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S3: Chapter 10: Revelations Pt. 1

Author's note:

Me again :D

So the next 3 chapters make up the whole of the season finale. I want to thank Jazen for telling me to split it since's quite long. Total word count is 11,329 over a total of 20 pages. I've split each into sections and it does make things easier so you don't have to take an intermission you can leave it for another day! -- though each ends on a cliffhanger >:) Anyway, I do hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading!

Yvette kept the sound of the music turned up as high as she could get it to drown out the sounds coming from the other room. Though Alexander Harrison screaming in pain was music to her ears, she needed to be able to concentrate right now. She moved from the Crow position into the scorpion, breathing lightly as she clenched her eyes shut and raised her legs above her head.

Harrison said that the person that had ordered her hit was part of a smaller, more powerful group within the Company known as the Delegate.  A group of seven ex-Operatives calling the shots on the missions assigned and using the government funded programming like their personal piggybanks. She needed to not only put an end to that but get to the person in charge; the head honcho that killed her mother.
She drew in another breath and slid into the Cobra. Keeping Harrison alive wasn’t by choice but he had what she needed in order to get inside. Breaking into Langley was a fools’ mission and getting out would be even harder once they learned she was on site. But that control room was the only thing standing between her and the complete and total truth behind Black Veil and answers to questions she’s had to ask since she was 16 years old.
Yvette’s eyes popped open briefly as she heard the door open to the room adjacent from her. Alex had finally stopped screaming indicating Brett was done with him. She let her body relax a little more in the Tree position before he entered the room. He watched her find her safe place and focus her energy. Yoga was the way she’d always sought to start her day and he enjoyed watching her at peace even in its fleeting moments.
She rolled her head along her shoulders, broke her pose and moved to the radio to turn it off. “Did you get anything?” she asked taking a sip of water from the bottle before dropping onto the floor in front of him.
“Yeah, he handed over a diagram of the building and his key card. Dustin is trying to figure out how to clone two more to get us inside. Meanwhile Victor is gathering up enough firepower to go to war.”
“What about Ryan?”
“Ryan’s a little preoccupied with Stefanie. I don’t know if his head is in the game.” She nodded and he continued. “Don’t worry about it; he’ll be fine. He’s been my partner since the police force; we joined the Bureau together and one thing is always certain: no matter the stakes, he’s always backed my play.”
“Brett I can appreciate that really but I don’t want to put anyone in an uncomfortable position. And if Ryan isn’t where we need him to be he’s going to have to sit this one out. I can’t take someone on a mission and have to worry about whether or not they’ll be able to pull the trigger when they need to. This is high stakes; we need to get in and get out before drawing fire from the 20,000 or so armed agents in that building.”
“And the vault?”
“A bridge we cross when we get there.”
He simply nodded and moved towards her. Offering his hand, he pulled her from the floor and wrapped his arms around her waist. “And how are you feeling?”
“What do you mean? I feel fine.”
“No I mean about this whole thing and the idea that it’s finally coming to a rest for you.”
“To be honest I haven’t thought about it. I can’t think about it. I have to stay focused on the task at hand. Things like that can distract me and before I know it the operation goes sideways and one of us gets hurt. I can’t let that happen.”
“And it won’t.” He kissed her forehead and trailed his lips softly down her cheek and towards her mouth. Inhaling her bottom lip first she sighed and placed her hands around his shoulders as he pulled her closer towards his body. “I love you Yvette.”
“Mmm well try and remember that when I kick your ass again in Scrabble later,” she laughed and pulled away heading for the shower.
He gripped her by the wrist and pulled her back smiling as he halted her escape attempt. “Well now since you’ve loosened up a bit; found your center, you wanna help me burn off some of my errant energy? Let me find your center too?”
“Why Mr. Knight what ever do you mean?” she smirked. “Are you telling me beating Harrison’s ass didn’t tire you out?”
“Not when I’d rather be spanking yours.” He kissed her again, gripping and lifting her into his chest until she could feel his growing cock against her thigh. He growled against her lips, slapped an open palm across her ass and carried her towards the shower.
“I never got the idea of geography as a requirement for graduation,” Stefanie sighed. “And then there’s the whole essay thing they make you do to even pass the class!”
“Teachers like to see how far they can push you,” Randy spoke. “And they wait for you to fail then offer extra credit.”
“Not Mr. Asinol. He isn’t likely to take extra credit this late. You know since he could give a rats’ ass and all,” Jeff snorted as they prepared for their geography lesson.
“‘Ass and all’! Ha!” Marlene croaked. “That’s his new nickname now!” Stefanie laughed alongside her friends until a familiar face emerged through the classroom door and ceased all amusing energy.
“Stefanie?” Erica smiled and motioned towards her. “May I see you in my office for a moment please?”
“Oooh, somebody’s in trouble!” Jeff teased and sunk deeper into his chair.
“Shut it! I am not!”
Stefanie followed her down the stairs passing the cafeteria and principal’s office. She looked around nervously at the students in the hall as they watched her being led towards the guidance counselor’s office. “What exactly did you want to talk to me about?” she asked before they reached the frosted door with Erica’s name on it.
She opened the door and waved Stefanie in. “Have a seat please.”
“I’d rather…”
“Please Stefanie.” She took a seat on the couch and watched Erica tentatively as she poured herself a cup of tea. “Would you like some?”
“Can you please just tell me what this is all about?” Stefanie asked nervously as frustration wrinkled her brow. “Did I do something wrong?”
“Why would you ask that Stefanie? Do you think you’ve done something wrong?”
Ughmore psychobabble, she thought. It was the reason she didn’t want to speak to this woman in the first place. They always answered questions with more questions about how you feel instead of just coming right out with it. “No but the only time a teacher, principal or guidance counselor asks you to their office it’s usually so they can discuss bad news or something the student has done. What is it? And should I have my brother here?”
Erica’s smile faded into a look of concern as she placed the cup of tea on the table and sat in front of Stefanie. “No, Ryan doesn’t need to be here. I just wanted to see how you were doing since our last conversation. As I recall you were trying to deal with the issues you were having at home and it was causing you to sink deeper into a shell of repression. I’ve watched you this last week and it seems your attitude and behavior are improving. And I was curious as to why that is.”
Stefanie shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess because my brother did what he said he would and he got me out of that house.”
“Oh?” She pulled up from her seat and sat beside Stefanie on the sofa. Stefanie immediately drawled up and moved away from her protecting her eyes from Erica’s harsh, inquiring gaze. “Were your parents arrested? Because when I contacted the authorities…”
“You did what!?” Stefanie asked jumping up. “I told you not to tell! You promised you wouldn’t tell!”
“Stefanie calm down, alright? I know what I promised but it was my job as a doctor and your friend…”
“You’re not my friend! Friends know how to keep secrets! They know how to keep trust that has been earned and they never stab one another in the back! You promised me you wouldn’t tell! Do you have any idea what you did?! Why would you do this?” Stefanie began shaking with each word she yelled in Erica’s direction. Anger and fear seeped into every pore on her body until she felt herself heating up; she was on fire.
She threw her hands over her ears and tears began to fall from her eyes. Ryan, she thought as she tried to calm her nerves. “He’s going to be in so much trouble!” she murmured half to herself.
“In trouble? In trouble for what Stefanie? What are you talking about?”
“You shouldn’t have done this!” she continued, ignoring Erica’s questions; ignoring her completely as if she were standing in the room talking to herself. “I’m gonna go away, they’re gonna take me away. I’m gonna lose everything.”
“Stefanie what are you talking about? What is going on? Just talk to me I wanna help you,” Erica spoke calmly and reached a hand towards her.
“NO YOU DON’T! I HATE YOU! STAY AWAY FROM ME!” she yelled and ran from the room.
“Stefanie wait!” Erica called after her.
But Stefanie kept running. She rushed out of the front of the building and towards the bus stop. She didn’t stop running until the air burned in her lungs; until the tears smeared her eyeliner across her face; until the muscles in her legs started giving out and throbbing.
She didn’t stop running until she was sure she was far enough away from Erica Stanton and her so-called “help”. She dropped onto the park bench and pulled her legs into her chest sobbing into them and trying her best to calm herself.
“Ryan I’m so sorry,” she mumbled to herself. “Don’t take my brother away please!” she begged to no one in particular.
“Hey Boss what’s the word?”
…“Well, we’re waiting on Dustin to secure the additional key cards for the access panels and if he says we’re good, it’s on for tonight…”
“Great I’ll grab Vic and we’ll be over soon.” Ryan said into his phone before pressing the “end” button and reaching for his keys.
Just as he made it to his bike he got another call. He looked at the ID confused by the unknown number before placing the phone to his ear. “Hello?”
“Stef? Stefanie where are you calling me from? Why are you not in school?”
…“She told! She told the police and they are going to take me away from you…!”
“Stefanie, calm down, I don’t understand what you mean. Who told the police what?”
“Erica! She said she told the police what happened to me after she promised she wouldn’t! She told and it’s going to end badly just like in my dreams! Please Ryan you have to come get me and we have to get out of here!”
…“Stefanie we’re not going anywhere, everything will be ok. Just tell me where you are…”
“At Mason Park near the swings. Please hurry!”
…“I’ll be right there Pin Cushion; stay put…!”
He hopped on his bike and sped from his apartment towards the Park. Not worrying about the engine dying down completely, he tucked the kickstand and rushed towards the swings. The motorcycle made a clinking sound as it hit against the guardrail coming to a complete stop.
He found Stefanie sitting on the swings; her face was stained with dried white streaks of tears mixed with the black eyeliner she wore. She saw him and immediately rushed into his arms. “We have to leave town tonight!”
“Stefanie no we don’t we’re not going anywhere. Now will you calm down and speak to me rationally please? What exactly did Erica say?”
She pulled back and rubbed her eyes a little before looking up at him. “She said that it was her job to report the abuse to the authorities. She said she noticed my behavior had improved and asked if things at home were better. I didn’t let her finish what she was saying I just left. I ran; I had to get out of there Ry. And that’s why we’re leaving town! If the police find out…”
“Pin Cushion, I’ve already taken care of everything. Didn’t I tell you I would? There’s no need for you to worry like this. If the authorities go looking or investigating they’ll find a paper trail showing Eddie and Sandra leaving town after hitting the lotto and the legal adoption of my kid sister. You’re mine Stef, there’s no need for you to worry ok?”
“How will they find that stuff? None of it happened!”
“No, but I have some very powerful friends. You know Dustin and how good he is on the computer. With everyone’s help we’ve been able to keep a tight lid on what’s happened. The only thing I need from you is to try and keep a stiff upper lip. You can’t freak out like this or it will spark suspicions.” He smiled at her and pulled her back into his chest.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”
“I know Stef, I didn’t tell you because of the nightmares. I didn’t want you to feel anymore guilty than you already do about having to lie.”
She gripped him tighter in her arms and held him until her tears subsided. “I love you RyGuy.”
“I love you too Pin Cushion. Now come on let’s get home. I might have a mission tonight and I need to make sure you’re fine before that happens.”
Victor walked through the backdoors of the abandoned looking building and up the stairs to the second floor. He pushed open the metal door and dropped the duffel bag onto the ground near the weapons cache. He smiled and moved towards Dustin seated in the corner of the room messing with his equipment. “So judging from your behavior the Op is a go?”
Dustin jumped at the sound of Vic’s voice and turned towards him with a frown. “Dude what the hell? You seriously had to do that? What are you trying to scare me to death or something?”
“Sorry man,” he laughed. “I thought you heard me come in. You have this place wired to Hell with sound, video and top-of-the-line security shit; maybe you should try using it every once in a while.”
He pointed towards the iPod dock on his desk and sighed. “And to answer your question, yes, we’re a go. Everything’s been mapped out but still if the execution of the plan gets off track just a little the entire thing is a loss.”
“Which is why we’d better ensure that doesn’t happen,” Yvette replied stepping into the room with Brett in tow.
He placed the diagram they’d taken from Harrison’s place on the table and dropped onto the couch in front of the television. “Hey Murph, where’s Ryan?”
“How the hell would I know? It’s not my fucking day to watch him!”
Yvette laughed and punched his arm. “He said he was stopping by to get you and was heading over here.”
“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “I haven’t seen him today.”
She looked over at Brett and he pulled up from the couch and grabbed his cellphone. Quickly punching in his number he waited for his best friends’ voice to come on the line.
“Hey man where are you?”
…“I had a little something to take care of with Stef. I’m on the way now though…”
“Is everything ok?”
…“Yeah she’s cool. She was just a little scared. My sister’s tough though. As much as I hate leaving her right now she understands and she’ll be fine for a little while. I’ll see ya in about twenty though…”
“Alright, everyone’s here and we’re gonna run over the game plan once you get in. See you soon.”
For over the course of the next two hours the group went through the strategy a few times ensuring everyone was up to speed on what was happening. They’d spent the last week coursing out the route they would need to take once inside the building and possible escape routes necessary in order to get out again. Ryan had worked on the model safe Harrison said was within the vault practicing cracking it within the allotted time and Brett had scouted street exits to drive in order to make a clean getaway.
Victor had scored a few cases of plastic explosives, Nitramon primer and a detonating cord. He pulled open the duffel bag he brought with him and checked the contents for the triple charged chemical grenades, launcher and timer. Near the door, the weapons cache was filled with the handguns, submachine guns, rifles and a few hundred cases of ammunition. He had them well prepared for war.
“Thanks to Harrison’s devices we still have access to Langley’s mainframe so I was able to pull the access codes for the other two cards. One belongs to the Director the other to some Deputy Assistant I have yet to determine the identity of. Both are males so that means the three of you: Brett, Vic and Ryan, you will have to man the control panels for the door to open.”
“But that works in our favor considering there are laser paneled systems once inside and somehow I doubt you guys are lighter on your feet than I am,” Yvette smiled.
“Well I don’t know. They used to call Ryan ‘Twinkle-Toes Moe’ in high school,” Brett laughed.
“What? They did not! It was ‘Twinkle-Toes Joe’!” he jokingly corrected. “You joke but you’re just lucky you got to Yve first. Like I told her when I took her out, I may not be a cheap date but I know how to dance. Had she been a little less frugal she’d have gotten to tango!” Brett’s smile vanished and the room burst into laughter at the jealous glare he shot Ryan.
“Alright sounds like we’re all set and ready. By the time we get out there they should be approaching lunch. There are more than enough weapons in the cache and we’ll have Dust in our ears the entire way. This stuff should hopefully guarantee a safe exit and the decoy cars are in place. Let’s head out,” Victor instructed.
The team had decided it was best to drive in separate vehicles in case there was the need for a quick getaway or distraction. Following her promise to Scott, Yvette checked and double checked to ensure they’d covered all bases. They arrived in Virginia within the hour. Parking their 2011 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sports close to a café three blocks away, Dustin headed towards the top of the library and settled in with his gear as the others made their way to the loading dock in the back of the building.
“Ok I’m inside the systems. Their cameras are now mine. You’ll have twenty seconds to get inside before the alarm sounds. Pausing Cam 4 and disengaging the back door lock in 3, 2, 1,” Dustin announced over their comms.
The sound of the lock clicking from place urged the team forward and they maneuvered into the heavy metal doors before the lock could click back and sound the alarm. “Ok Sidewinder, we’re in the main hall.”
...“Good. Move along the corridor until you see Section B, it leads to the atrium that is the center of the storage rooms. From there you should see the service elevator, take that to the basement and I’ll instruct you from there...”
They reached the elevator and waited at the bottom level. “Command post 7 what’s your status?” a nearby radio buzzed. Victor motioned for the team to remain still and quiet. They silenced their comms. and waited for the person to respond to the voice on the other end.
“All clear,” his overly throaty voice crackled.
…“Stevens your signal is weak, what’s your 20…?”
“I’m near the vending area by the loading dock. Why?” he asked pacing the area and nearing the corner beside the team. He stopped and inhaled sharply before moving back towards the machines.
…“Davis in C8 is waiting on an update to the security logs from yesterday. He seems pretty sure we’ve had a breach and wants to double check…”
“You tell Davis he can chew my left nut! No one gets access to those logs! I’ve never had a breach in security in all my time as Chief Security Officer!”
…“I understand Sir, I will report as ordered…”
“And where the hell is Mitchum? I have lunch soon! Petey had better get down here on time! Inconsiderate little punk never…” he continued mumbling and grumbling as he moved further down the hall and entered a back room.
…“Ok the room you want to be in is at the very end of the hall on the left. It’s marked with a biohazard symbol. Let me know once you’re in…”
The team entered the back room and Victor and Ryan began emptying the duffel and awaiting Dustin’s instructions. “How are we looking?” Yvette asked.
“Security on level three have gone on their patrol, the director is out and we’ll have complete darkness for no more than 45 minutes. Once the systems restart though Boss expect chaos. There will be a scramble to regain control and the building will be on complete lockdown.”
“Then I guess we’d better get this done. 45 minutes should hopefully be enough time to get in and out of there.”
...“Ok Cottonmouth, you read me...?”
“Yeah I got you Sidewinder.”
...“Good. On the North facing wall measure 3 feet by 2 feet and place the first brick of C4...”
“Got it.”
...“Cobra, while he’s doing that, on the opposite side, create an exact measure and attach another brick...”
“What the hell is this place?” Brett asked looking around at all the medical equipment and supplies.
“Medicus, human engineering and Bioweapons,” Yvette replied. Brett moved from one of the tanks and redirected his gaze towards her.
“Human engineering?”
“This is where they build better assassins; tools to dispatch their handiwork and follow commands. You were curious about how as a Cleaner an agent can forget all attachments and kill without conscience? Well this is how. They run every medical exam you can think of; physical, emotional, psychological. Once they’ve gathered enough data they design specified treatments for each individual and inject them accordingly.”
“Inject? Inject with what?”
“Steroids, morphine, performance enhancing drugs and a special blend of chemicals they’ve created in this lab they call HydraDiproxide 8. It motivates and heightens your senses; makes you an unstoppable killing machine. The morphine as well as other latent pain relievers keeps you docile when damage or pain is inflicted on your body. If you are ever captured it helps with torture; they also suppress emotions. Some survive it and become people like me. Others are not so fortunate,” Yve said pointing towards the chemical lab marked with an orange gas chamber icon.
“You went through this? There are hundreds of drugs I’ve never even heard of in here. Medical equipment I’ve never seen before and…what the hell is with this shit in these jars? Jesus Baby, why would you do that?”
“It’s better than the alternative.”
“The nightmares…they’re from your suppressed emotions?”
She nodded. “I guess I’m buying a part of my soul back. All I want, all I’ve ever wanted was to find out the truth about what happened to my Mom. The Black Ops program offered me that opportunity.”
He looked over at Victor working with his equipment against the wall. “Vic and Dust too?”
“No. They were never Cleaners. Their expertise remained firmly planted on the Black Ops excursions; assigned missions to combat terrorism. They liked the James’ Bond feel of it.”
…“We can hear you ya know…?” Dustin replied over the comm. …“Besides, I was more into the ‘intelligence’ part of the CIA. I got the opportunity to really test myself…”
“Yeah and lucky for us you have such a big…brain,” Yve smiled.
Victor ran the detonating cord from the C4 to the launcher and hooked in the timer. He set them to activate by remote command. After that he gave Yvette the go signal and the team hurried towards the elevator and the heart of the Langley building: CDAT. ...“I’ll keep the elevator between floors so there’ll be no unpleasant surprises below when you return...,” Dustin said.
As they entered, they came upon the multiple access panels Harrison advised them of and the guys each took to one computer station as Yvette waited for them to enter the information. Ryan was first to enter his code. He slid the key card along the reader and it beeped at him. The red light turned green and using a thin slip of plastic film he pressed his thumb over the biometric scanner to falsify the print. Brett and Victor did the same until each panel on the door was marked with a blinking green light.
The door to the laser room opened with a pop as the locks rotated in their cylinders and pulled out of place. “Moment of truth,” Yve sighed. Removing her clothing and loose objects she pulled on a black skin tight cat suit, pinned her hair up higher and stretched as she prepared herself to enter the room.

“I hope you had your Wheaties this morning,” Ryan commented as the doors opened up and an array of laser lights filtered through the halls. 
...“Diamond, the floors are pressure sensored and activate if you stand in one place for more than 10 seconds. There are cyanide gas chambers triggered if the pads are pressed and held down for longer than that allotted time. The alarm will sound and every armed agent in that building will descend upon you. Try to keep limber, keep moving and keep breathing...”
“Thanks Sidewinder. The pressure wasn’t bad enough already.” She pulled on her gas mask, breathed a few times in it and stepped towards the doorway.
The first laser was the easiest to bypass. She bent her body back as though she were playing Limbo and scooted forward on her tippy toes and fingertips. Once she was in an upright position again, she pressed her back against the wall and watched the next set of lasers waiting for her moment.
“4, 5, 6,” she counted. Timing her next move, she dove between the two spiraling lasers and landed safely against the floor between the next one. She quickly got to her feet and again moved against the wall.
The guys watched anxiously as she flipped and maneuvered under the flashing rays of light all the while in fear of the gas setting off and condemning them all. “Boss you gotta move,” Ryan urged her as he counted the time she’d spent on that one pressure pad.
“7, 8, 9.” She jumped! It was an untimed and uncalculated move that caused her to lose her footing on the next position. Slipping backwards onto the pad that was still depressed into the floor, she slapped her hand against the wall and held herself firmly in place her hair just inches away from connecting with the laser behind her.
She pulled herself up and chewed her bottom lip.
“Jesus Vette!” Victor groaned.
“Nervous?” she laughed after successfully slinking through another double beam.
She remained on her hands and knees and pulled her body underneath the last laser using her trusted yoga poses. She smiled to herself as her body responded well and she was standing on the opposite side of the room.
Brett let out a breath and the guys waited for her to disengage the security in the room. ...“Ok Diamond, the code is ‘371734305’ when I say ‘go’ click the red button on the top of the station and enter that number...”
The lights came on in the darkened shell as the lasers went off and the cyanide mechanism was disconnected. They moved forward and began setting up within the room. Ryan had come prepared to drill into the safe that he’d practiced on and Victor assembled his assault rifle preparing for possible guards.
“You can do this Ry. Remember six minutes is all you have and we have to get moving.”
He nodded and pulled open the chamber that contained the vault door. The expression on his face dropped as he stared at the large metal doors in front of him. “Son of a bitch! Uh, guys, we have a problem! This isn’t the Mesher TX17,” he sighed. “It’s a Jango 4280 with a glass relock system.”
“What does that mean Ryan?” Yvette asked stepping closer. “Can you crack it?”
He pinched the bridge of his nose and cussed himself for preparing just for the one vault. “I could use a fucking cigarette right about now. There is a built-in security system with a tempered glass plate positioned between the lock and safe door. Any attempt to penetrate the door will shatter the glass. Once triggered the steel rods snap into place preventing the door from opening. It would take time to identify, drill and remove each individual pin and since we’re pressed for time conventional methods of drilling won’t work.”
He ran his hands along the steely outside of the frame and pressed his ear to the door. “There is a quarter inch of steel panels that are attached and bolted to the frame with half inch bolts, can’t use the torch. The walls are six inches thick and the door has an overall thickness of twelve inches.”
He backed away from the chamber and paced the room a moment going over everything he knew about the safe. “Argh! There’s a double lock entry design; one is a biometric lock easily bypassed with the stuff we brought. The other is a high security mechanical lock I’m guessing titanium twelve locking bolt about two inches thick.”
“Can you crack it?” Yvette repeated her question.
“If I hit the glass those mechanisms lock into individual receiver cups making the safe door a thick wall of impenetrable steel. I can crack it, but I have to use touch and that takes longer than six minutes.”
“How much longer?” Vic asked.
“I can do it in about 12.” He sighed and ran a hand through his hair as her expression became despondent and sorrowful. “I’m sorry Yve; we just don’t have that kind of time.”
Yvette glanced over the faces of her team. She didn’t come this far to turn back now. Not with the answers to everything she wanted just inches in front of her. “We’ll make the time,” Yvette said nodding towards Vic and Brett. “Get to work Ryan.” He released a breath as the others checked their weapons and moved towards the door. “Sidewinder, we’re gonna need you to make some noise for us, Cobra needs time to do his thing.” Brett handed Yvette her gear and she quickly changed back and headed out with them.
...“I gotcha covered Boss. Fire alarms are a go on level four in 3, 2, 1...”A high pitched siren sounded in the distance and the team made their way out into the hall in front of the security office. They positioned themselves on each end of the walls leading from the elevator and waited to hear back from Ryan.
“What the hell is that?”
“It’s the fire alarms Sir. I’m checking the system to see if we were scheduled for a drill.”’
“No, we weren’t I’d have known in advance.”
“I’m running a test to check each floor for fire Sir.”
“That’s fine but does someone mind oh I don’t know, doing their job by finding the source of that noise and SHUTTING IT THE HELL OFF?”
Ryan’s heart pounded in his ears. He moved closer to the vault door and blew a breath on his fingertips to dry the perspiration that had accumulated on them. He closed his eyes, concentrated and began turning the dial. Spinning once to the right slowly he listened and felt for contact points, the area on the dial where resistance is noticeable.
Using a black chalk pencil he etched the number into the face of the safe door and proceeded to feel for the second number in the combination. He continued this method until all four numbers were obtained and finally: Click. His face was a mixture of relief and pride as he grabbed the safe lever and swung the steel door open.
The moment the panels pulled apart, an alarm went off and the room became bathed in red light. “Command post to all units, be advised, security breach on level two, please proceed to lockdown procedures,” a robotic female voice cried over the intercom system. “Oh fuck!” The message continued repeating as Ryan grabbed the items from within the safe and stuffed them into the open duffel bag.
“Ryan we have to move,” Victor called out as he neared the door.
“I found it sir! Someone’s hacked into the security system and shutdown the cameras. There’s a breach on the 2nd floor; centered in…the CDAT!”
“Shit! Get Reynolds and tell him to get his men up there NOW! You, figure out how the hell they got into the damn system and why we weren’t notified of the breach immediately! I want to know what backdoor they entered to gain access to our systems. And someone get that damn alarm back on! Whoever is in there, we’re gonna make sure they never get out alive!”

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