to her advantage and get out safely but there was nothing. “What do you want to talk about?”
He followed her gaze and laughed. “It’s no use Yvette; you’re not getting out of here without the key to the elevator.” He nodded towards it by the nightstand. “Even if you attempted to take it and hightail it out, my men would see to it that you extended your stay.” He took a sip of his wine and placed his and her glass on the table. His hand rubbed hers gently and he smiled as he readjusted and placed an arm around her, “I have no intentions of harming you. I only want to talk.”
“I’m listening.”
“No you’re on the verge of running. Have some wine, try and relax a little.”
“I am relaxed,” she said moving back as he leaned towards her.
“You’re rigid; on edge and on defense. If I wanted to hurt you I could have done so a long time ago, Ken…Yvette.” He leaned forward and found her lips again; moaning against her mouth as she slid her hand across his shoulder. He pulled her closer and rested an arm around her hips. Pulling up slightly he smiled again and she used his hair as a guide and brought his lips back to hers again. “This would be better on the bed.”
“I thought you wanted to talk,” she sighed.
“We are talking,” he said lifting her and carrying her towards the bed again. He fell on top of her and trailed kisses down her chest and stomach. His hands caressed her legs, lifting one and he kissed her from ankle to thigh. Her body dipped in the bed as his mouth came to a stop between her moist thighs and his tongue probed her inside and out. Her moans drove him and he pushed a finger inside of her as he watched her reaction to his explorations. She arched her back as his fingers worked inside of her quicker, rougher and sending tingles up and down her spine.
He climbed up between her legs after feeling her release, an increased smile on his face as he plunged his hard-on within her. She wriggled beneath him and her fingernails dug into the flesh of his side as his face pressed into her neck, kissing her and exciting her more. He slowly pushed into her, handling her body with care and watching her sink deeper and deeper as he felt her near another orgasm. “Nick…”
“I know Yvette.” She wrapped her legs around his hips meeting his thrusts with her own as he drove her to the edge once again; he loved taking her there. The sounds she made quickened his heart beat and he gently rubbed his hand along her side, holding her in place and pressing her into the sheets he kissed her chest and trailed his mouth along her neck and towards her lips consuming them.
He lifted above her and gripped her breasts as his strokes became longer, deeper and slower. Her breathing was ragged and he knew she was trying to control herself; she hated giving that up; control. But he always knew how to get it out of her. He rested his arms on either side of the bed and thrust harder inside of her. She bit her lip and a deep moan filled the room. He pulled more sounds from her with every stroke he drove deeper and smiled each time he got the reaction he wanted.
She rolled him over taking back her control and pushed her hands into his chest as she positioned his arousal within her. Her mouth fell agape and she rode out her orgasm as his hands gripped her hips harder and he pumped upwards into her. He groaned as he felt her muscles choke his release from his body and she bit her lip as she watched him climax with her. He laughed as his body jerked upwards; yeah she hated losing control but he never gave mind to giving his up, not for her.
His eyes closed momentarily and he sighed as he pulled her down onto his arm. “Is that all you wanted to say?” she asked finally as she caught her breath.
He laughed and looked at her. “No, Yvette I actually wanted to talk to you but you have a way of making me forget.”
She smiled and pulled away. “I hear that a lot.”
He caught her before she could get off the bed again and held her in his arms. “The people your Company has you seeking are our enemy as well.” He kissed her shoulder, “I know you were using me to get to them; Father’s clientele.”
“If they do business with you how are they your enemy? Why would you do business with someone you hate?”
“Business is business plus it’s the old adage keep your enemies close…we know what they are planning depending on what they ask of us.”
“I’m intending to kill them Nick, your business would be over with them.”
“And it’s what I and Father want; hands off of their deaths and clear of them as well. I’ll get you the names and their locations but you have to make me a promise.” He kissed her cheek and rested his mouth against her head.
“What’s that?”
“Promise you won’t disappear on me once your job is done.”
“Nicholas I…”
“Tit for tat Yvette, surely your Company taught you that; quid pro quo.”
“If you knew I was using you for this information what makes you think I’d want to stay after you gave it to me?”
“I don’t. I’m just trusting that I was smooth enough to convince you to stick around,” he grinned and kissed her again. “It’s why I waited this long before saying anything. Yvette is a much more suiting name by the way Kendra; befitting your beauty.”
She looked up at him and sighed. “I’ll stay for as long as I can but…”
“That’s good enough for me,” he silenced her with a kiss and pulled her back between the sheets.
“Is Doc Valentine in?” Dustin asked. The receptionist smiled recognizing him and pointed towards the back room.
“Well now isn’t that a pretty kitty?”
“Smooth, Dusty.” Mica turned her head slightly to allow his kiss before attending to her patient. “Is this another surprise lunch outing?”
“Not today unfortunately. I came in need of a favor.”
“A favor? This oughta be interesting.”
He inhaled sharply through his nose and exhaled slowly. “I need you to give me a bottle of Ketamine and look the other way.”
“Excuse me?” she asked looking at him unsure if she’d heard him correctly.
“Ketamine, the horse tranquilizer.”
“Yeah Dustin I know what it is. What I’m stuck on is why you need it or why you expect that I’ll do what you’re asking.”
“It’s for a…” he paused and swallowed hard considering if he should be straightforward about the situation or not. “I just need it. I’d tell you but it’s really complicated Meeks. Please?”
“Dustin forget the fact that it’s illegal but if I get caught forging my books or falsifying medical information I could lose my license to practice not to mention be brought up on charges for the theft or improper use of the drug!”
“Which is why I’m asking you to turn your head. I won’t tell you what it’s for but believe me when I say you’ll be saving a human life. I’ll keep you safe, you won’t have to worry about the authorities on this, I promise. Meeks?”
She sighed and moved towards the sink to wash her hands. “I can’t be held responsible for this Dustin. I don’t want to get involved in this. I can’t…”
“I know you’re scared Baby and I promise I’ll make it up to you. But it’s really important that you trust me and I get that Ketamine right now or else someone very close to me is going to die.”
She rubbed her hand across her face and unlocked the medicine cabinet. “I trust you Dustin just don’t let this bite me!”
“I won’t, I promise,” he said kissing her cheek as he darted for the door. He met up with Yvette and Brett and she took a calculated dosage before telling him the plan to see Anthony at their casino.
“And there’s my Beauty now!” Anthony smiled standing to greet Yvette. He leaned forward to kiss her cheek and she pulled away.
“This isn’t a game Tony.” She sighed and looked at Nicholas who also stood and smiled in her direction before acknowledging Brett with a nod. “What exactly do you want me to do?”
He smirked and took her hand leading her towards his office. “Have a seat,” he offered once the solid wooden door shut tight behind them. Brett stood behind Yvette as Nicholas leaned on the bookcase to her right waiting to see what his father had planned for her as well.
“I’ll stand.”
“Suit yourself.” He dropped a manila folder on the desk in front of her. “Meet Anzio Varez, top gun runner and drug smuggler currently operating within the Sinaloa drug cartel.”
“Excuse me? Did I hear you right? You want me to kill your competition?”
“Well, yes,” he said nonchalantly watching the reaction it drew from her. “You’ve never had a problem with it before.”
“And you tricked me.”
“Just the one guy. But I came clean about that Yvette, Love.”
“After the fact!” she yelled and threw her hands up.
He laughed and moved towards the edge of his desk. “Doesn’t matter when does it? And you can’t honestly expect me to believe you didn’t sleep better at night knowing you took out one of the worst drug manufacturers in the country.”
She sighed and flicked her tongue across her lips. “Where is he?”
“That’s my girl,” he smiled. “Last known is Culiacán.”
“Mexico? You expect that I’m crossing the border to take out this guy?”
“I know you will if you plan on making it to Monday anyway.” He looked towards Nicholas hearing his sigh before meeting Yvette’s gaze again. “Look, I knew there was no other way you’d help with this and this man is causing me a great deal of grief not to mention the business he has scared away with his cutthroat operations. I want him gone.”
“And why not send your own men after him? Why come to me with this shit?”
“Because he’s military trained and hard to pin down; one of Mexico’s best. So if you need a good opponent killed who better than the best hitter I’ve ever known? You can get in there where no one else can and just thinking about your past and the way you handled the others on that list…there was no one else that could.”
“List?” Brett asked moving closer.
“Oh hasn’t Yvette told you? She used to be quite fond of her work,” Nicholas glanced at her. “Methodically hunting down people and snapping their necks, torturing them or just plain old fashioned shots to the head. She even took out a couple of our enemies.”
She looked away afraid of meeting Brett’s gaze and softly kicked the leg of the chair in front of her. Nicholas grinned at the nervous tension it caused between them. It was obvious she hadn’t come completely clean to him about her past; one thing Nicholas knew and one thing he always overlooked…for her. “I do this Tony, you give me the antidote?”
“I’m a man of my word, always have been!”
“Fine. I’ll call you when it’s done.”
“You really dated that scumbag?”

“He was a different man back then.”

“How? Once a fucking scumbag…Yvette he is a criminal for Christ’s Sake!”

“Not now ok?” she growled in frustration and hurried through the lobby. “I’m sure there are women in your past that you regret.”

She and Brett exited the casino and started across the street to meet up with Dustin. “Vic’s got the chopper tuned and ready to go. He’s meeting us in the park in five.”
“Good. We’re heading to Mexico,” Yvette smiled.
July 05, 2004 – One month after case closed
“BOO!” Yvette jumped from behind the door as Nicholas entered into the small upstairs office.
“Vette!” he smiled and pulled her into his arms forcing his lips against hers. “Mmm geez you scared the shit out of me!”
She laughed, “I noticed! Where’s Manny?”
“Surprised he didn’t come…” her words were cut off as Manny threw the door open.
“Oh, sorry Boss, I heard something,” he nervously slinked back out of the room.
“When did you get back!?”
“Only just. The DA swept the floor with them.” She smiled noticing his eyes and the fact that he was watching hers intently. “Stop that.”
“Am I making you uncomfortable?”
“A little.”
“Too bad. Blame whichever one of your parents gave you those eyes.”
“Nick!” He snickered and drew her lips into his. She moaned against his mouth and melted in his arms. “This is bad for us.” She said pulling away from his lips. “I’m a federal operative and you…you’re a…”
“Mmm thug? Criminal? Mobster? It’s so cliché isn’t it? Good girl falling for the bad guy.”
“Except I’m not so good.”
“No? Tell that to…” he said pressing his growing erection against her thigh. “We’re on the opposite sides but it’s working. And later...”
“Ahem,” Anthony cleared his throat behind them. “You have guests waiting and they’re prepared to spend big. Get downstairs Nicholas.”
“Yeah I’ll be there in a sec,” he said still smiling at Yve.
“Nice to see you’re back, Yvette.”
“Thanks Tony,” she smiled looking back at Nick. “You’re busy?”
“Hell no! A few loud mouthed, deep pocketed guys at the poker table.”
“High stakes, care to join me?”
“Depends, are we using your capital?”
“Of course.”
“Then I’m in.”
“Alright men, and Lady,” Nick smiled as he dealt the cards. “The game is 5 card draw, high stakes poker. There’s no limit on the pot, bids start from my left with you Greg and come back around to the dealer. Dealing hand changes each game. No leaving during an active play.”
“Women are bad luck and I’d prefer not playing with her at the table.”
“Bad luck? Is that because you’ve lost the last four hands to me? I’d say I was pretty damned lucky.”
“And I’d have to agree,” Jay smiled in her direction. “And what’s the harm in letting a little beauty grace us Greg? You can’t really think this heavenly creature had anything to do with your shit luck or piss poor poker face. I’m only getting good vibrations from the Red Queen.”
“Hey, Casanova,” Nicholas said glaring towards Jay. “Keep ya fucking eyes on your cards unless you’re planning to lose more than what’s in your pockets tonight. And Mr. Pritchard? She stays. Now you can sit out the next hand or hold your fucking tongue.” He winked at Yvette and dealt the next hand.
“Fine!” he said gathering his cards and analyzing the number of chips in front of him. He lifted a cigarette to his lips and puffed it slowly as his eyes narrowed on the card to the right of his hand. Yvette noticed this same pattern throughout the day and when he received replacement cards for his burners his reaction varied.
A sniff or nose scratch indicated his card was high and good. A slow glide of his tongue across his lip meant the opposite: his hand was fried and he would try his luck at bluffing. He took his replacement of three cards and his nose seemed to have a sudden tickle. Yvette smiled inwardly as he just told her again how to bet. “I bet four on the pot and an extra two,” he said looking towards Jay.
“I’ll see your bet and raise you an extra three,” Jay said as the round moved to him. He was equally as obvious. The man had a wheeze. He’d make a high pitched whining sound any time he had a good hand and the smile he tried to hide behind a cough was no better.
“I’ll call.” Yvette threw in her chips and waited for Nicholas to finish his move before it went to Greg Pritchard once again.
He matched the pot and grinned in Yvette’s direction. “So what are you holding over there, Sweet Cheeks?”
Nicholas’ head jerked immediately at those words and he looked towards him, his eyes narrow slits of annoyance or was it anger? Yvette rubbed her hand along his arm and shook him off. “Why? Nervous? Don’t want to see my victory dance again? I tell ya what, if I win this hand, I’ll buy you a drink.”
“No,” Nicholas said motioning towards the waitress. “Get these gentlemen anything they’d like, on the house.”
“Certainly Mr. Luciano.”
“Your money stays in your pocket,” he smiled and kissed her hand. “These men are my guests and as their host I’ll get their drinks.”
“I’ll have a double bourbon on the rocks,” Greg said keeping his eyes on Yvette hoping to catch a change in her expression at all.
“Patrón please,” Jay ordered. He watched as the half-dressed hop moved back towards the bar, her hips twisting with every step she took. He let out a low whistle and shook his hand. “Hot!”
“You mean distracting. That’s the game right Lucky?” Greg looked at Nicholas. “You bring a dame in here half dressed, ply us with free booze and impair our gaming abilities. It’s how every racket in town operates.”
“You are free to leave at any time AFTER the active hand is played Mr. Pritchard. Your patronage here is neither pressured nor obligated. You came for entertainment, I provided that. You come for free drinks, I provide that as well. But what you don’t do is insult your host or the man you’re looking to do business with. Isn’t that right Manny?” he asked motioning to the armed guard standing only a few feet behind him. “I won’t warn you again to watch your tongue. Now the play is on you are you in or out?”
“Let’s see that hand girl,” he growled, his obvious embarrassment and frustration laced in his words as he slammed his hand on the table. “Full house!” he smiled boldly as his two jacks and three 5’s sat on the table in front of him.
“Ha, nice try Greg but even I beat you this time, four of a kind baby!” He raised his hands over his head believing himself to be the obvious victor and his four 9’s may have just done it. “What about you Red? Think you can beat that?”
“Wow, well that’s pretty impressive the both of you!” Jay’s arms wrapped around the chips in the center of the table and he began slowly dragging them towards himself until he felt Yvette’s hand on his forearm preventing them from moving completely towards his section. “Just not impressive enough, high side straight flush, all hearts.”
“BULLSHIT!” Greg yelled and threw his arms up in anger.
“Yeah well she didn’t beat you this time,” Nicholas smirked. Sorry he mouthed towards Yvette as he dropped a royal flush on the table.
“BULLSHIT!” Yvette grinned as she joined in Greg’s anger causing Nick to laugh. “Fine whatever! I’m done for now anyway. It was a pleasure meeting you two. Thank you for the games. You will see to my winnings, Nick?”
“Of course Beautiful. I have a bit of business to take care of and I’ll meet you upstairs.” She nodded and started for the penthouse suite.
Twenty minutes later Nicholas joined her. “I’m glad you came back. I’m not gonna lie after you left I was pretty sure that was the last I’d see of you. You seemed overly excited to get your hands on that list. I was a little worried knowing that but here you are.”
“Here I am! I had a lot of thinking to do about it. We’re not good for each other and…”
“And you missed me.”
She smirked. “That wasn’t what I was going to say.”
“Doesn’t make it any less true.” He gave her a boyish smile and moved closer. “Then what was it?”
“What happened between us wasn’t…shouldn’t have happened. I lost my focus and let you seduce my panties off.”
His head fell back in laughter that time and he joined her on the bed.
“And it was the best month of your life.”
“You tell me,” he said pulling her hand into his lap and rubbing it along the growing outline of his shaft. “So everything went well and you’ve come to reward me?”
“You could say that. Thanks to you a few arrests were made…those that came quietly anyway.” He looked towards her and a faint smile passed her lips and she shrugged. “It’s the job.”
“Do you like what you do?”
“Well one thing’s for sure,” she said leaning closer towards him. “It’s never boring.”
“This is fucking boring!” Dustin hissed. “Tell me again why I chose to sit out the action instead of being in there with you guys?”
…“Because your family feared losing you after what happened with Vette…,” Victor replied. “They pressured you into using your head…”
…“And I am forever grateful but man I’d love to use my weapon again!”
…“Why? Trying to impress Mica…?” Yvette giggled over the comm. “I think she’s already into you Dust, you don’t need war stories to do that…”
“Would be nice just the same.”
“Look alive I have him within sight,” Brett said peeking through the scope on his rifle as he watched Yvette and Victor near the building. “He’s standing near the balcony door in his office. I could take him out here.”
...“No, we need to get into the house before any alarms sound and get done what Anthony wanted. It has to be done right, Brett...”
He turned the weapon towards the back of the property and watched a guard on a cigarette break coming towards her. “Yve on your six.”
She waited until he came from around the corner and gripped him by the neck slamming him into the wall and thrusting a jab into his throat silencing him before removing the blade on his belt and slitting his throat. She gave Brett the thumbs up and he guided her towards the back of the building watching carefully for any other guards heading in their direction.
Yve ducked low and used her lockpicking tool to open the door. “Hey!” a man shouted and started towards her. He reached for his weapon and before he pulled it free of his holster, he jerked back with a large hole in his chest and landed in a puddle of his own blood.
...“Nice shot...” Yve commended Brett over her comm.
“Yeah I know,” he said regaining his focus as another guard heard the shot and started for the back of the building. He took him out with the sniper rifle just as quickly and she and Vic popped inside the door. “They’re inside Dust.”
“I’m disabling the alarm, phone lines and the electronic keypads to the doors he’s held up in Boss,” Dustin said as the electronic beeping of the monitors finally stopped. She slipped into the hall and positioned herself against the wall waiting and watching for movement.
“You head around to his office, I got your back,” Vic whispered as she moved along the corridor towards the main room. He watched her disappear around the corner and kept his eyes around the room scanning for signs of trouble. “How are we looking Dust?”
“Everything’s clear on this end. I own every camera on his lot. No movement and no signs of security. We’re good.”
Yvette carefully entered the last hallway and watched through the bullet proof glass door as the man tried his phone line again to make contact with his security unit. While his back was still towards the door, she snuck into his office and pressed the barrel of her gun against the base of his head.
The distinctive click of the hammer snapping back on her Desert Eagle echoed within the tiny space prompting him to raise his hands and slowly turn to face her. “Please, you’re making a mistake. You have no idea who I am! You can have anything you want. I won’t come after you.”
“I don’t want anything from you.”
“No? You’re obviously a gun for hire. You people are always looking for the highest bidder right? Who sent you? I’ll double whatever they’re offering!”
“Oh? You can give me my life back? You know what I hate about thugs like you? When you’re cornered you try every trick in the book but it always comes back to money for you. I don’t want or need your money; I have a job to do.” She stepped closer as she felt a bit of her old life creeping back inside of her.
“Anthony Luciano says ‘hello’,” Yvette sneered before pulling the trigger. The stunned expression on the man’s face suggested he didn’t expect this blow. Yve laughed to herself; a criminal not expecting to be betrayed by another criminal. It was sad in a way and almost poetic. “I’m heading out.”
“It’s clear,” Vic announced and waited for her to enter the hall again. The team made their escape and got back to Dustin’s location and the awaiting personal aircraft. “I love it when a plan comes together,” Vic cracked as he lifted off the ground and back towards the border.
“Happy to see you make it back in one piece,” Nicholas said pulling Yvette into his arms. “Are you feeling ok?” He gently brushed a strand of hair from her face and she pulled back. A thin smiled played on his lips for a moment and he glanced up at Brett. “You’re not on top very often are you?”
“You son of a bitch,” Brett yelled and charged for Nicholas. His fist found the softest spot on his face and he felt a small pop as it connected.
Nicholas pushed him off and threw a fist of his own hitting Brett equally as hard square on the nose. The two fell on the floor and began wrestling each taking an advantage every once in a while. Nicholas continued whaling on Brett and his head bounced off the hard floor.
Brett rolled him to his back and pounded his fists into Nicholas’ jaw once more. He kept him pinned with his knees leaving his head exposed and taking each punch with a pained grunt that slipped from his lips every so often.
Anthony moved towards his desk and pulled at the draw. “Looking for this?” Yvette asked tossing his emptied weapon to the other side of the room. “Brett that’s enough!” she yelled. Nicholas threw him off again and wiped the blood from his lip as he looked at her.
“Vette? What the hell is…?” before he could finish his sentence she’d wrapped Anthony in a clinch and began tightening her arm around his throat. Anthony looked at his son as though he were waiting for him to make a move. Nick got to his feet and took one step towards them.
“I’d stop right there if I were you unless you want to watch me break his spine, Nicholas.”
“Vette, calm down ok? I understand you’re upset…”
“Upset? You and your Father tried to kill me!”
“No! I had nothing to do with this bullshit. You know me Vette, I could never.”
“Fine. Then prove me wrong and get me the antidote.”
He eyed Anthony again, “Where is it Father?” He motioned to the picture frame behind the desk and Nicholas removed the painting from the wall revealing a safe. He entered the last known combination and found it didn’t work. “Father!”
“One…up on…every digit.” Nicholas glared at him realizing he’d changed the combination without telling him. “I…couldn’t have you…saving her before…she was done…” he choked.
Nicholas sighed, opened the safe and handed the vial to Brett. He popped the cap off the syringe and moved around behind her injecting the orange liquid into the muscle of her upper arm. She groaned as the drug had immediate effects, her grip loosened slightly around Anthony’s neck and he tried to pull away.
She pulled him back and sank her elbow deeper. “Going somewhere? I’ll spare your life but you’re gonna do something for me first,” she hissed in his ear as she tightened the hold around his neck. “You wanted this kind of relationship and now you have it but if you ever try some shit like that again I won’t hesitate to snap your neck Anthony and you know it.”
He nodded and rubbed his throat as he felt the pressure from her elbow still pushing into it even after she’d released him. “What do you need?”
August 21, 2005 -- Fourteen months after case closed
“Put them over there,” the white haired man shouted as he ordered two others to lift the heavy powder onto a table. “And be careful with it! That stuff’s worth more than your life.”
The men lugged large bags of white powder across the kitchen floor tucking them in the back near the safe. “I got it, why don’t you back up old man.”
“We don’t need macho men here! Anything happens to these bags and…”
“What are you gonna do? Drool all over me? I told ya, back up Pops. I can handle this.” He smirked at the man’s discomfort of the moniker and headed towards the table tripping over a crate of soda he dropped the bag and landed face first into the mountain of drugs. “Oh fuck me!” he groaned as he pulled away from it.
“Yeah you got it alright,” the man laughed at him and filled the room with the boisterous sound as the others joined in.
Nicholas entered the kitchen with his guard Manny directly behind him. “What the fuck is this?” he asked scanning the faces of the men in the room after noticing the packages on the floor. “I asked a fucking question and all I’m getting is silence! Someone wanna explain to me why I’m looking at a couple million dollars worth of product on the floor? And what’s so damn funny? HUH? Costing me millions is one big joke? WHO DID THIS?”
“The new kid,” the man cleared his throat. “The new kid dropped…”
“I’m sorry Chris you wanna speak up and run that by me again?”
The man cowered under Nicholas’ scrutiny and started again. He nodded towards blue eyes and repeated his words. “The kid dropped them.”
Nicholas moved towards him and punched him hard enough to bust his lips. The man sucked on the blood dripping from his mouth and dropped his eyes. “It was an accident.”
“An accident? Do you have any idea how much your ‘accident’ is going to cost me? DO YOU?! That’s high grade pure China White! You just stole money out of my pocket because you’re too clumsy or too stupid to watch your step?”
“Sir I…”
“Save it!” Nick growled and pulled out his glock. “Nobody steals from me!” He fired one clean round into the man’s head and watched his limp body fall to the floor. “AND THAT GOES FOR ALL OF YOU!”
“Freeze!” Yve said stepping into the room with her gun aimed at Nicholas. Two others standing in the kitchen raised their weapons towards her.
“NO!” Nicholas shouted ordering them to lower their weapons. “Yvette, Baby, what are you doing here?” he sat his gun on the table and moved slowly towards her. “I thought we were meeting up later.”
“Don’t move Nicholas.”
He smiled and his attention shifted to the weapon in her hand. “Come on, what is this?” he asked inching closer. “Are you gonna shoot me? You and I both know you could never pull that trigger.”
“I said don’t move.” She pulled up her comm. and called for Victor and Dustin. Quickly explaining the situation they moved in and arrested the men in the room. “I got him,” she said still pointing her gun at Nick.
Dustin and Vic gathered the men and headed out of the building. She holstered her weapon and placed him in cuffs. Moments later Anthony joined them in the kitchen. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”
“Her job,” Nicholas sighed. “She’s keeping the streets safe from thugs like me.”
“If you think for one minute you’re getting out of here with him…”
“Pop, back off.” Nicholas looked down at Yvette and smiled. “Why the long face Beautiful?”
“Why did you do this Nick?”
He shrugged. “Making a point, it happens. You know that better than anyone. How many have fallen from your bullets?” He pushed towards her until she was backed into a wall. His lips fell on hers crushing their mouths together and he moaned against them. His tongue licked across her lower lip and he sucked harder on them knowing it would be the last time his lips would dance with hers for a while.  “I love you Vette and I’ll see you when I get out. Now, give us a smile and let’s get this show on the road.”
Anthony entered back into the office waving a folded piece of paper around like a victory flag. Yvette reached for it and he drew it back. “One second, I’ll give this to you but I want to talk first.” He looked towards Brett and Nicholas, “Alone.” He waited until they were out the door before smiling at her. “Family’s important Yvette.”
“I know. You keep reminding me of that fact.”
“That’s because I’ve always liked you,” he smiled. “Yeah sure we’ve had our ups and downs but you’re always a straight-to-the-point kind of person, the honesty is refreshing when you’re surrounded by yes men. Which reminds me, did you tell Anzio I said ‘hello’?” he grinned. “I always enjoyed that final slap in the face right before you pulled the trigger. It’s the one thing I think really showed you loved what you did.”
“What are you getting at Tony?”
“You know the day you arrested Nicholas, he’d planned on proposing to you.”
“He talked to me about it and I’d given him my blessing. That boy really loved you, still does and I can’t say I hated the idea of having you in the family. You’d have made a great daughter-in-law.”
“Why are you telling me this now?”
“To let you know that married or not, I still see you as family. And if you need anything, anything at all, don’t be afraid to reach out to me.” He kissed her cheek and escorted her towards the elevator.
Brett and Yvette made it back to the hideout and gathered up items they needed. With Anthony locating her as easily as he did, it meant it was time for a new place to stay. Anthony gave her what she was after but she wasn’t sure how she felt about that. The list, that piece of paper shattered her world with just a simple glance at the names on it. Her finger rubbed the page in her hand again and she sighed hard.
“It might not be as bad as you think,” Brett broke the silence as she dropped the list onto the table and moved towards the dresser to collect her clothing.
“Yeah and it could be exactly what I think. He never told me every reason he wanted me here you know? And I…”
“Do you really think he would betray you like that?”
“No of course not.”
“What makes you think Anthony isn’t just fucking with you?”
“Because no matter what he’s done he’s always been a straight shooter with me; every time I’ve needed to go to him, the information he provided always panned out.”
“So then what does this mean?”
“It means Scott has some explaining to do.”

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