Wednesday, February 22, 2012

S3: Chapter 09: Hot on the Trail

“Did you contact him?” Yvette asked watching Dustin enter the room again and take a seat behind the computer.

“Yeah. I left the instructions for him on the second message machine. Just have to wait and see if he listens.” He pulled up the security monitor to the multiple cameras he’d commandeered around the city for her and pointed to the screen.
“Can I see you over here a sec Boss?” She pulled up from her seat and stepped behind the desk. She watched as he typed in a frenzied amount of keystrokes and pulled up another screen with the city grid on it mapping out the locations of the cameras he’d taken control of. “You can check the progress of his trip on here so you’ll know if he’s being followed or anything. Keep your eye on that blinking red light; you don’t want to leave it on for more than 45 seconds at a time so refresh this screen often.”
“Wait, are we keeping you from something?” she asked as he stood and brushed himself off before taking one last look in the mirror.
“Yeah as a matter of fact; I have a date with Mica,” he said wiggling his eyebrows as a sly smile washed across his face. “And I have a little making up to do so don’t even THINK about asking me to cancel Boss Lady.”
“Wouldn’t even dream of it Dusty,” Yve grinned. “Tell her I said thank you and have fun.”
“I certainly intend to!”
Ryan laughed as Dustin grabbed a bouquet and rushed past him out the door. “I guess it’s been a while for him. I can understand that I suppose.”
“Hey man how’s Stef?” Brett asked readjusting on the couch. It had been close to two weeks after everything had happened and she was slowly returning to a state of normality…or was a really great actress. She’d stopped skipping school and was smiling a little more. She even called Brett and Yvette to say thank you for everything they’d done.
“She’s getting better. She doesn’t wake up screaming anymore so, progress,” he smiled and leaned against the wall. “She asked about you the other night. She wanted to know if you and I were still doing those weekly poker nights. I told her everything’s been too crazy lately and we haven’t actually had the chance to just chill like we used to.”
“Yeah it would be nice to have a guys’ night like we used to. Though I can’t say I miss Burt’s gassy ass. The man seemed to come fully loaded every Friday!”
“And it only got worse as he helped himself to his third case of beer and jalapeno dip!” Ryan laughed. “But he was your friend so I never said anything.”
“Whoa no the hell he wasn’t I met him through you. He was already at the table the first time I came over.”
“Through me? I had no idea who that clown was!” Ryan said rubbing his chin and thinking over the man that always stayed longer than the other two guys he’d invite over for the game. Yeah long enough to drink up the last of the beer and eat the last hot wing. “You know come to think of it, he never wagered more than the first pot and always sat out the last 3 hands. Talk about playing it safe.”
“He only came for the free food and beer,” Brett smiled. “Pretty clever if you ask me. Maybe he was a friend of McNeer’s. That guy played it as safe as possible and NEVER brought the snacks. He always ‘forgot’.”
“Yeah maybe he was.”
Victor leaned over Yvette’s shoulder as she watched the screens hoping and waiting to see Scott make it to any of the point markers they’d set up for him. After seeing his name on the list, Yvette took days planning a meeting between her and her Dad. He had answers that she needed but she was still unsure about his involvement and feared placing him in unnecessary danger.
With the help of Dustin, Victor and Ryan, they placed a tail on him and watched his movements on a daily basis. Assuming the old unit room was bugged neither of the guys could directly approach him at work nor ask that he meet her at a certain location. Using the federal database and the linkups for the city cameras the local police maintained, Dustin tapped into the closed circuit televisions around the town and hooked them into a live feed so that they could watch him as he drove to the separate checkpoints Victor and Ryan placed in three different locations throughout the city.
If he made it to one and was all cleared, he’d get the next message to proceed to the next checkpoint. But it was all a matter of him being able to decipher the code for the first in order for their elaborate scheme to even get under way.
“Maybe you made the message too obscure,” Victor responded to her frustrated sigh. “I’m sure if he knew it was from you or what you were asking he’d have already made it by now.”
She watched the egg timer and waited for the buzzer before refreshing the screen once again and turning to face him. “Or he knows what I wanted and is trying to avoid me. He asked me to move back here with him and work with him at the FBI for a reason. He told me it was because the CIA and Black Ops team was too dangerous but I think he knows something; something that got my mother killed and something he refuses to share.”
“We have movement,” Victor nodded towards the man moving towards a trash receptacle on the top right of the screen. “Looks like…it’s him!”
Yvette smiled as she watched Scott dig through the trash can and locate the discarded coffee cup containing the next clue to his checkpoint. She watched closely around the area ensuring he was alone, wasn’t followed and didn’t have a wire on him. “So far so good.”
Scott read the message and burned it as instructed before heading back to the dark blue sedan he was driving and heading to the shopping mall’s car garage and the 2nd location.
“Please Scott, you can do this.” Yvette whispered a silent prayer into her hands as she continued eyeing the screen. Scott pulled into the shopping mall and looked around. The lot was full of cars and shoppers were continuously pouring in and out of the location as they made their ‘sales of the century’ and headed home.
He walked slowly towards the power box located on the wall beside the elevator and looked around to make sure no one was watching him. He pulled the cover from the box and pulled out the slip of paper attached to one of the controls. He walked into the corner near the trash bin and smiled as he read the next clue. My Father always sang about Brenda Lee’s forgotten song. It was the last car to pass, the line of cars drove; his favorite color and her year of birth.
He looked behind him until he found the last row of cars on row 86 that was the color blue and moved towards it. He searched under the tires until he felt the hide-a-key and slid behind the wheel.
He rubbed his hands along the leather steering wheel and a huge grin crossed his lips as he looked at himself sitting in the car of his dreams. “I love you Yvette.” He started it up and the radio blasted “Radar Love” by Golden Earring as he headed out of the lot towards the final location which was already added to the GPS system he found on the driver seat.
“He’s on the way to the meeting point.” Yvette said standing. Brett grabbed the keys to his truck and followed Yvette to the door. “Make sure no one’s behind him, call us if anything happens,” she smiled at Victor as he took a seat at the computer and watched Scott’s progress.
“Of course, will do.”
Brett drove towards the library to meet up with Scott as Yvette played over what she expected to get out of the meeting.
…“Hey Boss…?” Victor’s voice broke over the line.
“Yeah? What’s the matter Vic? You see someone on him?” she asked placing him on speakerphone and pushing the hands free button.
…“No he’s clear. Ryan and I have a sort of side bet going on. We’re curious why exactly you got him this blue Corvette to ride to the meeting point…”
Yvette laughed and Brett looked over and smiled as he shook his head listening to them. “They seriously called about that?”
“I guess so Baby.”
“Well I guess I’ll get my answer then too.”
Yvette eyed the speakerphone once more and smiled. “Well I got it because if anyone is looking for him they won’t check the conspicuous cars. They wouldn’t expect someone who’s ‘hiding’ or going to a secret meeting to drive something that flashy so it’ll slip right by them.”
…“I told you…!” Victor croaked over the line. …“Pay up…!”
“I also chose this one in particular,” she continued. “Because it’s always been my Dad’s dream to own one but he put that aspiration on the back burner when I became his full time responsibility.”
…“Damn it Vette…!”
…“Looks like we break even…,” Ryan laughed.
“Alright guys. We’re at the library. I’m shutting off the comm. see you back at HQ later.
…“Be careful Boss and let us know if you need anything…!”
“Will do.”
Scott approached the front desk and looked around. It was quiet; too quiet, even for a library. He checked the items laying sprawled on the surface of the wrap around table and smiled as he noticed the book opened to Yvette’s favorite fairy tale. He remembered nights he’d sit up reading it over and over to her and the way her eyes smiled when he created the characters through his voices. And although she’d known the ending, she never failed to act surprised when the Beauty made her choice. He pulled out the index card in the back and saw the nickname he’d given her as a child being the last person to check it out. He glanced towards the children’s section and started forward with the book in hand.
He placed it on the shelf and from the corner of his eye he could see a large blonde man moving towards him. “What grown man checks out childrens’ books?” the familiar voice croaked. “I hear the reference section is much more enlightening.”
“It’s nice to see you again as well Brett. How’s my Baby?”
“Restless; she’s waiting for you. You weren’t followed were you?”
“I’ve been a federal agent closing in on 36 years now Knight. I think I know how to lose a tail if I had one. Besides, the way you two had me driving around the city I’m sure slimmed that possibility to nil.”
Brett chuckled. “That was Yvette’s doing. If you didn’t know, she can be overly paranoid sometimes.”
“She’s astute; she’s always been able to sense danger and bullshit her way out of it. So the reference section you say? Is there a philosopher in particular?”
Brett glanced at him briefly and smiled. “Follow your nose.” He quickly disappeared behind the shelves and watched Scott make his way towards the back of the library.
As he approached the sitting area he could smell her mother’s perfume and smiled. “Don’t move.” She whispered in his ear as she pinned her body against his. Her hands trailed along his arms and chest, lowering towards his abdomen and back searching him for a wire or listening device. When she was satisfied she pulled back and dropped a book on the desk in front of him. “Read; keep your eyes on the text at all times.”
“Tumblelina is this any kind of way to treat your Father?”
She smiled at the nickname and made sure all traces of her amusement were gone before leaning forward. “It is when you’re the daughter of a spy and you have information that makes you doubt the honesty of the man that raised you. Sit, read and don’t turn around.”
She moved back towards a desk across the room from him and took a seat. She had her eyes pinned on the book in front of her and watched him with her peripherals. “I’m glad you’re alive Yvette; safe. But I have to know what you’re hoping to accomplish with this cloak and dagger and why you feel you can’t trust me.”
“What do you know about my Mother’s death Scott?”
He sighed and flipped the page as he continued to feign reading. “We’ve gone over this before Sweetheart, you know this.”
“What I know is that no one has been able to be 100% honest with me about anything and lately I’m starting to really question who I should trust. I know you held back on me Scott and I know you know more than you’re telling. What I don’t know is why? Why even after everything’s that’s happened you still refuse to tell me something that could possibly save my life!”
He started to turn to look at her and she cautioned him. He dropped his eyes back to the book in his hand and rubbed his temple tenderly. “I…Yvette Baby you gotta understand something, your Mother was in a very dangerous position. She’d learned something she wasn’t supposed to and in doing so awoke the ire of the higher ups working within the Company. She asked me to watch over you and protect you because she was certain it would be the end of her.”
Brett continued searching the room, ensuring the area was secured. He’d worked out a signal with Yvette in advance to let her know if anyone was approaching them that she needed to be aware of. So far the room was still and the only people that had come in even in its briefest of moments were the librarians to return a lost dictionary.
“What was it? What was she working on?”
“I don’t know, and that’s the truth. She refused to tell me much about it because she thought it would endanger both of our lives and she had you to think about. But whatever it was, it was big. She never went into full details about it but she stopped sleeping as much and immersed herself in old documents and cases the CIA had worked and operations that she was a part of that she never received full disclosure on.”
“What could make her so afraid that she stopped sleeping? And if she knew they were on to her, why would she accept the mission overseas?”
“Your Mother was a diehard advocate for the work that she did. She believed that everything she accomplished, all the cases she’d solved or terrorists she’d slain would add up in the end because she was protecting the ones she loved. She never believed that for a minute the very people she’d sweat and toiled for would seek her demise as they had.”
“Do you know who sent her on that last operation? The lead agent on that mission?”
“Yeah, you know him as well, Alexander Harrison. He was her handler when she was in the field and her Case Operations manager for when she was stationed stateside.  He was supposed to be with her on that mission but backed out at the last second. That alone should have been warning enough for her but she proceeded as instructed and it...” he paused as the last words choked in his throat. Yvette could hear him struggling to prevent tears from falling and slowly she could feel the anger she had towards him dissipate.
“Why was your name on the list of people that were involved in Black Veil? You’ve been a Federal agent your entire career. Why would the CIA defer anything to the feds?”
“They didn’t defer to us, we were more of a second string pick. They needed access to a few of our international field offices so they could control the flow of information about that particular mission. It was never explained why they would need to commandeer our headquarters for it but as deputy director at the time, I was told to give them everything they wanted.”
Yvette lowered her head into her upper arm as she understood Harrison’s purpose in obtaining control of the federal resources overseas. “It was a Blackout; they do that on kill missions Pop. Mom was…she was set to die from the moment she accepted that operation.” She sighed and chewed on her lower lip as she felt tears pooling in the bottoms of her eyes. She breathed deeply and released it slowly. “I should get going. I don’t want anyone to stumble upon us. That book belongs on the shelf to your right. Return it and meet me in the ladies room in five minutes.”
He smiled when he saw her pacing the tiny room in front of the sink. His first instinct was to hug her and keep her wrapped safely in his arms for as long as she’d allow. She nestled her face into his neck and he held her tight. “I love you Yvette.” He said through clenched teeth as he again struggled to maintain his composure. His fingers gripped her shoulders and he stood locked in her embrace.
She didn’t struggle or try and remove herself and he continued to hold her close to his chest. She inhaled his cologne and snuggled deeper in his grip. “Obsession,” she sighed smelling that familiar Calvin Klein fragrance. “Tell me it’s not the same bottle I bought you for Christmas a year ago.”
“It is, of course it is. I wore it for you.”
“Pop!” she said finally pulling back to look at him.
“What? I haven’t seen you in almost a year and when I do finally get to look at those gorgeous green eyes again it’s in the stall of a public ladies room in the library, excuse me for trying to be sentimental and make the meeting as pleasant as possible.”
She laughed and his face became serious and stern and the tone of his voice changed to one heeding caution. “Yvette, I know you have every intention of following up on whatever your Mother was involved in and I know that nothing I say or do will sway that decision but I can only ask and pray that you’ll use your head and take EVERY precaution. Even if you think you’ve covered all your bases, please for me, check once more.”
“Of course I will Dad. I’m sorry for thinking your involvement was more sinister than it actually was but…”
“I understand trust me. In this line of work all you have is your word and as far as you’re concerned, mine is bond. I’d never do anything to hurt you Angel.”
“And I know that. It’s why I take these safety measures to ensure you’re protected from backlash because of me.”
He rubbed the tender flesh of her cheek and watched her expression grow grave. “Yvette, I know you’re doing what you think you must in order to protect me. But I need you to know I’m an old man, I’ve lived my life and as your Father I am willing to give my life for you to make sure you’re safe. If there is anything, anything at all I can help you with PLEASE call me first. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve missed you it would be nice to hear my little girl’s voice more often.”
“Pop I can’t risk losing you or letting the Company use you against me. I’m sorry about everything I’ve put you through but I hope you understand it was what was best. I love you Pop and I promise I’ll contact you when I can and when I think it’s safe to check in and let you know I’m still breathing.”
“And I guess that’s all I can ask for at this point.” He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead and watched her exit the bathroom.
“So now what?” Brett asked as she rejoined him near the door.  “You want to put a tail on Harrison and see when’s the best time to hit him?”
“No, we’re going right to his front door.”
Dustin checked his breath and straightened the tail of his shirt around his jeans before ringing the door bell and waiting for that smile to grace him. “I’m so glad you made it!” Mica leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. She was wearing a hint of some expensive fragrance and it was just enough to enhance her femininity and catch his attention but not enough to overwhelm him or suffocate him.
“,” he felt like a drooling idiot with his tongue tripping over itself. She was so gorgeous, here he was trying to impress her and make sure her evening went well and yet he stood at a loss for words as he looked at her. How would he be able to pull off the perfect night with her looking like this?
He took in a breath and closed his eyes as he slowly released it. She smiled and he caught that same sparkle in her eyes that always drew him in. Dustin felt the tightness inside his pants and hoped she wouldn’t notice just how strong her effect was on him as he handed her the bouquet of white roses he’d bought for her. “For you,” he smiled finally. “Are you ready?”
He led her to his car and drove towards the center of town. Mica’s eyes followed the skyline and the mixture of light purple and orange within the disappearing clouds as they drove towards the industrial district and deeper into a part of the city she’d never been. Dustin stopped the car just in front of an old rundown apartment complex at the very end of the block and helped her from inside of the vehicle. She frowned as she stepped into the chilly air and took in her surroundings.
It was desolate. Every building in the area was boarded up and had large “Do Not Enter” signs posted by the city on the gates and doors. The one that Dustin had pointed towards was no different. The window frames hung on hinges and the place looked as though it hadn’t been used in at least a decade. The wooden paneling along the walls was cracked and peeling and the doors that once greeted the most sophisticated of guests was worn and faded. Mica released a disappointed sigh and a frown crossed her lips bringing a sly smirk on Dustin’s. “You had me dress up to bring me to an abandoned building?”
He grinned as he eyed her dress again. Mica seemed to enjoy dressing up for him even if it were just a walk down the beach or a trip to the supermarket she never missed the occasion to show off her legs and he’d never deny her the pleasure. “I told you to dress comfortably because I wanted to take you somewhere. And as far as this building goes, looks can be deceiving,” he whispered in her ear as he rubbed a warming hand along her shoulder. “Come on I want to show you something,” he smiled and took her hands in his and led her around the back of the building.
He stopped near the dumpster and a dingy brick wall. She looked at him dubiously and folded her arms into her chest. “A ladder? Dustin what…?”
“Have a little faith. Just be careful the first rung is a bit flimsy.”
“You want me to climb up this rusted thing?”
“Well…yeah. Don’t worry I’ll be right behind you,” he smirked and let his eyes roam over the short length of her dress and stop on her legs.
“Oh right, that gives me a lot of confidence,” she laughed noticing his gaze.
He stepped closer and pulled her arms around his neck as his hands rubbed down her hips stopping just on the roundest part of her ass. He gave it a good squeeze and kissed her cheek, “I’ll keep it safe, trust me,” he wiggled his brows. She slapped an open palm across his chest and laughed as she pushed him away and carefully started up the side of the building.
When she reached the top her breath caught in her throat as she came upon the scene he’d meticulously planned out for her. She turned to him just as he’d stepped over the roof’s edge to join her and smiled. The flame of the candles blew back and forth with the breeze but remained steady. The rose petals that led her to the blanket carefully painted the path she was to walk and he led her to throw pillows lying beside them. He poured her a glass of wine and offered her a chocolate dipped strawberry watching the way her lips folded over the berry and how her tongue rolled it around before tasting the sweetness within. After hand feeding her a few bites he leaned over and kissed her lips, tasting the trace of the fruit before pulling away.
“If I didn’t know any better I’d think you had intentions tonight, Dusty,” she smiled as he wrapped her in his arms.
He chuckled and the sound vibrated within his chest as she leaned her head on his shoulder and followed his finger towards the sky. “See that star?” he asked pulling out a small piece of paper from his pocket. He handed her the sheet and watched as she read over the International Star Registry document.
“Dustin! It's mine?”
“I know it will never compare to the one I see in your eyes every time you smile but I thought it would come close to at least show you what I see when I look at you.”
She wrapped her arms around him and pulled his lips into hers and he laughed at the near chokehold she placed him in. He picked her up and sat her in his lap. His heart began racing as he felt the warmth between her legs perched atop his quickly hardening shaft. His tongue rolled over hers as his pulsating desire to be in her reached a painfully aching crest. His fingers traced the straps of her dress and gently he began sliding them down her arms.
She pulled back and readjusted it on top of her shoulder. “Wait Dusty what if someone sees us?”
“That won’t happen; this building’s been abandoned for years. No one comes here anymore.”
“How do you know that?”
“Because I own it,” he smiled. “I’ve been slowly remodeling it for business purposes. But I knew you’d feel more comfortable inside.” He stood and took her hand once more and led her to the chained door. He unlocked it and guided her down the darkened staircase towards the fourth floor landing. The smell of fresh paint and wood chips filled the air and swirled around them masking the smell of the other surprise Dustin had set up for her in one of the apartments.
“Close your eyes.” Without hesitation Mica obliged and he slipped her hand into his. He ran his thumb across the smooth skin of her knuckles, kissed them once and lifted her into his arms.
As they neared the door to the room the melodic rhythm of “Always and Forever” by Luther Vandross began, triggered by the sensor he’d carefully placed by the frame. He smiled as she looked at him, “Luther huh?”
“Luther is the man!” Dustin smiled back and placed her feet on the floor inside the room. “What? Too cheesy?”
“No Dustin,” she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. “It’s perfect.” She closed her lips around his and felt his hands tighten around her back. There was no more hesitation or doubt in her mind what he’d brought her here for as he pulled her closer and placed his fingers just under the bottom of her dress. She arched against his body, wordlessly urging his hand to travel further up and he complied, his warm palm closing on her thigh as he pulled back his kiss to nibble on her lower lip.
Mica nestled herself deeper into his arms so she could feel the bulge in his pants press exactly where she wanted it, eliciting a groan of pleasure from his throat as she rocked her hips against him. He bit down harder on her lip and gently rubbed up her soft leg in response reaching the moist area between them and sending a dizzying rush of desire through her.
His fingers trailed along the trembling flesh of her mound and danced lightly just above the waistband of her panties while she held her breath waiting to see what he’d do next. He released her lip with a wet pop and leaned back, looking into her eyes as he ran his open hand along her belly and dipped his thumb into her panties.
Her breath came out in a ragged sigh and he smiled and turned her around as he buried his palm between her legs and slid his fingers deep inside her. She wailed and rocked against him, the palm of his hand lightly massaging her clit and driving her towards an intense climax. Her body rocked within his arms and he held her against his chest tight with his right as he continued rubbing between her thighs prolonging the sensations tingling within her.
Breathlessly she turned and wrapped her arms around his neck and he gripped the sides of her dress and roughly pulled it from her body. He kissed down her shoulders and neck as he removed her bra and panties. Her hands ran through his hair as he reached her chest and his tongue slowly circled her nipple. Her skin was soft and sweet and he found himself drowning in her taste. He’d waited long enough to pick this fruit and was grateful for the realization of the sweetness he’d found within.
She pulled his shirt off over his head and blushed seeing the washboard shape of his abdomen. Her fingers traced the outline of his glistening muscles before she hooked her finger within the waistband of his jeans and he smiled as he watched her explore his body. “You like that?” he grinned at the rosy color he caused to form within her cheeks.
She bit her bottom lip and moved her hand away brushing it across her cheek to hide her embarrassment. He laughed and kissed them before resting her on the blanketed floor. She pulled his body down on top of her and felt his stomach warm against hers. She could again feel his hard cock pressed against her and she slid her body up, arching her back to rub across it. A low moan bubbled from his throat and she did it again smiling as she watched his eyes rolling in his head. He reached into his pocket and thumbed the plastic cover of the condom and removed it from the wrapper.
He looked at her as he felt her hands struggling to remove the jeans from his hips. He stilled her fingers and unbuttoned them for her as he swallowed her lips into his mouth again. She reached down and rubbed his cock as she sucked on his tongue. Her legs spread wider and he placed his hand on her thigh and watched her as he slid along her sensitive folds, rolled the rubber slip down his full length and rested just at her opening.
Her eyelids fluttered but she didn’t look away as he pushed into her, slowly filling her inch-by-inch. She slid her hands from his shoulders down his sides and gripped his hips, pulling him down tight against her and drawing him into herself. His upper body collapsed against her and he pressed her into the blanket, taking her mouth again into his as he thrust into her.
His hands drew up around her shoulders and pulled her down to him as he thrust again and again, loving the way her little grunts of satisfaction increased in volume each time. She looked down at him, her eyes heavy with lust as she felt him enter her faster. She rolled her hips into his and moaned as she lost herself in the vibration of his body beneath her. Her mind wandered over the sensations he drew from her; feelings she’d never felt before and had never imagined could happen to her. “Oh Dustin!” she cried as he licked the tight and sensitive skin of her nipple. “That feels incredible!”
Her previous sexual encounters weren’t ideal. Her partners were simply a means to an end; each using the other’s body to get off and never taking into account the other’s pleasure. But this was much different. Dustin was taking her body places it’d never been before. The sensations he sent through her body heightened her arousal and made her aware of her sexuality.  It was far beyond just having an orgasm; every caress, every kiss, every look and every moan of encouragement was an end in itself. Every nerve in her body was alive; every fiber willingly gave in to the feeling.
Dustin’s breathing grew heavy as his body craved her more. She pulled at his hair and sucked his lips into hers again locking them in a passionate kiss. The glow of the soft candlelight reflected off the sweat on his chest enhancing the toned muscles of his stomach she’d eyed earlier. He hovered inches above her taking her nipple into his mouth again as he continued ramming himself within her. Her encouraging moans sent chills down his spine and his heart pounded in his ears as he watched her writing in ecstasy beneath him. He pulled up and clutched at her leg, his fingers dancing delicately along the softness of her thighs.
Mica looked up and briefly caught a glimpse of his face. His expression locked in a passionate and muffled moan as he thrust his body into hers harder. She could read on his look how much he wanted to please her; the efforts he pushed his body to in order to give her complete satisfaction. The thought alone caused a tingle to form between her legs and her head fell back as she felt herself climax again. Dustin seized the opportunity to place a kiss on her neck and again take in the scent of her perfume.
A breeze from the opened window caused the skin of her arms to form goosebumps and the flesh awakened across her body like a wave which was quickly washed away from the heat of Dustin’s. A fire burned deep within her giving her the confidence to encourage his movements; fulfilling her desire.
Her brain stopped over thinking and she yielded complete control of her body to Dustin’s touch. Both of them became utterly absorbed in the urgency of the moment and propelled their bodies blindly towards the inevitable conclusion. When that conclusion finally approached, it took her body by surprise.
The entire act felt like a never ending orgasm she wasn’t expecting the electrified tingling that burgeoned from the innermost part of her body and warmed her to her very core. It was a volcanic eruption of heat and ecstasy that overwhelmed her senses, wrapped her within its fiery grasp and carried her away.
When she finally retuned, her ears were ringing and she could barely make out the deep, ragged breaths Dustin panted against her neck. His increasingly frantic moans assured her he was close and caused her pleasure to mount once again and she screamed his name from the top of her lungs as she clung tight against him and felt him explode within her.  “Mica!” he growled and panted as he thrust one last time inside her.
His mouth rested on hers again as the aftershock of her powerful climax sent tremors up her spine. Her shaky hands rubbed down his back as his lips brought her back to reality and her fingers entangled themselves within his hair as she gazed up into his eyes.  He smiled and fell onto the blanket beside her and pulled her into his chest. She buried her head into his neck as his arm wrapped her in warmth.
After a few moments of silence Mica looked up at him again panic setting in as she wondered if he enjoyed the sex just as much as she had. Her fingers danced along his chest and she tapped him to draw his gaze. “Are you ok?” Though it wasn’t the question she wanted to ask it at least broke the deafening silence that slowly filled the room and caused the low humming sound in her ears to cease.
He took a moment to answer as his hand lazily stroked her spine. She breathed deeply taking in his scent and tried to calm her racing thoughts as she waited to hear his voice. “Yeah.” He croaked. She sighed and dropped her head against him again.
Minutes later he cleared his throat and looked down at her as his fingers tentatively stroked her shoulder. “Mica?”
“I was just checking to see if you were asleep.”
The tone in his voice caused her to look up into his eyes and the distress she saw within them gave her the courage to finally ask. “Is it always like that for you? That...intense?”
“No, it’s never like that I can’t remember ever feeling like that. That was…different.”
She felt relief hearing those words and realized it wasn’t just her. The reprieve he’d handed her made her giddy and she started giggling excitedly. He let out a breathy laugh and his eyebrows rose in her direction as the anxiety he felt dissipated into amusement. “Wow! I’ve just had the most incredible sex of my life and you’re laughing at me?”
She hit his chest and shook her head as she looked up into his eyes. “No Baby, I’m sorry, I’m not laughing at you I swear!”
“I know,” he smiled. “I felt that way too.”
She pulled up higher on his arm and sighed. “Was that really?” she asked grinning down at him. “‘The most incredible sex of your life’?”
“Hell yeah, I told you I loved your hips. I’m happy to see you know how to use them too!” he said, pushing her hair back from her face and trailing one finger down her jaw.
“Me too.”
He smiled and pulled her down for another kiss that left them both breathless by the time it was over.
Yvette motioned to Victor and he and Ryan ran around the back as Brett stood behind her. She knocked once and waited as Brett drew his weapon. She smirked seeing the surprised expression on Harrison’s face and kicked the door as he tried to shut it in her face.
He ran quickly from the door and rushed for the hidden weapon he had beneath his coffee table. “You wouldn’t be looking for this now would you?” Victor smiled as he dropped the emptied and disabled weapon onto the floor beside him. “Get up!” he growled as Ryan kept his weapon fixed on him.
He threw him hard into the cushions of the couch and stepped back as Yvette and Brett joined them in the living room. “Now was that any way to say ‘hi’ to an old friend Alex?”
“Fuck you Vette! You should be dead already!”
“Should, but you’ve failed at least three times now. That should tell you something about me: I’m not going anywhere until I take the rest of you snaky bastards with me. Now from the fact that your immediate reaction was to try and take me out, I can only assume you know what I’ve come for. The question is will you willingly give up, play nice and let me do what needs to be done OR are you going to stiffen that upper lip and make me pry the information from your tongue? Personally I’m leaning towards door number two but I’m dying to hear your choice.”
He spat in her face and grinned as she leaned back to wipe the saliva from her cheek and eye. Brett leaned forward and hammered him twice with the butt of his gun busting his lip and blackening his eye. Alex laughed as he licked the cut on his lip to check its severity and spit a bit of his blood to the floor beside his boot. “Do whatever the hell you want to me Vette, nothing will compare to what would happen to me if I told you anything!”
“Hmm,” she moaned as she dropped the tissue into her pocket. “I wouldn’t be too sure about that. You forget the one you called when you needed information extractions.” She smiled as his expression fell. Her fist met his face knocking him out.
Ryan and Brett carried his prone body to the kitchen and tied him near the sink as Yvette gathered items around his home. “So the plan now is to torture him for information Boss?” Ryan asked as she began placing sharpened weapons on the small dining table across the room from him.
“‘The plan now’? That’s always been the plan Ry. I knew Alex wouldn’t talk without a little…encouragement. These guys never do unless they are threatened with losing something they cherish.”
He looked over at Brett and sighed as he realized everyone in the room was on the same page except him. He wasn’t above helping Yvette get what she needed but the methods still disturbed him. He had sworn to uphold the law and the actions she was about to perform were in fact illegal. He drew in a long breath and slowly counted down in his head to settle himself. If it weren’t for Yvette’s “illegal actions” Stefanie would be in jail right now and so would he. He was grateful but his guilty conscience would keep him awake at night.
“Ah! You’re awake,” Yvette smiled as she sat the last item on the dining room table and moved in front of the shirtless and bleeding agent. “How was the nap? Pleasant I hope considering you’re about to have the worst nightmare of your life unless you give me what I’m after. You know I’d expected there to be a mountain of agents surrounding this place because you knew I would eventually come back around to you…I guess the Company doesn’t love you as much as you thought!”
“Fuck you! I told you I’m not talking.”
“Well that’s fine I don’t really want you to talk yet. I’d like to play a game instead. Twenty questions, you’ve heard of it right?” She grinned and waited for his reply. He looked at her curiously before she continued. “Of course you have but I’m sure you don’t play it the way I do. See you were blessed and born with twenty digits; ten fingers, ten toes. For every question I ask that you fail to answer truthfully I will relieve you of one of those friendly phalanges. By the time I get to the third one I’ll trust you’ll have either told me what I want to know or come to the realization that your death won’t be quick and painless. Shall we begin?”
She moved towards the table and grabbed a knife from the surface. The steel blade glinted under the dimmed light of the room but still was enough to send a shiver down Harrison’s spine as he looked at the sharpened edge of the weapon. “I’m not…”
“Talking, yes I heard you the first time.” Without pause for concern or noise Yvette stabbed the pointy end of the knife into Harrison’s hand and ripped through the pinky finger splitting it in half and watching the dead end dropped to the floor in a fleshy mass as blood poured from his hand.
“AAAAAAAAAH!” Harrison yelled in pain. His eyes shut tight and his breathing became shallow as the stinging of his finger reached every nerve in his arm sending a pins and needles numbness towards his elbow. “Please, Yvette, you don’t understand. If I tell you anything it’s not just me they’ll kill!” She raised an eyebrow as he continued. “These people don’t fuck around Evans when they want something done they expect results within the hour. I never meant for things to happen the way they did with you but I had a decision to make and…”
“You saved your own ass. Who are they? And why was my life a fair trade for…you?”
“Because the one that made that decision knows you and feared you’d come for revenge if you weren’t taken care of.”
“Well they were right weren’t they? Who is it?” He glanced over her shoulder where Brett stood and shook his head no.
“I can’t they…”
“TELL ME!” She yelled as she quickly dragged the sharp edge of the dagger along his stomach creating a long yet thin incision across his abdomen. He yelped in pain and it brought a smile to Yvette’s face once more. “Who needs a psychiatrist when inflicting pain on someone you hate warrants the same results? Allow me to introduce you to Slow Slicing. The Chinese call it Língchí or ‘Death by 1000 cuts’. That’s where a sharp blade is used to create tiny cuts, paper cuts, within your flesh all over your body until portions of your body could be removed over time. I hear it’s an awfully painful way to go perhaps you can verify that for me.”
“Wait, I’ll talk…but don’t say I didn’t try and warn you,” he choked on a mouthful of blood and spit it over his shoulder.
“I’ll be sure and notate that somewhere. Who ordered my hit?”
“It isn’t something I can just tell you though you have to see it for yourself.”
“Then show me.”
“They keep the information at Langley in the CDAT, Central Documents library.”
“Good, Dustin already has access to your files,” Victor started.
“No. They are smarter than that! None of this is on any of their servers. They protected themselves against any idiot with a laptop or some hotshot hacker tapping into this information to snag it. The only way to get at those files is from within Langley itself. They’ve placed safeguard measures behind a highly secure twenty inch thick steel door. The vault has nearly eighteen locks on the latch and three security cards are needed on three separate operation panels in order to even gain access to the first level; it’s impossible!”
“Well I guess it’s a good thing we specialize in ‘impossible’.”
“So you got what you wanted! Are you letting me go?”
Yvette laughed and looked at him in disbelief. “You were my Mother’s handler. You knew damn well what you were sending her into and you didn’t try and warn her. What makes you think for one second I’d let you off the hook with a missing finger and a paper cut to your abdomen? No I’m not letting you go. I’m not done with you by a mile.”

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