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S3: Chapter 11: Revelations Pt. 2

Command post to all units, we’re a go for level 4 security, proceed to Blackout Protocol 2. Hold all radio traffic until further advised.”

“There they are!” an agent dressed in black yelled as he fired towards the team. They took cover behind the large crates lining the sides of the wall in the storage room as they neared the docking area once more.
Victor popped up and returned fire towards the door. His shots hitting their mark as one of the men collapsed onto the ground in a puddle of blood. The bullets came fasting, whizzing past their heads and ripping through the wall and objects in the area.
Two heavily armed agents stood behind crates just feet away blasting at their targets. They received strict orders: no one survives this! Determined to see through their commands, they reloaded and moved closer keeping the team backed into the corner.
Brett unloaded his clip into the man closest to him and watched his dead body fall limp to the ground. The agent that had stood at his side moved around the crate to gain vantage and Victor shot more bullets in his direction. “I’m out,” Brett called and dropped below to reload. Victor’s automatic fired a heavy spray towards the door, penetrating the walls and Kevlar beams of the building. He’d hit another of them but like ants whose hill had been smashed they just kept crawling out of their hole enraged and looking for revenge.
“Jesus they just keep coming!” Ryan growled as he held down the trigger on his Heckler & Koch Expert 45. “Let’s hope to fuck we don’t run out of ammo before the end!”
“I don’t think that’ll happen,” Yvette nodded towards the large duffel near Victor’s leg. “But we’re not about to test the theory either.”
“What’s the plan Boss?”
“They are keeping us pinned in. We need to get to the door behind them! Dust do you see another exit? A ventilation system, anything?”
…“Nothing that will help right now. I’ve been trying to maintain control on the security system. There are some I’ve been able to keep pinned behind electric doors but you’re gonna have to get out of that hall Boss…”
“Yeah that’s easier said than done.”
“Shit!” Yvette yelled as a splinter of wood flew past her face from the crate as it exploding from the slug. “We can’t stay here!” She changed her clip as Ryan continued blasting at the men in the corridor. “That box near the exit, you see it Ry?”
“Yeah what about it?”
“I think I can get to it and distract their gunfire long enough for you to move through the next hall.”
“Fine, I’ll cover you,” Ryan said as he crouched beside her. “Get to the other wall and hold position.”
“Dust, get the elevator opened, we’re making our way towards it now,” Victor urged.
…“On it. Stay on your toes, I see more agents moving into your direction now…”
Ryan dove from his spot shooting wildly towards the encroaching men hitting two of them in the process. He landed with a thud on his shoulder next to Victor and Brett moved around his crate towards the left wall. Yvette circled around the boxes, drawing fire from the four agents nearest the door. Turned, Victor’s shot found its mark and Brett moved up to cover him as he switched weapons.
He held cover fire as Victor and Ryan gained ground towards the service elevator. Yvette emptied her clip into the corridor beside the elevator, killing three more agents as she placed the duffel bag inside and held the door open. “Come on! Get in here!” she yelled and reloaded.
Victor was the first to reach her. He jumped inside the doors and took cover behind the opposite wall continuing to fire as Ryan and Brett dodged the flying projectiles to get to the last hallway.
“Guys you gotta move! I don’t know how much longer I can stay within their systems!” Dustin announced. “There are about three new groups heading your way. I was able to change the lock code on the weapons cage before they booted me so they should have limited ammo but that doesn’t mean they won’t have enough to take care of business!”
“MOVE! They’re getting away!” an agent yelled as Brett, the last of the team, reached the closing elevator doors. The smooth tunes of Barry Manilow played on the speakers as they rode the lift down.
“Oh, I like this song,” Ryan replied and began bouncing his head to “Mandy” and singing along to the instrumental.  Yvette pressed her finger urgently into the button for the ground level provoking a vocal elevation in his tone deaf rendition. “Oh Mandy, well you came and you gave without taking but I sent you away. Oh Mandy, well you kissed me and stopped me from shaking and I need you today oh, Mandy.”
“Dustin get this thing opened or I’m kicking your ass when I see you again!” Yvette growled causing the others to burst into laughter.
The elevator opened to the basement once more and the team rushed forward towards the back room they’d set the charges in earlier. Before entering the room, Victor’s fingers thumbed the detonator triggering the C4 to blast through the two separate points in the room.
There was a rumble beneath the security room and several more agents jumped to action arming themselves and rushing down the stairs after finding the elevator inoperable.
The team pushed forward through the door, choking on the heavy dust and thick layer of smoke that clung to the air saturating everything in tiny particles of dirt and debris.
Ryan went through and turned on his night vision goggles leading the way down the murky tunnels beneath the Central Intelligence building. Gunfire sparked behind the team as Victor jumped through the entrance to avoid being hit. Brett and Yvette ducked for cover as Victor turned back around to offer return fire.
The first gunman was hit and fell to the floor bloodied as several other agents rushed into the room. “Brett!” Yve called ensuring he was safe. His reply made her breathe a sigh of relief as she popped up over the top of the counter aiming for the men still flooding into the tiny room. “You have to get through!” she yelled watching more agents advancing.
“Fuck that! I’m not leaving without you Yvette so get your ass over here!” he pulled up from his seated position and covered her as she dove behind the same countertop he took shelter. He smiled at her as he pressed his back against the wall and reloaded his weapon. Ryan stood his ground at the entryway and took out two more men from his position.
Victor again appeared through the hole in the wall and began shooting. “What the hell are yall doing? Don’t you think the fact that they’re shooting at us means we’ve overstayed our welcome? Move your ass woman!”
Yvette laughed and moved into the hole beside Ryan as Brett took the one near Victor. The guys started up ahead of her and she turned back realizing they’d be trapped further ahead. “Where the hell are you going now Vette?” Vic asked as she ran back towards the tunnel entrance.
“Just keep moving! Just one thing left to do!” She took steady aim at the door as a new wave of men came flooding through.
“Yvette!” Brett yelled and ran towards her.
Victor grabbed his arm and pulled him down to the ground as he saw her target. “Get down Brett! Ryan take cover!”
Yvette shot the chemical tanks near the door setting off a chain reaction. The explosion ignited other nearby chemicals and the entire room was engulfed in flame and smoke. Screams of falling agents could be heard as they torched and burned in the scorching room. If the chemical burns didn’t get them, the thick, black choking clouds of smoke or fire would.
“Did all the bad men go boom boom? Can we go now?” Ryan asked sarcastically. He smiled when Yvette pulled herself from the ground and frowned in his direction.
A gunman appeared at the tunnel entrance and opened fire down the darkened passageway. Brett shrieked in pain and fell to the ground. More bullets exploded into the narrow walkthrough and the rest of the team jumped down to avoid them.
“Brett!” Yvette screeched again.
“Keep moving,” he groaned in pain. “I’ll be fine!” Victor helped him to his feet and they ran down the tunnel gaining a good distance from the openings they’d created in the walls.
“Why is it that no matter what city we’re in we always manage to find ourselves in the sewers?” Ryan asked as his boots sloshed through muck and brown water.
“I guess because you have a way of attracting shit Ry,” Brett laughed.
Brett moved towards Ryan and Yvette as Victor turned with the chemical grenades he’d brought. He counted to three and pulled the pin from the caps and threw them down the passage.
The Triple-Chaser effect ripped the can open and the three canisters contained inside flew in different directions up the hall. As they deployed, they began spewing sparks and a heavy cloud of tear gas dispersed darkening the area even more.
The agents behind them fell over in pain as the gas began irritating the mucous membranes in their eyes, nose mouth and lungs. The green clouds toppled the men and they clutched at their stomachs as they tried to regain breath. Wheezing, coughing and crying sounds could be heard behind them as they saw the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and rushed forward.
Dustin had thrown his equipment in the back of the car he and Ryan rode in and smiled as he saw the team making their way towards him. Cars slammed on their brakes as they ran obliviously through the streets towards the parking garage. “What took ya?” Dustin asked helping Ryan with his gear.
“Yvette decided she wanted to showboat,” Victor laughed.
“I did not Mr. ‘I-have-a-Triple-Charged-Grenade-and-I’m-not-afraid-to-use-it’!”
“Yeah I somehow doubt that name would fit on my driver’s license Vette.”
“Yeah because your big head takes up the majority of it!” He laughed and she dropped her weapons into the trunk of one of the cars. “Brett are you…?”
“I’m fine Baby, really,” he smiled weakly as he continued clutching at his shoulder. His vest was still in place and the end of the bullet was visible within the flack.
She sighed realizing there was no time to argue and focused on the team.
“We need to roll in different directions,” she urged as she threw the duffel bag into the back seat of her Bugatti and the team striped down to their civilian clothing to blend better. “Split up and we can meet back at HQ once the heat has died down. Keep your comms. on. Be careful guys and keep your heads low,” she said pointing to the sky. The caution was in the event they get tailed by a helicopter. She didn’t want to risk them being seen with her and Brett or captured on video.
Peeling rubber, Victor, Ryan and Yvette sped from the lot heading in three different directions down Dolley Madison Boulevard away from the CIA headquarters. Ryan took a right towards the Georgetown Pike and Victor headed down the lane until he reached Old Dominion drive in McLean.
Heading East on Dolley Madison Boulevard, Yvette hit the gas and aimed for the on-ramp to the George Washington Memorial Parkway. The second their car merged into the flow of traffic, a helicopter appeared above them. “Shit!” she wailed as she swerved into the middle lane and pushed the pedal into the floor.
From her rearview mirror two motorcycles appeared, their passengers armed and prepared to fire once the bikes gained on their car. “Brett…”
“I’m on it,” he said checking the ammo in his clip before turning slightly in his seat aiming for the agents behind them. Watching Brett taking aim, they opened fire. A spray of bullets ran up the trunk penetrating the metal of their car.
Yvette jerked the wheel and moved back into the right lane to avoid taking on more shots. “I can’t get aim if you drive like that.”
“And I can’t let this car take hits like that or hit you. They were specifically customized but they aren’t bulletproof Baby and neither are you.” She merged smooth as silk into the next lane to satisfy her side seat driver. Lane for lane she dodged their every move squeezing in and out of traffic. The Bugatti was chewing up the road and spitting it out behind her leaving more and more space between her and their pursuers.
The engines of the bikes behind them revved; their exhaust jets pushing out air and smoke as the drivers slammed their hands on the stick shift. “Shit!” Yvette yelled again as a bullet ricocheted off the rearview and landed in the leather headrest of the backseat.
More bullets whizzed by and she slapped the gears into action gaining more speed and distance on their shadows. Flooring it, the speedometer rose higher and higher, clocking record speeds as the engine purred.
“Boss are you under fire?” Murph called over the comm.
…“Yeah, we’re heading down GW Parkway. Stay away though Vic, we have eyes from a Chopper too. There’s only two of them and Brett’s…”
…“There’s another behind them Vette…!” Brett interrupted as he squeezed off another round of shots. Cars burned rubber as they slammed on their brakes to avoid getting hit by stray bullets. She weaved in and out of the rush of cars and trucks bypassing a great deal of impatient and upset drivers who showed their disgust by leaning on their horns.
“I’m coming up!”
…“No Victor! Stay away…!”
“Can’t make me,” he teased amusingly as he slammed on his brakes and turned his car around in their direction heading towards the freeway.
“We’re on the way too,” Ryan advised.
…“Fuck guys don’t you listen…?”
“Yeah as a matter of fact,” Ryan started. “And we heard the Boss man say to turn around. Sorry Yve but like it or not you’re not the unit leader anymore,” he laughed. “Besides, you really think we were gonna let you have a high speed chase all to yourself and leave us in a trail of dust? Come on Diamond how selfish can you be?”
“Ryan’s a car buff,” Brett laughed. “He’s dreamed of these things!” She smiled at the idea and avoided hitting a car to her right as she narrowly merged once more within his lane.
Another flurry of bullets soared her way and the scared driver slammed on his brakes causing the car behind him to overcorrect. The gray SUV hit the water-filled crash cushions located in front of the impact attenuators at the top of the merge lanes. Toppling over the median, it rolled once and came to rest into oncoming traffic.
A Coca-Cola truck en route to the distributor was unable to stop in time. The air brakes of the large semi hissed and popped as he slammed his foot into the pedal. “FUCK!” he yelled as the trailer jackknifed screeching to a halt. He was pushed forward as a Wal-Mart truck hit him from behind sending his right front wheel through the cement barricade. Cases of the frothy soda poured onto the freeway causing a huge pile-up behind them as the driver hung precariously over the edge of the highway. He quickly jumped from his cab to avoid going over with the truck.
The motorcycles easily swerved around the huge mess and continued pursuit. Spying the on-ramp and Victor just ahead of him on Spout Run, Ryan and Dustin joined the chase just behind the bikes.
Victor jerked his wheel and his bumper hit the back tire of one of the bikes sending it careening towards the median. It smashed into the wall with a loud crash and burst into flames. Traffic in the left lane slammed on their brakes to avoid colliding into the steadily increasing engulfed metal. The passenger hopped up from the ground, his body ablaze. His arms flailed around frantically before he fell to the pavement once more.
“Nice to have you on board,” Yvette sighed leading the pack. Ryan got into the left lane and Dustin took aim at one of the other motorcyclists. With one clear shot into his tank, he exploding it and the two passengers went up in smoke.
“We’re here but we’re not home free yet Boss. I’m picking up chatter; the local boys are about two minutes from our 20,” Dustin reported.
“Perfect! Just what we needed: more cops.”
Rushing through the gridlock, they effortlessly negotiated the ins and outs of the traffic just as the police cruisers pulled in behind them. The Bugatti’s 16 cylinder, 1001 horsepower engines roared reaching speeds excessive of 230 miles per hour in the carpool lane.
The helicopter stayed on them as a Highway Patrol car’s siren wailed closer behind them. “Well damn what the hell do those guys have under THEIR hoods?” Ryan sighed.
“Enough to give us a run for our money. But look where we are. Almost to D.C these cops take National security seriously; they have to be able to keep up with possible threats right?” Victor replied.
Merging onto Interstate 66 across the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge via the Curtis Memorial parkway leading into Washington, Yvette saw the patrol car in hot pursuit. She shifted into her fifth gear urging the guys to do the same.
The car became a flaming rocket blasting off towards the Potomac River Freeway south. Every quarter mile sped by them in a blur within 1.3 seconds time and they left the patrol cars in their wake.
The third motorcyclists called for backup and two dark sedans, government issued, joined the chase. Fingers on the trigger the passenger on the bike lit up the team’s cars as they blew by at close range. Bullets cracked the back panel near Victor’s gas tank and gallons of the volatile fluid began pouring out.
“Fuck! I’m losing fuel!” he announced as he neared Ryan’s vehicle.
“Ah man are you planning to do what I think you are?”
“Just keep yourself steady! I don’t want to be a stain on the damn pavement man.”
“Shit.” Ryan kept his car the same speed and range as Victor’s as he pulled out of the seatbelt and timed his jump from his car into Ryan’s.
Gritting his teeth he jumped and clung to the edge of the passenger side headrest. Dustin dropped his laptop to the floor in front of him and helped pull Victor to the safety of the backseat. “You’re fucking crazy!”
“Well it was either that or blowup right?” he asked just as his car flew off the side of the freeway and exploded in a burst of red and orange flames as it landed on the street below.
“Way to blow up the freeway Victor!” Brett laughed.
“And a $1.4 million dollar sports car! These things were loaners,” Yvette replied, a smile in her voice.
“Hey it was me or the road. I chose me! Besides who loans someone a $1.4 million dollar car.”
“Someone hoping to get something in return,” Brett let out a frustrated sigh.
“Ah…how is old Nicky Boy?”
“Later…we need to worry about getting out of this.”
“Let’s end this now!” the passenger in the helicopter barked his orders. “Weapons are hot, take them out!”

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