Monday, February 27, 2012

S3: Chapter 12: Revelations Pt. 3

The whirlybird lowered into Yvette’s path. Brett reloaded his trademark Smith & Wesson M & P .357. He aimed directly at the pilot’s forehead and took his shot. The helicopter spun wildly out of control before the passenger could return fire onto the team below.
The agent grabbed a parachute as the tailspinning helicopter pushed off the bridge. He took a header towards the water below, pulling his cord just before impact to the hard, cold, merciless waters. The team exited onto Independence Avenue as police cruisers continued blazing after them.
Yvette’s car jumped the curb near a sidewalk and a heavily trafficked pedestrian area and Ryan quickly followed. “We need to find cover and switch vehicles, Dustin, anything coming up?” She blasted her horn urging them to get out of her way and one of the diners at the café flipped her the finger. She laughed at the horrified look on Brett’s face and yelled back at the man. “If you don’t like the way I’m driving get the hell off the sidewalk!”
“The only thing I can see is a pier about five miles ahead at the Tidal Basin. It ports a Ferry that crosses the Potomac.”
“We have to lose a few more of our tails before then,” Brett said. He took aim once more as did Victor to the men on bikes behind them. One of the motorcyclists fell off but there were still the government vehicles that had joined in the rush just a few miles back.
Up ahead Victor noticed a large abandoned walkway. “Hey, Vette, slow up, I know how to get a few of these guys to drop off. Swing around in front Ryan, take lead. I’m gonna blast the ramp, so be ready to get out of dodge Yve.” He pulled the pin on a standard hand grenade and tossed it ahead of himself. Ryan veered and Yvette followed closely.
Just as the squad cars and last bike neared, the blast shook the railing loose and the metal beams toppled over onto the road. The bike swerved to avoid them but not in time. He hit a pole and soared through the air flying over the handles of his motorcycle hitting the ground hard. The CIA cars careened into the poles piling up near the building and sending a puff of smoke into the air as one of them caught fire knocking another two squad cars off their tail.
“Not bad Murph but what are you gonna do for the encore?” Yvette laughed.
Exiting off onto West Basin drive Yvette jerked the steering wheel and swerved off the street, driving to the edge of the pier. Once they were in a safe area, she jumped from the driver seat and wiped down the car to clear her prints. Brett grabbed the stuff from the backseat and did the same. They ran quickly towards the parking garage and he hotwired another vehicle. Ryan and Victor commandeered another vehicle of their own and pulled out behind them.
Driving just below the speed limit, he got them free of the area as three more police vehicles blared by them with their sirens and lights flashing. “Hmm I wonder where they’re going,” he laughed.
“No place I wanna be,” she smiled back. She pulled out her cellphone and dialed Scott’s number.
“What are you doing?”
“I promised Scott I’d call him if everything went ok I don’t want him to worry.” He answered the call and she heard him breathe a sigh of relief at the sound of her voice. “Pop?”
…“Yvette? Are you ok Sweetheart? I am hearing about this crazy high speed chase in Washington…!”
“Yeah we’re fine, the mission was successful and I was wondering if…”
…“You wanna come over? Yvette of course you can! I’d like to be there for you when you finally get the answer you’ve sought your entire career. Besides, I need to know too. When should I expect you…?”
She smiled to herself hearing Scott urging her to visit and answering the question she was afraid to ask. She could admit that she needed his help and his strength to keep her up; he was the one there for her when her Mom died. But she still feared placing him in the kind of danger a visit from her would draw.
He pressed her once more until she agreed to come to his home instead of another public place. He told her she should be in a familiar location; something that could provide her comfort. She knew he was right; he was always right. And it was only fair they did this together; they both deserved to know the truth.
“Brett and I will be there within the hour.”
…“Great! I’ll cook you some dinner, your favorite…!”
…“I’ll see you soon…”
They ditched the car near a junk yard and jogged the four blocks towards the hideout and Brett’s truck to head over to Scott’s. Yvette sat quietly staring at the thick black dossier on the countertop as Scott moved gleefully around his kitchen preparing her favorite dinner of Spaghetti and Meatballs.
He’d steal glances over his shoulder every so often happy to have her in his home again. It was too long since they’d shared a nice meal together or enjoyed a slice of the normal life for that matter and he was beginning to feel at peace.
“You really don’t have to cook for us, Scotty,” Brett said stepping into the kitchen and leaning against the counter with his back to Yve. “You shouldn’t go through the trouble.”
“‘The trouble’? Scott doesn’t think cooking is ‘trouble’ Brett. It’s one of his favorite things to do, next to hunting and fishing. He taught me everything I know in the kitchen! Plus I’m hungry and Daddy makes the BEST Italian I’ve ever tasted!”
“She’s right, Knight. I’m the Connoisseur of Cappellini; the Aficionado of Alfredo; the Expert of Escarole,” he replied in a horrible faux Italian accent. “Zhe sauce she is delicioso!” he smiled and kissed the tips of his fingers illustrating and exaggerating his point.
Yvette laughed and moved towards the cabinets to collect dishes and begin setting up the table. “We’re having red wine, Brett, do you mind?” she motioned towards the wine cellar.
“No of course not. Anything in particular?”
“Well I don’t have Barolo so she will have to be ok with either the Shiraz or the Merlot.”
“Merlot is fine, Pop.” The smell of the tomatoes and oregano hung thick in the air and made her stomach growl with excitement. She inhaled and danced as Brett pulled a bottle from the shelf. Yvette had missed times like these and she was happy knowing Scott wanted them again as well. She’d give anything to have a semblance of the life she once shared with him before everything started. And hopefully what was contained in that bag was the beginning of the end for her.
Scott prepared the meals and sat the servings on the table as Brett poured everyone a glass of wine and took a seat beside Yvette. The trio sat quietly each considering the consequences and the information concealed within the pages of the file they’d seized from Langley. Opening it would mark the end of Yvette’s lifelong search but it would only mean more work ahead if the person or persons responsible was still out there.
“Mmm Babe you were right! This is delicious, Scott,” Brett said taking another mouthful of food. “I know Yve said it was her favorite, but it’s actually mine as well!”
“Is it? Well that’s something else you have in common with my little girl.” He smiled at Yvette before continuing. “You know I understand why the two of you kept your relationship a secret when you first started seeing one another, I’ve been there. But it would have been nice to be in the loop as parent.”
“What? We unfortunately missed prom; you never date much and I don’t remember the last serious boyfriend you’ve had. So I never got the chance to interrogate or threaten anyone. You take those things away from a father and what does he have left? And I have handy skills in that department! I’m a government agent for crying out loud! I’m well versed in interrogations!”
“I know Daddy! Who do you think taught me?” she smiled.
“Well if it makes you feel any better when I started seeing her I did think how this would affect my career goals and what your reaction would be. Plus we have time now if you’d like to issue your threats.”
Yvette laughed as Scott considered his offer. “No I think you’ve done wonders for my baby and I appreciate that. Besides you were always my favorite agent; already like a son to me. And although McNeer was the unit leader because of seniority, not to condone his hard work and dedication, I always thought you’d do better in that position.”
“But I saw my opportunity stolen by…”
“Nepotism,” Yvette giggled as she swallowed down a sip of her wine. “He thought you’d chosen me because we were sleeping together Pop but I’m guessing when he realized you were my father he gave it a new name. He couldn’t deal with the fact that I was just better.”
“A fact I’ve come to learn and appreciate very well. Besides I’d follow that as…asset anywhere,” he cleared his throat and focused on the wine in his glass.
“Yes well…my daughter takes after her mother in the ‘asset’ department. I think she also has a bit of Katrina where her passion for the job is concerned as well.” Yvette’s eyes darted towards the bag on the counter at the mention of her mother’s name. “Are you ready for this?” Scott asked taking notice.
“It’s now or never right?” She stood and pulled the file from the counter. Rotating it once in her hands examining it she sighed and ripped the red tape from around the seal of the folder. Brett watched her tentatively and she drew in a breath before opening the document labeled “Confidential: Eyes Only”.
Photographs, evidence and seized property lists, names of agents on duty, situation reports and debriefing memos scattered across the table in front of her and she began going over each piece carefully. “Do you know what you’re looking for?” Scott asked as he sifted through the papers with her.
“Yeah, the name of the director the one that assigned the case to Mom in the first place. There should be some reference to him here. Harrison was certain there was a picture in here that I’d…” she paused as she came across a familiar face within the clutter of documents on the counter. “This can’t be right…”
Scott stopped moving and held his breath as he looked towards Yvette. “Of course it is,” he said moving closer as Brett peered over the table at the picture in her hand.
“No, no I don’t understand why? How?”
“Because he’s a son of a bitch.” Scott swallowed hard. “I’m sorry Yvette I know he’s…” She waved off his attempt to apologize for his words as she continued staring at the photograph.
“Yve how do you know him?” Brett asked looking at the hurt and confused expression on her face. She turned and quickly exited the room heading towards the front yard. “Yve? Yvette wait!” he yelled running after her trying to catch her before she slid behind the wheel of his truck and sped from the lot. “What the hell is going on? Who is he?” Brett demanded returning inside and approaching Scott.
“Ethan Evans, he’s Yvette’s biological father.”
She pushed open the door to the room Harrison was held in. Without breaking stride she slammed her fist into his jaw, waking him from the slumber he found fit to steal. “Wake up you son of a bitch!”
He laughed and choked up a mouthful of blood as he opened the one good eye he could see out of. “Yvette, welcome back. I hope your trip to Virginia was lovely. Judging from your abrupt intrusion I can assume you found what you were after?”
“You knew didn’t you? You knew damn well the person calling the shots was my father! Why make me go through the trouble?  Why have me break into Langley to condemn you with that passcard?”

“Because I knew either way I was dead. I was sort of hoping you’d get killed in the crossfire at Langley but I guess I should have known better. You refuse to fucking die! Besides it was all worth it just to see this look on your face! How does it feel knowing Daddy was the one trying to kill you? The one that murdered your mother in cold blood and the one you worked for while with Black Ops.” 
“This whole time he was there and you had no idea!” He laughed again, this time louder. “The man’s a fucking genius. He knew he could never get into the places you could or do the things he needed without coming out of the shadows so he used you. Played you like a fucking fiddle to the tunes in his head and you sang so well. I can’t wait for you to meet him. He’s quite an interesting man and I’m sure he’s waiting for you. When you do finally make it to him face-to-face, tell him I said hello.”
She paced back towards the door and drew her weapon. Cocking it once she smirked at Alex; she hadn’t tortured him nearly enough over the last week but he wasn’t her problem. Her so-called father was the one she wanted and she would make damn sure he felt every bit of pain she’s had to.

“Why don’t you tell him yourself? He’ll be joining you in Hell very soon.” She aimed for center mass and pulled the trigger three times. The shots echoed in the tiny room sounding like an explosion as the reverb bounced off each wall.
Alex choked and aspirated another mouthful of blood as the hole she’d pumped through his lungs forced air violently from his throat. His body convulsed once and she stood watching him bleed profusely before he was consumed by darkness. Blood poured from his open wounds and she could hear it dripping to the floor beneath him.
The sound reminded her of a heavy downpour of rain. Ethan loved the rain. He loved jumping in puddles of water with her and making Katrina mad at another ruined sundress. But moments like those had long since passed. She shook her thoughts free and cocked her weapon once more. “You’re next Daddy dearest,” she smiled over Harrison’s corpse.

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